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Chapter 1749: 1749

“It’s actually superior-grade, Lord Priest’s strength is also merely thus, right?”

“Lord Kong Lin said that this is his first time refining, I … I still don’t believe it . ”

“Yeah, too fake! We’ve cultivated for a thousand years and can’t even refine a low-grade . He can refine superior-grade on his first try, don’t beat people down like this . ”

Superior-grade was simply a disgrace to the current Ye Yuan .

Ever since entering the Dao Realm, there was virtually nothing below divine-grade when he refined medicinal pills .

Superior-grade medicinal pills, even if Ye Yuan closed his eyes, he could not refine it either .

But this was totally not the case in other people’s eyes .

Everyone already knew that it was really Ye Yuan’s first time refining a demon divine pill, but he actually refined a superior-grade!

This talent truly made people despair .

The muscles on Mu Yuanchun’s face were twitching . He thought that he could overpower Ye Yuan in pill refinement, did not expect that he was still beaten .

High-grade versus superior-grade, utter defeat!

To alchemists, high-grade was easy to refine, superior-grade was hard to find .

To ordinary alchemists, wanting to refine superior-grade and above medicinal pills would depend on luck .

But it was just Ye Yuan’s first time!

“Heh, looks like I passed the test,” Ye Yuan said with a look of relief .

Passing the test was naturally not worth him being happy . But he knew that he had already successfully attracted the attention of these elders .

Stonefeather nodded and said, “Very soon, the examination this time, Ye Yuan, Mu Yuanchun, and Gu Hong, three people passed, becoming my Tyrant Origin Imperial City’s Priest Temple’s priest apprentices . The others still have to work harder, my Priest Temple’s front door is always open for you all . ”

Even though the others were helpless, they could only accept reality .

This Priest Temple’s examination was really not that easy to pass .

After everyone dispersed, Stonefeather said to Kong Lin, “Kong Lin, you bring Yuanchun and Gu Hong to go settle down . Ye Yuan, stay behind first . After you settle them down, come over again . ”

Kong Lin was surprised in his heart but still answered, “Yes!”

Mu Yuanchun’s expression changed slightly, incomparably vexed in his heart .

Originally, this glory should have belonged to him .

Now, the limelight was all snatched by Ye Yuan .

After the three people left, Stonefeather look at Ye Yuan and said with a solemn expression, “Ye Yuan, this seat wants to take a look at your standard when refining divine pills!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Yes, Elder!”

Since he wanted to show his strength, Ye Yuan did not have the intention of hiding .

At once, Ye Yuan refined a divine pill, the difficulty was similar to that of the Darkcloud Profound Spring Pill .

When he finished refining, he discovered that Stonefeather three people used extremely shocked gazes to look at him, as if they were looking at a freak .

Ye Yuan’s Alchemy Dao strength had long become a household name in the lands of Southridge .

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But in this distant Demon Divine Region, no one had witnessed it before .

So the moment he took action, it rendered the three great Five-star priests dumbfounded with amazement .

“No wonder! No wonder you could get started so quickly! Turns out that your Alchemy Dao strength has already reached such a level!” Stonefeather exclaimed .

“At a young age, Alchemy Dao actually already reached the realm of grandmaster, truly inconceivable!” Another elder marveled at this refinement .

The three of them naturally saw through long ago that Ye Yuan’s strength was extraordinary, but they did not expect that Ye Yuan’s strength was actually so dreadful .

Even if the three of them were Five-star priests, there was also completely no way of comparing them with Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Three elders are too kind, Ye Yuan is utterly clueless about demon divine pills, but yearns for it . For this, that’s why I came to the Demon Divine Region from afar . It’s in order to learn the demon divine pills’ refining method from seniors!”

Stonefeather nodded his head and said, “Alright, you stay behind first and learn together with the other priest apprentices . ”

Ye Yuan said, “Yes, Elder!”

After Ye Yuan left, the three people’s expressions became solemn .

“Elder Stonefeather, what do you think?” The one talking was called Ku Mu .

The other elder, Ni Kun, said, “Elder Stonefeather, you’re also too weak and irresolute like this . Even though this boy possesses demon race bloodline, he stayed in the human territories for a long time and likely harbors evil designs . Wouldn’t directly killing him deal with it?”

Stonefeather mused for a moment and said, “Killing can naturally deal with it once and for all . But what benefit is there for us? Compared to the humans, the demon race’s alchemic talents are far too few! With this child’s talent, if he can be used by us, he’ll definitely be a top powerhouse of the demon race in the future! What’s important or not, don’t you all have a score in your hearts?”

The moment these words came out, the other two elders fell into silence .

Compared to the human race, the demon race had indeed fallen far behind in alchemy .

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This was decided by talent, the demon race’s alchemists also had no way around this .

The human race was indeed more than several times stronger than the demon race in terms of this kind of meticulous handling .

And this also determined the quality of the medicinal pills .

Now, a Ye Yuan whose talent was strong until it made people’s hair stand on end suddenly appearing, how could Stonefeather not be moved?

“But how can you ensure that he’ll be used by us? Don’t you forget, it’s his first time refining demon divine pills, which is also to say that he has always been living in the human territories!” Ni Kun suddenly said .

Stonefeather nodded and said, “In my view, he definitely didn’t come to the Demon Divine Region for whatever seeking knowledge . At least, it’s not just in order to pursue studies, he definitely has other goals! However, we’d better report this matter to the head priest and let him decide . ”

The other two naturally did not have objections and nodded in response .

Ye Yuan naturally did not count on Stonefeather believing his words . Whatever admiring demon divine pills this sort of words, bluffing children was more like it .

Before he came, he already considered all of the dangers .

The situation of the demon race’s priests, Ye Yuan was also very clear of it .

Hence, he changed his former style, displaying his talent without the slightest hesitation, in order to make the temple value him highly .

Clearly, his goal was achieved .

Kong Lin brought Ye Yuan to a large building in the temple’s backyard and said, “This place is the priest apprentices’ residence . You just entered the temple and belong to a low-level priest apprentice . This is your priest apprentice attire . I believe that you’re also aware, the Priest Temple doesn’t raise trash . So all kinds of resources that you require need to be obtained using contribution points . ”

Ye Yuan received the priest apprentice attire and said with a smile, “Many thanks, Senior Apprentice Brother Kong!”

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Kong Lin nodded slightly, turned around, and left .

He was actually very puzzled in his heart . With the talent that Ye Yuan displayed, he even thought that the three elders would take him in as a personal disciple .

But looking at it now, they did not .

Stonefeather even had him bring Ye Yuan over and did not have other instructions .

Which was also to say that Master wanted him to run his own course?

Stonefeather’s thoughts, he could not figure it out . So he brought Ye Yuan over according to the normal procedure .

“Heh, so what if talent is great? I want to see how many days you can stay here,” Kong Lin said with a cold smile .

He was the Priest Temple’s youngest priest but had his face smacked everywhere today . How could he not have any grievance in his heart?

Since the elders did not take Ye Yuan in as a personal disciple, they were likely guarded against him .

Then, letting him suffer some hardship, or even letting him get lost himself did not have anything wrong with it .

There were many old foxes among priest apprentices . Ye Yuan definitely could not get any benefits here .

After all, no matter how high Ye Yuan’s talent was, he was also just a Fourth Firmament Divine Lord .

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