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Chapter 2561 - Secret Area of Deep Hell

The System sounded a little strange, it was just a Dark Crack.

Could it be that there was someone living inside?

Could it be that he had killed someone in that previous clash of power?

A notification for him to gain experience with?

Also at this moment, Long Fei stopped his attacks, his heart tightened slightly as he started to listen carefully.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for discovering that 'Secret Area of Deep Hell' has gained 100,000 experience, 10,000 true qi points, and 1 Arrogant God Energy Value reward."


"Do you want to enter?"


Long Fei didn't react for a while, he immediately opened the system and checked, "Secret Area of Deep Hell?"

"You found a new map?"

"Secret World..."

"A new map …"


Long Fei became excited, "A new map, a wasteland! demon beast, the place where the BOSS flies, hahaha … … There's hope for levelling up! "

After leaving the Sky Sect of Ling Clan, he had been worrying about how to breakthrough.

There was no place for him to cultivate in the Imperial Capital.

Unless the patriarchs of the ten great Patriarchs were killed, as well as all the powerhouse s of the s, it would be impossible for Long Fei and them to level up.

Four billion experience wasn't necessarily a small amount.

It was too difficult!

But now.

Long Fei suddenly had a feeling that he had seen the light of day.


Long Fei didn't even think about it. Even if it was the Sky Prison, even if it was the Hell's Abyss, as long as there was a strange kill, as long as it could make him level up, it would take half of his life.

He was too eager to level up, too eager to become strong.

Looking at Yi Yourong's tears, Long Fei's heart felt incomparable pain.

Zhao Haotian's power.

Zhao Wuji, the power of the entire Zhao Family.

He thought that he was strong, but in front of these powerhouse s, he was really too weak.

This was an opportunity for him.

Even if he died, he couldn't give up this chance.

The idea moved.

Long Fei stepped into the Secret Area of Deep Hell.


At this moment, he was knocked back by a force.

The system sounded out again.


"System Notification: Unable to enter due to insufficient strength!"

"F * ck!"

Long Fei immediately scolded angrily, "Even you, the Secret World, are laughing at me, your father? To think that entering Secret World is still not enough, I am not strong enough for your sister. "

Very unhappy.

Long Fei was not in a good mood today, but... It wasn't easy to realize that the Secret Area of Deep Hell wasn't incapable of entering due to her lack of strength.

Wasn't this just playing with him?

Try again.

The system sounded out once again.


"System Notification: Unable to enter due to insufficient strength!"

"Your sister!" Long Fei said solemnly, "If your strength is insufficient, then what realm would you have to be in to be powerful enough? That's not right... This is about strength, not level. If there's a level limit, the system indicates that the level is definitely lower! "

Long Fei calmed down.


"My overall strength?"

And then …

Long Fei swallowed a few True Essence Recovery Pills, and with the help of the inner pellet's crazy recovery true qi, it wouldn't take long for Long Fei's true qi to reach its maximum capacity.

Adjust your body to its best condition.

He climbed up again.


System prompt: Insufficient strength, unable to enter!

"Still unable to enter?" Long Fei was depressed, "Then how do I raise my strength?"

Long Fei released his powerful technique.

Stepping into the Secret World at the same time, the result was still the same.

"F * ck …" Are you really playing with laozi? " Long Fei was not in a good mood to begin with, but now that he realized that Secret World could not enter, his mood became even worse.

At this moment.

Kai Linna landed behind Long Fei and said: "Go back, there's no use in venting any further. This is the Dark Crack, with the current repair speed of the laws, it will be completed by tomorrow morning."

Hearing Kai Linna's words, Long Fei became even more nervous.

One night?

In other words, this Secret World would only be open for one night.

If he missed it …

Long Fei frowned, the energy in his entire body frantically gushed out as he heavily charged towards Secret Area of Deep Hell. Halfway through, he was repelled by another powerful force.


"System Notification: Unable to enter due to insufficient strength!"

"F * ck!"

"I don't believe it!"

Long Fei clenched his fists tightly, and just as he was about to charge forward again, he realized that there was a golden exclamation mark on top of Kai Linna's head.

Never before!

It had just appeared.

Why is that?

Could she be one of the Seven Meridians?

"That's impossible!"

"If it's one of the Seven Meridians, it should have been discovered from the beginning. Only now?" Long Fei was confused. Kai Linna was very beautiful.

The exotic beauty.

No matter if it was her figure or her incredible looks, she was at the peak of perfection.

It must have reached the level of one of the Seven Beauties.

Just as Long Fei stepped forward and wanted to try, suddenly, a sound came out.

Another group of people flew up from the city walls.


"F * ck!"

Long Fei's gaze tensed up, "Why does tang renjie's head also have an exclamation mark?"

"System, f * ck you. You're not saying that he's one of the people from the Seven Meridians Painting, are you?" Do you think I'm a rogue like you? "

"What's going on?"

"Another one?"

Above Xiao Die's head, thin monkey, and the big size man's head, all of these sighed.

Five of the Seven Meridians Painting suddenly appeared?

Adding Yi Yourong to that, there were only six more, one more to complete the super big quest. Could it be that the system wanted him to complete the quest in advance so that he could receive the reward?

Long Fei was a little confused.

"I told you he was up there. When did I ever miss it?" tang renjie's face was full of smugness, his nose took a whiff, and his eyes immediately emitted a gold light when he looked at Kai Linna, "Hey, beautiful woman!"

After saying that, he rushed forward.


Without waiting for him to get close, the Ju Que Broken Sword in Long Fei's hands blocked his way.

Xiao Die asked anxiously: "A Long, why did you come here?"

"Come with me!"

"sister Yourong is still kneeling in the palace, and also … Furthermore... It is very likely that the Zhao Family found out that Sister Rong was the one who harmed Zhao Haotian's lifeline. "

"The most important thing is!"

thin monkey took over and said furiously: "The most important thing is that Yi Yourong's master clearly knew that the Zhao Family was a fire pit, and yet he still wanted to push big sister down. Is there really such a master in the world?"

Incomparable rage.

Long Fei secretly tensed up.

Xiao Die said: "A Long, let's go save Sister Rong."

"If we don't go, no one will save her."

"That's right, if she doesn't save tomorrow, she would definitely marry that eunuch, Zhao Haotian. If that's the case, her entire life would be ruined."

"Boss, let's go!"

Long Fei remained suspended in mid air, not moving at all.

He clenched his fists tightly as blood dripped from his heart.


He wanted to save her, but after hearing what Xiao Die had said, he couldn't control the anger in his heart at all.

What did he use to save people?

He didn't have enough strength at the moment.

Forget about the Zhao Family, even Master Yi Yourong couldn't pass that hurdle, what could they use to save him?

Long Fei's gaze once again turned to Secret Area of Deep Hell!

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