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The Dragoncarving Pillar was a vicious tool. The spikes didn't pierce out instantly. Rather, they poked out slowly, penetrating one's skin bit by bit. It was a torture tool designed to prolong the victim's suffering.

However, they didn't hear Huo Yuhao screaming. A layer of golden-red light shot out from Huo Yuhao's body the moment the spikes touched him. The spikes were stopped and prevented from piercing his skin.

The sudden appearance of the golden-red light caused the Royal Stewards to be shocked. They unleashed their martial souls immediately.

"Impossible. How can he still use a soul skill even after he's been cuffed by the Dragonbinding Seal? Wait, it's a soul tool."

Second Brother revealed an appalled look on his face.

Although he wasn't a soul engineer, he was still familiar with soul tools since he was a member of the Sun Moon Empire's imperial family. The Dragonbinding Seal was very effective in restraining a soul master. If Huo Yuhao was able to activate his soul tool even though his soul power was restrained by the Dragonbinding Seal, this meant that his soul tool's class was higher than the Dragonbinding Seal. The Dragonbinding Seal was already a Class 6 soul tool. What class was Huo Yuhao's defensive soul tool?

Even at this point, these arrogant Royal Stewards didn't realize anything was amiss. Their eyes brightened, and greed started to fill them.

Even if Huo Yuhao only possessed a Class 7 defensive soul tool, it would be worth a huge price on the market. If they divided the money, they would still benefit greatly. While they were Royal Stewards, their salary wasn't that high. In addition, they weren't direct descendants of the imperial family, which made their statuses very awkward in the imperial city. They obtained all their money through ill-gotten gains as Royal Stewards.

"You still dare to resist." Second Brother snorted, "Even if your defensive soul tool is superior than the Dragonbinding Seal in terms of class, your soul power is limited. I want to see how long you can hold on. When your soul power is depleted, the spikes will pierce through your body forcefully. You'll be torn apart instantly."

Huo Yuhao sighed in his heart. One could be spared because of Heaven's misdoings, but one couldn't live because of his own sins! Huo Yuhao didn't want to cause any trouble, but they were too underhanded. If he allowed them to torture him, he might not survive until help arrived. It seemed like he had to take care of them first.

Huo Yuhao's eyes had already turned golden as he pondered in his mind.

As a spiritual-type soul master, how could he be so easily controlled by others? Hongchen's Blessing completely restrained the Dragonbinding Seal. This meant that this Class 6 soul tool could restrict him even less. Furthermore, the main skills of his Spirit Eyes were realized through spiritual power. In this way, it was completely possible for him to use the soul skills of his Spirit Eyes. It was even easier for him to break free from the Dragoncarving Pillar.

Huo Yuhao unleashed his immense physical strength. He couldn't allow his soul power to continue depleting. With the Imitation skill, the Royal Stewards couldn't tell that Huo Yuhao's soul rings were shining. His fourth soul ring had already lit up now.

Just as he was about to use the Spiritual Confusion to create an opportunity for himself, the golden light in his eyes disappeared. Even the golden-red light barrier around him was retracted.

He groaned, and the spikes pierced through his body. Blood splattered immediately. Not only this, but Huo Yuhao's struggle caused the healing wounds on his back to tear apart once again. He was instantly covered in blood.

Second Brother was stunned for a moment, while Old Four couldn't help but laugh out loud. "I thought you were very tough. It seems like you're as useless as we initially thought you were! We've done you in."

Huo Yuhao tolerated the intense pain that came from his back. There was a look of jocularity in his eyes right now.

"Who's going to stop me?" A deep, furious roar sounded at this point, causing the entire place to shake from the echoes.

The few people in the interrogation room were stunned. Following this, a loud boom sounded, and the door was kicked open.

The gloomy-looking Jing Hongchen barged in with Lin Jiayi.

When Jing Hongchen saw Huo Yuhao, his pupils shrank.

"Old fellow, who do you think you are? How dare you cause trouble here." Old Four was too arrogant, and didn't bother to think about who it was that had just barged in.

However, Jing Hongchen's eyes were already filled with killing intent before he had even finished speaking. He made a pulling motion with his right hand, and a powerful suction force dragged Old Four over.

Seeing that things weren't going right, Second Brother leapt towards Jing Hongchen along with the other Royal Stewards.


"Scram!" Jing Hongchen roared, and a gust of milky-white gas blew the five of them away. His nine soul rings also appeared at this point.

"Titled Douluo." Second Brother exclaimed. Although he was in physical pain, as he hit a corner of the wall, he was more affected by the shock that he had just experienced.

The Sun Moon Empire couldn't compare to the Star Luo Empire in terms of the quantity of their Titled Douluo. Titled Douluo were highly-regarded in every empire. No matter how arrogant the Royal Stewards were, they didn't dare to offend a Titled Douluo!

Lin Jiayi had rushed to Huo Yuhao by now and stopped the Dragoncarving Pillar immediately. He was shocked as he saw Huo Yuhao's bloody body. He quickly retrieved a small white jade vase from his storage-type soul tool. After a moment of hesitation, he took out an azure-green pill and stuffed it into Huo Yuhao's mouth. After that, he released Huo Yuhao from the Dragoncarving Pillar.

Jing Hongchen furrowed his brow. If their statuses were different, he would've killed them all. However, they were Royal Stewards, and had close ties with the imperial family. He couldn't go all-out against them.

He took up a few steps towards Huo Yuhao and asked, "How are you?"

Huo Yuhao looked a little pale, but his calm demeanor left Jing Hongchen uncomfortable. Jing Hongchen wished he would kicked up a fuss. A chill rose in Jing Hongchen's heart as he watched Huo Yuhao.

"I just didn't think that the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy would be unable to protect its own students." While Huo Yuhao didn't sound very forceful, his words struck right at Jing Hongchen's heart.

Jing Hongchen's wrath was stirred, and he unwittingly clenched his fist tightly. His obstinate and self-opinionated personality had always been his weak point. This wasn't a conclusion derived by Huo Yuhao. Rather, this was the verdict of Shrek Academy after they had studied him for years.

"Let's return before we speak. The academy will give you a satisfactory explanation regarding this matter." Jing Hongchen suppressed his fury before turning away. Lin Jiayi hurriedly slung Huo Yuhao's arm over his shoulder and led him out of the interrogation room.

The pill Lin Jiayi had fed Huo Yuhao was indeed extraordinary. A warm feeling quickly engulfed Huo Yuhao's entire body. He could clearly sense the reduction in pain as the warmth circulated his body. The wounds that were bleeding quickly healed, and even his soul power was restored.

However, a voice sounded from outside before Jing Hongchen could walk out of the interrogation room. "The Crown Prince arrives."

Jing Hongchen was stunned. He was confused as he stopped in his tracks. Although he wasn't involved in court politics, he was still aware of the princes' powers. The Royal Stewards weren't under the Crown Prince, but were supported by the Third Prince. The prince that controlled the imperial clan, who was also Xu Mochen's father, was the Third Prince's strongest supporter.

"Go back into the interrogation room." Xu Tianran said slowly.

"Greetings to Your Highness." Xu Mochen couldn't remain silent anymore.

Xu Mochen knew that things had gone wrong when Jing Hongchen had barged in. How could he not recognize the Hallmaster of the Illustrious Virtue Hall? Huo Yuhao didn't exaggerate his importance. Xu Mochen could roughly guess what it meant for Jing Hongchen to come here personally.

However, he didn't reveal himself. He didn't enter the interrogation room because he wanted to leave a way out for himself. Jing Hongchen had come too suddenly, and he couldn't count on his subordinates to have recorded anything substantial. He just hoped that Huo Yuhao wasn't harmed too badly. Otherwise, it would be very troublesome for him. He was just going to act like he was ignorant. Without enough of a handle on him, Jing Hongchen couldn't touch him easily. After all, he believed he was standing on the side of reason.

But who knew that the Crown Prince Xu Tianran would arrive before Jing Hongchen had even left.

He could ignore Jing Hongchen, but he definitely couldn't ignore Xu Tianran.

Xu Tianran looked at Xu Mochen with a gentle gaze in his eyes and said, "Mochen, rise. We're all from the same family. You don't have to be so ceremonious. I heard from Ju Zi that you arrested her classmate. Can you give me some face and let him go?"

Xu Mochen would never underestimate Xu Tianran because he was being so courteous. On the contrary, he was aware of Xu Tianran's methods. When the Second Prince had tried to assassinate Xu Tianran, he had failed, and only left him with a disability.

After Xu Tianran returned, he erupted in fury after enduring for a while. He had captured the Second Prince and his charges in one fell swoop. Eventually, the Second Prince had died a horrible death, and Xu Tianran reaffirmed his position as the Crown Prince even though he was disabled. This showed how frightening Xu Tianran was.

"It won't be a problem." Xu Mochen wasn't qualified to bicker with Xu Tianran. Even his master, the Third Prince, wouldn't dare to do so. Unless his father was around, Xu Tianran would never bow down to anyone. 

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