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Chapter 876 - The Defiled Honorable Martial's Roar

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The current White Fields Continent was completely empty, with no signs of life, the only place that had a human footprint was the Star Door heading to the Desolate Continent.

The Oliver Army's flag stood proudly as they garrisoned in a strict formation.

The fleet of warships docked at the side looked extremely majestic. The narrow Star Door made it difficult for the large and mid scale warships to pass through, while the small scale warships had limited defense and easily sieged, and could not appease Collin like how his own formation would.

"Are the scouts sent out yet?"

Gu Te sat beside Kai Si and asked. He had short brown hair with a robust body, he gave off a disposition of one that enjoyed fighting, and if Oliver was still around, he would be Oliver's right hand man.

"Yeah, they've been sent out, there isn't anything abnormal." Kai Si replied without turning, compared to the robust and tall Gu Te, Kai Si was much skinnier. But no one looked down on him because of that, in Oliver's Army, his position was equal to Gu Te.

Gu Te was brave and strong, while Kai Si was skilled in planning, the two had been partners for many years, and had a deep understanding between each other, their relationship like that of siblings.

"This is our last chance." Gu Te spoke emotionally, he looked at the flag that was raised high, and spoke: "I reckon this flag will be changed soon too, I wonder what will it be called."

Kai Si did not say anything, his usually clear eyes was currently a bit lost.

The two of them plunged into silence.

Oliver's imprisonment was a disaster for the army. Before that, the two of them still harbored some hope, since Master Oliver had earned some outstanding achievements with the army, and had the chance to make a comeback. But, even when the Temple's forces were stretched tight, they still did not activate Master Oliver, and the two of them understood that Master Oliver no longer had any hope left.

The two of them had followed Master Oliver for many years, and could be considered trusted aids to Oliver, thus they had difficulty being accepted by others. It was already considered fortunate for them to not be implicated by Master Oliver. Their most probable way out was to be mobilized to some local army, and then spend the rest of their lives there. The Oliver Army would also be broken apart and shared amongst the other armies, but even so, the elite soldiers would have difficulty being welcomed by the other armies.

"It doesn't matter to us what name they change it to." Gu Te forced a laugh: "We should complete our mission well, even if there are no contributions, at least we worked hard. As long as we do not get sent to some unknown place, I'll be satisfied."

The local armies' treatment and salary also had a great difference, the more desolate and unknown the place, the worse the salary and treatment.

Kai Si's dazed look became clear once again, and he scoffed: "You can go and train new recruits, this war will not end so quickly, everyone will need to replenish their ranks. You are a different grade general, as long as you are willing to teach new recruits, no one will stop you."

"Teach new recruits?" Gu Te's face turned green: "Definitely not!! If I look at those new recruits everyday, I will go crazy!"

Kai Si laughed out loud, he was deliberately poking fun at Gu Te. Gu Te was a battle maniac, if he did not fight daily, he would feel extremely uncomfortable. He could actually retire and lead a carefree life, since he had followed Master Oliver and earned sufficiently for the past few years. But he knew that Gu Te would definitely not retire, as living a carefree life would only destroy him.

After laughing, Kai Si spoke unhurriedly: "Relax, it isn't like we don't have a chance.":

Gu Te's eyes kit up, he had absolute trust in Kai Si, and immediately turned: "Tell me quick, what chance do we have?"

Kai Si explained: "According to what I know, our forces at the frontlines are being strapped tight, and the shortage of army forces is extremely serious. Furthermore, the situation at the frontlines is not doing well, Master Gou Cheng WenDao, Master Qiu Xu Hua and Master Mo Xin have all encountered trouble."

Gu Te inhaled in a breath of cold air: How can it be! Even the Three Great Generals are unable to defeat their enemies?"

He had also heard of some news, but never expected the situation to be so severe. The Five Great Generals were undefeatable in the eyes of the Honorable Martial Continent. It was the same even amongst the generals of the Honorable Martial Continent. Gu Te and the rest knew even more, that it was not easy to be promoted to one of the Five Great Generals. It could be said that the position of a Lieutenant General could be simmered through experience, but a Great General could not.

"I do not know about the specifics." Kai Si carried on: "But if it is real, then it is an opportunity for us. If the front lines are not stretched tight, we will definitely be separated to replenish the other armies. But now that the front lines is extremely tight, they can send our complete army to the front lines to be used. Temple will definitely not overlook such a thing at such a critical juncture."

Gu Te's eyes became brighter: "Eh, now that you said it like that, it is really possible!"

Kai Si laughed: "Furthermore, with the offense on us, we will fight even harder."

"As long as we have the opportunity to fight, it is enough." Gu Te spoke without hesitation, his eyes were bright once more, he had regained his fighting spirit.

"We must first complete this mission." Kai Si reminded him: "We have to showcase our fighting strength to the higher ups."

"Relax!" Gu Te patted his chest and spoke with heroism: "Whoever dares come find trouble will be beaten till they pee in their pants!"

Suddenly, the warning alarm sounded out.

The two of them immediately stood up and looked at each other, both able to see the cautiousness and seriousness in each other's eyes. To them, they could not afford another loss.

"Let's go take a look!" Gu Te said.

Without hesitation, Kai Si immediately went to prepare the troops.

When Gu Te finished listening to the report, his expression turned strange: "What? An Ultimate Army Warship? Are you sure you got it right?"

Ultimate Army Warship, it was the leviathan amongst warships, the strongest of all warships, where every single Ultimate Army Warship was of the gold grade. Ultimate Army Warships were never sold on markets, and in the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy, the number of shipyards able to build an Ultimate Army Warship could be counted with one hand. Its' cost of manufacturing was extremely high, requiring countless of precious materials. Even the wealthy Honorable Martial Continent, after pouring in the forces of all the continents, could only create five of them.

But now, the scouts had informed them that they realized that an Ultimate Army Warship was flying towards them.

One could only imagine Gu Te's expression, if it were not for a few scouts reporting the same thing, he would have definitely assumed that the scout was spouting nonsense.

Kai Si seemed to have thought of something, and asked: "Where did they come from?"

"From the Warship Cemetery."

"Warship Cemetery!" Kai Si immediately realized: "I understood it now, the Warship Cemetery does have an Ultimate Army Warship."

Seeing Gu Te's strange look, he explained; "The legendary warship, Honorable Martial's Roar, is kept at the Warship Cemetery."

"Honorable Martial's Roar?" Gu Te then understood, and immediately relaxed: "You're talking about that old legend. Did they refurbish the Honorable Martial's Roar? Haha! Truly a joke, who could have thought of such a stupid idea? An old antique trash, they think by refurbishing it, they can use it?"

Kai Si also felt that it was inconceivable, the Honorable Martial's Roar had been left to rot in the cemetery for a few hundred years, but someone actually had the idea to use the useless old antique.

Out of cautiousness, Kai Si and Gu Te still decided to take a look.

When the two saw the Ultimate Army Warship, their expressions immediately turned sluggish.

~How is that a warship….~

The humongous hull was hung full with many sacks which looked extremely light, as though if the wind were to blow on them, they would puff into disorder. And they were all of different colors, looking like inflated trash bags, which was extremely comical. The windows on the side of the ship was obviously newly installed, and they were even lazy to paint the ship. Gu Te, with his good eyesight, could see the barbs curling around. ~And, what are those stacks of things for?~

If they were not informed that it was the Honorable Martial's Roar, no one would have actually thought that the trash looking ship was linked to the legendary Honorable Martial's Roar.

"That…..that's Honorable Martial's Roar?" Gu Te stammered, he was completely stunned by the shabbiness of the enemy. Gu Te had casually looked at it, and already sensed a few places that seemed to be fit weirdly, and had plenty of mistakes. He had never seen such a shabby and slipshod warship, even if he had limited knowledge on refurbishing. Even if the warship was the Honorable Martial's Roar, a centuries old antique, Gu Te still felt as though the Honorable Martial's Roar was being defiled.

Kai Si who was dumbstruck blurted out: "Are they pirates?"

That was the most logical guess he could think of.

"Definitely poor pirates." Gu Te added: "Extremely poor!"

~Yes!~ Gu Te did not doubt his own guess. ~Beggars can't be choosers, they even had to find some antique trash to refurbish, how poor are they! Pirates are people who always spend money just to protect their own lives, but how poor are they! Those are even red and green trash bags, they didn't even let go of trash bags, how poor are they, truly!"

~Alright, for the ship to be able to fly, it is already a miracle.~

~But the speed… truly too slow.~

Kai Si also agreed with Gu Te's thoughts, he continued to look at the trash ship, and asked: "Why are they coming towards us?"

~Eh, that's right, why are they flying towards us?~

"They could be running out of food." Gu Te scratched his chin: "And they are taking a risk out of desperation, a fight to the death."

Kai Si felt some sympathy for they: "So pitiful."

Gu Te nodded his head: "I can't continue watching this, It seems like we need to help them. Cloud Swallowing Ship, North Light Ship, you see that ship, erm, go and get rid of that defiled Honorable Martial's Roar, help them end their suffering!"

Two mid scale warships left the formation, and flew towards the "Defiled Honorable Martial's Roar".

The two warships were filled with laughter. "Defiled Honorable Martial's Roar" they felt that Master Gu Te's description was too fitting. The other captains of the other warships were envious of the two warships' fortune, as it was their first contribution of the battle. The Cloud Swallowing Ship and the North Light Ship had truly gotten it easy.

Ridicule started to come out from the captains of the other warships.

"Hey hey, that ship is so big, are the two of you able to do it? We are gladly willing to help."

"Yea yea! Free of charge! What about it? If you guys can't get rid of them, how embarrassing will that be!"

"That is very possible, the Honorable Martial's Roar's Hull is extremely sturdy, we are offering it for your own good!!"


The two warships retaliation was nowhere weaker.

"You must be dreaming, all of you are jealous. How attractive is that Defiled Honorable Martial's Roar."

"Hahaha, that's right. In the future, please call me the man that sunk the Ultimate Army Warship! All of you can just watch on, hahaha, how great is that!"

Oliver's Army was completely relaxed. Recently, the atmosphere in the army had been terrible, and the defiled Honorable Martial's Roar had given everyone some joy. Even Kai Si and Gu Te had smiles on their faces, as they found joy in the brief interlude.

The defiled Honorable Martial's Roar was truly an extremely queer scene.

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