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Chapter 897

Chapter 897 - Charles' Death

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Charles felt unsafe, possibly from the fact that Sophie was not by his side. Since young, Sophie had always been his bodyguard, to the point of being inseparable, even the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights were never garrisoned far away from him.

With Sophie not around, it felt as though the familiar Temple had become empty.

Charles had a misconception that there seemed to be eyes quietly observing him in the shadows from behind him.

He laughed at himself, ~This is Temple, where the Radiant Energy is the strongest, how can there be shadows?~ Temple, which symbolized Light, had dense radiant energy all around, they released gentle and warm white light, lighting every corner of Temple.

~The Light is eternal.~

~Maybe I'm just not used to Sophie not being around~ Charles laughed.

Thinking about the situation, Charles frowned. In the past, when he interacted with the Prestigious Families, he always felt that they were docile and obedient towards Temple. But now they completely undermined his notions, that was how he understood why the clan elders wanted to suppress the Families.

The Prestigious Families were like beasts that had their claws and teeth kept, looking somewhat docile. But beasts were still beasts, no matter how much they could disguise themselves, upon reaching a crucial moment, their ferocity would always show.

Inside the Qiu Family, Charles muttered to himself, revealing a look of thought.

To Charles, the conflict between the Qiu Family and Mace Field Tradings was initiated by the Qiu Family, ~What message do they want to bring across to the other families?~

The conflict between Mace Field Tradings and the Elizabeth Family was a conflict between two equal grade families, the Qiu Family had no reason to personally intervene, even if they were Elizabeth Family's backers. Charles knew of how the first rate Prestigious Families acted, if a higher grade Prestigious Family had come to find trouble with Elizabeth Family, the Qiu Family would had definitely taken action. But even if a weaker family had defeated the Elizabeth Family, the Qiu Family would definitely not take action.

~Because they will find it humiliating.~

~If their own subordinate can't even beat an equal grade opponent, what qualifications do they have to be the

Qiu Family subordinate?~

Charles snorted at the rumors that spread around, it was said that Mace Field Trading Family started the provocation, which to him, was ridiculous. ~Mace Field Family's strength is only so so, they are incapable of forming any threat to the Qiu Family, why would Qiu Bei Feng send his personal guards to obtain their face back?~

~If the Qiu Family wants to establish power, they shouldn't' go against other families, but towards Temple.~

Charles disliked the Qiu Family's actions, if the Qiu Family was the one to be wronged, and thus they used such methods to display their strength, he would feel much better towards them. Temple was always willing to collaborate with such first grade Prestigious Families. But when the Qiu Family arrived in the Saint Continent, they did not even make a trip to the Honorable Martial Palace to greet the Great Clan Elder, they did not greet him, did not do any form of greeting to the Honorable Martial Palace, but started to punish an individual to serve as a warning to the rest.

Charles was infuriated, the Qiu Family never placed the Temple in their eyes. And as the one responsible for the matter, the Qiu Family still did not reveal any intention to give him face.

He sent Sophie over to watch the Qiu Family. If the Qiu Family dared to go against Temple's order, he would punish them to serve as a warning to the rest.

There were so many prestigious families, if he did not kill one or two, no one would listen to the orders.

Charles knew that it was a test given by the Great Clan Elder. If he could control and manage the situation, his position would be untouchable. If he could not, he would be in danger.

Having sensed the danger, Charles knew that he had to fight or die.

With Sophie leading the Banner of Knights, no families would dare to go against them.

A guard walked up the platform and spoke respectfully: "Your Highness, The Great Clan Elder has requested you to go over."

Charles recognized the guard, and nodded his head: "I will head over there now."

Charles walked towards the Palace, the two Honorable Martial Knights guarding the door followed him. Sophie

Sophie had brought the Banner of Knights out, but left 10 Knights to ensure Charles' safety. Although Charles did not see a need to, but he was touched by her actions.

The guards took the lead with Charles following behind. Charles asked: "Did something happen?"

"Seems like it's the Qiu Family." One of the guard frowned and spoke up.

Charles thought for a moment, ~Could it be that Great Clan Elder has something for the Qiu Family? With Great Clan Elder's firm personality, he definitely can't tolerate them. If it is the Great Clan Elder, how will he take care of them? Great Clan Elder has great foresight, who knows if there is a deeper play in mind.~

Charles mind flew quickly, anyone would feel the pressure when it came to the Great Clan Elder, he was no exception. The only exception would only be Sophie.

The guards brought Charles to the entrance of a side chamber hall, stopped, and bowed: "Your Highness, please, Great Clan Elder is inside."

Charles collected his thoughts and looked at the simple chamber hall, ~It's quiet here. Great Clan Elder always likes such a place, even with his high position, Great Clan Elder is rather simple, one thing that everyone in Temple respects.~

"You guys can wait for me here." Charles spoke to the two Knights.

The two knights complied, and stood guard. With their high positions, they could enter the Palace Hall at ease, and the only reason why they did not move around recklessly was because of the Great Clan Elder.

Sophie was not afraid of the Great Clan Elder, that was because her relationship with the Great Clan Elder was like a father and daughter. But the Great Clan Elder did not give face to the rest of them, and they only ever saw him a few times. Furthermore, the Holy Flame that the Great Clan Elder had around him released a pressure that was too intensifying which caused them to feel fear.

The two guards stood outside sincerely, somewhat anxious if the Highness were to call them to enter.

Suddenly, an almost undetectable yet sharp energy undulation resonated out from within the chamber, both Knights instantly had a change in expression, and rushed in without hesitation.

Just when the two

the two of them entered, they watched as Sacred Son Charles fell down to the ground.

His eyes were wide open, his throat had a fist sized hole that was spewing blood down his neck. In a few seconds, his entire body was dyed red.

The two Knights were struck by lightning, they reacted only after a few seconds, ~Assassination! Sacred Son Charles was assassinated!~

Inside the chamber hall, Sacred Son Charles had fallen to an assassin.

The two Knights had faces as white as paper, such a thing had never occurred in the history of Temple. Temple had extremely strict security, and no outsiders were capable of sneaking in.

~Outsiders, no way, all of this points to an inside person that had planned everything meticulously!~

The two of them immediately thought about the guard that had led the way, one of the Knights immediately blinked and appeared outside of the Chamber hall, and when he saw that the guard's head was already completely mashed.

A mournful alarm resonated through Temple.

Snow City.

Sophie's face suddenly changed, she clutched onto her chest, as though a knife had stabbed into her heart, causing her body to tremble involuntarily.

"His Highness….."

Her body trembled like a sieve, her body was curled up as though she had suffered from an immense pain, her trembling voice came out through her clenched teeth, revealing her intense pain and sadness.

The Banner of Knights all around were shocked, they had never seen their Commander in such pain and helplessness before.

One of the Knight asked: "Commander, what happened to His Highness?"

Sophie struggled to stand straight despite her trembles, but she persevered, her pale face did not have a shred of blood, her eyes were sunken, as her entire body unleashed a terrifying aura.

"Charles is dead!"

Sophie enunciated each word clearly, killing intent soaring all around her. The current her was like a Death God that walked out from Hell.

"His Highness is dead?"

The Banner of Knights were stunned, their expressions turned blank which quickly turned into grief and anger.

~His Highness has been assassinated!~

~Oh my god! How is that possible?~

~Who did it?~

"It was done by those Prestigious Families."

Her voice />
Her voice was ice cold: "The assassin must be familiar with Temple, has the capability and strength, and also wielded precise control over the time, other than the top grade Prestigious Families, no one else could have done it."

"But who?" One of the Knight asked in anger.

"I don't know who." Sophie replied coldly as she drew out the sword on her waist: "But I know that the Qiu Family will not get away with it. Previously I felt that it was weird, why would Qiu Bei Feng come to Snow City? Now I know, their goal was for us to mobilize the guards away from His Highness."

The Knights became infuriated.

"Kill them all!"

"We should kill every single Prestigious Family!"

"We can't let them go!"

Sophie who had her sword drawn looked around, her tone filled with killing intent: "Temple has a traitor who is colluding with a Prestigious Family and moving in and out. With his Highness dead, who will benefit? The various potential candidates! The Clan Elders will definitely request to choose a new Sacred Son, Temple must have a Sacred Son, furthermore, it is an extremely crucial period. It is the perfect opportunity for them to be chosen, where the slightest notion would produce a huge butterfly effect, all of these Prestigious Families can unite and force Temple to Abdicate, and for the entire big picture, even the Great Clan Elder will have to bow his head."

Everyone was dumbstruck as they listened to Sophie's explanation, one of a bad tempered Knight spoke out: "Could it be that they are not afraid of the situation falling apart?"

"They are, but they are even clearer that this is the only opportunity to make Temple bow down." Sophie had already calmed down, and became ice cold: "Because we are even more afraid, the Clan Elders are even more afraid."

Everyone kept quiet, they were shocked by their Commander's conjectures.

Someone broke the silence: "Then what do we do now?"

"We have to take revenge for Charles." Sophie's eyes shone with a gleam of cold light: "Qiu Bei Feng has to die!"

"But we have no proof."

Sophie walked off and spoke out without even turning her head: "We don't need proof."

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