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Chapter 859 - Qian Hui!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

"Who are you?"

Carl forced himself to calm down, as the man with the highest authority in Western Traders, revealing fear would not change his situation. But the other party's youth surprised him.

"You do not need to know who I am, and only need to know what you need to do."

Tang Tian was no longer the amateur he used to be, although there were many times that he passed off as someone as unreliable, but majority of the time, the maturity he displayed far surpassed that of his age.

At the start, his target was Charles and the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights, but the aura and strength they revealed made him give it up. He had not completely recovered his strength, to challenge the Banner of Knights was not a smart move.

After he had awakened, it seemed as though he had matured. His gaze gave off a light that seemed to penetrate and see through anybody's heart, as though no one could hide any secrets in front of him. After a few days, the light aura in his eyes gradually dimmed down. The sharpness seemed to have disappeared, and Tang Tian became extremely ordinary, and unknowingly, people who did not know him ignored him.

Tang Tian knew of his own improvement, and this gave him even more confidence.

He knew why Charles and the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights had to rush off suddenly, Bing had started to implement his plan. The Shang Continent was an irresistible bait for Temple, but Tang Tian also knew that it was just the start of Bing's grand plan.

And the crux was on him.

Carl became Tang Tian's target. Regardless of how one looked at it, Carl was the optimal choice. The hatred between both parties was undispellable, and to wreak havoc in the Western Region, he had to first cause trouble for the Western Traders.

In the past few days, Tang Tian truly witnessed and sensed the strength of Western Traders in the Western Region. Rebuilding the Blue Wind City, Charles gave the Western Traders the entire Western Region, and the ability of the Western Traders to rally power caused Tang Tian to be secretly surprised. Johnson had specially went to gather intelligence, the famous trading organizations of the Western Region all joined in to rebuild Blue Wind City, showing the Western Traders' strength.

This also supported Tang Tian's decision to remove the Western Traders.

Carl did not panic at all, he waved his hands: "Although I do not know where you come from, but I feel that this will not affect us from being friends. The Western Traders have always been stingy towards its friends, if everybody are in short supply, why not just tell me the numbers?"

"We are not lacking in funds." Tang Tian shook his head: "It is just that there are a few matters that requires you to coordinate, if you are able to do so, we will not harm your life."

Tang Tian's tone sounded indifferent, but it caused Carl's heart to tensed up, ~They're not here for money.~

He quickly pondered, and without revealing a change in emotions, Carl asked: "What do you need me to coordinate?"

"Call that Knight over." Tang Tian laughed.

Carl was stunned, but in the next moment, an endless fear surged into his heart as he exclaimed out loud: "You actually want to make an enemy out of Temple!"

"That's right." Tang Tian replied straightforwardly: "We are mortal enemies. What about it? Do you want to consider for a moment?"

"No, I will never do anything to harm the Temple, even if you kill me, I won't do it." Carl's face was ashen, that's right, he would never agree to it. In the Honorable Martial Continent, no one dared to become enemies against Temple, if he did such a thing, the Western Traders would be destroyed in the blink of the eye. He had personally built up the Western Traders to the empire it was, even if he died, he would never destroy it.

He suddenly reacted, his pupils constricting: "You….you are the bandit!"

Tang Tian spoke out with a slight helplessness in his voice: "Truly, you still need to be here."

A chuckle came out from the darkness, a young man with chestnut colored hair walked out from the shadows, revealing a warmth in his smile. But for some reason, when Carl saw his harmless and warm smile, he felt as if he was being stared at by a serpent, and his entire body trembled.

"Although I look forward to the light, but I have to admit, I am more proficient in shady business in the dark." Sima Xiao stood there, with Magatama suddenly appearing behind him.

He had anxiously rushed over, when news of Temple sending out an investigating team reached him, he immediately moved through the night. After fighting alongside Tang Tian for the period of time, he understood Tang Tian rather well, regardless of whether it was charging through enemy lines or fighting and killing, Tang Tian was an expert, but when it came to shady and under table planning and tricks, it was still rather difficult for him.

But when Sima Xiao saw Tang Tian, he was shocked at Tang TIan's transformation.

He could faintly sense that regardless of his temperament or strength, Tang Tian had a qualitative leap in everything. This shocked him along with a bitter agony in his mouth. Since a long time ago, he had the absolute confidence in his own talent. But compared to Tang Tian, the disparity was so huge to the point that he could not even feel anger. He had watched Tang Tian grow, and the strength between them was continuously and increasingly becoming larger, and now, it was already an insurmountable gulf.

What made him feel even more helpless was that he did not know how the disparity was pulled further, without sensing it or understanding it, Tang Tian had pulled further away from him.

Sima Xiao was an arrogant man, arrogant to the bones. When he personally followed Tang Tian into the Sacred Saint Galaxy, he had secretly harbored a superior standing towards Tang Tian, but…..

~It is truly despairing reality.~

"Luckily, you're here." Tang Tian heaved a sigh of relief.

Sima Xiao shrugged his shoulders and self mocked: "Luckily, there's still some use of me."

At this time, a bad feeling birthed in Carl, he immediately bellowed: "What are you guys doing? Men! Men!"

Tang Tian was lazy to advise him, the energy in the room had completely been frozen by him, preventing anyone from the outside to be able to sense anything that was happening in the room.

Sima Xiao chuckled: "Magatama, your turn."

Magatama suddenly appeared in front of Carl like smoke.

Carl was unable to maintain his calmness and revealed a look of panic:" What are you guys doing? What are you guys doing?"

When he saw Magatama's face, he became stunned, that beautiful face that could cause men to be choked. That could cause all living things to go deranged, made his eyes lock straight on her. Her pupils that resembled the moon gradually spun, as though a light aura vortex had formed, the mysterious beauty in front of Carl had captivated his heart and soul, as he followed her eyes and spun.

Carl's gaze gradually stiffen as his expression turned sluggish.

Tang Tian became curious of what Magatam did, as he had never seen a charming talent. He carefully observed Magatama, and when he saw Magatama's eyes that were spinning with light, he immediately sensed an intangible undulation that was trying to influence his mental state.

But Tang Tian's glasslike mental state was had long become as sturdy as a boulder and could not be tainted by anything, and he immediately struggled out of it.

But Tang Tian clicked his tongue in wonder, the undilation did not look strong, but it could affect anyone upon being looked upon, and its influence on the mental state was immense. If a person did not specially train in mental state martial techniques, it would be extremely difficult to resist.

Unluckily for Carl, although he held a high position, it was not due to his personal strength, but by his tricks and crafty planning. Facing such a direct manner of standoff, he had no way of resisting.

Tang Tian was pensive, in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, winning an individual standoff was far more efficient than using any methods.

Magatama's charm was something that not even Xie Yu An and the rest might be able to resist.

Magatama stopped, and quietly returned back behind Sima Xiao.

"It's done." Sima Xiao spoke leisurely.

He was not overly disappointed, for his own strength was also improving. Unknowingly, he was far stronger than he was in the past. When his strength became stronger, Magatama became stronger as well. And with Magatama becoming stronger, it would also increase his strength.

His life and Magatama's life had in a way, become one body. He could not help but think about his senior brother, his senior brother that had a frail body and was constantly sick, yet held unfathomable strength, forever shading him from wind and rain.

~Yes, in my life, I have senior brother and Magatama.~

~Maybe I can't be as perverse as Tang Tian, but, how can I despair and give up just because of this?~

Sima Xiao's eyes regained its clarity, as though he had gained clarity and enlightenment, it made him feel extremely carefree and relaxed. He was filled with joy, not only because he knew that his mental state had improved by a level, but even happier that he finally thought it through, what he considered as most precious.

Behind Sima Xiao, Magatama seemed to have sensed Sima Xiao's emotions, as she revealed a faint smile, her bewitching and beautiful face revealing some life. Her original face, despite being an unparalleled beauty, was extremely cold, as though she was lifeless, only at that moment did her beautiful face reveal some life.

Being extremely sharp, Tang Tian had sensed Sima Xiao and Magatama's change instantly.

But suddenly, an undulation caused his heart to tremble, making him stunned.

Inside the long and bronze passageway, a thunderous rumble sounded out as a figure swept through it like lightning. He shot forward like an arrow piercing through the air, every time his feet touched the vacuum, it would instantly be compressed to the maximum and explode, the thunderous rumbles and intense explosions continued to surge inside passageway.

The face that had maintained an indifference ever since he had awoken, had become excited. He used all of his strength to move, as his mind was filled with the face that he thought of everyday.

Qian Hui!

His heart kept on repeating that name, repeating it over and over again without stopping.

When the flickering bronze door appeared in his vision, his heart seemed to be grasped tightly by an invisible hand, an intense choking feeling overwhelming him, an indescribable joy flooding his heart.

Suddenly, Tang Tian became nervous.

Yes, nervous, this emotion that had not appeared for a long time in his body suddenly occupied his body. He had defeated countless enemies and experienced countless battles and encountered all sorts of dangerous situations, but he had never been nervous.

But at that moment, he was nervous. The intense nervousness caused his mind to go blank.

With a flash, he appeared before the bronze Star Door, the intense nervousness leaving him with his basic instincts.

"Qian Hui!"

"Big Brother Tian!"

As though they had telepathic abilities, as though they were born to be connected at a deep level with each other, as though fate had dictated it, both of them shouted out the name that they had yearned for day and night.

On both sides of the bronze Star Door, both of them froze.

TIme seemed to stop in that moment.

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