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Chapter 837 - Tang Tian Makes His Move

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Many regiment of flames blossomed in the night sky, reflecting Tang Tian's face that flickered in and out.

The young man's face was as cold as stone, his pupils revealed his indifferent attitude, the flying scattered pieces, chaotic streams of air, were all unable to incite any emotions in him. The chaotic battlefield did not affect him in any way, the young man who was in his awakened state seemed to be pulled away from all emotions, yet pushing his fighting instinct to the maximum.

The large battlefield was in his hands.

Sydney roared out twice in anger, also causing Tang Tian to immediately notice him.

"Ji Ze!"

Hearing Tang Tian's roar, Ji Ze rushed out without hesitation.

A regiment of wind blades appeared beneath Ji Ze, forming what looked like a bridge, 20 of his Wind Laws comrades moved out at the same time.

Ji Ze held the Bewitching Blade, and like a demon, he stepped on the wind blade bridge, disappearing into thin air.

Sydney was unaware that he had been targeted as the battlefield was extremely chaotic. The transport ships that had rushed out of the poison mist were all facing different directions, and also causing the distance between each of them to be wide. The transport ships were like headless flies, all of them unaware of what do o.

It was also the most important time for the soldiers to draw close to each other!

Sydney was not a man without ability, he was the first to react, and shouted out with all of his might: "Disembark! Everyone disembark and gather to me!"

All the soldiers woke from their dreams, disembarked their boats, and rushed towards Sydney. A few of the quick witted soldiers also shouted out loud: "Disembark, everyone disembark and gather to Master! Everyone gather to Master now!"

All of the soldiers found their backbone, calmed down, and started heading towards each other.

Sydney calmed down, the transport ships were too large targets and easy to attack. And upon being attacked, with their weak defences, they would only be destroyed. The enemy's surprise attack was undoubtedly successful, but they had not won completely. Even with their heavy losses, they still held the advantage in numbers.

As long as they could arrange themselves into battle positions, they would have the opportunity to strike back and win!

Sydney bit his lips, from time to time, explosions would blossom out from amongst the crowd, the blazing and high temperature flames were like terrifying beasts that devoured the soldiers. An ice cold sharp blade would sweep away their lives from the darkness. Wherever the thick and solid electric snakes passed, people would die.

He had never seen such a strange way of attacking before.

That's right, he had never seen anything like that.

The Sacred Saint Galaxy's armies emphasized on synchronization, and the greatest use of soldiers were to supply energy while moving in unison with the unit, and the attacks that they could unleash would be guided by the military general. In other words, it was pooling the energy of all the soldiers to gather at the military general, and forming an even stronger "entity".

But the army before him completely capsized his knowledge.

He had already realized that there were a few different attributed energy attacks, which also meant that this mysterious army's attacks came from the soldiers.

If he did not personally see it, he would definitely snort at such a tactic, and he would deem it as a failure. Without the strengthening through synchronization, the might of the attack would be greatly weakened, and they could only coordinate their attacks but not merge any of it.

~To think that i would beaten up so miserably from such a tactic.~

~No, I was ambushed by a sneak attack, as long as I stabilize myself, I can definitely turn this around.~ Sydney calmed himself down, he still held the advantage in numbers. ~As long as I do not mess it up, I will definitely win.~

Right at that moment, the soldiers protecting his front suddenly froze.

An unprecedented danger enveloped Sydney, and he almost blurted out: "Assass-…."

Soldiers started to fall one after another, as a black figure suddenly appeared from behind the soldiers. The bewitching and blood red blade aura suddenly slashed at them from an inconceivable angle.

Immediately, two soldiers roared and pounced forward, using their bodies to collide with the blade aura.

The Bewitching Blade seemed to slice through tofu as it cut through the two soldier's bodies.

The Bewitching Blade seemed to be eating their blood, its red light becoming even more vigorous, the bewitching aura became even more intense, to the point that it started to release buzzing sounds. The blood red blade body suddenly turned soft, transforming into a boneless blood snake that swept through the soldiers' bodies, transforming into a blood web that pounced towards Sydney.

Endless roars surfaced, as all the soldiers around him rushed towards the blood web, disregarding their lives.

Chi chi chi.

The fine blood web dismembered the soldiers like sharp blades in a moment, causing the place to rain blood.

But right at that moment. Sydney was already hidden amongst the crowd, as even more soldiers ran forward to protect their general.

Ji Ze's face became ugly, the chance that he took to attack actually failed, causing him to be angry. He snorted, and like a ghost, he disappeared and appeared at the other side, his blood colored blade lit up, and a few heads flew into the sky.


Sydney urged.

The Ratchet Army's training finally displayed their fruits of labor, the soldiers all lit up with light auras, the surging energy resonated in their formation. Sydney took a deep breath as a gigantic energy barrier protected them.

A bewitching red colored blade aura slashed onto the energy barrier.


The energy barrier trembled, but quickly stabilized itself.

Sydney heaved a sigh of relief, it was his first time successfully defending against the enemy attack since the sudden ambush. What made him rejoice even further was that it confirmed his guess. The enemy's strange tactics were more agile and random, but at the same time, more scattered. He believed that now that they had formed up, it was time for the enemy to be defeated.

The soldiers beside him all cheered, their morale greatly boosted.

"Stabilize yourselves!" Sydney shouted out loud: "Everyone, gather on me!"

At that moment, Sydney was filled with confidence, it was not strange for an army to plunge into chaos after encountering such a fearsome ambush. But as long as he found his foothold, he would survive, and the army would not fall.

The enemy were all individually very powerful and strong, but they had a fatal weakness, they were too few in numbers. In terms of numbers, they were unable to block his soldiers from regrouping. As long as he stabilized his army formation, every soldier that returned to him would increase his victory by one step.

As expected, when they saw their general gaining his foothold, the Ratchet Army soldiers who were about to crumble greatly boosted their morale, and fervently rushed towards Sydney's position.

Tang Tian remained expressionless.

Ji Ze's attack that failed did not surprise him. Ji Ze's strength recovery was not as great as Fu Zheng Zhi, which was because of the Laws they trained in. Ji Ze trained in Blood Laws, and due to the dense energy of Sacred Saint Galaxy, he was unable to influence the blood of his enemies. As for Fu Zheng Zhi's Chief Green Swords, it walked the path of spatial laws and poison, which was less influenced by the energy.

But for Sydney to be able to become steady and calm again surprised him.

~As expected of the Honorable Martial Continent, any military general of their army have standard.~

Ji Ze was completely infuriated, his consecutive attacks were unable to break the turtle shell, causing him to become furious. He was innately arrogant, with his eyes aimed for the top, other than losing to Tang Tian, when had he ever lost? To be suppressed by his enemies the moment he stepped into the Sacred Saint Galaxy, how could he ever tolerate that?

His berserk character revealed itself, he attacked fervently, his speed reaching his peak, the sky filled of blood colored blade auras struck the energy barrier like rain.

Clang clang clang!

The dense sounds of attacks caused people to feel numb in their teeth.

Sydney's face changed, his eyes revealed disbelief, ~How can a person's individual strength reach such a terrifying degree of power?~

It was exactly half a minute of fervent attacks that came down on them like rain.

Sydney's body trembled, every blade light that attacked would cause the energy barrier to tremble, and would pass a portion of power to his body, although it had been filtered and its intensity was not strong, but there were too many of them!

But when he saw how Ji Ze was drenched with perspiration as though he was pulled out from a well, gasping for breath heavily while staring at him fiercely, Sydney laughed.

~That's right!~

~Even if you are strong, but you will just exhaust yourself, you can't last for long!~

And when he noticed that his soldiers were pouring in like waves with the closest soldier less than 10m away from him, the smile on his face became even more vibrant.

Suddenly, a dazzling light aura that felt like the sun pierced his vision without any warning.

Following it was an indescribably horrifying aura that enveloped the entire battlefield, as though a ferocious monstrous beast that had been sleeping for ten thousand years had awoke from its slumber and opened its eyes. Even the energy in the air became quiet, as though it had been shocked.

The smile on Sydney's face froze, his entire body froze in his original position, ~This….~

The group of soldiers running towards him suddenly turned sluggish, all of them looking towards Sydney's direction with shock in their eyes.

A fiendgod that seemed to have existed throughout the passage of time had unknowingly appeared outside the energy barrier. A gold armor enveloped him tightly, revealing only a pair of eyes, which revealed coldness that seemed to have seeped for over thousands of years.

But everyone's gaze was firmly locked onto the fist that he held that looked as though it was holding onto the sun.

The young man who looked like a fiendgod covered in armor, bent his waist, and raised his arm.

Time seemed to have slowed to a crawl, his movements were extremely slow and clear. Following the movement of his fist, the energy in the air suddenly woke up, and fervently surged into Tang Tian's fist.

The fist aura that was as bright as the sun dimmed down visibly.

Sssi sssi ssssi, as though ten thousand snakes were slithering forward, the sound produced by the high speed flowing energy. Tang Tian's fist was like a bottomless pit, the fervent energy absorbed into his fists continuously grew more and more, and the more it absorbed, the more its light aura dimmed, releasing a heart palpitating undulation.

One after another, black lines surfaced on Tang Tian's fist aura, looking like spatial cracks formed that led to endless voids.

The young man's body was like a bow that was pulled to its maximum, brimming with explosive force.

His cold eyes flashed with a cold glint.

When he exhaled, it was like a monstrous beast breathing, the low resounding voice seemed to contain thunder.

The figure that was bent seemed to be filled with a violently surging power, as his fist suddenly disappeared.


The thick energy barrier cracked like a dry biscuit, and the fist shooting in until his wrist. The scene seemed to have froze, and on the surface of the energy barrier, a fearsome Fiendgod stood there with his fist unleashed.

A scorching golden crow, which was enveloped with black web lines, descended down onto them.

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