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Chapter 903 - Sophie's Return

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Qiu Tian Qing was calm from the start, although the opponent's attack was extremely fierce, their [Autumn Frost Cold Field] was no simple technique either. He was extremely confident of [Autumn Frost Cold Field], despite the fact that it was their first time utilising it since its creation.

Because [Autumn Frost Cold Field] was completely different from all other Army Killing Techniques.


The sole reason of why it was completely different from other army killing techniques was because [Autumn Frost Cold Field] contained the Laws of Autumn. In essence, [Autumn Frost Cold Field] had already surpassed the category of Army Killing Techniques.

It took him fifteen years to grind out this technique.

When Qiu Tian Qing had created the [Autumn Wind Offense], he had always pondered upon how to create an Army Killing Technique stronger than the [Autumn Wind Offense].

This thought lasted for a decade.

And then, an insight occurred, allowing him to gain enlightenment. But, it was just the start, as an Army Killing Technique was not something a military general alone could complete. He spent another five years, where he and his subordinates continued to perfect the technique, ultimately creating the strongest killing technique, [Autumn Frost Cold Field]!

Once [Autumn Frost Cold Field] was activated, the land where the army stood would have Autumn Laws activated, forming a unique land of Autumn. The land of Autumn formed an entity that could constantly provide energy, the autumn frost would transform into mist, becoming endless and boundless.

Compared to an individual martial technique, an Army Killing technique was complicated. It was difficult for the generals and soldiers to gain enlightenment on Laws, thus the requirements for the killing technique became even more difficult, but once it was completed, the might of it would far surpass anything imaginable.

Tang Tian quickly realized that he had made a mistake in his judgement.

The Laws in the [Autumn Frost Cold Field] not only formed Law Threads, but Law Surface! Furthermore, it was not just any Law Surface, the Autumn Laws embedded inside this space already had signs of forming a Law Domain. For example, its self regeneration, this was the most common specialty of Law Domains.

~Half step into Law Domain!~

There was another person who was able to recognize this fact aside from Tang Tian, and that was Ji Ze. The people in God Armor Army were all rather ordinary in terms of aptitude, including Fu Zheng Zhi, whose strength was rather outstanding except for his large age gap. Out of all of these people, the only one who could be hailed as a genius was Ji Ze,

At the start, Ji Ze looked on the Qiu Offense Institute with disdain and spite, but when the mist blocked the sword light, his face became serious. Very quickly, this seriousness turned into surprise, which ended up as though he had seen a ghost.

~Am I truly seeing ghosts!~

Ji Ze could not believe his eyes, ~What joke is this! They are half step into Law Domain!~

Even in Sin Domain, there was only one man who had gained enlightenment on Law Domain, and that was how Du Ke became the publicly recognized number one in Sin Domain.

In truth, ever since Ji Ze had entered the Sacred Saint Galaxy, he looked down on all the military generals of the armies. Not a single person had gained enlightenment on Laws. Laws and Energy were two completely different levels of power.

Before he got used to using Laws to control energy, he was extremely weak. But, once he broke through the barrier, his strength would erupt overnight. One could say that there is a thin piece of paper between Laws and Energy, whereby the paper would be extremely thin when moving from Laws to Energy, but from Energy to Laws, the piece of paper would be extremely thick.

Thus, his eyes towards the military generals of Sacred Saint Galaxy had always been one of arrogance.

But, it was the army that he looked down on that actually gained enlightenment on Laws, and could even form a unique space of their own like a Law Domain. How could that not shock him?

He had not expected to see a half step Law Domain that could only be wielded by the powerful martial artists who stood at the peak in the Sacred Saint Galaxy.

But like how Tang Tian had underestimated the [Autumn Frost Cold Field], Qiu Tian Qing likewise had underestimated the Undying Sword. The endless storm of Sword lights caused Qiu Tian Qing's emotional look to become serious.

After five minutes, the sword lights never revealed any signs of depletion.

~What technique is that?~

~How can one man sustain such a strong offense for so long?~

~This is a warship grade attack, regardless of the might of the sword light or the frequency of the attack, they are all of the warship grade! Furthermore, it is at the gold grade warship level!~

Just like how Ji Ze felt as though he had seen a ghost when he saw the army of Sacred Saint Galaxy being able to attain the level of half step Law Domain, Qiu Tian Qing was feeling the same. In the world of the Sacred Saint Galaxy where Armies ruled, to see an individual's strength being comparable to a warship was no different from seeing a ghost.

To the majority of the armies, fighting with a warship and fighting without a warship was a difference of heaven and earth.

If an army without a warship was able to unleash an attack that was comparable to one with a warship, they could be considered elite. ~But for an individual to do it…..doesn't that make him a human sized warship? How can there be such a person in the world?~

The might of a warship was extremely huge, along with its durable defense, but its usage was limited, for example there were the estuary limitations, or its rigidness in small scale wars. The battlefield of warships usually occurred in the vast Sea of Energy.

~But….a human sized warship….that's too terrifying! It will be unimpeded by terrain, it would be extremely agile, able to launch ambush attacks that had the power comparable to warships.~

~This is the Ultimate Weapon.~

Previously, Qiu Tian Qing suspected that the other party had disguised himself as one of the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights, but after seeing Tang Tian's attacks, he figured that Tang Tian had to come from Temple. Qiu Tian Qing firmly believed that only Temple had the means to be able to groom such a beast.

Luckily, the [Autumn Frost Cold Field] remained unharmed, allowing him to heave a sigh of relief. But the rage in his heart soared.

~Temple wants to destroy my Qiu Family!~

~Then come, you truly think that the Qiu Family is a pushover?~

The middle aged man watching from afar had a change in expression, he and Qiu Tian Qing had the same thoughts. To be able to groom the perfect warship martial artist, he was definitely Temple's final trump card!

If the Qiu Family was truly destroyed by Temple, Temple would be able to showcase their strength through the battle, how many people would still dare to go against them? At that time, the alliance between the Prestigious Families would crumble.

An intense fear filled his heart, they had already shot the arrow and could no longer take it back. They were too familiar with Temple's style of handling matters, even if the matter were to be appeased temporarily, the moment the situation stabilizes would be the time the Qiu Family had to repay the debt, they could not run away.

The middle aged man composed himself, a strict look flashed past his eyes as he called for the bodyguard next to him, and gave him some orders softly.

The bodyguard's face became serious as he nodded, then turned and flew away.


Sophie stood outside Temple's doors, from inside the majestic big doors, white light emitted out from the dense radiant energy, as though inside of the Palace was a completely different world.

She stood there, facing the doors like a statue, and did not speak a word.

She had been in and out of the place countless of times, it was her home, and the place she was most familiar with that had the people that she was most familiar with. The big doors were still as majestic, the white light was still as dense, yet the people that she was most familiar with were not present.

Sophie's return surprised all of the Clan Elders.

When Sophie stepped into Temple, what welcomed her were the complicated gazes from the Clan Elders. She knew what they were thinking, but she did not care about them, since when did their life matter to her?

She acted as though she did not see the Clan Elders, holding onto the sword on her waist, she slowly walked deeper into Temple without saying a word. Halfway through, she spoke out: "Which Chamber Hall was His Highness assassinated in?"

One of the sharp witted clan elder immediately replied: "It was the Sunset Chamber."

Sophie nodded her head, then changed her direction, towards the Sunset Chamber.

The Clan Elders watcher her leave, then continued to discuss amongst themselves.

"She is too impulsive, she actually dares to purge the Qiu Family's encampment, wouldn't it incite even more conflict?"

"Sigh, you can't blame her, she and His Highness Charles have an extremely deep relation with each other. Upon hearing that he was assassinated, how could she not lose control? Truthfully, those families are too wild, they have become arrogant and daring, we should have handled them earlier, it was truly nurturing a tiger that invites calamity."

"Hey, be careful of what you say! The walls have ears. This is a group of maniacs that even dared to assassinate His Highness, you think they will put us in their eyes?"

"What are you afraid of! The Banner of Knights are already here, if they dare to come, they are seeking death!"

"That's right, the Banner of Knights have returned, I can sleep in peace."


Sophie stood outside the Sunset Chamber's door. The matter at the Sunset Chamber was extremely serious, and the entire place had been searched and investigated countless of times, even the ground was dug a few inches, turning the place into a mess.

She stood outside the door quietly, but did not enter.

Inside Temple, the Clan Elders were in small groups discussing amongst themselves, their gazes would occasionally turn towards the deeper part of Temple.

"She's still at Sunset Chamber's entrance? It's already been two hours!"

"She's hurt, the one who died was his Highness!"

All sorts of discussions could be heard, as none of the Clan Elders had left. They stayed in the largest area of Temple, awaiting for the latest news.

The Great Clan Elder did not express any approach towards Sophie's purge of the Qiu Family's camp. The Great Clan Elder did not even utter a word when Sacred Son Charles was assassinated.

They knew that the Great Clan Elder was waiting for Sophie's return.

Suddenly, the clan elders became restless, news had spread that Sophie had left the Sunset Chamber and headed to the Radiant Chamber. The Clan Elders became anxious, once the Great Clan Elder spoke, the approach and standing of Temple would immediately be fixed.

Not only were the Clan Elders anxious, even the Prestigious families who had received the news became anxious. The Great Clan Elder was the true peak existence of Temple.

If he said to fight, the entire Temple would disregard everything and go into battle, no matter how much it cost, how many sacrifice were needed, Temple would fight till the end. If the Great Clan Elder said for peace, then no matter how intense the battles previously were, no matter how furious the people were, Temple had to get together with the other party.

Sophie walked to Radiance Chamber's entrance and knelt down. Her shoulders twitched, as tears flowed down uncontrollably. She was sprawled on the ground, tears falling all over, she was so sad that she had become weak.

"It's been tough on you, child. Just cry it out, don't hold it in."

A gentle voice came out from above her head, causing her heart to feel even more terrible, she wailed out uncontrollably.

The Great Clan Elder sighed, then caressed Sophie's head.

The Great Clan Elder's palm was enveloped by golden Holy Flame, it did not have any warmth, and only had the power to calm the heart.

Sophie's mood gradually stabilized, her eyes were red as she plead guilty to the Great Clan Elder: "This subordinate did not receive any orders, and took it on my own accord to attack the Qiu Family, I have caused bad effects, requesting Clan Elder to bestow punishment!"

"Why should I punish you?" The soft yet powerful voice sounded from within the blazing Holy Flame. Great Clan Elder's voice contained an unconcealable rage: "They think that they can make me compromise? They are wrong! I would rather Temple be destroyed than to compromise with them!"

"I want them to realize how much they have overestimated themselves!"

The entire Temple started to hum, causing everything to tremble.

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