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Chapter 918

Chapter 918 - The Most Cruel Affair

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Spirit Generals, Temple's ultimate move was actually Spirit Generals. It was something that Tang Tian could never have guessed.

The Spirit Generals under Xiao Ran all had differing growth in strengths. The reason for Ah Xin's negligence was because his personal strength could not be compared to Xiao Ran, but with her reminder, he quickly thought about it.

"The Honorable Martial Banner of Knights' commander, Sophie, is a Spirit General. Wasn't there a rumor saying Sophie was a Spirit General created by the Great Clan Elder, from the looks of it, it seems very plausible. The Great Clan Elder most probably holds a way to produce Spirit Generals." Ah Xin spoke, and became extremely focused: "Provided that the Great Clan Elder can produce many Spirit Generals at one go, it explains the situation. All of these Fire Pillars can seal the Saint Continent, and transform the Saint Continent into a battlefield suitable for Spirit Generals. As long as they fight in the Saint Continent, they will be able to hold the advantage, but it means that this is their final and main stage."

His mind worked extremely quickly, he then placed a finger on his mouth and continued: "There is a problem here. The Southern Alliance is very strong and holds the absolute advantage in terms of army power, could it be that the Great Clan Elder wishes to use Spirit Generals to replenish his insufficient forces? If that's the case, then the Great Clan Elder needs to create a lot of Spirit Generals."

"It should be many! If it's too little, no matter how strong Sophie is, they are incapable of fighting against Sadra and the other Family's forces." Qian Hui concluded calmly: "The Great Clan Elder holds a large scale Spirit General production method, that is the most logical guess."

Xiao Ran felt that it was inconceivable: "How can Spirit Generals be produced in a large scale?"

The rest felt that it was hard to believe, they had never heard of such a thing.

~Create Spirit Generals?~ Tang Tian's eyes flashed, he immediately answered: "Spirit Chambers! Spirit Chambers can create Spirit Generals."

Qian Hui and Xiao Ran were at a loss, they had never seen a Spirit Chamber before.

Ah Xin had not expected that Tang Tian was aware of Spirit Chambers, but upon thinking about Tang Tian's relation to Bing,

it became explainable. He then explained to the two ladies: "A spirit Chamber is a unique structure of the Southern Cross Army, it can create Spirit Generals, in the case where forces are insufficient. But there are many limitations, furthermore, the Spirit General that is produced are usually not very strong, and is only a contingency."

"It needs spirit cards." Tang Tian said: "The higher the grade of Spirit Cards, the stronger the spirit general as well."

Qian Hui immediately caught the crux of the equation: "Which means to say, the spirit chamber needs materials like a spirit card, to be able to create Spirit Generals?"

"Shattered spirits are also fine." Ah Xin added: "But the more shattered it is, the weaker the Spirit General."

"I understand." Qian Hui nodded: "Which also means, Spirit Generals cannot be created from nothing, but needs shattered spirits or spirit cards as the material, does it need souls?"

"It does!" Ah Xin was extremely confident, there were nobody as clear on the topic of Spirit Chamber as him: "In some sense, souls are lives, and without it, no one can create life."

"If I didn't recall wrongly, the Sacred Saint Galaxy's energy concentration is extremely bad for the production of Spirit Generals." Qian Hui's eyes gleamed: "Ignoring spirits, even shattered spirits pieces do not exist here. For the Great Clan Elder to want to create Spirit Generals, he requires sufficient materials, and require enough shattered spirit pieces."

Ah Xin scoffed: "It's not easy, but it isn't impossible. Temple has researched on spirits for the longest time, maybe they found a way to groom shattered spirit pieces."

Qian Hui did not refute that idea, then continued: "Just now, you said that while grooming Spirit Generals, ordinarily their strength are average, so is it more difficult to groom out a powerful spirit general?"

"You need a very powerful spirit card to produce a powerful spirit general." Tang Tian thought about Ghost Claw, and instantly felt emotional: "Because only souls with an extremely deep obsession can produce a powerful spirit general. I have once tried to use many spirit cards, but the spirit generals produced had very ordinary strength, and could only move things around."

"It's inevitable when you are producing them in a large scale." Ah Xin added: "In truth a Spirit Chamber transforms the soul into a Spirit General, but how can there be so many powerful souls? Of

Of course the majority of them would be ordinary."

"Even if they have many ordinary Spirit Generals and even if their strengths can be upgraded, but where does Great Clan Elder's confidence in defeating Sadra and the other family's armies come from?" Qian Hui could not understand that: "The Southern Alliance's armies are very strong."

Qian Hui's words were agreed by everyone, they had seen how Sadra and the rest summon their armies, and the results showed their strength. There were many armies on the same grade with the Qiu Offense Army, and that was why everyone felt that the Southern Alliance would win, and not Temple.

"Could it be that there is still some other factors?" Ah Xin frowned: "It isn't easy to raise the strength of a Spirit General."

Tang Tian suddenly pointed to the golden pillars, the Pillars of Punishment: "It's them!"

Everyone were startled and confused.

"That holy flame is weird." Tang Tian explained: "I fought with one of the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights before, and seen their Holy Flames. But both Holy Flames are different."

"Different?" Qian Hui's eyes lit up: "In what way?"

She knew that Tang Tian's intuition was extremely sharp and unparalleled, he definitely had caught something.

Tang Tian thought for a moment: "The last time, when the Knight was trying to escape, the Holy Flame also turned gold from its original white color, very much similar to the Holy Flames in front of us. I pondered about it but did not understand, until I saw Seuss' soul combust. I then realized it."

Tang Tian's tone turned into a rarely heard seriousness: "The one who thought about this is a true genius. The ordinary Holy Flame is a type of Radiant Energy, an extremely unique and special Radiant Energy. I suspect, the Holy Flame is the true result of Temple's research on Spirits. Holy Flames can incite the body to grow fanatically, but it is very strange, the Clan Elders' bodies are not strengthened, because the power of the physique was used to nourish their souls. But these nourished souls have not experienced any tempering."

Qian Hui thought about it: "What you mean is their souls were fattened up, but not strengthened?"

"Yes! That's right!" Tang Tian nodded, then continued: "We all know that our minds needs to be tempered to grow stronger. For such a soul that has never gone through

gone through any tempering, it is practically impossible for them to grow stronger. It's no wonder why I felt that it was strange the last time, the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights had imposing auras and felt strong, but after fighting with them, they were much weaker than I thought. Now I understand, their spirits and souls were being used as fertilizers. The Holy Flames that have not burnt the soul is used to nourish their physique, to expand their souls. After being expanded for many years, when the Holy Flame burns the soul, the soul assimilates back into the Holy Flame. No wonder they feel different. If I didn't guess wrong, these fiery pillars of Holy Flames not only seals the Saint Continent, but can also greatly strengthen the Spirit Generals that are just produced."

The entire place became silent, everyone was completely overwhelmed with shock by the contents described by Tang Tian. Every single person felt a cold shiver crawling up their spines as their hairs stood.

The souls that were nourished for decades were to be used to feed Spirit Generals.

This cruel truth was extremely harsh to take in.

Qian Hui was at a loss, she muttered: "That's so scary…."

In the corner, Melissa who had maintained silence the entire time turned pale, her entire body trembled, and her teeth trembled so greatly that everyone could hear her.

They all turned to look at Melissa.

Melissa stammered while crying: "Mmany…..many people all cultivate the Holy Flames…."

~Many people?~

Everyone were still at a daze and did not fully comprehend the meaning in her words, but for some reason, a bad premonition surfaced in all of their hearts.

Ah Xin was the one who understood, he exclaimed out loud: "You're saying…."

Melissa suppressed her sobs: "Aside from Temple, there are ordinary people who train the Holy Flames. Temple said….as long as one learnt the Holy Flames, they would have the chance to be groomed by Temple, and can work for Temple, and be groomed by Temple, and…."

Melissa lost control over her emotions, tears fell from her eyes, she could no longer carry on as she knelt down on the ground.

Everyone was stunned, no one dared to imagine what it would be like….if what Tang Tian said was true.

Everybody's faces were as white as paper. There was only fear in their eyes.

"They will />
"They will not dare to do such a thing…." even the brave Ah Xin was stammering at that point in time.

How many people were there in the Saint Continent? No one knew the exact figures, but everyone knew that Saint Continent was the most flourishing Continent of the Honorable Martial Continent, and the most populated. If there was anyone familiar with the figures present, they would have definitely said that the population of Saint Continent was a tenth of the entire Honorable Martial Continent.

No one dared to continue thinking.

"What's that?" Ji Ze suddenly pointed to the distant sky, his voice filled with fear.

Everyone followed Ji Ze's finger, and caught sight of a fist sized Gold Holy Flame, gradually floating above the roofs of the houses on the street, slowly ascending into the sky.

Unknowingly, everyone's mind immediately thought about Tang Tian's guess. Their bodies turned completely cold, as though an electric current had swam through their entire bodies, their necks froze, their bodies froze, everyone looked as though they had turned into statues.

No one ever forgot the scene they witnessed.

One after another, Golden Holy Flames of different sizes floated over the roofs. More and more Golden flames from the ground ascended, like a school of golden jellyfish gradually swimming towards the sea.

Even further in the sky, the densely packed Golden Holy Flames had no end, as though it was a sea of gold.

Wherever they could see, every corner was filled with gold that floated.

The divine and imposing gold color was at that moment, demonic and evil, without any thread of warmth, only endless death.

Everyone was frozen cold. Every single person was someone who had experienced warfare and battles, had seen countless of corpses, blood and flesh. They had initially thought that there was no longer anything in the world that could be as cruel and brutal as the battlefield that could make them feel fear. But the scene before their eyes caused their hearts to tremble.

Every single Golden Holy Flame signified a life.

The boundless Holy Flames occupied every inch of space above them, no one could count how many Holy Flames there were, or how many lives were taken.

Right at that moment, millions of lives, were quietly disappearing, transforming into fertilizer for the golden flames.

No one had ever seen anything more cruel,

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