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Qiao Lian grabbed Xiao Ye's arm and swiftly rushed to the luxury shopping mall nearby.

Her heart was beating wildly, so she pressed her hand onto her chest. She could not help but pray that that group of people had not seen her just now, given how quick her reaction had been.

In the nearby nanny van, Song Cheng's mouth twisted into an 'O' shape. He could not believe what he had just seen.

So, Ms. Qiao had actually been inside the silver Volkswagen after all?

"No wonder they were so incredible", Song Cheng exclaimed. "Ms. Qiao is one of the world's most outstanding paparazzi."

Shen Liangchuan's gaze had stayed apathetic from start to end. However, it finally wavered when he saw the lithe body in front of him.

He watched as she agilely rushed inside the shopping mall. He suddenly realized that this forced wardrobe-fitting trip might not be so boring after all.

Qiao Lian grabbed Xiao Ye and rushed into the shopping mall. Xiao Ye clutched her chest and exclaimed, "No wonder there are so many people, they must have uncovered the news about Best Actor Shen. I feel that even his nanny van is more intimidating than other people's."

Qiao Lian said, "… We could sneak from the back door to the front in just a moment and then drive our car and leave."

However, Xiao Ye immediately grabbed her and said, "Ms. Qiao, it's rare that we have some free time today. How about we do some shopping in this mall, eh?"

Qiao Lian thought carefully.

If they spend some time here, Shen Liangchuan and his posse would definitely leave before them.

She nodded in agreement.

The two of them casually sauntered around the large shopping mall.

The bustle and noise that one usually finds in normal shopping malls were not present at all in this one.

They could only see a couple of well-dressed ladies wandering around inside.

The salespeople were extremely polite and made them feel refreshed and relaxed.

There were even bodyguards standing guard at the entrances of branded good shops.

Qiao Lian was slightly absent-minded.

Before her parents passed away, she would not have hesitated to shop at this type of shopping malls.

However, at this moment, she did not know whether her entire year's salary was enough for her to buy even a single dress that was sold here.

Qiao Lian breathed in deeply and felt that they had spent enough time shopping. She was just about to suggest leaving when she suddenly heard Song Cheng's voice emanating from in front of her saying, "Brother Shen, it's just ahead!"

Her entire body froze. She violently jerked her head upwards and looked over. She saw Shen Liangchuan wearing sunglasses and a gauze mask, and he was heading towards her, accompanied by a group of people.

Qiao Lian immediately got anxious and looked around in all directions. She then grabbed Xiao Ye and rushed into the interior of a nearby shop.

Xiao Ye exclaimed, "Ms. Qiao, they will certainly not be able to recognized us! We do not have to be so worried."

But the moment she started speaking, Qiao Lian saw that the group of people in front of her was actually rushing directly towards the shop that she was in.

At this rate, they would definitely meet up face to face!

Qiao Lian looked around, but she could not find a suitable hiding place. She anxiously pointed at a piece of clothing randomly and asked, "Can I try this on?"

The salesperson was slightly stunned and asked, "Miss, are you sure you want to try this on?"

Qiao Lian pointed at the piece of clothing with one hand, but her eyes were staring at Shen Liangchuan instead. He seemed to have noticed something, as his face slightly tilted upwards and turned in her direction.

An anxious Qiao Lian said, "Yes, this piece of clothing! I want to try it!"

The salesperson hesitated momentarily, but said respectfully, "Of course, Miss. Please come with me to the fitting room."

Qiao Lian picked up the clothes and squirmed into the fitting room. Only then did she breathe a sigh of relief.

However, when she saw the clothes in her hand, her entire body almost jumped up in shock.

The piece of clothing she had chosen was typically worn for sexual purposes!

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