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Chapter 870 - Victory

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The horn shaped formation was continuously closing in. They were like two silver lightning bolts tangling in the air. The entire formation resembled thunder and lightning that churned and turned, bringing along their long silver tail lights, which shot out concentrated ripples.

The Sea of Energy around them was completely stirred.

The soldiers and officers on board the warships were stunned by the imposing momentum of the Silver Frost Mounts, and were lost in a daze for that moment. But in that short moment, the Silver Frost Mounts had barged into their area of attack.

The officers woke up from their daze and roared: "Fire!"

The soldiers trembled, and all fired.

On the battlefield, grandeur, or vigor, is an extremely subtle thing. It deeply influenced battles in all sorts of aspects, determination, focus, self confidence, etc etc, and the power exhibited by the soldiers had a direct relation to it.

Three small scale warships, each warship was equipped with six warship weapons. These eighteen warship weapons were the largest factors of confidence that the Honorable Martial Continent officers had. To them, every warship weapon held a large advantage compared to an army's attack.

In a battle inside the Sea of Energy, there was a stark difference between having warships and not having one. Without a warship, one needed to withstand the constant energy corrosion in the Sea of Energy, and thus energy synchronization would become extremely difficult. Warship weapons only needed to be controlled, the energy supplied by the warships, while the ships could protect the soldiers.

Most importantly, although they were on small scale warships, but all of these warships were of excellent qualities, and had substantial fighting capabilities that far exceeded that of the ordinary warships found on the market.

But, all of this confidence crumbled in the face of the assault.

The entire Sea of Energy seemed to be trembling, even inside the warships, the soldiers could clearly feel the horrifying trembles.

Intense fear started to pervade through the hearts of the soldiers, they were all veterans with experience, and had special intuition towards danger. Even without the urging of their officers, they attacked fanatically. They released dazzling sword light auras that shot towards their incoming enemies. Aboard the warship were all veterans, they clearly knew that they had to do their best against the fear and danger.

Ling Xu was not fazed at all, his orange pupils blazed with intense fire.

He had never changed his thoughts towards his understanding of battles before.

One spear to death!

Even though he was now leading a unit, this had never changed. Moving in a straight line, being direct and efficient, regardless if the opponent was insignificant or as unfathomable as the sea, he would always give it his all, never retreating. This was the dao of his spear, and the way he fought.

Following his endless increase of speed, Ling Xu's position kept on moving forward.

And when Ling Xu reached the front of the unit, the grandeur of their assault reach its peak.

The silver light of the Sheep Horn Seal suddenly combusted, causing the light aura all over Ling Xu's body to suddenly become extremely dazzling. The extremely sharp aura instantly spread across the entire region. The two initial tangling silver lights from the sides formed as one, becoming as straight as a spear, while Ling Xu, in his dazzling light aura, became the sharpest edge!

Ling Xu's personality had directly influenced his Silver Frost Mounts, and being dauntless without the fear of death had become the most unique trait about this Silver Frost Mounts.

The silver light that had combusted and compressed, congealed into a thin light membrane.

The strong and sharp light beam and sword aura collided into this thin light membrane.

The light beam and sword aura crumbled like biscuits, shattering into pieces that resembled raining drops of light, while the Silver Frost Mounts' assault remained unaffected.

If we were to say that previously, they only had the intuition for danger, then at the moment, even the dumbest person would know that the situation was far from good.

~Damn it! The warships attacks were actually useless against that thin membrane!~

"Attack! Attack at full force!"

The officers bellowed.

The soldiers all fell into lunacy, the threat on their lives pulled out all of their potential as they disregarded everything and launched their attacks, even if it would injure them. Many of the soldiers started to bleed internally as blood flowed out from their mouths, causing their already sinister faces to look even more terrifying.

Sword auras, light auras, all of them suddenly became even denser, the sudden increase of light auras affected the soldiers vision. But at that moment, no one cared, as they only had one thought in their minds.

Attack! Attack! Full force attack!

The Silver Frost Mounts did not engage in maneuvering away from their attacks, making it even more convenient for the three warships to attack, as they did not need to aim and lock on them at all.

One after another, the sword and spear auras struck their enemies, exploding and shattering into shattered auras.

The attacks were too intense, before the shattered auras had dissipated, another wave of shattered auras had exploded. In the blink of the eye, the Silver Frost Mounts were devoured by the swelling of shattered auras, making it hard to see them. But the three warships did not have the intention to stop, or did they even dare to, as they could only keep on attacking.

Bang bang bang!

The dense and chaotic energy produced many explosions, the orange and red flames were like monsters breaking out of their cocoons, devouring everything around them. The battlefield became flooded with unstable energy, becoming the best fuel for combustion. In an extremely short span of time, consecutive explosions occurred out in all places.

The shockwaves of the explosions were too powerful, even the fleets were affected, as they were flung out by more than 30m.

Everything in sight had disappeared, leaving behind the fearful red, the protection barriers of the warships had reached its limits, causing the soldiers to feel the intense heatwave.

~What terrifying explosions!~

Everyone was shaking in fear, but were even more relieved. In the terrifying explosions, without the protection of warships, no one would be able to survive. The tension immediately relaxed, and the long tired soldiers all sat down on the ground. Although the battle had been short, it was as if everyone had gone to the entrance of Hell and back. The battle had been too desperate.

Suddenly, the soldier who had his vision returned to normal had coincidentally looked out of the window, became dumbstruck like chicken, as though he was struck by lightning.

But he reacted quickly, with a flushed white face, he shouted with all of his might: "They are still alive!"

Inside the blazing flames, a group of silver figures rushed out, obviously they were the Silver Frost Mounts. On the thin light membrane were flame remnants, and compared to previously, the thin membrane had become much dimmer, almost transparent, like a bubble that could burst at any moment. The clothes on their bodies had received different degrees of wear and tear, the weaker Silver Frost Mount members received heavier damages.

But not a single person retreated, all of them held onto their silver spears, the surging energy soaring from their bodies and into the Seal above their head. The Sheep Horn Seal's light aura suddenly expanded, and released even denser silver light. The originally thin light membrane quickly congealed, and became even stronger than before.

The sharp aura from their spears increased.

Previously, the sharp aura that the three warships had sensed was from the Silver Frost Mounts that was emitted onto the entire battlefield, but the new powerful aura that was extremely dense and sharp came from them compressing their aura and gathering the aura on their bodies, the sensation had become completely different. The protective barriers of the warships were unable to give the soldiers any sense of security, they felt as though there was a knife pointed at their necks, causing the blood in their bodies to freeze, and pain being transmitted from their skins, as though they were being cut apart.

The soldiers stared at the silver light as it became bigger in their eyes.


The barrier that was incapable of deflecting the silver light shattered like paper, into pieces.

The Silver Frost Mounts were like an extremely sharp silver spear, effortlessly plunging into one of the warship's hull. The sturdy hull was unable to even stop the Silver Frost Mounts. Wherever the Silver Frost Mounts passed through, wooden planks and limbs flew, before the soldiers could even scream in pain, Ling Xu had already led the Silver Frost Mounts to pass through them.

Crack, the warship was sliced apart by what seemed to be an enormous blade, splitting into two. The soldiers on board were completely shaken, they disregarded everything and ran out with only one thought in mind, to escape!

Before they could escape, a loud rumble came out as a dazzling light aura suddenly lit up, devouring all the soldiers that were not in time to escape.

Ling Xu and his unit had already turned and started to charge again!

There was no suspense, like a hot knife cutting through butter, the second warship was also sliced apart, turning into two regiment of flames.

The warship's explosion had completely broken the enemy's willpower, causing the remaining warship and two supply ships to turn tail and run. But for the sake of achieving an even more condensed firepower, the three warships had stuck close to each other, and before the third warship had even moved 300 meters away, Ling Xu and the Silver Frost Mounts had caught up, and it was completely destroyed.

The pitiful speed of the supply ships prevented them from escaping.

The Honorable Martial Continent's strict discipline was undoubtedly reflected, even though they knew that they could not win, the remaining two supply ships did not surrender.

On the waterway, what remained were flames burning, there were no survivors.

The members of the Silver Frost Mounts saw the fruits of their battle, and gradually regained their composure from their excitement.

Someone could not help but speak out: "They are truly tenacious."

"Yeah, none of them surrendered, no wonder the Honorable Martial Continent is so powerful."

It seemed as though the joy of their victory had been dampened, even the disciples from the Five Southern Island Families had ugly expressions. One tiny hint was able to reveal the whole picture, proving that the Honorable Martial Continent was definitely not an easily defeatable opponent. The Five Southern Island Families held deep hatred towards the Honorable Martial Continent, and this enemy of theirs was stronger than they had imagined.

Ling Xu did not find it strange at all, in Heaven's Road, he had seen how Temple treated their military generals. He knew that it was not that the soldiers wanted to surrender, it was that they did not dare to, as it would implicate their families.

Although this high pressure strategy was able to yield some results, but it did not stem from their own faith, and once it reached a certain level, it would quickly crumble.

But he did not explain this to his comrades, if not they would be arrogant with the small victory.

Ling Xu's mood was rather good, in any case, the victory had allowed his team to have a small breakthrough, it was something worth being happy about.

"Master. Can we truly defeat the Honorable Martial Continent?"

When the other members heard it, they all stopped everything they were doing and looked towards Ling Xu.

Ling Xu frowned: "You don't say."

"But the enemies are so tenacious…." The member whined, it had impacted greatly that even their supply ship was so tenacious.

Ling Xu suddenly stopped, his gaze as sharp as blades as he swept across everyone, causing some of them to lower their heads, but even more people looked straight at him, filled with anticipation.

"As long as you are even more tenacious than them." Ling Xu replied coldly.

Seeing the members in front of him who looked to have their determination ignited once again, he was somewhat annoyed, as he realized that his own Silver Frost Mounts actually did not have the self confidence, he announced emotionlessly: "Tomorrow, training will be increased."

Silver Frost Mounts' whines immediately filled the land.

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