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Chapter 61 – Flirting With a Boy

"Could you let go?" A voice abruptly asked from the edges of Ji Fengyan's ears.

Ji Fengyan returned to reality and looked at Liu Huo, who had a face full of helplessness. Her eyes slowly drifted towards both of their tightly intertwined hands…

Accurately speaking, it was Ji Fengyan's tightly unrelenting grip holding onto Liu Huo.

Since leaving the City Lord's Residence, Ji Fengyan had naturally held Liu Huo's hand just like that. On the road, she had been constantly speaking with Ling He, almost completely forgetting about it.

Seeing Liu Huo's speechless and stifled expression, Ji Fengyan felt it was quite interesting. Therefore, not only did she not release his hand, she instead grabbed it even more tightly. Lifting up her other hand, she pinched his chin. "Little Liu Huo, is this you being shy? However, you should get used to this type of thing, after all you are mine now."

"……" Liu Huo's entire body stiffened in place.

Ling He and the three guards with him could only silently pretend to have temporarily gone both deaf and blind.

They had never known that their young lady would unexpectedly have such a rascally side to her. After seeing how good Liu Huo looked, she actually teased him so audaciously.

Other people's guards were afraid that their white flower would be eaten by pigs.

However, for them, they could only watch wide-eyed as their white flower took the initiative and ate the pig…

Suddenly, they felt a bit guilty about Liu Huo's situation.

My lady!

Even if Liu Huo looked even better, he is also still just a half-grown child! Who knew if he was even younger then you by one or two years?! You can't be so ardent!

It was all thanks to Ji Fengyan's emaciated body that she looked even younger then she was in reality, otherwise that scene… They couldn't bear to think about it.

"Okay, enough. You must also be tired after today, so when we get back take a nice long rest to help your body." Ji Fengyan smiled.

Liu Huo was speechless as he looked at the rascally girl in front of him. He wasn't the least bit tired and hadn't even said anything the entire time, okay?

However, at this moment Ling He and the others really wanted to have lost their hearing.

Tired… Help your body…

My lady, shut up!

They were going to start having weird thoughts!

Everyone in the group had complicated moods. Only Ji Fengyan, though, was enjoying the spring scenery as she was puffed up with success.

Once they had returned to the residence, Ji Fengyan really did bring Liu Huo to the room where she normally refined medicinal pills. Seeing Liu Huo's complexion, she began to prepare the herbs, planning on refining a medicinal pill that was suited to Liu Huo's current situation.

At this moment, Ji Fengyan was at her calmest, her eyes steady. The frivolousness that normally resided in their depths had completely disappeared at this time.

Liu Huo, who had been tossed off to side, silently watched Ji Fengyan's busy figure. He felt that the little girl in front of him was a completely different person from before.

So originally that frivolous little girl could also have such a focused expression.

This body of Ji Fengyan's couldn't have been said to be pretty, looking quite emaciated. Although this period of time of recovery had filled her out a bit, but those slightly sunken cheeks still made her feel quite fragile. However, those large and intelligent eyes seemed as if it could see through everything in this world.

Liu Huo quietly stood off to the side, watching this completely different from before Ji Fengyan.

Without knowing it, night had already fallen.

When Ji Fengyan finished refining a furnace of medicinal pills, her face once again smiled in that familiar way. Taking those pills, she turned around and walked over to Liu Huo's side.

"Take this medicine first. As for those from before, you can stop using them. These will be even better for treating your wounds."

Liu Huo took the medicine into his hand and furrowed his brows. She had worked hard for an entire afternoon just to refine a bottle of medicinal pills just for him. No matter if Ji Fengyan was even more abnormal, but there was nothing anyone could say anything about the way she did things.

Chapter 62 – Where is Fellow Daoist Going?

The bottle in his hand still had a bit of heat and warmth, pressing against Liu Huo's palm. Lifting up his head, he looked at Ji Fengyan's cheerfully smiling face, his gaze sweeping over the sweat on her forehead.

"Got it." Liu Huo lowered his eyes, his thoughts unknown.

"Then you should go back first. I still need to clean up here." Ji Fengyan smiled.

Liu Huo also didn't say anything else and silently left. However, when he had reached the exit, he abruptly stopped walking and turned around to look at Ji Fengyan who had returned to that pile of medicinal herbs, his expression a bit complicated. After watching her for a moment, he finally left.

Meanwhile, Ji Fengyan…

After fetching out a few medicinal herbs, once again stood up and went back to the cauldron's side, taking out all of those medicinal pills that had filled it out.

The ridiculous amount simply made people wide-eyed and speechless.

"Damn, refining so many at once really does take quite a bit of time. Next time, it would probably better if I separated them." Ji Fengyan placed those medicinal pills into several bottles, preparing to give them to Ling He and the others for them to take at the same time.

If there was an injury then take care of the injury, if there is no injury then strengthen the body!

However, what she didn't know was…

The convenient circumstances in which she had refined her medicinal pills looked completely different in a certain beautiful teenager's eyes.

If that certain person knew that Ji Fengyan was busy for an entire afternoon not only refining that one bottle in his hand, but refining twenty something bottles of exactly the same medicinal pills, who knew what his thoughts would be…

Ji Fengyan had even conveniently used a bottle to feed Bai Ze. In the end, a certain delicate misunderstanding had continued on just like that.

The morning of the next day, Ling He had already prepared everything appropriately. Summoning the guards, he had only left a few people in the residence to protect it. Having polished their weapons to a bright shine, they were ready to help Ji Fengyan increase her power today.


"Eh? Big Brother He, what are you guys doing?" Ji Fengyan brought little Bai Ze into the front courtyard and swept her eyes over those hot-blooded men who were standing there like death gods.

"My lady, it's about time for us to leave." Ling He responded vigorously.

Ji Fengyan blinked her eyes. "Big Brother He, you really are forthright."


"Don't just stand there, do what you want or should do. When it's time to leave, I'll notify you." After finishing, Ji Fengyan brought little Bai Ze along with her as she left.

The thoughts of Ling He and the others who were left behind in the wind were all in chaos.

Didn't their young lady really want to see those mineral veins?


Is it that at this moment, she wasn't the least bit anxious?

Unable to comprehend Ji Fengyan's thoughts, Ling He and the others left for their own.

Ji Fengyan brought little Bai Ze to the back courtyard. Feeding one medicinal pill after another into little Bai Ze's mouth, she began to mutter. "Quickly grow up and become a bit more immortal."

When Liu Huo arrived at the back courtyard, all he saw was Ji Fengyan whispering as if casting a spell to a dumb-faced little Bai Ze. He stared at that little white deer. "It's only an ordinary deer. No matter how you raise it, it will still have no way of following you onto the battlefield like other mounts."

Ji Fengyan turned around and looked at Liu Huo who had suddenly appeared. "It's so immortal… Uh, pretty. How could I possibly let it go onto the battlefield?"

A beautiful immortal deer. It only had to let her sit on it and everything else was fine.

Liu Huo lightly furrowed his brows. Seeing Ji Fengyan's brightly smiling face, he didn't why but he abruptly shook his head as he turned around and left.

"You want to go out?" Ji Fengyan looked at Liu Huo in astonishment. After this man came here, he had never took the initiative in leaving the residence.

Slightly pausing, Liu Huo nodded before continuing on his way out.

Chapter 63 – I'm Really Sorry for Making You Wait so Long

Ling He and the others waited for a long time in the residence. Even after having finished lunch, they still saw no movement from Ji Fengyan. Unable to resist any longer, Ling He went to look for Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan was sitting in her own room in front of a desk, fiddling with a palm-sized little paper figure.

"My lady, in the end when are we leaving?" Ling He asked.

Taking a glance at Ling He, Ji Fengyan then looked back at the little paper figure in her hands.

Suddenly, the little paper figure's head lightly fluttered. It was unknown whether it was blown by the wind or something else.

Her lips lifting in a smile, Ji Fengyan stood up after putting that little paper figure away. "Mmm, Big Brother He, we can leave right now."

Ling He finally released his breath. Shouting for everyone, he directly rushed out of the residence.

The distance from the residence and the city's gates weren't that far. It only took a few minutes for Ji Fengyan and the others to arrive outside the city gates.

Outside the city gates, there had early on already been a large group of people gathered there. At this time in the afternoon, the sun stood high in the sky, radiating a scorching heat. It was unknown how long these people stood there as their luxurious clothes had already been soaked through with quite a bit of sweat.

Lei Xu and Lei Min were also in the group, their faces somewhat pale. After seeing Ji Fengyan arrive, Lei Min's face sunk to its breaking point!

They had agreed to meet with Ji Fengyan outside the city this morning but only came after having lunch to mess with her. However, he never thought that this girl would actually be later than them!

This time, Lei Xu had specifically called a few of the big families in Ji City that had status and power over to pressure Ji Fengyan. In the end…

A group of illustrious fellows had dried in the sun for a good long time before finally seeing the person Lei Xu had spoken about.

"Sorry, I overslept a bit and made everybody wait for so long." Ji Fengyan brightly laughed. Without anybody perceiving it, she lightly twitched her finger, causing a stream of white fog to float out for Lei Min's back. Swaying under the fierce sun, it went unnoticed by everyone.

Lei Min simply wanted to crush and end this woman who courted death.

Taking a while to compose himself, Lei Xu finally managed to suppress the resentment in his heart, forcing his face to smile. "No problem, we'd only just arrived a few moments ago as well. I still haven't introduced these people to Fengyan yet. They are the family leaders of several eminent families in Ji City and enjoy the high prestige accorded to them from their positions.

Not even one of those middle-aged men didn't have a round body and weren't wearing luxurious clothes. When they saw that Ji Fengyan was an unremarkable little girl, even with Lei Xu's introductions, their attitude was extremely perfunctory.

Ji Fengyan smiled calmly and also didn't have any thoughts about dealing with this group of people.

"Since everybody has arrived, then would Sir Lei please lead us on our way?"

Lei Xu nodded, having early on already arranged a horse carriage outside the city. Everybody boarded the carriage and headed towards the mineral veins.

Inside the horse carriage, Ling He gazed at his young lady with complete worship. "No wonder my lady wanted to wait until now before leaving. Did you already guess early on that those two **** ** * *** wouldn't be on time?"

The agreed time was definitely in the morning, however from the looks of Lei Xu and the others, they should've also just arrived not that long ago. If Ji Fengyan's people had went outside the city gates and waited in the morning, then they probably would've been dried until they saw stars. Now it was switched around!

Ji Fengyan held her chin, seeming to smile. While she did not give an accurate response, but her actions had already clearly exposed her.

"Big Brother He, rest well. I'm predicting that in a moment, there'll be a good show to watch."

Chapter 64 – Mining Tunnel

On the road, Ling He was a bit confused and was completely unaware of what Ji Fengyan was planing to do.

The carriage jolted. Not long after, it finally stopped next to the side of a mountain outside Ji City.

As everybody got off the carriage, Lei Xu looked at Ji Fengyan who stood behind the crowd. "Fengyan, the mountains here are quite steep, so you need to be careful of where you step."

Ji Fengyan only smiled.

The majority of the mineral veins were at least halfway up the mountain. With a few of Ji City's professional miners leading, everybody began their journey up the slopes. As for Ji Fengyan and her party, they lagged behind the rest with Ling He being extremely careful throughout the trip, deeply afraid that a ferocious beast of some sort would suddenly appear and attack Ji Fengyan.

Fortunately, the entire journey was rather peaceful. Passing through thick forests and crossing over thin streams, the person in the lead finally stopped in front of a pitch-black tunnel. Also stopping, Lei Xu turned around and looked at Ji Fengyan who trailed behind the group. "Fengyan, here is the mineral vein that you wanted to see. There are also a few more in the neighbouring area, but you should look at this one first. If you don't like it, then I can bring you to the others to take a look."

Lei Xu seemed to be extremely enthusiastic, as if he really did want to bring Ji Fengyan around to look at the mineral veins.

Ji Fengyan glanced at Lei Xu and signalled Ling He behind her. Bringing over the torch that he had prepared early on, Ling He lit it and stepped into the mineral vein's entrance first, using the torch to explore further in.

That tunnel was veiled in the deepest darkness, the small torch only able to light up the area in front of them. Seeming to have been quite old, the mineral vein was already full of the signs of having been mined. Even the wooden post supporting the top of the mining tunnel appeared a bit worn-out with all of the nails on it covered in rust. The entire area wafted with a strange scent.

Standing outside the tunnel, Ji Fengyan took a glance inside it. In other people's eyes, that area seemed to only be covered in darkness, but not to her. Inside, she could vaguely make out the traces of a weak spiritual energy floating in the air.

"Qi, bring Young Lady Ji inside to take a look." Lei Xu merrily smiled as he looked at the person responsible for the mineral vein.

That person named Qi complied, taking out a mining lamp and walked towards the tunnel's entrance.

"By your leave."

Ling He looked at Ji Fengyan. Lei Xu actually being this compliant really did exceed his expectations.

She nodded slightly at Ling He. Immediately, he pulled over several guards and followed by Ji Fengyan's side as Qi brought them into the tunnel.

Seeing Ji Fengyan's group get swallowed by the darkness as they went into the tunnel, Lei Min who had not spoken at all silently moved over to Lei Xu's side, going completely unnoticed by everybody. Carrying a little smile, he whispered a few words into Lei Xu's ear.

As for what he said, only the two of them knew.

After having entered the tunnel, Ji Fengyan quickly adapted to the darkness inside. Towards immortal cultivators, darkness basically couldn't hinder them at all. Even in the deepest and darkest of nights, Ji Fengyan would also still be able to clearly make out her surroundings.

Throughout the entire mining tunnel, the first half had already been completely mined. Except for a few ores that were hidden in the soil, Ji Fengyan essentially couldn't perceive the spiritual energies of any rare ones at all.

Slightly furrowing her brows, Ji Fengyan's lips raised in a smile. However, instead of saying anything, she continued to follow Qi deeper in.

Ling He and the others each held a torch in their hand, taking appropriate actions to stand guard over Ji Fengyan. Only, the dirt and rocks that fell from the top now and then really did give people the feeling that danger lurked about.

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