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Chapter 873 - Collin

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

It was Collin's first time stepping onto the soil of the Desolate Continent.

It was terrible.

The energy in the air was extremely thin, adding on to the discomfort. Collin felt as if he was like a fish that had accidentally gotten out of water, the intense choking feeling made him have difficulty moving forward. He could also sense the energy in his body being depleted, which meant that they definitely could not drag out any battles, which would only be disadvantageous to them.

~This is bound to be a terrible battle.~

~To be in such a harsh environment, regardless of how prepared the soldiers are, they have to bear an unprecedented pressure.~

Collin's face looked terrible, the situation was far more serious than he had imagined.

His gaze landed onto one of the Sin Domain's scouts that appeared in the distance. All of their movements were under the eyes of the Sin Domain scouts. This was Collin's first time meeting a Sin Domain martial artist. Temple had withheld all information regarding Sin Domain, and citizens are unable to find any information of them anywhere.

The Sin Domain scout moved extremely nimbly, the thin energy did not influence them at all, they were like fish swimming in the water.

Collin could see the hatred in the Sin Domain martial artist's eyes, they were extremely bold and filled with aggression, as more than 10 of Collin's scouts had been killed.

Collin shook his head inwardly, and threw all the impractical thoughts to the back of his mind.

The hatred between both parties was irreconcilable, and for the battle to end, one side had to bleed out completely.

Collin regained his composure. After he had received his orders, he had specially asked for materials and information from Temple regarding the Sin Domain. From there, he gained sufficient knowledge of how the Sin Domain martial artists fought, and after investigating the thin energy in Desolate Continent, he quickly thought of a few ideas.

He never fought battles that he was not prepared for.

What Collin did not know was that when he had swept through the Sin Domain, there were two large fishes.


Du Ke and his sister had carefully observed the enemy's large army, and as they did not have any protection around them, it made them look no different from the other scouts. The two of them received opposition from their subordinates, but Du Ke had his confidence and strength.

The Sin Domain's Number one, in an environment that was close to Sin Domain's, he could unleash 90% of his strength.

"How is it?" Du Ke asked.

In terms of war formations, he trusted his sister, Du Xin Yu's judgement more.

"No flaws." Du Xin Yu shook her head, her eyes released an extremely enchanting light aura, while her heart was filled with excitement as well.

In some kind of sense, it would be the Sin Domain Army's first battle after it was built by Du Ke and his sister, and had included almost all the top elites of the Sin Domain. After allying with Tang Tian, the ones who had attacked the Sin Door was Tang Tian's God Armor Army. This led to an awkward situation, since the Sin Domain Army had been built, they had never gone through a real battle.

Being their first battle was enough to make anyone excited, and for it to be against the army of the Honorable Martial Continent, the entire Sin Domain Army, looked as if they were on adrenaline.

What could be more inciting as to fight against their mortal enemies?

Du Ke chuckled: "Seems like he is a rather powerful opponent."

"Of course he is, Collin is one of the 12 Lieutenant Generals, not counting the Five Great Generals, he is one of the strongest twelve." Du Xin Yu reminded: "His arrangement for his barracks is extremely cautious, without any obvious flaws. According to the reports Tang Tian sent over, Collin is an extremely careful man. From the looks of it, it seems to be true."

"I wonder how are the Five Great Generals are." Du Ke's thoughts started to stray.

Du Xin Yu did not care about her older brother occasionally being in his own thoughts, her eyes never left the army formation in front of her for a moment as she muttered to herself: "The enemy soldiers are top quality and not inferior to us. They are skilled in their formation, Tang Tian also said that their synchronization would be hidden. This is a powerful army, but the question now is, how will he go about dealing with us?"

The barracks were extremely majestic, but in the area 10km away from the barracks was the most intense battlefield.

The scouts from both sides had started engaging.

Scouts were all elites in any army, as they would have to undertake missions in small groups and could encounter danger and all sorts of unforeseen circumstances, thus it required them to wield powerful individual strength.

From the looks of it, the Sin Domain's scouts were holding the advantage.

Fifteen against two.

Fifteen of Collin's scouts had died, but the Sin Domain only lost two, showing the large disparity.

Du Xin Yu was not affected by the numbers, her tone of speech remaining clear and cold: "The Honorable Martial Continent is a huge monster, if we did not have Tang Tian, we would never have the chance of winning. The Honorable Martial Continent most probably has twelve of such armies. The Five Great Generals will be even more astonishing, every Great General commands at least three of such an army, while their direct subordinated army is even stronger. I am truly unsure of how Tang Tian's Southern Alliance is able to hold the great armies of the Five Great Generals."

"That's right." Du Ke could not help but feel moved: "Now do we truly know that we have always been in a well. Regardless of whether it is the Honorable Martial Continent or Tang Tian, they are both huge monsters to us. It is our misfortune to have the Honorable Martial Continent as our mortal enemies, but our fortune to have Tang Tian as our friend. Fortunately, he was able to help us, but the fate of our clansmen must be obtained from our own battles."

His last sentence seemed to have struck a nail.

Du Xin Yu turned and looked at her brother whose face was filled with determination.

Du ke did not hide from Du Xin Yu's gaze, and spoke out: "Regardless of what price we have to pay, we need to win this war!"

Du Xin Yu bit her lips and said: "We will definitely win!"

No one knew how hard they worked for the battle, no one knew how much they were willing to give for the battle.

With his experience, when Collin saw the environment of the Desolate Continent, he quickly formulated a plan.

When the most important batch of war goods arrived, he did not hold back and ordered the army to enter Desolate Continent. To protect his retreat path from being cut, he had arranged Oliver's army to stand guard at the Star Door. With Oliver in prison, his army was about to encounter a calamity as well because of the Western Traders incident, but they placed the army back in the battle.

Only when they met Collin were they viewed importantly once more.

The first thing Collin did upon entering the Western Region was to incorporate elites. With Oliver in prison, his army was a dragon without a head, the morale of the soldiers had fallen extremely low, but its entire strength was not influenced much, as they were still a rather elite force.

Only by giving these soldiers that did not see a future some hope would they be willing to fight with their lives.

Collin did not have enough manpower, so regardless of anything, this army was required, and it was far stronger than all of the cannon fodder local armies.

With this elite army guarding their retreat path, Collin completely relaxed. The Gold Continent Bandits had just appeared at Yong Ming Continent, which was extremely far away. It was an extremely low probability for the White Fields Continent to be attacked, but being cautious, Collin still positioned some forces behind.

After arranging for his retreat path, Collin immediately led his large army into Desolate Continent.

After entering the Desolate Continent, the large army headed straight towards the stronghold at the Sin Door. Although their scouts could not compare to the Sin Domain scouts, Collin continued to send out scouts, even when all that happened was death.

The great quantity of deaths garnered them precious information. In the Desolate Continent, aside from the stronghold at the Sin Door, the surviving Sin Domain people did not build any other strongholds. That meant that they only needed to attack the stronghold at the Sin Door, and they could once again lock them inside Sin Domain.

This made Collin heave a sigh of relief.

In such an intense situation, time was extremely precious, and he was most afraid of a to-and-fro tussle.

The majority of the Sin Domain scouts flew around the large army like flies, seeing if they could obtain any opportunity. But Collin did not care about them at all, ignoring them and moving forward. The Sin Domain Scouts were all powerful individuals, but facing the robust formation, they did not pose any threat.

As for their observations and scouts on them, Collin did not really care, he had already planned for the battle to be upfront without any underhanded tricks.

When they were 10 li away from the Sin Door Stronghold, the large army stopped and placed camp. While a majority of the scouts continued to observe them from the distance.

Collin did not care about them, although they were many in numbers, but their noisy movements made them look like amateurs. In a large scale war, individual strength did not have much use, no matter how strong the scouts were, no matter how many of them there were, it did not change the fact that they were useless.

His gaze landed on the Sin Door Stronghold in the distance.

The Sin Domain called it Desolate City, but Collin persistently called it Sin Door Stronghold, it was the Honorable Martial Continent's territory, what rights and qualifications did the Sin Domain survivors have to name the place?

Compared the the imposing and majestic Honorable Martial Stronghold, the stronghold in front of Collin looked extremely ugly. But he did not attack them urgently, but called to garrison.

Many barracks were built up.

Even when he previously thought of methods to quickly end the battle, but now that the battle had truly started, he had forgotten about everything. The order was passed down, and he went around to patrol, making sure everything was in place.

In the stronghold, Du Ke and Du Xin Yu looked at the army making encampment, its strict and uniform formations made them look extremely dangerous.

"We have powerful enemies." Du Xin Yu praised.

Even Du Ke could see Collin's high standard. From their movements to their encampment, to the building of their encampment, the entire process was extremely smooth and methodically arranged, they all had sequences, as though every soldier knew what they had to do. As for the Sin Domain scouts who were glaring at them like tigers, they could not find any opportunity to break in, and could only stare from a distance.

Although they knew that the scouts could not do much, Du Xin Yu still sent out many scouts.

In the Sin Domain, they had a very pitiful army, but they had uncountable powerful martial artists that could be scouts. She did not hope for these scouts to deal serious damage, but as long as they could divert some of the enemy's attention it would suffice.

Du Xin Yu knew that she was still an amateur, and would not hesitate to make use of any chips that she had.

But the crafty Collin was completely unperturbed by her.

Right at that moment, Du Xin Yu's face changed, she suddenly raised her head and stared at the enemy in front of them. Du Ke, who was by her side, also became serious.

Dense energy was spewing out from the enemy barracks.

10 minutes later, the dense energy enveloped Collin's barracks, but did not dissipate, as though the barracks itself had some sort of invisible power that spewed out energy that was tightly bound to the barracks.

Everyone in the stronghold became serious.

The battle, would not be easy to fight!

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