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Chapter 846 - Bing's Strategic Plan

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The gigantic fleet moved like a black mob of birds, flying into the distance.

Zhong Li Bai gazed out far, the Null Division was responsible for escorting, and the powerhouses of White Fields Continent were almost swept clean by him, thus there were no need to worry about being attacked en route. Seeing the Null Division Fleet flying steadily, he could not help but reveal a smile.

~Seems like they did not waste their time.~

He turned his thick and dense Bronze Monster, a surge of heroism in his chest.

In the past, he was extremely jealous of Nie Qiu leading the Null Division, the members of the Null Division were all of good qualities and wielded powerful individual strength. Their steel like regimentation and discipline, and their absolute compliance, along with the outstanding individual strength of Han Bing Ning and the rest, made them outstanding.

They were the soldiers that all military generals dreamed of.

Compared to them, his subordinates were made up of bandits and thieves, a mob.

But now, he was no longer jealous of Nie Qiu, the Null Division still remained a powerful army, but his Monster Army was in no way inferior to them. Looking at the mob in front of him slowly transforming into brave and fearsome mighty troops in his own hands, he was lost in the achievement.

~No, we are still in the embryonic form, we are still far from being true mighty army, and we have a long way to go.~

Zhong Li Bai was brimming with confidence.

Upon thinking about the next step of the plan, the fighting intent in him suddenly combusted, the intense raging flames surged throughout his body.

The thorny danger in his journey ahead made him extremely excited, he was extremely addicted to the stimulation under the struggle for life. To be able to infiltrate into the enemy's hinterland to destroy and wreck havoc, to be able to plunge into the enemies backline and be surrounded by them and fight, this was the life he wanted, the battles he desired.

~This truly makes my blood boil!~

"Move out!"

His low resounding and powerful voice came out as he ordered his troops.

The Monster Army rumbled and took action.


The inside of the warship cemetery in White Fields Continent had became an extremely lively workground. The majestic Honorable Martial's Roar's hull was filled with people, all of the smiths working like ants.

In the empty space around the Honorable Martial's Roar, there were all sorts of materials piled up. With a myriad of colors, all of them emitted different colored light auras, all of which were the spoils of war that the Monster Army had obtained from Daylight City.

Franks gaze stopped at Screw for a moment, feeling bewildered.

When Tang Tian and Screw brought back a pile of papers, he had some apprehension in his heart. It was not that he did not believe in Tang Tian, but he knew deeply the difficulty of building up an Ultimate Army Warship like the Honorable Martial's Roar. Although they no longer need to consider the most difficult part, which was its hull, but even its other parts were not easy.

The newly announced warship plan immediately confirmed Franks' worries, which were necessary. The new warship plan was extremely strange, it looked to be made up of a group of bubbles, and he was worried that they might fall off.

~What kind of weird ship is that~, he was initially dumbstruck.

~Fine, as long as it can fly~, he could only console himself like that when he regained his senses.

Initially, according to his thoughts, if they were not able to find a grandmaster shipbuilder, they would have to find a high level shipbuilder. He did not expect for the Master to actually hand the work over to Screw, and he finally understood Screw's profession, mechanical grandmaster engineer.

To be able to obtain the title of Grandmaster was something that everyone would respect, and the mechanical grandmaster engineer was no exception. But for a mechanical grandmaster engineer to take up the role of shipbuilding, much less seeing it, Franks had never heard of it. It not only depended on techniques, but more on the engineering. How large could a mechanical puppet be, and how many people would it require to build one. But even the smallest warship would require a team to complete it. And for an Ultimate Army Warship like the Honorable Martial's Roar, it required more than 10 teams, almost up to a 100 teams with coordination to be able to complete it, that was how harsh the criteria was.

But after the course of the next few days, he was surprised to find out that Screw's command was thorough like an expert.

~Could a mechanical grandmaster engineer be so powerful?~

Franks started to have suspicions, he was in charge of managing the materials, and understood that the process was not limited to its appearance. And regardless of what standard of warship they were trying to attain, Screw's performance in management was definitely on par with the experts.

But when he thought about it, he sort of understood, how could a mechanical grandmaster engineer be worse?

Tang Tian was communicating with Bing.

"Screw wanted to go…." Bing was quiet for a moment, then said: "That's good too, regardless of life or death, the battlefield will always be our final destination, you must help me take care of him."

"Relax, relax, I am not that stupid to send him to the frontlines." Tang Tian said happily: "He is building a warship, an Ultimate Army Warship, Honorable Martial's Roar, have you heard of it before? The Honorable Martial Continent's First generation Ultimate Army Warship, it only has its hull left now, and we plan to use some of the trash. Without a grandmaster shipbuilder, we can only rely on Screw."

"Don't worry about it, there will not be any problems." Bing was extremely confident of Screw: "Remember our base? There is the army warehouse and the various large projects, all of which were done by Screw. At that time, he was our number one foreman in the army. Everything that he builds can still be used even after thousands of years."

"I have confidence in Screw too." Tang Tian pledged, then added: "Anyway, we have no other choice."

Bing did not linger on this topic, and changed the subject: "Zhong Li Bai should be attacking already right, his plan is good, just that the risk on himself is larger. But he is still rather crazy, and is suited to such a life. Talking about it, we still have to thank the Leo Constellation, to send these two great generals to us."

Bing whistled, Tang Tian could imagine Bing's happy and pleased look.

"Are you able to hold up on your end?" Tang Tian asked with concern.

Bing thought for a moment, then replied with one word: "Worrying."

Tang Tian whistled, imitating Bing: "No way, the Southern Cross Army's remaining famed general is actually beaten till the point that he is unable to retaliate, to the point that he no longer has confidence in holding up. If Tang Chou were to know, the man he is chasing after is only to such a standard, it is definitely worth crying over."

Bing laughed and said nonchalantly: "Truly a sad fellow."

His tone changed and became serious: "Gou Cheng WenDao has already gone crazy, do you know how many of his men has fallen? More than 60 thousand, but he did not even frown. The Honorable Martial Continent's reinforcement is already on the way, with more than 200 thousand men. 200 thousand cannon fodder, adding that maniac, the frontlines will be at its most critical state soon."

Tang Tian did not expect for the situation to be so terrible: "Then what do you plan to do?"

Bing scoffed: "Don't you think this is a good thing for us?"

"Unable to defend is a good thing? Uncle, did your brains get fried." Tang Tian frowned.

"Oh oh, I forgot about your intellect, it is impossible for you to see the marvel of this opportunity." Bing whistled again: "The reason why we defended the Shang Continent in the past was because it had the pathway leading to Heaven's Road, and our path of retreat. But now, where does the crux to our victory lies? Congratulations, young lad, you have become the most crucial move to the entire battlefield!"

"I know that ah." Tang Tian did not truly understand what Bing was hinting at.

"After our key to victory became you, our battle plan needs to revolve around you, and holding the Shang Continent isn't of utmost importance anymore. That pathway requires going into the Blue Sea, and they will be unable to find it in the short term. Furthermore, we have Barbara and their Awakened Army, which holds the superior advantage inside the Blue Sea. They might not be able to stop the big armies, but disturbing them and delaying them from finding the pathway is not a problem. That also means, in this short time, even if Gou Cheng WenDao were to occupy the Shang Continent, he can't go to Heaven's Road."

Bing spoke extremely calmly.

"Since you have become our key to victory, that means we have two goals that must be realized, one of it being time, what time do we need to achieve? For you to move. The other goal is for us to delay their speed of reinforcements, that also means, before you stab into the Honorable Martial Continent's heart, delay them. Give the Shang Continent space, that is our goal."

Bing spoke calmly and coldly without any emotions, while Tang Tian was completely immersed into his plan.

"The first thing they need to do after occupying Shang Continent is to hold it. I will give him ruins, and then, I will launch continuous attacks on him. Gou Cheng WenDao holds the advantage in attacking and not defending, with a terrible environment all round, to truly hold the Shang Continent, the other two great armies must definitely come towards the Shang Continent at the same time to defend. And then our main focus of attack will be their resupply routes. As long as we cut off their resupply routes, it will greatly pressure them."

Bing suddenly chuckled: "They will definitely think about this, for example this time, their replenishment will be more than usual. The Shang Continent is extremely far from the Honorable Martial Continent, for them to secure the resupply route, their strength will be greatly dispersed. For the sake of ensuring the safety of their resupply route, they will ask the Honorable Martial Continent to mobilize more armies. With that in mind, the Honorable Martial Continent will become even emptier, and it will be easier for you. And we only need to focus our strength and break down their resupply route. But that is not our true goal, our true goal is to delay their reinforcements back to you, and give you the opportunity to launch a fatal attack."

"That sounds incredible." Tang Tian muttered, he had to admit, Bing's train of thought was extremely outstanding.

More importantly, it was realistic and feasible. Under the situation that they did not know Tang Tian's whereabouts, the Honorable Martial Continent would definitely be unable to guess their true intent.

Bing remained unmoved, and he emitted an even more intense aura as he spoke: "For the sake of duping them, we will not give up so quickly, instead, I will order Little Crane to hold the lines with all of his might, and even increase the support there. Not only that, we will retreat one step at a time, to give you more time. Your task is not simple either, This time, after crossing swords with the three guys from Honorable Martial Continent, I realized that they are truly powerful. Although Honorable Martial Continent only has Jia Ya left, but he will definitely not be easy to fight against. You cannot give him time to react, Jia Ya is proficient in defense, once he has decided to hold up inside his shell, you will no longer be able to resolve the battle quickly, and the situation will become disadvantageous for us. Furthermore, young man….."

Bing stopped for a moment, and became extremely serious: "You must grasp the time tightly, now, every second of yours is obtained by other people's lives."

Tang Tian's entire body trembled, his killing intent instantly became dense, his eyes revealing a strong light aura. His expression became extremely gloomy and serious without his normal appearance, he nodded his head firmly and spoke: "I will!"

Bing: "For victory!"

Tang Tian clenched his fists tightly: "For victory!"

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