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Chapter 1903: 1903
Chapter 1903: A Slight Move in One Part May Affect the Situation as a Whole

“What did you say?! Fang Kun was killed by a Fifth Firmament Celestial Deity?”

When Yu Jinsong got this news, he nearly jumped up from the seat .

Fang Kun’s strength, he was all too clear .

How could a Fifth Firmament Celestial Deity possibly kill him?

His first reaction when he heard this news was that he did not believe it .

“I-Isn’t that so? That boy used no idea what method, just like a cocoon, enveloping Lord Fang Kun inside . In just a blink of an eye, he died . ”

When the leader of the four great protectors recalled the situation back then, he still had lingering fear in his heart until now .

With Ye Yuan causing a disturbance, the Carefree Grove came to a total standstill and was totally unable to operate anymore .

That place was a money squandering establishment, it was a tremendous source of revenue to the City Lord Manor .

With this, it was chopped by Ye Yuan . Yu Jinsong’s fury could be imagined .

Yu Jinsong was angered until his expression was livid . Looking at the protector, he said, “You said that that kid came from Southridge’s Heavenly Eagle Imperial City? Furthermore, he was just Heavenly Eagle Imperial City’s head elder?”

The protector sweat cold sweat profusely and said with a nod, “Yes, Young Master! That kid’s identity has already been investigated clearly . It’s Heavenly Eagle Imperial City’s head elder, Ye Yuan . Before going to Carefree Grove, he even made a trip to Flowing Wind Establishment and almost tore down the entire Flowing Wind Establishment! Oh, right, before he came to the imperial capital, he even killed the Wu Family’s young master, Wu Tian, as well as the Wu Family’s Eighth Firmament Celestial Deity retainer, Wu Yun . Coming to the imperial capital this time, he should be here for Jiang Jadehall’s case . ”

The City Lord Manor’s investigative ability was still extremely strong . Just used a night and they already inquired about Ye Yuan’s ins and outs clearly .

Hearing the protector report one news after another, Yu Jinsong’s expression flickered incessantly .

In this short half a month’s time, Ye Yuan already turned Nine Pledge Imperial Capital upside down, directly offending the three major forces .

Although the Wu Family’s strength could not compare to these three forces, they were absolutely not some soft persimmon either .

The Wu Family’s ancestor was a True God Realm powerhouse!

Yu Jinsong narrowed his eyes like a venomous snake and said in a cold voice, “Pass down the order for me . Three days later, openly execute Jiang Jadehall in Heavenly Grove Plaza! At that time, we’ll lay down an inescapable net . This young master wants to see whether he has three heads and six arms or not!”

The news spread to City Lord Manor . As one of the three great factions, Kongming Academy naturally would not be unaware .

Song Yancai was currently standing in front of a middle-aged man but was fearful after the event in his heart .

Luckily when Ye Yuan left back then, he did not really make a move to stop .

Otherwise, his outcome would be exactly the same as Fang Kun .

Hang on, his strength was far worse than Fang Kun, there was no hope of surviving at all .

“Presently, the situation in the city is very delicate . Before yesterday night, most likely no one would have thought that an imperial city’s head elder would actually stir up such a great disturbance!” The middle-aged man heaved a sigh and said .

Song Yancai smiled bitterly and said, “Who could have thought that a Fifth Firmament Celestial Deity brat could kill his way through Carefree Grove?”

The middle-aged nodded his head and said, “Jiang Jadehall is merely a puny little patrolling inspector and is totally insignificant . Waging war with City Lord Manor and Linghua Pavilion for him was seriously unwise . It’s just that no one would have thought that he actually got acquainted with such a remarkable young man . Carefree Grove’s business, everyone is very envious of it . No one has ever dared to cause trouble inside before . Who could have thought that Ye Yuan actually wiped them all out!”

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Song Yancai said, “Then what should we do now? Ye Yuan already poked a hole in the sky, yet we … are very passive!”

The middle-aged shook his head and said, “People above have already given the word . Jiang Jadehall must be protected! The City Lord Manor and Linghua Pavilion are eager for action . This boy has such terrifying talent, so he’ll definitely be able to assist us in the future . Hence, we have to make up for the past blunder at all costs!”

When Song Yancai heard this, his expression changed slightly .

Everyone in the city was searching for Ye Yuan . But after he brought Jiang Haitang away from the Carefree Grove, his entire person seemed to have evaporated into thin air . No one could find him .

The City Lord Manor wanted to kill Ye Yuan, but they could not find him .

Kongming Academy wanted to find Ye Yuan to explain things, but sadly, they could not find Ye Yuan either .

Three days’ time passed in a flash .

The matter of publicly executing Jiang Jadehall was already announced to the whole city through the City Lord Manor .

When he saw the light again, Jiang Jadehall felt that it was rather piercing to the eye .

He originally thought that he would die inside the jail dubiously just like that, but he did not expect that in order to kill him, the City Lord Manor made such a big commotion .

Suddenly, a group of people in front came over .

Seeing that person in the front, Jiang Jadehall’s entire body trembled slightly .

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It was precisely the one who framed him, getting him thrown in jail .

Yu Jinsong came in front of Jiang Jadehall and said with a smug smile, “Jiang Jadehall, are you very curious why killing you, a puny little patrolling inspector, would still cause such a big disturbance?”

Jiang Jadehall’s heart was long akin to dead ash, how he died had no difference to him .

The only thing that he was worried about was his daughter .

Mucking around in Nine Pledge Imperial Capital for so long, Jiang Jadehall naturally understood his situation .

He was merely the sacrificial item of the upper echelons’ fight .

Who could care about the life or death of a puny little patrolling inspector?

Jiang Jadehall drew a deep breath and looked at Yu Jinsong as he said, “Young Master Yu, Jiang Jadehall is merely a minor character, so death isn’t regrettable . It’s just that I hope you won’t make things difficult for my daughter . ”

“Hahaha!” Yu Jinsong laughed loudly and said, “How could I bear to make things difficult for Haitang, my Lord Father-in-law!”

Jiang Jadehall’s entire body trembled, looking at Yu Jinsong in great alarm and rage, he said, “You … What did you do to her?”

Yu Jinsong looked at Jiang Jadehall with a smile that was not a smile and said, “What can I do to her? She came to beg me, beg me to let you out . I say, meat that’s delivered to my mouth, I can’t spit it out, right? Tsk tsk, didn’t expect that you, a coarse man, your daughter was actually so ravishing, really electrifying!”

Jiang Jadehall was angered until his entire body trembled and he roared furiously, “You … Animal! Animal!”

Jiang Jadehall bared his teeth, roaring at Yu Jinsong, but two rows of tears flowed down from the corners of his eyes .

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His heart was currently already completely broken .

But Yu Jinsong laughed very happily . Patting Jiang Jadehall’s shoulder, he said, “Don’t be in a hurry . I still have a piece of good news to tell you! Someone came to save you!”

The current Jiang Jadehall could not hear Jiang Jadehall’s words anymore at all . His mind was full of the image of his daughter being humiliated, hating to the extreme in his heart, and also hurting to the extreme .

Seeing that Jiang Jadehall did not react, Yu Jinsong asked with a smile, “You know Ye Yuan, right?”

Hearing this scene, Jiang Jadehall’s entire body trembled, his eyes finally recovering clarity, looking at Yu Jinsong with a disbelieving look .

“You … You’re saying that Ye Yuan he came back?”

Yu Jinsong nodded and said, “Not only did he come back, he even rescued your daughter from Carefree Grove . Are you very pleasantly surprised?”

“C-Carefree Grove? How is that possible?” Jiang Jadehall’s pupils constricted, instantly thinking of many things .

But, hearing that his daughter was rescued, Jiang Jadehall also felt his heart ease up .

But very soon, his face changed, looking at Yu Jinsong with indignation, gnashing his teeth in hatred .

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