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Published at 17th of November 2020 01:50:10 PM

Chapter 101

One week after the day the world was greeted with the Green Rain of Healing…


Feng Yu Chen is currently writing a letter addressed to his comrades in this world .


“Hare, you’re a warm girl but I cannot accept your warmth . I want to face your feelings head-on but I can’t hug you . You have all the love to give but I don’t have an empty spot in my heart for you, it’s not you, it’s me . ”


“Arisa, you’re a fine woman . I love you, my feelings for you ar like the unceasing flow of water pouring down raging streams . I hope you will treasure all the memories we share together…”


“Ayase, you’re a strong Tsundere, you opened my eyes on multiple instances . Although you can’t stand, you are still unyielding when it counts, I regret my inability to give you a tight hug in the end…”




Feng Yu Chen wrote a bunch of letters . These letters are more like farewell letters than the letters people used to send back in the days when it was still cool .


“Is this okay?”


Inori grabbed Feng Yu Chen’s hand, her warmth seeping into his body through their intimate contact . Farewells are sad, it’s similarly sad when it’s time to say goodbye to this world .


“I am not sure if I will remember all of these, but, with an unfilled hole like this in my heart, I am sure I will look back fondly in due time . Take the good with the bad, right? We have our own journeys ahead of us, they have their journeys to finish . As in love, I got to hold your hands because fate brought us together . Out of the countless shoulders we brushed by, the chance encounter between us is one of the true treasures in this life . ”


It’s finally time to leave this world . More worlds are in store for him .




Inori nodded, she can understand why Feng Yu Chen is waxing so sad . He’s severing his ties with this world .


Returning to the real world…


Finished the basic mission of Guilty Crown . Granting reward for finishing with the top rank…


Please pick a character to bring out of this world…


“I choose Inori…”


Selection confirmed, returning to the real world in 3… 2… 1…


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Inori’s perception of Feng Yu Chen was adjusted to maintain identity coherency due to player 007’s usage of a character substitution card . Changing Feng Yu Chen’s appearance back to the original form .


Converted an extra void upgrade to a special reward . Maxed out Void, special reward increased . Killed the world boss, the Guardian of Daa’th, special reward increased . Gathered all Void Genomes, special reward increased .


Final reward obtained: x1 Guilty Ring
Effect: Enter Guilty Crown once a week, can only stay for one day at most before ejection from Guilty Crown’s world .


Departing from Guilty Crown, deleting void powers, non-void powers retained…

Player 007 gathered all Genome and killed the Guardian of Daa’th . System granted a random skill card as a special reward, this random skill card is related to the void powers previously obtained by Player 007…”


“You’ve obtained a skill from the random skill reward card: Invisibility (Active) . You can now enter Invisibility state for one minute on activation, consumes 5 energy on activation . During this state, you are invisible unless you attack an enemy . Invisibility temporarily disabled on an attack . Invisibility recovers 3 seconds after ending a battle . Cooldown: 10 minutes”


A new world quest will begin a week from now, stay tuned…


Feng Yu Chen was met with a peculiar situation . He didn’t get to keep all the awesome abilities he got in Guilty Crown . If he retained the abilities then he would easily ascend the throne of the king in the next world .


The System isn’t bugged or stupid . It took away all but one of his Void ability, a consolation prize of some sort . Invisibility is good enough that Feng Yu Chen had nothing to complain about . Invisibility (Active) is almost the same as the invisibility void he stole back in Guilty Crown .


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Invisibility Void kept him hidden even when he attacked, it also involved no cooldown and didn’t consume energy upon activation .


He would be an unstoppable killing machine if the System allowed him to retain his Invisibility void .


What came as a pleasant surprise, however, is the item that granted him access to the Guilty Crown world . Completing hidden quests was worth the effort, the reward is out of this world .


The System also turned the images in Inori’s memories into Feng Yu Chen’s original form . It wanted the selected characters to work and cooperate with the players after exiting their original worlds . Nobody is going to bother with ranking if the characters they picked ditch them soon after exiting a world .




Feng Yu Chen returned to a certain villa after a flash of light . He bought this villa with Zi Yue Ling’s help . Feng Yu Chen used this place as their discussion hall .


Inori and Saeko appeared by his sides with another flash of light . Soon, Zi Yue Ling and Haruna returned as well . The Infinity system returns all players at the same time, regardless of the exit time in the other world . Going into the other world at 7 PM and then returning immediately upon arrival in the other world means returning at 8 PM with the other players who survived the quests .


“Th-this, is this our new home?”


Inori looked around with nervous excitement . She’s glad at the advent of a new life but she’s anxious about coping with rapid changes . Feng Yu Chen is her soulmate, home is where he is, Guilty Crown is just a location to her .


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“Yeap, this is our home, we are family from now on…”


Saeko pushed Inori into Feng Yu Chen’s embrace . She headed towards the kitchen while waving her hands .


“You guys kick back and relax . I will make the food today, to honor the addition of our new member . ”


“Inori-nee, you came too… I kinda want you to sing…”


Haruna glomped Inori causing both of them to fall on the sofa .


Zi Yue Ling and Feng Yu Chen looked at each other . She looked a bit intimidated, she was worrying if Feng Yu Chen will kill her . She wasn’t exactly a team-player back in Guilty Crown, maybe the tyrant Feng Yu Chen will end her life right here?


Feng Yu Chen chuckled .


“Well, I am not a human-eating demon, I will not bring up what happened in Guilty Crown . Your disappearance will trouble me, I wouldn’t know how to explain my way out of the police interrogation . Let’s live peacefully together on earth, shall we?”


Zi Yue Ling relaxed her body . Feng Yu Chen probably wouldn’t go back on his word, he kept his promises to her up until this point . Maintaining the status quo is her best choice . She could move out, far out of his reach, but, that would probably rub him the wrong way, does she want that?

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