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Chapter 81 – Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance

That evening like usual, Ji Fengyan had called all of the guards in the entire residence to "cultivate". Before even a moment had passed, a set of steady footsteps could be heard.

Those guards sitting in the courtyard silently opened their eyes, seeing a tall and majestic figure walk in.

The ones who came were Yang Jian and the Howling Heaven Hound.

Everybody had already received a hint from Ling He, so they couldn't help but be a bit curious about this human figure that could move, but when they truly saw it they were still complexly astonished. Aside from the wooden grains, Yang Jian looked almost no different from a normal person.

No one would have thought that their young lady would have such excellent craftsmanship!

Looking up at Yang Jian who had came back with a full load, Ji Fengyan smiled as she stood up, throwing down a "Do as you please", before entering the raw stone room with both him and the Howling Heaven Hound.

The raw stones in the raw stone room had already all been opened by her and was now completely empty.

Yang Jian brought the large basket on his shoulders down. With a "thump" sound, it landed on the floor and raised up a cloud of dust.

That large basket was filled with several different types of rare ores, so full that it could've caused a person to be dazed.

Ji Fengyan had used her own blood as the anchor to fill up Yang Jian's chest, even the ability to differentiate the spiritual energies of those ores were also transferred to him. Therefore, the ores that Yang Jian had selected completely met her requirements.

Sweeping an eye over it, Ji Fengyan was rather satisfied. This basket of rare ores far exceeded the amount that she managed to haul back from those stores.

After choosing a few ores that she could use for cultivation tonight, Ji Fengyan lowered her head to look at the eager Howling Heaven Hound who was panting with its tongue stuck out. Seeing those pair of blue eyes, she couldn't help but smile as she took out a dark red medicinal pill and casually threw it. With a "swish", the Howling Heaven Hound leapt up and caught it in its mouth!

Once that tiny medicinal pill entered into its stomach, the Howling Heaven Hound was incomparably satisfied as it laid down onto the ground, using its two front paws to rub its belly.

Looking at the serious Yang Jian off to the side, Ji Fengyan's mind flashed with a thought. Going to another room, she took out rare ore that she had already drained the spiritual energy from and dashed off to look for Ling He, telling him that she wanted to forge a special weapon.

Towards his young lady's bizarre ideas, Ling He was already somewhat numb to them, so he called a member of the guards over.

"This young lad comes from a blacksmith's family. Before he entered the army, he used to follow his father in forging. Although he can't beat a true blacksmith in terms of skill, he's still not that bad. Whatever my lady needs, you can tell it all to him." Ling He said.

The guard that was lead in front of Ji Fengyan was a rather skinny young man. Compared to a majority of the other guards, his physique was smaller by considerable amount. When he saw her, his expression was extremely serious, standing there with solemnity.

"This subordinate is Zuo Nuo, I await my lady's instructions," he said, standing perfectly straight.

"Since its our own people, then things will be a lot more convenient. Come." Ji Fengyan said, taking out a blueprint that she had quickly drew out today from her chest and stuffing it into Zuo Nuo's hands.

When Zuo Nuo took a look at the blueprint, he was instantly dumbfounded. That weapon was very long, looking a lot like the long lances that knights used, the sharp end a double-edged blade-shaped trident. It was a weapon that he had never seen before.

"My lady, this is?" Zuo Nuo was a bit discombobulated for a time.

"It's called the Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance. You just need to forge it according to the blueprint and used the best materials. Whatever you need, just go to the storage and take it." Ji Fengyan valiantly said.

Chapter 82 – Little Liu Huo (1)

Zuo Nuo dazedly held the blueprint, dashing off to choose some ores from the storage room.

For the next few days, Yang Jian brought the Howling Heaven Hound to mine ores for the day, coming back at night to hand them over to Ji Fengyan. Meanwhile, Zuo Nuo researched how to forge the Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance. After some time, he managed to make a bit of progress and had already started forging.

At first, the guards in the residence were full of curiosity about Yang Jian but didn't dare to show it too much in front of Ji Fengyan. They could only secretly sneak off to the room where Yang Jian stayed in the middle of the night and silently take a peek.

Although that room was given to him by Ji Fengyan, Yang Jian basically didn't need to sleep or eat any food. When he came back everyday, he would just stiffly stand in the middle of the room with unblinking eyes. Even the Howling Heaven Hound who laid down on the floor was more animate than him.

After five days, Zuo Nuo handed the completed Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance over to Ji Fengyan. Originally, he was an extremely thin man, but after the intense labour of those several days, his entire face was clearly despondent. When the other guards curiously looked at him about it, Zuo Nuo would just spiritlessly wave his hand.

He was just a part-time blacksmith and the first task that his lady gave him was so complicated… His heart really felt bitter!

Opposite of the tragic Zuo Nuo, Ji Fengyan was completely satisfied about the Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance. Casually taking out a container of flowing gold ink rom her Spatial Soul Jade, she began drawing a series of runes on the Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance with a brush.

When all of the runes were drawn out, that originally normal and somewhat bizarre Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance seemed to be completely covered in a silver light. Looking at it with satisfaction, Ji Fengyan dashed off with it to look for Yang Jian, not even noticing Zuo Nuo's flabbergasted expression at all.

"Hey, little Nuo Nuo, your blacksmithing skills seems to be getting better and better. That thing really looks domineering!" A guard joked.

Zuo Nuo had a face of innocence. He could guarantee that when he handed the Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance over to Ji Fengyan, that thing absolutely didn't look as domineering as it did now!

The devil knew what weird magic his lady once again used to cause that thing to change like that.

If Zuo Nuo knew about a thing called "Released Light", perhaps he wouldn't have been so confused.

Ji Fengyan dragged the Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance through the courtyard while Bai Ze followed at her side with a galloping sound. Suddenly a figure appeared in front of her vision.

Under an old tree in the courtyard, Liu Huo rested there in slumber. He sat there, leaning against the tree, his simple silver grey clothes smeared with a bit of dirt, those long eyelashes of his casting a light shadow over his tightly shut eyes. As light shone down from between the tree's flowing leaves and landed on his exquisite little face, it almost looking as if his face was covered in a layer of starlight.

"This kid." Ji Fengyan couldn't help but laugh as she looked at Liu Huo who slumbered in dreamland. She made a shushing motion towards Bai Ze and then tiptoed over. Squatting down next to Liu Huo and seeing him happily sleep away, the depth of her eyes flashed with mischievousness.

Picking up a fallen tree leave from off to the side, Ji Fengyan lightly swept it under Liu Huo's nose.

The sleeping Liu Huo slightly furrowed his brows as his nose twitched but didn't wake up.

Feeling that it was interesting, Ji Fengyan did it once again.

In an instant, Liu Huo's tightly shut eyes suddenly burst open, his pair of crimson-coloured eyes which carried a powerful killing intent suddenly clashing with Ji Fengyan's amber-coloured ones!

She became a bit dazed.

Liu Huo quickly realized that the person in front of him was Ji Fengyan. Feeling somewhat shocked in his heart, he unconsciously covered his eyes.

Chapter 83 – Little Liu Huo (2)

"You…" Ji Fengyan looked at Liu Huo with astonishment. Those pair of crimson eyes were extremely stunning, but what really made her surprised was the thick killing intent inside of them.

That killing intent seemed as if it could instantly swallow a person's soul.

"Don't ask." Liu Huo's voice had chilled. He covered his eyes and pushed aside Ji Fengyan while nimbly standing up.

Suddenly, she stretched out her hand and grabbed his wrist.

"What are you doing?" he asked coldly. "If you don't want any trouble, then just pretend as if you hadn't seen anything."

"Wait, wait…" Seeing such emotionless eyes from Liu Huo for the first time, if it wasn't for the fact that his aura hadn't changed, then Ji Fengyan really would have thought that someone had also snatched away his body too.

Where was the agreed cutely idiotic beautiful teenager?

"That… Do you need to be so nervous? It's just the colour of your eyes, what's so awesome about it?" She asked with slightly furrowed brows. From Liu Huo's tone, she felt as if she couldn't just let him leave like this.

Feeling a little bit stunned by her words, Liu Huo remained in place. After a long silent moment, he finally brought the hand he used to cover his eyes down.

Those crimson eyes once again faced Ji Fengyan's own, but this time the killing intent in their depths had already dispersed.

"Tell me, what did you see?" Liu Huo held Ji Fengyan's gaze. It was unknown what answer he was hoping to get.

Looking into his eyes, her lips slightly curled in a smile.

"What I see is the world's most beautiful pair of eyes."

"……" Liu Huo remained silent.

Why was it that this little girl couldn't be serious for even a moment?

Despite thinking like this, there was a faint blush on his face.

"I just knew that you wouldn't understand. I really am… too worried about nothing." Looking away, Liu Huo slowly closed his eyes. When he once again opened them, they had already returned to a normal black.

"Forget about what you just say, otherwise there'll be a lot of problems," he said, his tone warming up further. Inside it, there was also an unexpected hint of helplessness.

"So the reason that you had stayed alone on the mountains before was because of your eyes?" She suddenly asked.

A bit stunned, Liu Huo hesitated for a moment. "You can accept it as that…"

Ji Fengyan smiled, "Relax, I won't tell anybody about anything related to your eyes or let any problems look for you. Okay, enough, now look at my Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance. Isn't it just the coolest? Since you don't have anything to do, then just follow me as I give this thing to Yang Jian so that you won't start having random thoughts while alone."

As she finished speaking, Ji Fengyan grabbed Liu Huo's wrist while dragging the Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance and headed towards Yang Jian's room with Bai Ze, her face full of smiles.

Meanwhile, Liu Huo was stunned as he was dragged along by Ji Fengyan, the warmth on his wrist causing him to be a bit absent-minded.

This… stupid woman.

What he was worried about wasn't the problems he might face.

However, seeing Ji Fengyan's face full of smiles, Liu Huo's words remained stuck in his throat. Lowering his head slightly, he sighed silently.

Whatever, everything can be done as she likes.

After walking for a moment, Ji Fengyan suddenly slowed down. Without turning around, she gently said, "Little Liu Huo, just remember. No matter what problems you encounter in the future, as long as I'm here then no one can hurt you."

Chapter 84 – If Soldiers Come, Then the General Defends (1)

Ji Fengyan's heart was firmer now than at any other time. She would protect this little fellow that she had almost killed when she lost control for as long as she could since she owed him a life!

Feeling a bit dazed as he watched her back, Liu Huo's eyes slightly widened as they were filled with complicated emotions. The warmth on his wrist at this moment was so scalding that his entire body was feeling hot.

"Of course, when you've recovered enough, I'll teach you a really strong cultivation method so that when anybody wants to bully you in the future, you can just beat them down," she said, smiling. It didn't matter whether she owed Liu Huo or something else, she felt that this kid was easy on her eyes, therefore even if the emperor came, she still wouldn't let go.

Ji Fengyan's nature was very carefree, but once she stuck up her horns, then even a horde of horses couldn't pull her away.

Because of this, there were many times where she was beaten by her master in the previous world.

Liu Huo didn't say anything else as followed silently behind Ji Fengyan. Lowering his eyes, he dispersed the emotions in their depths.

Once Ji Fengyan found Yang Jian, she immediately handed the Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance over to him. As Yang Jian obeyed all of her orders without hesitation, he naturally took the weapon without a word and also changed into the golden-coloured scale armour that she had prepared for him.

After he had finished equipping everything, Yang Jian really did look a bit like the rumoured Pure Monarch Erlang while he held the Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance. Unfortunately, his eyes remained dull, missing that bit of dominance and sharpness.

After Little Bai Ze entered the room, it trembled as it curled up against Ji Fengyan's leg, its pair of watery eyes looking in terror at the Howling Heaven Hound that was "yearning and pining for it".

Even a normal wild beast had sharp instincts much less Bai Ze, who's intellect had been slowly improved by being fed a constant diet of medicinal pills by Ji Fengyan. Therefore, when Bai Ze saw the eyes that the Howling Heaven Hound were giving it, Bai Ze was naturally frightened to the point where its soul almost left its body.

Perhaps having felt Bai Ze's trembling, Ji Fengyan swept an eye over the Howling Heaven Hound. With incomparable speed, the Howling Heaven Hound changed the direction of its gaze, pretending to be relaxed as it used its claws to scratch its tail.

Obviously, just based on their actions from before, little Bai Ze's intellect still couldn't compare to the Howling Heaven Hound's.

Just as Ji Fengyan was considering whether or not to increase the "medicinal strength" of the pills that she were giving to Bai Ze, a series of rushed footsteps suddenly echoed out from behind the door.

A panting, sweat-covered Zuo Nuo dashed over to the door. "My lady, not good! That pimped tramp Lei Xu has brought soldiers to surround the entrance of our residence!"

"Brought soldiers to surround the entrance of our residence?" She asked with slightly raised brows.

Originally, she had thought that he would have been more docile for a time after having suffered such a loss, but who knew that he would have started making trouble only after just a few days!

"Yes! And a lot of soldiers too, at least a hundred of them. The boss told me to inform you and see what my lady has in mind to deal with them," Zuo Nuo said nervously.

"How to deal with them?" Ji Fengyan lightly smiled, "What are you being scared for? If soldiers come, then the general blocks, if water comes, then use the earth to guard! Come, let's go meet them. I want to see just what trouble he can still stir up."

After she had finished speaking, she took large strides as she headed towards the outside of the door.

Liu Huo naturally also followed along, even Yang Jian and the Howling Heaven Hound came over too. Only Bai Ze when it was preparing to come out with them was it poked on the nose by Ji Fengyan and told, "You're still small, so you won't participate in these temporarily. Quickly grow up, little one."

Little Bai Ze dazedly stood there, only understanding the general idea of her intent. One thought appeared in little Bai Ze's hazy mind.

Really want to…

Quickly grow up.

Chapter 85 – If Soldiers Come, Then the General Defends (2)

Outside the residence, tension rang in the air.

Lei Xu had brought along several hundred of Ji City's officers and men to surround Ji Fengyan's residence so tightly to the point where even water couldn't leak out.

Around him stood several family leaders of Ji City's large eminent families. Except for the soldiers that Lei Xu had brought with him, those family leaders had also brought along quite a few guards as well, ensuring that the spacious entrance was completely surrounded. Without exception, all of those soldiers were fully armed. Some held sharp swords, while others held bows with their arrows nocked and ready to fire.

The citizens of Ji City that were passing by the area was completely scared by the array of troops there. Many of them were both startled and puzzled, but only dared to hide off to the side and sneakily watch the approaching battle.

At the entrance of that dilapidated house, a dozen or so guards with Ling He as the head stood in front of the wide-opened gates in a solemn manner.

Their bodies were already covered with the grey armour that they had once worn on the battlefield. Such armour was far from being as beautiful as Lei Xu's dark gold armour though, each one of them covered in many scrapes and dents, the symbols of honour that had been left behind when they had faced off against the demons. After they had left the battlefield, they hadn't thought that they would have had another opportunity to once again don the armour that they used to protect the country, but who would have thought…

What they faced today after forming up ranks and once again donning their armour was not the ruthless armies of the demons, rather it was the sharp blades of the soldiers of Ji City.

"Lei Xu, what are you doing?" Ling He asked, without a trace of respect, looking sharply at Lei Xu who was sitting on a large horse.

As Lei Xu sat on his horse with his chin arrogantly raised, he swept a disdainful glance over Ling He's body, the depths of his eyes flashing with both hatred and a sinister chill.

Lei Xu hadn't forgotten that on that day it was Ling He who lead his men in beating Lei Min up to the point of serious injuries.

"What thing do you count as?! Actually daring to question our Honourable City Lord! If you're sensible, then quickly screw off to the side and hand Ji Fengyan over." A tall man who stood beside Lei Xu loudly rebuked. Like Ling He, he also shouldered a large heavy sword on his back, the aura radiating from him far stronger than the other soldiers.

"And what thing do you count as?! Is our Young Lady someone you can see as you please?!" Ling He returned without backing down.

"I am the number one swordsman under Sir Lei, Zhou Ji" The man who shouldered the heavy sword said arrogantly.

In this world, aside from the life exterminators, there were still other occupations. Knights, mages, priests, archers, apothecaries, artisans, thaumaturgists, as well as… swordsmen.

Amongst them, the status of a swordsman was the easiest to recognize as every single one of them used a large heavy sword that looked ridiculously heavy for their weapon. Since there were few that could wield such a weapon freely, the swordsman occupation therefore had extremely harsh requirements on the physique. Of course, at the same time, their offensive powers were also one of the best out of all the other occupations.

"Zhou Ji? Never heard of you." Ling He sneered.

Zhou Ji's face twitched. Inside Ji City, his reputation wasn't small as he fully deserved the rank of being number one amongst all of the other swordsman. He never thought that this seemingly shoddy swordsman in front of him would actually show such scorn for his status.

"Never heard of me? Very well then, just wait until after I finish slaughtering you and then I'll let someone carve the name of who killed you on your grave!" Zhou Ji shot back, immediately preparing to charge ahead with his sword.

Meanwhile, Lei Xu silently sat on his horse without any intentions of stopping Zhou Ji.

He didn't mind starting with this Ling He fellow before he went to capture Ji Fengyan!

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