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Chapter 925 - The Secret of the Holy Flame

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian sensed the smell of danger.

Up until now, Temple had been extremely peaceful, but under the bizarre peace, it was too abnormal, causing everyone to become anxious.

Tang Tian shook his head, he threw all of the chaotic thoughts to the back of his mind, the more he thought, the more complicated it became. He placed his attention back onto the Pillars of Punishment, but he never thought that after going back and forth, the crux of the matter still ended on the Holy Flame. The repeated setbacks did not discourage him, ~How could the core of the system be so simple?~

In any ordinary day, Tang Tian would had used other methods to slowly study it, for example disguising himself and infiltrating Temple to learn the Holy Flame. To Tang Tian, regardless of what power it was, they were all different means to the same end. His understanding towards the Holy Flame was just a small slit through a window pane. But it is through the continuous probing of the small slit would it lead to a sudden enlightenment, and and if one did not prod through the confusion, one would always be looking at the flowers in the fog.

Time continued to pass, Tang Tian knew that the more he delayed, the more disadvantageous it was for them, he no longer cared about it, and decided to use the most dangerous method.

His gaze landed on a regiment of Holy Flame in front of him, the golden Holy Flames slowly churned, like a pure golden lotus.

He took a deep breath and activated the God Armor. The golden and beautiful armor flowed along his body like a golden liquid, and countless of profound Law Threads appeared. The golden liquid that resembled a squirming living thing, completely covered Tang Tian's face, while Tang Tian's eyes suddenly became indifferent. The current Tang Tian emitted an extremely indifferent and inhuman aura, like a lifeless machine.

Clad with his full armor like a God of War, Tang Tian's aura surged into the sky. Inside his cold pupils, countless of lines moved endlessly, the power in his body revolving to its maximum.

He extended a finger and touched the Holy Flame.

Upon coming in contact with Tang Tian's fingers, the Holy Flame instantly emitted an extremely tyrannical and blazing hot aura, it flowed along his finger into his body.

Being enveloped with the God Armor, Tang Tian remained unfazed as he carefully sensed the Holy Flame. In his eyes, the entire world had become completely different.

The golden holy flames floating in the sky looked as though they were trapped within a sunken large net, there were faint lines that resembled a net around the golden Holy Flames. Tang Tian was familiar with those lines, they were Spatial Law Threads. While wearing the God Armor, Tang Tian became extremely sharp towards Laws, he noticed that the sunken regions in the space between the Holy Flames resembled voids, they were so dark that it caused his heart to jump.

Tang Tian could clearly see through the burning Holy Flame on his fingertip. The distorted void around the Holy Flame looked like a vortex, and any energy that entered its radius would be devoured. This layer of distorted void was an extremely thin layer, but it was able to continuously absorb energy.

Every time the golden Holy Flame spat out a fiery tongue, a small amount of pure radiant energy that resembled raindrops would spew into the sky.

~The Holy Flame is indeed not Law!~

At that moment, Tang Tian had already judged that the Holy Flame was not a type of Law, nor was it a form of energy.

Tang Tian quickly noticed another peculiarity of the Holy Flame, the Holy Flame's ability to devour energy was extremely strong, and regardless of what type of energy it was, the Holy Flame would effortlessly devour it, then transforming it into pure radiant energy. It could be said that energy was the Holy Flame's favourite food, but detested Laws.

The God Armor was formed out of Law Threads, and the Holy Flame that had been absorbed was trying to infiltrate the God Armor with all of its might, as though there was some great hatred between the two.

It was Tang Tian's first time encountering such a scene, in the blink of the eye, the Holy Flame was put out, and on Tang Tian's fingertip that was covered with the God Armor where the contamination had occurred, a gray spot had formed.

It was the first time a change occurred in Tang Tian's indifferent eyes.

He flicked his finger and shot the gray spot out into the air. It started to melt at a speed invisible to the naked eye, before completely disappearing.

The laws that were at where the gray spot was formed were all broken, no, they were destroyed!

The Holy Flame's ability to devour energy did not surprise Tang Tian, but he had never expected the flames to be able to destroy Laws. Law Threads were easily disconnected from interference, but they were extremely difficult to break, much less destroy. In the state of the God Armor, the variations of laws could not escape his eyes, and he could see that the Law Threads at his finger were truly destroyed.

Completely destroyed.

~How can Law Threads be destroyed?~

Tang Tian was filled with doubts, but he did not relax the caution he had to his surroundings, and suddenly noticed a peculiar scene. The Holy Flames that floated within a distance of 10m around him suddenly flew towards him. From the beginning, the Holy Flames that floated in the sky were all extremely slow, even the rhythm of their flames churning and blazing were at an extremely slow tempo, making them look extremely graceful. But the Holy Flames that flew towards Tang Tian became like sharks that had caught the scent of blood, they flew extremely quickly and ferociously.

~What's going on?~

Tang Tian squinted his eyes, his body moved as he dodged the Holy Flames that flew towards him. Although the range was extremely small, but Tang Tian was not mistaken. ~Seems like my God Armor is seen as a hostile entity by the Holy Flames~, Tang Tian's mind worked extremely quickly. It was expected that the Holy Flames adored energy, but its hatred for Laws and its ability to destroy them was surprising.

Tang Tian immediately realized that this unusual attribute was most probably the crux to unravelling the Holy Flame.

After finding the crux of the problem, what followed on was the investigate down this line, to be able to find the answer. Tang Tian did not panic against the Holy Flames that pounced towards him, and started to twist and turn in the 3m region around him. He did not wish to provoke even more Holy Flame, and carefully controlled the scope of his activity. Although it was a radius of 3m, Tang Tian moved extremely smoothly, although the Holy Flames were fast, they still paled in comparison to Tang Tian. The flock of Holy Flames danced around Tang Tian like a school of bees, the scene was extremely dazzling, but not one were even able to touch Tang Tian's clothes.

Tang Tian maintained his evasion, but took the opportunity to initiate an interaction with another Holy Flame.

The instant the Holy Flame touched his body, Tang Tian's abyss like eyes suddenly gleamed with a bizarre light aura, and without any omen, his aura suddenly erupted. The air around his body suddenly congealed, and the dancing Holy Flames suddenly became sluggish, as though they had charged into glue.

Tang Tian's cold glasslike mental state worked at an unprecedented speed, and broke down the scene in front of him continuously.

In that moment, time seemed to have suddenly slowed down.

The Golden Holy Flames grew larger and larger in his eyes, and every single changes that happened at the location where the Golden Flames had interacted with his God Armor appeared extremely slowly.

The speed at which Tang Tian's mind worked increased endlessly, the light aura from his eyes burnt even brighter, to the point that no one could look at him straight in the eyes. Mist started to permeate out from the God Armor, and rose in the air. The vast power of the physique within Tang Tian's body started to work, and surged into Tang Tian's mind. Under the God Armor, a blood light blossomed from Tang Tian's neck, and thickened at an alarming rate. If Tang Tian was in a conscious state at that moment, he would had felt as if he was placed in a stormy ocean, with majestic rumbles thundering in his ears.

He had never dared to work so much of the power of physique in his body.

The Power of the Physique was different from energy, it was a water body preserved deep within a sand dune, they did not flow smoothly like rivers, but were mixed with the sand, and were extremely coarse. Mobilizing the power of the physique required restraint, otherwise, the flesh body would wither and would never be able to be restored.

But at that moment, Tang Tian's power of the physique moved by itself. The vast power of the physique surged into Tang Tian's brain, the light from his eyes became brighter and brighter, to the point that they were as bright as the moon, and continued to shrink to its maximum. Even the beautiful God Armor's light dimmed in comparison to the light from Tang Tian's eyes.

Every detail occurring between the God Armor Laws and Holy Flames were revealed as clear as day in his eyes.

The entire process moved in slow motion, but in reality, it happened in an instant.

Another gray spot appeared on the God Armor, and in the blink of the eye, the gray spot was destroyed, revealing a gap. The light in Tang Tian's eyes dimmed down, the imposing aura around him also disappeared. The God Armor crumbled, and disappeared into the air as light dots. This was the first time the God Armor had crumbled after Tang Tian had gained enlightenment on it. Although the timespan in which everything had happened was extremely short, but the consumption was humongous, far more than what Tang Tian had expected. Even the God Armor could not persist, and directly crumbled and dissipated into the air.

The Holy Flames that revolved around Tang Tian suddenly lost interest in him, and scattered.

Tang Tian's face was as pale as paper, his fingertips were trembling, his legs were weak, but his usually calm and clear eyes were filled with an unspeakable joy.

He had finally discovered an important key.

The Holy Flame was not energy or Law, it was a product between the two.

Tang Tian had to admit that the Great Clan Elder was a true genius.

Tang Tian had witnessed ordinary Holy Flames before, and the white Holy Flames and Golden Holy Flames were two completely different things. The Golden Holy Flames appeared on the Great Clan Elder. Before the Great Clan Elder, in the history of Temple, there had never been anyone who had trained out Golden Holy Flames. Furthermore, it was only after the Great Clan Elder took his position where the mass release of Holy Flames occurred, which meant that entire system only formed from the Holy Flames as the core.

In the past, when Melissa talked about it, Tang Tian never bothered thinking about it, but at that moment, after verifying it, he finally understood how powerful the Great Clan Elder was!

The Holy Flame was something that laid between Energy and Laws, or in other words, it was a result of a unique integration of the two.

The White Holy Flames was just pure radiant energy.

Any ordinary person would think of how to combine Energy and Laws, and that only required using Laws as the backbone and the energy as the flesh for one to be able to form a stable composition. In some sense, that was how Ji Ze and the other Sin Domain martial artists used it, with Laws as the skeleton, they absorbed the energy into the flesh.

But obviously, the Great Clan Elder did not do that.

In that instant when the Golden Holy Flame and the Laws of the God Armor were destroyed, Tang Tian "saw" that within the Golden Holy Flames, there was dotted figure that collided into the Laws of the God Armor.

~This should be the key for their destruction.~

What surprised Tang Tian was that the dotted illusion's form was extremely similar to that of Law Threads.

In that instant, Tang Tian had a misconception, as though the Law Threads was pouncing on its reflection.

His heart jolted, ~What's this?~

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