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Chapter 405: Conjurer’s Talent, Die Together Or Leave

Destroy the Black Heaven Sect first!

This was the unknown lands’ pledge after they appeared in this world.

Following their announcements, many opportunists and enemies of the Black Heaven Sect had also pledged their support for the unknown lands!

These orthodoxies included the Overlord Sage Tribe, Linghu clan, Sky Emperor Palace, and the Thirty-Six Oceanic Islands.

Typically, these orthodoxies would not have had the guts to provoke the Black Heaven Sect. However, things were a little different now.

With the unknown lands on their side, the orthodoxies saw that the only option left for the Black Heaven Sect was death!

Almost everyone agreed with such speculation.

It was now the Black Heaven Sect against the entire world!

Their defeat was certain. No matter how strong Chu Kuangren was, he would not be able to save this situation.

As the attack against the Black Heaven Sect gained even more traction, the cultivators busily involved themselves in gossip. All of Firmament Star was as lively as the New Year.

They were ready to observe what was to come.

Indeed, not only would the Black Heaven Sect be destroyed in this battle, but the cultivators were more eager to witness the demise of an extraordinary sky-pride.

“The nail that stood out will always be hammered.”

“Although he is unparalleled in his generation, I’m afraid it’s just impossible for him to fight against the entire world. Such a shame for Chu Kuangren.”

“I have to agree.”

“However, it’s only with his death that the other sky-prides stand a chance in ascending into Emperor-hood. Otherwise, who could possibly possess the power to rival him?”

“Not a single person can defeat him, and unfortunately, it was his overbearing excellence that has brought upon his demise. Provoking the hostility of the entire world would definitely do him no good!”

Countless cultivators were lamenting about Chu Kuangren’s fate.

Many were also rushing towards the Black Heaven Sect.

“Congratulations, Host. You’ve won a Legendary-grade talent, Conjurer’s Talent!”


Chu Kuangren had just exited his closed-door meditation before he took a turn at the Fantasy Roulette. His reward had certainly piqued his curiosity.

Chu Kuangren opened the item’s description.

‘Conjurer, beings that predate the ancient era. Long ago in Firmament Star, Conjurers were once the dominant force of this world.’

‘They did not train their spiritual powers nor their flesh. All they focused on was their thoughts!’

‘With a single thought, they could toy with life and death.’

‘With a single thought, they could control the blossoming and withering of the flowers.’

‘With a single thought, they could summon ferocious thunderstorms and disastrous blizzards!’

‘However, as the Conjurers dwelled in forbidden practices, they soon invoked an apocalyptic calamity that wiped most of them out of existence. Since then, a Conjurer’s Talent was all but a rare existence. Their legacy had long been wiped out by the passage of time.’

“This looks powerful.”

Chu Kuangren stroked his chin and said.

He accepted the reward.

Then, a surge of enigmatic sensation flooded his head.

Chu Kuangren could sense a peculiar change that took place in his spiritual thought.

Yet, he could not pinpoint exactly what those changes were.

All he could tell was that the changes were… liberating.

It was as if his spiritual thoughts had been revitalized, and it now flowed more seamlessly than ever. It was not a mere expansion of his horizon.

With his thought, the teacup in front of Chu Kuangren floated in the air. He did not use an ounce of spiritual power at all.

All of that happened with just a spark of his spiritual thought.

“So this is the power of a Conjurer?”

“Controlling the spiritual thought, using formless thoughts to manipulate the physical realm.”

Chu Kuangren felt as if his five senses and even his limbs had been somehow extended to form another copy of himself.

He expanded his thoughts outward and cast them over the entire Black Heaven Sect.

He could clearly observe every person’s movement within the compound, listen to their every word, and even smell the fragrance that was permeating in the air. On a closer look, it seemed like the Black Heaven Sect’s eatery hall was about to open.

Other than the extension of his senses, Chu Kuangren felt like he could also use his spiritual thoughts to perform other actions, including touching an object.

Chu Kuangren soon recollected his spiritual thoughts and they flowed back like the tidal waves of the sea.

“A decent reward indeed.”

Chu Kuangren smiled in satisfaction. His Conjurer’s Talent was only in its preliminary stage. In the item description, it was said that high-level Conjurers could perform many miraculous actions with their thoughts.

“Too bad I only got the Conjurer’s Talent without the relevant techniques. Otherwise, I could’ve used my spiritual thoughts to its fullest potential,” Chu Kuangren said as he shook his head.

Chu Kuangren then exited his closed-door meditation.

Upon his exit, Elder Ruyan and the other elders came up to him anxiously. They immediately informed Chu Kuangren about the appearance of the unknown lands.

Chu Kuangren, on the other hand, was not particularly surprised.

He had roughly seen it coming ever since he obtained the inheritance in the Qian Emperor’s Palace.

“Finally, the shameless lands have decided to come out of their shells and fight with the Black Heaven Sect.”

“As for the other sage orthodoxies, pfft, they’re just a bunch of clowns who just can’t sit still.”

Chu Kuangren covered his mouth as he chuckled away.

The elders were on the verge of tears.

‘Oh, Sect Leader, how are you still laughing at this moment?!’

“The unknown lands have pledged to destroy the Black Heaven Sect, and everyone is panicking at the moment. What should we do?”

Elder Ruyan said.

“This presents a rare opportunity,” Chu Kuangren smiled and said.

“An opportunity?”

“That’s right. Spread the word around that if the Black Heaven Sect disciples wish to leave, they may pack up their belongings and walk out the door. However, once they exit the door, there’ll be no turning back.”

Chu Kuangren said.

After all, adversities could bring out the true nature of humans.

It was a good opportunity for the Black Heaven Sect to get rid of dead weights.

Only those who could bear the pressure and face adversity with their fellow disciple deserved to be nurtured by the Black Heaven Sect.

Elder Ruyan now understood Chu Kuangren’s intention.

“Sect Leader, do you really have a solution to this threat?”

Elder Ruyan hesitated before she asked.

Although it was an excellent idea to vet out the subpar disciples, it relied on the premise that the Black Heaven Sect could survive the attack. Otherwise, the Black Heaven Sect would only end up killing its most loyal disciples.

“What’s it now? Are you losing confidence in me?”

Chu Kuangren said with a smile.

“Sect Leader, it’s not that we don’t have faith in you. However, this threat just seems far too difficult to overcome. The combined power of the unknown lands and several sage orthodoxies isn’t something we can easily overcome, not even if we have ten times our current strength. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s us against the world now.”

An elder laughed bitterly and said.

Anyone in this situation would no doubt feel hopeless.

“I understand that you’re overwhelmed by fear and terror. But please believe that as long as I’m here, the Black Heaven Sect will never be destroyed!”

Chu Kuangren said with confidence.

The elders took a deep breath as they observed the firm determination in Chu Kuangren’s eyes. At last, they chose to place their faiths in him.

“Then, I shall pledge my life to you in this battle!”

“I’ve been in the Black Heaven Sect for the past thousands of years. This is my home now. Even if I die, I shall die in this place!”

“Sect Leader, I shall make the necessary preparation for the formation.”

In the Black Heaven Sect, at the entrance of the Longevity Hall.

Countless disciples had gathered to await Chu Kuangren’s appearance. They were hoping for some sort of explanation or solution to this problem.

Unexpectedly, it was Elder Ruyan who turned up.

“Everyone, I guess I don’t need to elaborate any further on the current crisis we’re facing. The Sect Leader has announced that for those who are willing to fight alongside us, you may stay. Otherwise, you may grab some soulstones from the storage and leave this place at once,” Elder Ruyan announced.

Many disciples were dead silent after the announcement.

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