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1752 Except for the Embodier God Kings, Who Else Could Possibly Be His Match? The Central Heaven Temple

As the three Trinity Flowers merged, terrifying energies with a mysterious aura erupted and expanded inside Chu Kuangren’s body!

An Inner Universe began to form.

While the Inner Universe was currently in an undivided state of Yin and Yang, the black and white Taichi Qi, which contained mysterious Yin Yang energy, gradually took shape.

He had succeeded in reaching the Five Qi realm!

However, it was not over. The Inner Universe’s evolution did not stop after the Taichi Qi formed.

The next stage after Taichi was Taisu!

The Taisu stage represented the universe in its most primal state.

Once the Yin and Yang energies dissipated, the universe was left with darkness. Only a few lights akin to the light of stars were flickering in the dark.

Suddenly, a mysterious divine light emerged from the depths of the universe!

Taisu Qi was completed!

What followed after would be the Taishi Qi!

What was the meaning of Taishi?

It represented an intangible and invisible stage, an original form of the universe before the creation itself!

Currently, even the flickering light from those stars disappeared into the Inner Universe. Only streams of currents akin to Chaos qi remained, swirling around the Inner Universe.

Chu Kuangren’s consciousness wandered about, and all he felt was a sense of chaos.

Suddenly, a divine light appeared as if the dawn of creation had arrived. It was endless and mysterious.

Taishi Qi had been formed!

After that came Taichu Qi.

That was a more primitive stage of the universe that came before the existence of chaos. The universe was formless and intangible, with only one thing remaining… the purest strand of qi!

That was the Taichu Qi, which formed naturally.

As the Inner Universe continued evolving and progressing further, it eventually reached the universe’s oldest state… the Taiyi stage!

What was the Taiyi stage?

It represented the beginning of all things in the universe, besides also being the source of chaos. That was the start of everything.

Currently, the Inner Universe was vast and boundless, but it was just an empty void. There was no light, no darkness, no sound, no name…

There was nothing there at all. It was true nothingness!

That was what the Taiyi stage represented.

Chu Kuangren’s consciousness continued drifting into the Inner Universe until finally, the Taiyi Qi was formed from the void of nothingness!

It was not really a type of qi but a kind of insight!

It was an understanding that Chu Kuangren gained after witnessing the full evolution of the Inner Universe.

From formless to form, intangible to tangible, the non-existence and existence of all things lie in a single thought that determined the life and death of the universe!


Chu Kuangren suddenly opened his eyes. The energy from the Trinity Flowers inside him had all been used up, and what took its place were five mysterious Qis within his Inner Universe.

Those were the Five Qis he possessed!

As for the Five Qis, they were all connected like five planets swirling around each other, alive and constantly evolving!

A surge of power that Chu Kuangren had never felt continuously gushed out from his body.

That was the Inner Universe Immortal Core!

Its power was a little similar to the power of Chu Kuangren’s Mini Universe. However, it did not possess the transcendental aura like the Mini Universe’s power did.

“Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal Realm!” Chu Kuangren mumbled.

He never expected himself to break through into the Five Qi realm and achieve Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal Realm all in one go after merging his Trinity Flowers!

At that point, except for the Embodier God Kings, who else could be his match?

Chu Kuangren grinned. However, he did not end his closed-door meditation and continued acclimating to his newly obtained power.

Besides achieving the Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal Realm, his Invicible Self-empowering Arch Gilded Intent also increased its rank, thanks to the Inner Universe’s evolution. It was now a Third Step Arch Gilded Intent!

“Once I’ve gotten used to this new cultivation level and Arch Gilded Intent, I should learn the Nether Spirit God King’s cultivation technique while I’m at it. After that, I’ll end my closed-door meditation,” he mumbled to himself.

Meanwhile, Prodigy and sky-pride continued searching for treasures and inheritances on the Ancient Central Heaven Planet to improve themselves.

On that very day, the Seven Central Heaven Planets suddenly rumbled. Seven dazzling lights containing millions of starlight-filled runes shot out from the seven planets respectively and intertwined at a certain part of the universe.

The transformation attracted everyone’s attention.

“What’s happening?!”

“What’s going on with the Seven Central Heaven Planets to cause such a movement?”

While everyone was puzzled, a gigantic, magnificent temple suddenly appeared within the depths of the universe where the seven starlights met!

Rays of starlight swirled on the ceilings of the temple, while the temple walls and pillars were carved with pictures of countless dragons and phoenixes.

The gate of the temple was carved with three huge ancient words, which emanated powerful and vast auras. It was the Central Heaven Temple!

Up in the starry sky, the great ones from various tribes also noticed the temple’s appearance.

For a moment, the orthodoxies and forces that knew of the Central Heaven Temple were all in an uproar.

Meanwhile, those who did not know of it quickly sent their men to search in the archives and ancient texts. They wanted to gather information and understand the origins of the Central Heaven Temple.

Soon, information about the Central Heaven Temple was displayed before the forces.

The Central Heaven Planet was so ancient that its origins could not be traced. However, it was a known fact that it was one of the most ancient structures in the Central Heaven Universe.

Even the Ancient King Tribes were not as old.

It was said that the Central Heaven Universe’s earliest supreme beings constructed the temple. After that, they began recruiting and attracting talented individuals from all walks of life to enter and learn together. Throughout the history of every tribe, there had been many outstanding sky-prides and Prodigies, and some of them eventually become God Kings as well.

However, among those talented groups of cultivators, a huge portion of them would disappear mysteriously, leaving behind the words “Central Heaven Temple” to their tribe and descendants.

Some believed those people had gone and joined the Central Heaven Temple.

The status of the Central Heaven Temple was quite significant, seeing that some God Kings joined them.

“Why has the Central Heaven Temple appeared?”

“Is it trying to announce something?”

Everyone was confused.

At that moment, a magnificent voice sounded from within the Central Heaven Temple and resounded throughout the Central Heaven Universe.

“When the seven stars align, the Nine Kings will return!”

“As a response to the prophecy, the Central Heaven Temple is showing itself to the world and announcing its intention to accommodate talented elites of all tribes. Those who pass the assessment shall be allowed to enter the temple, and successful cultivators will then have the opportunity to comprehend various mysterious techniques and obtain the guidance of the God Kings!”

Upon hearing that, every tribe was shocked!

However, those words made everyone analyze it carefully.

Firstly, the return of the Nine Kings was one of the most ancient prophecies in the Central Heaven Universe.

In other words, nine supreme kings, whose powers would surpass even the God Kings themselves, would appear in this era. Some might even have a chance to break through to the Primordial Realm!

‘Who will the Nine Kings be? Which tribe will they come from?’

That was the most sought-after question on everyone’s mind.

Secondly, the Central Heaven Temple’s appearance was actually to recruit talented cultivators from all tribes, which was nothing short of a great blessing. It was a once-in-lifetime opportunity for every tribe in the universe!

As the most ancient existence in the Central Heaven Universe, they had countless great ones. Furthermore, there would also be a myriad of cultivation techniques, cultivation experiences, inheritances, and treasures waiting for those who manage to enter. The treasures found on the Ancient Central Heaven Planet was nothing compared to that.

Besides, the Central Heaven Temple’s announcement also mentioned that cultivators who join edwould have the opportunity to be guided by the God Kings themselves!

“It looks like the Central Heaven Temple is using this method to spread their area of search for the prophesied Nine Kings.”

“Yes, that’s right. It’s no wonder they’ve appeared. It seems like those ancient beings can’t ignore the existence of the Nine Kings any longer.”

The various forces in the universe began to scheme and plot.

However, the Central Heaven Temple had revealed itself. As a force that even God Kings would yearn to join, everyone would surely not let such an opportunity slip by.

For a moment, elites from every tribe quickly made their way there.

Some of them even abandoned the Ancient Central Heaven Planet.

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