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Chapter 86

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 86, Senior and Junior .

Su Wuye was the man who once ruled over everything, the man who owned everything . He was the existence that was always superior, always in command, the leader in general . So as his heir, he had always had a deep fear of his father . Even if he possessed great power, he was just a weak little child before his father’s eyes! Never being acknowledged by his father!

But when his invincible father’s body was hung on a cross, just like in ancient times where a king’s head was beheaded and displayed by their enemies for demonstration… . Su Mingye only had one thing in his mind .


But, he never thought something like this was possible!

“You’re afraid…” the blood orb surrounding Lucius gradually formed a few more people . “What’s wrong? Where’s your momentum earlier? Didn’t you want to kill me? Go ahead and try! These people beside me had tried it all before! You, too, had inherited their will to kill me!”

This man killed his father! Su Mingye realized… How could an ordinary vampire kill his invincible father? If that’s true, then it would hurt his father’s dignity . To be killed by an ordinary vampire… such a disgrace!

There were some small differences between Lucius’ Dead River and his predecessors . Such as Lucius’ didn’t share his own memories with the dead ones . Lucius was still himself, not the aggregation of millions of dead souls that had already perished from this world . Thanks to the soul splitting technique, the Dead River’s original form .

Unleashing the Dead River doesn’t mean he let go free of all the lives he had consumed . Only a few small portions, the strongest ones . Now, the bloody figures rose beside Lucius were the strongest ones that Lucius had slain! They used to rebuke this world and hold absolute power . They said ‘one’, and no one dared to say ‘two’ to them! If this was a meeting, then this meeting alone was enough to decide the world’s fate . A mutual declaration of war would practically be World War III!

Likewise… The ones standing beside Lucius were once top bosses of the Espers . The ones who issued the order to pursue Lucius!

“It’s not an illusion! Which of them do you really want to avenge again?” One by one, Lucius’ gaze swept over the Espers who were initially driven by the power of vengeance and fighting spirit… But now, their minds were blank, as if Lucius had thrown a bucket of cold water to their fiery fighting spirit!

An illusion? Hearing Lucius’ emphasis, Su Mingye realized that it could be just an illusion! Killing his father was theoretically possible . But who the hell could make his father bow down and submit? Su Mingye gathered his determination to continue fighting . He can do it!

“Have you forgotten who gave you your power?”

It was Su Wuye’s voice, calm and deep as the sea . The sea was never docile . Any ships that let their guard down because of its calmness were swallowed up by its fury!

As the steel around Lucius began to twist and squeeze, the steel spikes forest behind him once again found its new master . Forging a blade that could sever a giant dragon’s head, slammed towards Su Mingye’s direction .

It’s… really… father?!

Su Mingye’s survival instinct caused him to instinctively summon a wall to resist the giant blade . But, he was still knocked out . As the great president, he had no mercy disciplining his own son . When his son let his guard down, he chased after him and choked Su Mingye with an iron arm!

Like a mouse being cornered by a cat, Su Mingye was desperate . Confronted with his greatest fear, he realized he was too naive! The young man was nothing but a child who could only tremble under his father’s power . To actually face his own father was his biggest nightmare!

“You’re not good enough!”

It was the words Su Mingye had always heard . And once again, today he heard it too . It was as if the air was fading away from him! His consciousness was fading away under the strong grip .

The other two Espers were also in the same situation . Either they were dealing with their boss or their predecessor!

Lucius had traveled all over the world for these powerful Espers . It was easy for these powerful Espers to destroy the zombies . That’s why he always targeted the strongest one in that country . The so-called ‘beheading plan’ was to take out the leader . No matter how strong they were, they would crumble after losing their king, their leader . Now, the soldiers who saddled up for their king once again saw their long lost commander . All they could do was die .

The saying goes, ‘if the king wants a servant to die, then the servant has no choice but to die’ was a law that couldn’t be violated by the world that wore ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ as its mantle . Still, in reality, a strict hierarchy took the lead .

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The two Espers were fighting with all they had . They were ranked Espers, but their opponent was stronger than themselves! Their battle was fierce .

Lucius could’ve just used the Yamato Blade to slay the Espers while they were busy dealing with their bosses . But that would be too boring . The feeling when you’re being killed by someone you respected, someone you once adored, their own comrades… now that’s despair…

Lucius was contemplating to sip some tea while watching the fight . But unfortunately, he had nothing on him .

The enemy didn’t give Lucius a spare time . “You’re the one causing all of this!!”

A dark figure tore through the fierce battle scene and appeared in front of Lucius with a faintly glowing nail . Lucius suddenly remembered that he had just been dodging a double bombardment of steel and lightning, but there was no third attack . There were 3 Espers! That meant someone had stayed hidden until now to reveal his true power and attack Lucius .

The moment when Lucius thought he had won was the moment he let down his guard . The third Esper must have been a spatial abilities manipulator or a top-notch physical enhancer . In a blink of an eye, he had rushed towards Lucius from hundreds of meters away . The silver nail was stained with blood under the pale moonlight .

It wasn’t Lucius’ blood…

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“… . ”

Lucius looked at the poor kid who came to claim his life had his brain blown off by a 0 . 44 bullet . The raging Esper, who said one single line fell down next to Lucius . His head exploded like a smashed watermelon . The nail on his hand was thrown away and rolled to the tip of worn-out leather boots—what a dramatic scene .

An ranked Esper capable of controlling space was killed by a single bullet . It sounded a bit unrealistic, but the man who shot wasn’t a regular man . Rather, he was a monster…

“Is this a rebellion? The tip of the spear of mankind’s greatest hunter is aimed at mankind . But even if you do, I will not treat you as a harmless existence to me, Your Excellency Vampire Hunter Van Helsing . ”

The owner of the boots was Van Helsing . Cigarettes, alcohol, and women were his life . Except for the fact that not many women would look at Van Helsing as a scruffy man, cigarettes, and alcohol always keep him company .

The old man was holding a silver-plated revolver in his hand . He pointed it at Lucius’ direction in a western cowboy shooting posture . The muzzle was still emitting gray smoke, indicating that the gun had just claimed one’s life,

One-shot, one kill .  

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