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Chapter 924 - Nascent Spirit Generals

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The last cocoon opened, and a tall and sturdy spirit general walked out.

He walked to the Great Clan Elder, bowed down and called out: "Great Clan Elder!"

The Great Clan Elder nodded his head in satisfaction, he looked at the 12 Spirit Generals in front of him, feeling extremely pleased. The situation was much better than he had expected, the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights were all strong individuals and had trained in the Holy Flame far more profoundly than any others, and the number of successes were higher than his expectation.

"From today onwards, you will be the Temple's Twelve Honorable Martial Saint Knights!"

The Great Clan Elder was fully content with his achievement, and was filled with spirit. Although twelve Spirit Generals did not seem much, but all of them had retained their intellect, and each one of them could assume personal responsibilities. In their previous lives, they were the most elite Banner of Knights, where every Knight was chosen through layers of selections, all of them had overflowing talent, and regardless of strength or tactics, they excelled above their peers. After turning into Spirit Generals, their potentials were all preserved, yet their strengths were amplified by over ten times.

They became the true core of the new Temple, and became The Great Clan Elder's most loyal servants and subordinates.

"The light will prevail!"

The twelve Spirit Generals bowed and roared.

"I have already prepared the most nutritional food for all of you, where you can all enjoy a feast." The Great Clan Elder's voice came out through the Holy Flames, and spoke as if he was talking about an ordinary matter.

By the side, Sophie's body turned slightly colder, she had realized the strangeness ever since the first Spirit General appeared from the cocoon. Every Spirit General acted as though they did not recognize her, and never looked at her. It was different from usual, all of them were personally chosen by her and were groomed by her, and their feelings and relationship with her were at an extremely deep level. But after turning into Spirit Generals, they acted as though they were looking at air when they saw her.

Her emotions had fell to rock bottom, she maintained her silence and did not speak a word.

"From today on, you are all Gods, Gods of Temple. All of you must remember, there is only one reason for your existence, and that is to obey my orders. Give up all of your meaningless emotions of the past, all of that ridiculous pity and cheap kindness. You must all remember, only the light is eternal, and aside from the light, everyone else is the enemy! The will of the light cannot be violated, any hesitations or impurities are all blasphemies. We must build a whole new Temple, to lead us all into the new world of light, and no one else can stop us! We will live forever!"

Every word of the Great Clan Elder were filled with supreme awe, and in front of him, the twelve Spirit Generals had their heads bowed as they listened.

Sophie's body trembled faintly, for some reason, the scene in front of her made her feel fear.

The Great Clan Elder spoke again: "Go, go and enjoy the feast of light, and enjoy the process of turning into Gods. The next few days will be unforgettable in your lifetimes. Oh, my apologies, the term lifetimes no longer apply to all of you."

The twelve Spirit Generals bowed respectfully and walked out in a line.

"They don't recognize me." Sophie suddenly spoke up.

The Great Clan Elder replied: "They only need to remember what they need to remember. They will recognize you in the future."

Sophie no longer said anything, she did not know what to say, and only felt cold. It was not a terrible feeling, just a slight cold, Charles was gone, only twelve of the Banner of Knights remained, they had transformed into Spirit Generals, and treated her like a stranger. ~Why does it feel so cold? I am a Spirit General as well, maybe those things are things that I am not worthy to have. Is that why I am destined to lose them?~

"You don't need to stand guard here." The Great Clan Elder looked at her from the flames, and felt that there was something wrong about Sophie, he thought for a moment, then spoke warmly: "Don't you worry, they just turned into Spirit Generals, their foundation is still weak, you will temporarily command them. You must also make full use of the time, don't let them catch up to you. They were your ex subordinates, if they surpass you, you better not cry about it."

The Great Clan Elder did not forget to crack a joke, it showed how pleased he was.

"Yes." Sophie replied, then walked out.

Temple, which used to be bustling with activities, had become deserted and empty, and was bleak and desolate. She stopped and looked at the empty Temple, and let out a sigh. She could not understand, ~If there isn't anyone left, what is the point of rebuilding Temple? We can no longer see all of those familiar faces.~ Her emotions were at a down low, she quickened her footsteps, at that moment she did not wish to stay any longer.

~Maybe Temple will be rebuilt, yes, like what the Great Clan Elder said, it will be a new Temple, a Temple completely not related to me.~

~If only I had left the world with Charles~, Sophie quietly thought. When the comrades that she had fought alongside with for many years walked out of the cocoons with their unfamiliar gazes, it made her realize that she had lost another precious thing.

~Charles is gone, the Banner of Knights has disappeared, they no longer recognize themselves, and they only exist for one purpose.~

Sophie laughed in ridicule silently, ~What wishful thinking, all that about living in this world, what qualifications does a Spirit General have, to say such words.~

She walked out of Temple, the street that used to be heavy in traffic and bustling with activities was completely empty. ~Dang, Dang, Dang~, the melodious bell sound came from deep within Temple, it was the bell that chimed at specific hours. In the past, as long as the bell was rung, everyone on the streets would raise their heads, revealing their faces that were filled with worship as they prayed devoutly.

~But, there's nothing left, only the Holy Flames exists now.~

The Holy Flames in the sky resembled snow, or like dandelions floating in the sky, it was a rather beautiful scene.

She stared blankly at the sky, feeling disgusted with herself.


Warships and trading ships filled the entire space of the Sea of Energy outside the Saint Continent. Everyone became anxious, they had heard of the internal struggle between Temple and the Families, but they had never expected for Saint Continent to be sealed. The Golden Holy Flames were like a terrifying monster that occupied the estuaries.

At the start, there were a few warships, with their outstanding defense, that tried to rush into the Saint Continent. But after the over ten warships had transformed into ashes, no one else dared to rush in. A few others waited in considerations of people coming out of Saint Continent to negotiate, regardless of who had the upper hand, there were always people willing to negotiate. But even after waiting for a many days, no one appeared.

Everyone became even more anxious, their families were in the Saint Continent, and they did not know of the situation inside, or if their families were safe and sound.

There were some who became impatient, they formed up together and constructed a warship purely equipped with defense, with the thoughts of rushing into Saint Continent. This warship was much more durable than the other warships, but it still burnt into ashes, and not one of them survived.

After that, no one else dared to even think about entering the Saint Continent.

All of the estuaries of the Saint Continent were wrapped up to the point that not even water could flow in or out.

When Du Ke rushed over, he witnessed such a scene.

=The battle at the Desolate Continent had ended, and no one else in the Honorable Martial Continent had the thoughts of heading over to the desolate corner. Du Ke, upon being free from battle, instantly took the initiative to leave to the Saint Continent to support Tang Tian. Du Ke's knowledge and wisdom surpassed many others, he was extremely resourceful, and when the Holy Bell rung, he guessed that Tang Tian had moved towards Saint Continent. Du Ke was also extremely interested in the Saint Continent, Temple was their mortal enemy, and the Saint Continent was the main headquarters of Temple, thus he wanted to increase his knowledge by making a trip there.

=Du Ke moved through the days.

=His individual strength was unparalleled, as the only powerful martial artist of the Sin Domain who had gained enlightenment on Law Domain, he had sufficient ability and confidence.

=In the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy, the number of people who could pose a threat to him were very few.

=He hurried over to Saint Continent with high spirits, but was shocked by the scene in front of him when he arrived, the dense mass of warships and trading ships overcrowded the Sea of Energy. But when he noticed the Holy Flame at the estuary, his excited heart quickly calmed down. Especially when the few warships were burnt to ashes, the expression on his face became even more serious.

=Du Ke was a knowledgeable man, and although it was his first time witnessing the Golden Holy Flames, he knew that it was something special.

=He quickly thought of another question, ~How are Tang Tian and the rest doing inside?~

=Thinking about that, he immediately decided to investigate and get to the bottom of it. In Du Ke's heart, he felt that the Sin Domain had received the greatest kindness from Tang Tian, and without Tang Tian, they would had never been able to leave Sin Domain. Du Ke was an open and honest man, he was conscientiously aware of Tang Tian's grace, and had always been wanting to repay the favor. His decision to be under Tang Tian was also because of it.

=After that, what made Du Ke feel helpless was that, not only were they unable to help Tang Tian, they were continuously under Tang Tian's care, and the favor became heavier and heavier.

=After that, Du Ke became numb to it, and threw the problem to the back of his head, and no longer raised the thoughts of how to repay Tang Tian.

=But the scene before him made him realize that Tang Tian might be in possible danger, and he could not sit still. For a martial artist with a strength equal to his, one would never go back on his words. Immediately, Du Ke decided that, regardless of the price, he had to ensure Tang Tian's safety, even if he had to give up his life, he would not hesitate.

=But Du Ke was not impatient, he did not rush in impatiently. He arrived before the estuary, and secretly observed and analyzed the strange yet terrifying golden Holy Flames.

=Ultimately, Du Ke was an absolutely powerful martial artist who had gained enlightenment on law Domains, and with regards to understanding of law or the understanding of the world, he was far more capable than any ordinary man. He brazenly took a bit of Holy Flame and studied it intensely. He quickly obtained some results. It was his first time encountering such a flame, and he roughly understood the dao to it.

=He admired the creator of the Holy Flame to the point that he could prostrate himself before the creator. The Golden Holy Flames had extremely queer characteristics. The most unique was that it had many different forms, and under certain circumstances, the Holy Flame could transform. For example, it could become extremely tyrannical or violent. And at some times, it was extremely gentle, and could heal wounds. But many more times, it revealed a warm quality.

=But what caused Du Ke to be surprised was that it was not energy, or law.

=It was a product of being between energy and Law, and could interchange into either one, at the same time had the different attributes of both.

=~What a unique thing!~

=Du Ke's eyes lit up.

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