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Chapter 913

Chapter 913 - Respective Conspiracies

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

When Clan Elder Seuss and Howl arrived at Mace Field Tradings, Sadra and the rest were already seated in the hall, they had arrived earlier. Although they felt that Temple no longer had any moves to make, but no one dared to be careless at such a crucial moment.

The victor would win everything, the loser would lose everything, where even his life might be lost.

Seated at the head was Ah Xin, where Melissa stood by his side respectfully. The Iron Mask Army soldiers had their backs against the walls, they stood quietly, yet revealing their solemn and fearful aura.

~What a tight security~, Seuss mused. The Iron Mask Army was far more outstanding than he had previously thought, and despite the masks they wore, he could still see through a few things. Every single one of them maintained their cautiousness, he did not see any soldier looking around or had their minds wandering.

It was simply a difficult task. In any serious situation, it was easy for the soldiers to focus on their targets, but in time of peace, it was much more difficult for the soldiers to maintain their vigilance. Only elites were able to achieve such a state, which meant they had gone through extremely tough training to be able to execute such discipline.

Seuss retracted his focus, no matter how elite the Iron Mask Army were, if they were unable to convince them, it would turn out to be the most terrible thing for Temple.

Seuss laughed bitterly in his mind, he did not hold any assurance at all.

But at such a time, he did not hold the decision to retreat. He did not beat about the bush, and took the lead to greet Ah Xin: "Greetings, Senior Xin."

Ah Xin nodded his head: "Clan Elder Seuss, I believe that you have brought Temple's sincerity, I wonder what conditions Temple is willing to provide?"

Sadra and the rest were immediately focused onto Seuss.

Seuss was not used to being so direct while working, but at that moment, he had to be harsh, and got right to the point: "As long as Mace Field Tradings Family agrees in following Temple, Mace Field Tradings Family will be the only Aristocratic Prestigious Family in Honorable Martial Continent in the future. Regardless of what Mace Field Tradings Family requires, Temple will satisfy them."

A few snickers

could be heard, while Huo Liu Shang and the rest revealed looks of ridicule. To them, they felt that Temple did not know the difference between living and dying, and was still portraying themselves as high and mighty.

"Temple is really Temple, they are too used to being the Master of Honorable Martial Continent, while the rest of us can only be servants." Howl sneered with ridicule, not forgetting to hit Temple while they were down.

But he was right.

Temple's attitude was as such, Temple had to be the Master, while Mace Field Tradings Family their subordinate. And if Mace Field Tradings Family were to join the alliance, they would have the identity as a partner, where everyone would be the master of Honorable Martial Continent in the future. Although it would involve distributing power and benefits, but at least everybody were on the same level.

The only difference, was a difference between heaven and earth.

Sadra and the rest heaved a sigh of relief, they were most worried that Temple would do the unexpected to turn the situation, and promise in sharing the rule of Honorable Martial Continent with Mace Field Tradings. Of course, even if it turned out that way, they had their rebuttals as well, as Temple had given the same promise to them in the past.

But Temple's attitude surprised them.

Temple was simply pushing Mace Field Tradings to them, and they felt that Temple's arrogance was truly beyond redemption.

Ah Xin was in disbelief, he acted as if he was looking around carelessly, but he was actually looking at Tang Tian and Qian Hui, and they saw the vigilance in each other's eyes.

Temple did not retract their arrogance, but to continue acting that way, it was definitely not normal.

Seuss did not understand why the Great Clan Elder was not willing to give in at such a time, although he had blatantly ordered Seuss to give Mace Field Tradings Family anything they wanted to rope them in, but ultimately, his conditions was still saying no.

But it was fine, it was not as if he had no other cards to play.

He calmed himself down, then spoke up: "Temple is willing to handover the technique to withstand the corrosion of time, and lengthen Senior Xin's life."

The expressions of Sadra and the rest froze on their faces, their eyes flashed with a trace of panic. They finally understood that

that they had disregarded one point, and that being Senior Xin was a Spirit General.

They then understood how far Temple was willing to go.

If he had the technique to withstand the corrosion of time, the time that Senior Xin could survive would be greatly amplified. To Mace Field Tradings Family, Senior Xin was their Guardian Angel, the ability to allow their Guardian Angel to stay forever was a value that no one could compete with.

This was an irresistible offer for Mace Field Tradings.

"Impossible!" Huo Liu Shang blurted out: "The corrosion of time is a law of the world, it is something nobody can withstand. You are spouting nonsense."

His voice had changed slightly, it was visible that he was terrified.

On the contrary, Seuss calmed down. In truth, he did not believe it either, but at that moment, he could no longer care about anything, and acted as though he had a card up his sleeve: "It seems like everyone has forgotten that Temple was the first to begin research on spirits, furthermore, I believe that no one else has invested as much as Temple into this."

Seuss spoke with confidence, that's right, in terms of spirits studies, who had more power than Temple?

By the side, Sadra who had been quiet and observing the entire time suddenly laughed: "That's right, in terms of spirits studies, no one can compare to Temple.

When Sadra spoke up, Seuss' heart instantly had a bad premonition.

And on the contrary, Huo Liu Shang and the rest who were initially panicking instantly calmed down. They understood Sadra very well, when he spoke, he always had a way.

Sadra continued: "It is all thanks to Temple for helping us research and study Spirits so much, we will definitely bring glory to the results. Temple still has many other things that we will cherish."

Huo Liu Shang and the rest instantly figured out what Sadra meant. ~That's right, as long as we attack Temple, whatever Temple has will belong to us.~

Seuss' heart jumped, but he maintained his steadiness. He sneered: "Is that so? Even if you attack Temple, you will only obtain ruins."

"You want to burn both jade and stone together? You overestimate your Clan Elders." Sadra chuckled: "Not everyone is willing to die for Temple. We have many friends in Temple as well. As long as Temple has something, it will belong to us."


Seuss' face finally changed, ~There are clan elders that have colluded with the enemy!~

A bitter feeling surfaced in his heart, in truth, he was not willing to admit to it. The enemies had planned for ages prior to the current situation. Their plans to infiltrate into Temper had gone on for many years, in which Seuss had gained some sense of in the past.

But upon thinking about it, there were many indicators in any ordinary day, it was just that he thought they were merely making friends, he had never expected for their conspiracy to be so huge.

Right at that moment, Ah Xin suddenly spoke out: "I don't need it."

His gaze involuntarily turned towards Xiao Ran, ~I think only Xiao Ran understands me best, how unbearable the passing of time can be.~

Their eyes connected, Ah Xin could feel the warmth and concern in Xiao Ran's eyes.

His mouth involuntarily blossomed into an unconcealable smile.

~It feels good.~

Suddenly, he had a trace of comprehension in his mind. Before he met Xiao Ran or the Young Miss, his world only consisted of the past, but after meeting them, he had the present and future.

~I am not only living in my past.~

The black and white world seemed to brighten up, the world in his eyes became alive and colorful, even when he was just a Spirit General.

~It feels good.~

Ah Xin's gaze landed on Seuss, he spoke out: "If that's all, I am sorry to say that…."

Sadra's face finally revealed a smile, he knew that Temple had lost completely.

"So we still failed!"

Suddenly, a low, solemn and unfamiliar voice interrupted Ah Xin.

Ah Xin instantly stood up, he glared at Seuss. The rest all stood up in shock, as they looked at Seuss' strange expression.

The unfamiliar voice actually came out from Seuss.

Everyone could see that there was something wrong with Seuss. He had froze on the spot, his eyes were in a daze as they lost focus, and his mouth closed up. It was an extremely strange sight, and everyone felt a cold chill run up their back, the hairs on their bodies standing straight up.

Sadra stared at Seuss, then exclaimed in shock: "Great Clan Elder!"

"Hehe." Seuss remained unmoved, his mouth was closed, and the voice seem to project from his chest: "Sadra, I never thought that never thought that you could still recognize my voice, it's been 20 years right."

Sadra regained his calm: "That's right, it's been 23 years."

"Your memory will always be better than mine, I never thought that we would meet here, my old friend, but now, we have to fight to the death." Great Clan Elder sighed.

"I am just taking back what belongs to us." Sadra replied indifferently.

"Everything in the Honorable Martial Continent, even you, belongs to Temple." The Great Clan Elder spoke indifferently, yet held a tyrannical tone.

Sadra remained unfazed: "That's the reason for this war."

"20 years ago, I knew that you did not have the heart, but I could not take your life. Everything's over, Sadra. Thank you for this war, but a new era is about to begin."

Sadra's complexion turned dark, he felt uneasy.

"Honorable Martial Continent doesn't need any Prestigious Family, it only needs Temple." Great Clan Elder's voice contained a fanatical tone, while Seuss' body trembled.

Sadra suddenly understood, his eyes was filled with disbelief: "You want to destroy all the Prestigious Families!"

"You finally understand? Sadra, you've slowed." Great Clan Elder's voice became even more fanatical: "Temple needs new life, the Honorable Martial Continent needs new life. And only I, can bestow it new life! But a pity, Sadra, for you will not be able to witness it."

Clan Elder Seuss, whose entire body was trembling incessantly, suddenly ignited with a white flame.

Holy Flame!

The pure and gentle Holy Flame revealed how profound Seuss' attainments on it were. The Holy Flame enveloped Seuss entire body, causing him to look as though he was on fire.

Everyone could sense danger, but they did not know where it was coming from.

Tang Tian moved the fastest, the instant the Holy Flame had appeared, he had already made his move on Clan Elder Seuss. His intuition was the sharpest, but at that moment, his heart was enveloped with an unprecedented sense of danger.

Death! He caught the scent of death aura!

How long had it been after he gained enlightenment on the Awakened God Armor, for him to feel the threat of dying?

His senses reached their peak, causing the hairs on Tang Tian's body to erect.


Clan Elder Seuss' brain exploded like a watermelon, but his body did not fall.

What happened next, caused everyone to gasp in shock.

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