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Chapter 875 - The Sin Domain Army's Killing Technique

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

~.....An Army!~

Collin almost thought that he had gone blind, ~An Army, the Sin Domain actually has an army!~ Although he was unfamiliar with their formation, he had never seen before a seemingly messy formation, but Collin was a hundred percent sure that it was an army, an actual army!

~The Sin Domain has an army!~

His heart continued to plummet, he knew he was wrong, Temple was wrong, everyone was wrong!

In all of the information that he had come into contact to, the Sin Domain's method of fighting was the one that was raised up the most. The Sin Domain only knew how to fight individual battles and did not have an army, in all of these information, this was how the analysis was so thorough.

Collin believed in it wholeheartedly, he never thought that Temple would make such a mistake on such an important matter.

But clearly, Temple was wrong. ~The Sin Domain have definitely gone through some change, that Temple does not know about.~

~One wrong step and it leads downhill.~

All of his planning was structured to be against the Sin Domain's supposed way of fighting, and he finally realized that he had been so wrong. In almost that instant, Collin understood a few points of the enemy.

~They are much more brilliant than I thought.~

~The so called stronghold was just a cover. The Sin Domain's true killing technique was their army! They are extremely cunning, to send a large amount of scouts at the start, to kill my own scouts.~ The Sin Domain scouts that Collin had long gotten familiar with made him tremble.

As expected, Collin quickly "saw through" the scouts. All of them were strong individually, but lacked an organized system, they did not have any formations, and with their huge numbers, Collin only needed to maintain the complete formation to prevent the scouts from rousing the soldiers, and he would have nothing to fear.

~But all of these features are what the enemy wanted me to see.~

~And there is that stronghold!~

The standalone stronghold made it the perfect target, as long as he took over the stronghold, he could resolve the battle. This was the most luxuriant bait they had set for him, it was so perfect that Collin could not refuse. Time, what he lacked most was time, what Temple lacked most was also time.

Thus Collin had brought out a few warship weapons and designed a plan to siege the stronghold, but unknowingly, they had already played into the enemy's hands.

A series of traps, just to conceal their most fatal weapon.

And this most fatal weapon, was the Sin Domain Army.

Collin's thoughts were extremely organized, and he knew that he had lost.

~Even their final killing technique had been thought of extremely carefully. Hidden amongst the scattered and fanatical scouts was the opportunity for them to strike.~

~Truly powerful!~

~A heart palpitating light aura entered Collin's field of vision.~

The intense battlefield suddenly calmed down, an indescribable pressure enveloped the entire place, even the active energy in the formation had become sluggish, to the point of being congealed.

The Sin Domain Army had completely entered its battle state.

When Du Ke was building the Sin Domain Army, he had included all of the strongest and talented batch of people from Sin Domain, where even Tang Tian's God Armor Army could not compete with Du Ke's Sin Domain Army in terms of the quality of men. It could be said that Du Ke's army contained the most elite of the entire Sin Domain.

They were all proud people that looked down on others in disdain, but were actually suppressed firmly by Tang Tian's God Armor Army. The God Armor Army that was simply comprised of 200 men overwhelmed them in terms of fighting strength, so how could these prideful individuals swallow it down?

They started training fanatically, unlike anyone had ever done before!

To these geniuses that grew up in a confined place, training with all their lives was an extremely normal situation. In the cruel and brutal Sin Domain, one had to risk his life to survive. Compared to this, what was training fanatically?

All of them harbored the resentment in their hearts.

Furthermore, they were facing the Honorable Martial Continent!

The hatred between the Sin Domain and the Honorable Martial Continent caused them to move without even needing any command. The entire Sin Domain did not need to be controlled. All of their eyes were bloodshot, the seemingly frenzied army was blazing with flames from the bottom of their hearts.

All of these Sin Domain martial artists were mobilized by Du Ke earlier on. How many people could Du Ke assemble? No one knew, not even Du Ke himself knew. But everyone saw how one after another, families of martial artists started to pour through the Sin Door, totaling over ten thousand martial artists that entered the Desolate Continent.

In truth, the Sin Domain Army soldiers did not harbor much hope for these martial artists.

Their weapons were broken and spoiled from the start, they had mediocre strength and talent, and to these prideful soldiers, the Sin Domain people could only be considered cannon fodder.

The Sin Domain Army firmly believed that they were the factor to decide the battle.

Yes, they were truly the factor, they were responsible for the last attack.

But when they saw how all of these ordinary martial artists, all of these people whom they would never look at twice, attacked so fervently without caring about their own lives. Their attacks that completely disregarded all consequences which were hardly seen in Sin Domain. But, every single person from the surging tide was doing it! Their passionate faces, their furious roars, using their own bodies to strike the energy barrier, as long as a crack was formed on the energy barrier, countless of people would rush in, even when they knew that entering the energy barrier was death.

All of them were outdoing each other!

Shock, an unprecedented shock.

All the arrogant martial artists in Sin Domain Army were completely shocked!

All of them felt their breath becoming rapid, their eyes red, an unfamiliar feeling was surging from their hearts.

It felt as though they were all carrying something heavy on their backs.

It was something they had never felt. In the Sin Domain, murder and fighting for survival was the most familiar feeling everyone had.

The logic that Du Ke and the rest spoke about, all of them understood as they were all intelligent.

What was the Sin Domain's determination, the sea of blood and hatred of over 300 years, it was the Sin Domain's only hope of leaving that prison, it was their first ever battle to seize back what was once theirs.

All of them understood that.

But they did not feel as deeply as they were currently from watching the ordinary martial artists!

All of them were risking their lives!

The ones whom they saw as ants in Sin Domain, every single one of them were risking their lives and fighting with everything they had.


Du Ke resisted the overwhelming excitement in his heart, he had never expected the battle to become so intense. When he ran over to the Sin Domain, he only hoped to move people to help support the battle in the Desolate Continent. The number of people who came over exceeded his expectations, and the way they fought with all of their power and disregard for their own lives also exceeded his expectations. No one was clearer than him, in the past 300 years, the Honorable Martial Continent had left such a deep mark on the Sin Domain citizens by being undefeated. In the 300 years, the Sin Door had piled up with bones, causing the Sin Domain citizens to lose their determination and fighting spirit.

Du Ke knew about that, and never placed any hope on anyone else, and everything he had done stemmed from him being unwilling!

But the scene before him had moved him emotionally!

It was not only him, Du Xin Yu was moved as well. She was not only moved because of everybody's unyielding attitude, but was more emotional because she saw the chance of winning. She had arranged and planned everything, and in her plan, the ordinary martial artists were only used to hide the tracks of the Sin Domain Army. But, she had never expected the ordinary martial artists to be more useful than she had planned.

Seeing how the energy barrier was being struck down by the surging tide of attacks, Du Xin Yu knew that their opportunity had arrived!

~The opportunity to win has arrived!~

As long as they could crumble the enemy's energy barrier, it would greatly tip the chances of winning to their favor! Fighting at close quarters or in a mess did not matter, the Honorable Martial Continent was definitely not their opponent!

Without hesitation, she roared with all her might: "Tactic No.9!"

Almost every single person in the Sin Domain Army felt their hearts tremble!

They had never thought that they would launch their strongest attack from the start. Tactic No.9, ever since she witnessed Tang Tian's God Armor Army's overwhelming Tactic No.9 at the Sin Door, Du Xin Yu was greatly affected, and decided to create a strongest tactic for the Sin Domain Army!

Du Ke and her spent a great deal of effort to finally make a move, and Du Xin Yu also adopted the same name, Tactic No.9.

In her heart, Tactic No.9 was the strongest tactic!

No one had expected Du Xin Yu to launch Tactic No.9 from the start, even Du Ke did not anticipate it. But in the Sin Domain Army, Du Xin Yu held the largest authority, where even Du Ke had to listen to her orders.

At that moment, Du Ke was greatly motivated. When he heard Du Xin Yu's shout, he immediately went into motion!

Gold like light aura surged from beneath Du Ke's feet, which quickly spread in all directions, quickly enveloping the entire Sin Domain Army. The Sin Domain Army seemed to be standing in golden liquid, as countless gold lights shot out from the ground, strand after strand quickly twirling in the air.

A golden palace gradually took form, and at the same time, countless light auras formed inside the palace.

Some started to flicker with lightning, the bicep thick lightning auras twirling up the golden palace like snakes. Some had formed wind with their hands, the wind blades soaring and surrounding the palace. Some emitted extreme cold, which extended into the golden palace…..

Every single person had unleashed the power of their laws to the maximum!

Many of them had long entered the realms of the Law Surface, and had become extremely powerful.

In time, the golden palace was brilliantly lit with a varied amount of things. Lightning and thunder boomed about, hailstorms were being summoned, and fiery destruction was in the air.

But regardless of how powerful these light auras were, the golden palace stood there majestically without being harmed, because it was Du Ke's Law Domain.

The only man who had gained enlightenment on the Law Domain, under the pressure from Tang Tian's God Armor Army, with his most profound understanding of laws and Du Xin Yu's intellect, as well as the most powerful elites of Sin Domain, they had created their strongest killing technique.

The golden palace seemed to be covered in a myriad of colors, making it look magnificent.

All of the light auras in the sky seemed to be devoured, forming the best backdrop. All the roars in the battlefield had disappeared. Time seemed to stop, the air became sluggish and the energy stopped flowing.

An unprecedented silence and pressure completely locked down the entire battlefield!

Inside the chaotic battlefield, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the sky in a daze, at the majestic and colorful palace!

The palace collided into the energy barrier without a sound.


The sound of glass breaking sounded out in everybody's mind.

In Collin's eyes, the extremely thick energy barrier broke like glass. It had completely broken!

Silence, deadly silence!

After that, countless of earth shaking roars came out, like a large tornado, it swallowed him whole.

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