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Chapter 879 - Mu Zhi Xia's Predicament

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Gu Te and Kai Si's courage did not cause any trouble to the Null Division, as they were completely focused on one thing.

Attack! Attack with full force!~

They had never been as concentrated before, the energy charge that the warship weapons had produced were mere trifle to these beast like people. Although they were not as strong as Ah Mo Li and Han Bing Ning to the point of being able to wield a warship weapon single handedly, but they still surpassed the top standards for soldiers of the Sacred Saint Galaxy by a few times.

Gu Te and Kai Si would never have thought it was possible despite breaking their heads, that there would be such a bizarre thing like the Zero Energy Body in the world. In the Sin Domain, the law refinement and Heavy Demonic Execution tempered their bodies even further to an extremely horrifying level. Although in terms of control of warship weapons, the Null Division were still lacking as compared to Kai Si and Gu Te, what does it matter?

Their extraordinary bodies easily compensated this weakness, if they could not hit with one strike, it didn't matter, they just had to try a few more times. For the time it takes Kai Si, Gu Te, and the rest to launch an attack, the Null Division could launch a few.

Nie Qiu also noticed this point, thus, in the training, he never chased for accuracy, but for synchronization. Using synchronization to achieve the same number of attacks would produce a rain of attacks that prevented the enemy from escaping, not weakening their wounding ability but making it stronger, accuracy did not really matter.

Their unique bodies did not only bring about this one innovative point for tactics. If Gu Te and Kai Si boarded the Honorable Martial's Roar, they would definitely be shocked to realize that all of the extremely powerful warship weapons were controlled with only a maximum of 20 members!

It was practically impossible in any other warship. A standard 20 man controlled weapon belonged to the smaller sized warship weapons in Sacred Saint Galaxy. All of the stronger and larger warship weapons required several hundred men at every turn, not only was it difficult to control, but its rate of attack was extremely low, and frequently affected the amount of warship weapons able to be installed on the warship.

The amount of energy charge a Zero Energy Body soldier could withstand far surpassed that of an ordinary soldier, thus not only increasing the frequency of attacks, but greatly decreasing the number of manpower required to man the warship weapons. All of this meant that the warship could have even more warship weapons installed. This was also why when Kai Si and the rest saw the amount of lights shooting out from Honorable Martial's Roar making it look like a hedgehog, they believed that the number of weapons onboard the Honorable Martial's Roar had broken the record of any warship in the Sacred Saint Galaxy.

The more warship weapons there were, the faster they could attack, ultimately producing a rain of attack, making it look like an ocean of light.

The Null Division members were completely unaware of the shock they had given to the enemy, they had never thought their actions would deeply impact the Sacred Saint Galaxy. They were focused on their attacks, all of them immersed in the joy of battle.

A few of the Null Division members were so into it they started taking off their upper garments. Their faces were filled with excitement, their mouths releasing soundless roars, their strong and robust bodies that resembled bronze figures had perspiration trickling and wriggling down. In time, all of them were emitting steam, their robust bodies had faint white mist all around, making the scene look extremely powerful and beautiful.

But no one cared.

Fires after fires blossomed in the ocean of light. The rain of sword and blade auras ripped the sky, the intense shrieks of attacks could cause anyone's spirit to escape their bodies. Incessant explosion sounds could be heard from all over the place, like worked up drum beats in the chaotic battlefield.

The energy barriers of Kai Si and Gu Te's remaining mid scale warships could no longer withstand the attacks, and shattered like glass.

Kai Si's pupils dilated: "No…."

Before the shattered aura had dissipated, a screaming sword and blade aura flew in, like a shark that had caught the scent of blood, it pounced straight into the warship.

Pa pa pa!

The concentrated attacks struck, causing debris to fly all over, In the blink of the eye, the warship had become a beehive with many holes all over, miserable screams and blood coming out from these holes, it was a ghastly sight.


A regiment of flames surged out from the warship, and before the flames could extend out, a series of explosions occurred yet again.

It was as if the warship was blossoming out with many flowers, death and beauty, always intertwined.

The warship had reached its limit, and being unable to bear the damages, it completely crumbled. Bang, an unprecedented dazzling fire regiment devoured the warship. Inside the warship, the soldiers could not even scream and were turned to dust.

Inside the ocean of light, regiments of flames appeared everywhere.

Only after the last regiment of flames had lit up did the fanatical Null Division members aboard Honorable Martial's Roar finally stop. They gasped for breath, their perspiration drenching their entire bodies as they looked around at the empty and quiet battlefield.

The ocean of light disappeared along with the fleet around them.

Everyone was startled, and the gasps in Honorable Martial's Roar quickly lessened.

~Did…..did we win?~

Everyone's faces was covered in disbelief, they stared at the wreckages all around them. On the battlefield, aside from them, no one else survived. All sorts of debris from the warships could be seen, they were all charred black pieces, not one warship had remained completely intact.

One must know, the keel of a mid scale warship was extremely durable, and in any normal circumstances, was difficult to break. That was how Crane used the wreckage belt to defend against Gou Cheng WenDao's large army for so long.

But before their eyes, everything was in pieces.

Oliver's Army and the entire fleet of warships were destroyed by them.

Everyone was shocked by Honorable Martial's Roar's destructive ability, including the Null Division Members who were dumbstruck by their own power. They did not doubt that the ultimate victory would still be theirs, but they had obtained it so easily that they were surprised.

Even Nie Qiu who was always calm was dumbstruck.

No matter how well the training was conducted, Nie Qiu never cared about that. He knew that training was training and real battle was another story, no matter how perfect one could be in training, it was a completely different thing in a real battle. In training, he was extremely satisfied with the Honorable Martial's Roar's attacks, but he never expected it to be so apparent and effective in a real battle.

The ability of the Zero Energy Bodies displayed onboard a warship far exceeded that of his expectations.

The Honorable Martial's Roar's attacks far exceeded that of his expectations.

Nie Qiu calmly and patiently suppressed his joy and fell into deep thought. The victory brought about a huge advantage to the entire situation. Although he did not know how the battle in the Desolate Continent was doing, but they had already obtained victory, and as long as they guarded the Star Door, they could easily cut off Collin's retreat path.

One could imagine the shock it would bring to Temple. Nie Qiu was extremely excited to know how would Temple react upon finding out that there was such a powerful warship.

He had to once again reevaluate the Null Division's strength, as the level of strength that they had could be used in better ways.

He did not move to the Sacred Saint Galaxy for a tour.


On a mountain peak in the Savage Continent.

The air was extremely thin and cold, but Mu Zhi Xia remained aloof. He was like a statue, staring out into the distance without moving an inch.

In the distance, there was a large army moving. Even though they were very far apart, Mu Zhi Xia could still feel the terrifying scale of the large army, the densely packed troops were endless without limits.

Mu Zhi Xia had maintained his position for exactly half an hour.

He had interacted with the various tribes of the Savage Continent for decades, but had never seen such a scale of soldiers before. It was not a tribe, as not even a few tribes could bring in such a number. The army in front of him was at least over ten tribes, to be able to amass such a large number.

A cold intent surged in Mu Zhi Xia's heart.

In the Savage Continent, a land of chaos, such a thing had never occurred before. The Savage Continent had many tribes that fought their own battles for their own sake, and this had lasted for countless of years. Even the most insignificant matter could be the catalyst for a decade long war between two tribes. No one had ever seen someone able to unify the Savage Continent, in the past.

~But now, someone did it.~

~That mysterious woman!~

Mu Zhi Xia was a hundred percent certain that the army before him was created by her.

What made him even more shocked was the direction in which the large army was heading towards.

~They're going to the Wei Ye Guan Continent!~

He sensed a trace of danger, ~The Honorable Martial Continent must be in trouble!~ He did not know what had happened, but the scene before him indicated that something bad must have happened. ~She hasn't even unified the Savage Continent, why is she suddenly recruiting men to attack the Wei Ye Guan Continent?~

~That doesn't make sense!~

Wei Ye Guan was a strategic town under the Honorable Martial Continent which Mu Zhi Xia had spent decades to build up, and had become an impenetrable defense.

~That woman isn't an idiot, instead, she is an extremely powerful person, she must have another intent by doing so!~

It was a pity that she was not present inside the army, otherwise, he would do everything to take down her head.

He had to admit that she was extremely powerful. Because of her, he had mobilized all of the most elite forces from the Wei Ye Guan Continent. Mu Zhi Xia revealed a bitter smile, as his mission in moving deep into the Savage Continent was a complete failure. Not only did he fail to get rid of the Perseus Queen, but he even let the Wei Ye Guan Continent fall into danger.

Now, the immediatey action he should take was to quickly return to Wei Ye Guan Continent.


"They are coming!"

A scout's report entered his ear. Mu Zhi Xia took a deep breath, and threw all the complicated thoughts aside, his eyes revealing a dense killing intent. His hand reached for his sword hilt, and he spoke out: "Prepare for battle!"

~Indeed, the influence and spirit still lingers on.~

Both parties had fought more than ten battles, they were evenly matched and both had great losses and at the same time felt the fatigue. But both sides did not have any intent on giving up, they were both not willing, and continued to pester each other.

Mu Zhi Xia still did not understand why. Generally speaking, for them, an army that had a strength that was close to being a peak grade army, unless there was a deep hatred between them, both parties would tacitly leave after sending a few probes. The only outcome from the continuous harassment and attacks would lead to unfavor on both sides.

Only when he saw the enemy's flag did he finally remember where he had seen it before.

The Southern Cross Army, in a legend of Heaven's Road, one of the three great overlords of the Army era.

He saw it once in a report of Heaven's Road given by Temple, that was why he felt that it was so familiar. When he knew where the enemy came from, he no longer thought that everything was by a fluke. ~The mechanical army is not some Gold Continent Elites, They are Tang Tian's allies!~

When he understood where the enemy was from, and when he saw the Savage Large Army heading towards Wei Ye Guan Continent, Mu Zhi Xia knew that it was no coincidence.

This also made him completely aware that they no longer had any path of retreat.

~Either we trample over Southern Cross Army's corpses and return to reinforce Wei Ye Guan Continent.~

~Or we die.~

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