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Chapter 834

Chapter 834 – Interrogation

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“I do not care who they are, and I do not care where they came from, I only want to see their heads!”

The stern and furious voice seemed to resonate at his ears, causing Sydney to come back to his senses, he looked around at his soldiers. Their morale was high, as he revealed a satisfied look. Long distance raids had never been a simple thing, but as it was an emergency, the Master had given them the best transport ship, to prevent them from feeling the pain from rushing around.

Sydney understood the severity of the matter.

The Master’s anger was not at Arthur City being plundered, but the Western Trader post being plundered! Clan Elder Jonathan was killed, and all of the Western Traders’ guards stationed in Arthur City were killed, and their warehouse was completely empty.

Sydney himself was also immensely shocked by the viciousness of the other party, but even more shocked that they actually dared to provoke the Western Traders. In the Honorable Martial Continent’s Western Region, how long had it been since such a powerhouse had appeared? In the barren and desolate Western Region, no one had the thoughts of going against the Western Traders.

The armies of the various Western Region’s continents and the Western Traders were tied in all sorts of relationships, and it was a normal occurrence for the armies to appear to help the Western Traders to resolve conflicts or protect their transport ships.

Sydney knew that his own captain had a unique relation with the Western Region armies. Even he would usually receive a portion of expensive gifts that came from the Western Traders.

The Western Traders were never stingy with money, and everyone liked to do business with them. For example, the operation they were conducting, if they were able to get rid of the bandits, the Western Traders would definitely reward them heavily. Thinking about that, Sydney’s mind could not help but burst with flames.

But Sydney was not rash and impetuous, many of the reports regarding the bandits from Arthur City was sent to him, and a rarely seen seriousness flashed in his eyes.

Although Jonathan was a greedy man, his subordinate Ao Deng was an outstanding military general. Sydney knew for himself, if not for Ao Deng’s injury, Sydney would never be able to fight against him. But even when Ao Deng was heavily injured, his wits and experience was still present, and the protection unit that he had trained up personally was far more outstanding than its peers.

But they were all killed by one spirit general.

Sydney was no fool, the person who could wield such a powerful spirit general was definitely someone with a huge backing, one that he should never provoke. But the captain’s intent was very clear, regardless of who the enemy was, he only had one task, which was to kill them.

Yes, Sydney had restraining fears, but he was not afraid, as the Western Traders held an immense power in the Western Region of Honorable Martial Continent, that no other tyrants and aristocratic families around could ever imagine. The other party might be even stronger than the Western Traders, but they chose to fight in White Fields Continent, which was their most fatal mistake.

In this barren and infertile land, there was no one that could ever sway the rule of the Western Traders.

“Master, there is a fleet of transport ships ahead!”

A scout reported, Sydney replied calmly: “Send a few people and go check on who they are.”

From the reports, the chances of them encountering the bandits was very low in their current location, but being cautious, Sydney still sent out a small group to investig

ate and interrogate them.

His gaze returned back to the map of White FIelds Continent.

Melissa stood on the deck, her eyes on the group of maniacs outside the ship, yes, to her, they were a group of maniacs.

A group of maniacs that struck fear in others.

Halfway of being forced to head to the Red Soil City, Melissa no longer had any anger, it was the same at all places, people revered strength. Her previous inexperience and naivety almost cost her her life, but also made her become wiser, and completely removed her spoiled temper. She made some mental preparations, even if she had to suffer, it would not matter. Even her grandfather was respectfully treating them.

But, what surprised her was that not one of them actually boarded the boats.

Regardless if it was rain or shine, strong winds or not, the bandits moved by themselves with determination. At the start, Melissa thought that the other party despised their boats, but after that she realized that they were actually undergoing some special training.

Melissa was stunned by that, but it was not only her, the entire crew was completely stunned.

These bandits moved weirdly, stumbling and falling, sometimes falling, sometimes floating, like children who had just learned to walk.

The leader of her guards had revere in his eyes, and even her grandfather had specially ran over repeatedly to warn her not to aggravate them. The experts beside her all now enjoyed sitting on the deck and watch the bandits train, all of those clumsy movements would occasionally induce a few chuckles, but most of the time, the deck would always be filled with a respectful and stern calmness and silence.

Contrasting with this stern atmosphere on the deck, the bandits themselves were in extremely difficult situations, their faces covered with perspiration, their bodies covered with dirt and dust, they were like dirty tofu, the noisy group would occasionally make others think that they were a group of refugees.

Based on this point, they seemed to look to be the most typical bandits, fierce and ruthless, always emitting an aura around them.

But these bandits in front of her, from the day they met, had always been rushing and training without stopping for three full days and nights.

Melissa had never seen such a group of bandits before.

The young man that she despised was always moving up and down in front of the group, continuously shouting with his thunderous voice, allowing the people on board to hear him clearly, with the most incomprehensible content.

“Is this how you use laws? How many times do I have to say it? Are you all determined to be even more stupid than Ah Mo Li?”

“Too slow! Too slow! Use your laws to control the energy!”


That’s right, the word ‘laws’ came out the most, to the point that Melissa became baffled. In Melissa’s memories, laws was a high grade word that was only related to peak martial artists.

~Since when did laws become so common?~

~And they were a group of bandits who could not even control their flying properly?~

She posed this question to the leader of her guards, although Johnson was not as strong as the young man, but he was still at a respectable level, and he was more knowledgeable and earnest.

“He must have definitely gained enlightenment on laws.” Johnson said: “It is impossible to unleash that fist attack without enlightening laws, and his enlightenment on laws seems to be at an extremely profound level. This sort of martial artist has never been seen or heard of before!”

Johnson’s voice was filled with reverence towards Tang Tian, he then continued: “But with regards to this training of theirs with laws, this subordinate does not understand either. But after watching it for a few days, their strength seems to be increasing extremely quickly. The feeling they gave this subordinate is extremely strange….”

He hesitated for a moment, then said: “it seems like their strength is sealed, and is slowly being unlocked and are recovering.”

“Strength can be sealed?” Melissa was dumbstruck, it was her first time hearing such a thing.

“This subordinate is only taking a guess.” Johnson also felt that he was thinking too much, he then said: “One’s strength can never be sealed. But their rate of improvement is truly inconceivable. This subordinate noticed that the number of people able to fly now is already half. Furthermore, what is even stranger is that once they grasped flight their strengths instantly erupt.”

He suddenly lowered his voice: “And some of them are not simple at all.”

His gaze turned to Ji Ze, ever since the Bewitching Blade had learnt to fly, it was as though he had unlocked something, and became extremely dangerous. Occasionally, he would turn to look at them, and just by his eyes, all the hairs on Johnson’s body would stand.

Johnson knew that it was not a wrong feeling, he was an experienced fighter, and his sense to danger was not something any new soldier could compare to.

Melissa’s face revealed surprise, but it quickly disappeared.

Just then, the training bandits suddenly stopped. It was their first time stopping for the past few days.

Noticing something was strange, Melissa and Johnson noticed that a fleet had appeared in the distance. It was the standardized transport ship fleet used by the army.

A few black dots flew over.

Melissa noticed that the formation of the bandits started to change, causing Melissa who was already familiar with them to become tensed, she sensed a trace of danger.

She lowered her voice and said: “We should go and stop the other party and prevent them from fighting.”

Johnson immediately understood: “Yes!”

The more he understood the bandits, the more he felt that they were unfathomable, and the more respect he had for them. At the start, he was still harboring hopes for an army to save them, but very quickly, he threw that joke of a thought away. After the past few days, he knew that no ordinary army could resist the power of the bandits. As for the elite armies, that was a level that they could not mobilize.

If something were to happen, they would definitely be involved, and most probably the enraged bandits would use them to sharpen their knives!

It would be stupid to speak logic with bandits!

Tang Tian’s hearing ability was extremely outstanding, and he heard Melissa and Johnson’s conversation, and did not stop them. Although he wanted to test how strong the Honorable Martial Army was, but after thinking about the Null Division requiring warships, he decided against it.

Johnson flew over and shouted loudly: “This is Mace Field Tradings and Miss Melissa, who are you guys?”

The leader of the interrogation group was surprised, ~Why was the Mace Field Tradings here?~ But he quickly calmed down, although the Mace Field Tradings was not as powerful as Western Traders, they were still a big business and rather known.

The leader checked on Melissa’s documents, then relaxed: “We are from the Ratchet Army, and were sent to investigate on the Arthur CIty Tragedy! If you discover any suspicious persons, please report to me!”

Arthur City Tragedy!

Melissa was surprised: “I have heard about Arthur City Tragedy, I never expected for you guys to come so quickly!”

“That is the Western Traders we are talking about.” The leader shrugged his shoulders: “But just pay attention, this group of killers number to about 200 men, one of them is said to have an extremely powerful female spirit who is very beautiful but is merciless. Another man wields a curved blade with an extremely bewitching aura….”

~Men numbering up to 200 men, a beautiful female spirit, and a bewitching blade….~

Melissa and Johnson looked at each other, the two of them realizing the fear and shock in their eyes.

The leader thought the two of them were still immersed in the shock of Arthur CIty, and spoke: “If any organizations are to find out anything about them, please head to the closest city and inform the City Lord….”

Melissa and Johnson wanted to turn their heads and run at that moment.

A strange silence suddenly descended.

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