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Chapter 815 - Tactic No. 9

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Nie Qiu, Zhong Li Bai and the rest were discussing on how to handle Honorable Martial Stronghold, but Tang Tian noticed Wu Xuan who was standing on the stronghold walls.

~That guy seems important.~

Tang Tian's mind suddenly thought of a brazen idea, ~I will get rid of him first!~

Even the reckless Zhong Li Bai would never have such an outrageous thought, the Honorable Martial Stronghold that was over 200 years old was definitely the strongest turtle shell. To get rid of a commanding officer under such a strict protection was simply impossible.

Tang Tian did not think that far ahead, the moment the brazen idea came out, he became eager to do it.

~Why not? Since even if I fail, I won't lose anything.~

Tang Tian started to think seriously, the Sin Door's strongholds light covered an area of 60 km, and they had stopped right outside the area. In any ordinary person's eyes, the Sin Door that was 60 km away was like a small black dot. Tang Tian's eyesight was extraordinary, and to him, the 60 km did not affect him. But to hunt a target that was 60 km away, which was also in the protection of the Honorable Martial Stronghold, the difficulty was unthinkable.

Just by relying on one man's strength alone was impossible, and the only hope was to use the God Armor Army.

~Let me test it out.~

Just as everyone were in the midst of discussion, Tang Tian had already pulled his God Armor Army and quietly flew into the air.

Du Ke and the rest raised their heads and quickly retracted their eyes back, they thought that Tang Tian was definitely going to probe on the situation. And Wu Xuan and the rest at the Sin Door did not pay heed to him at all, amongst the huge army, a small group of 200 men were like flies that were nothing out of the ordinary.

Ji Ze and Fu Zheng Zhi did not think much of it, they also thought that Tang Tian was going to take a look at the Sin Door.

Tang Tian who had activated his Awakened God Army immediately saw a different world.

With the Sin Door as the center, everywhere along 60 km of radius around it was filled with a dense light attribute energy, that surged majestically like a sea of white light. All the laws within this space had been drowned out. There was always energy that disappeared, as the repelling ability of Sin Domain towards energy was still there, just that the Sin Door had even more light energy, which was gradually strengthened by the sea of white light.

The scene would had shocked everyone, but it did not even cause a jump in Tang TIan's heart.

His thoughts were extremely clear.

The relationship between laws and energy was extremely subtle, in theory, laws were the essence of power, and energy was a type of tangible output of power. In the Heaven's Road, martial artists who had gained enlightenment on laws were able to unleash their martial techniques and spirit techniques to saturation. Enlightenment on laws was viewed as an indicator of power, revealing that the person was well versed in his specific field.

But dense energy was actually not a good thing for laws. The difficulty of gaining enlightenment on laws in the Sacred Saint Galaxy was far harder than in Heaven's Road. And for the Sin Domain, gaining enlightenment on laws had become the most effective way, but there was no energy, thus the power of the laws was greatly reduced.

Technically, Laws would be the commander, while energy was the soldiers. Inside the commander's capable scope, the soldiers would be strong and have even stronger battle abilities. And when the number of soldiers exceed the commander's capability, the commander's use would fall greatly.

Energy was a type of soldier, while the power of the physique was another.

Suddenly, Tang Tian understood why the people of Sin Domain were unable to succeed against the Stronghold. The Sin Door relied on energy, Du Ke and the rest relied on the power of the physique, they were all like soldiers, but the amount and grade of soldiers were on totally different levels. Even for Du Ke, a powerful martial artist who had gained enlightenment on the Law Domain, his strength against a 200 year old Honorable Martial Stronghold that had accumulated so much light energy was definitely not worth mentioning.

The Sin Domain which did not understand armies were forever unable to succeed in barging through Sin Door.

But the current them had the possibility of winning.

"Prepare for Tactic No. 9."

Tang Tian's clear and cold voice caused Ji Ze's pupils to constrict.

~Out of the many tactics, Tactics No. 9 is the strongest long range single attack tactic, Master is…..~

A jolt flashed past his mind, the countless repeated training had caused his body to react instinctively. It was not only him, everyone's focus had reached their maximum, all of the complicated thoughts in their minds had disappeared, and everyone awaited for the next command. Their eyes focused, their bodies faintly stretching taut, all of them accumulating their power, waiting to pounce like wild beasts.

Killing Intent immediately pervaded the air.

Nie Qiu and the rest who were still discussing were shocked, and immediately stopped and looked up into the air.

~Probing attack?~

Everyone had the same thought, Nie Qiu and the rest opened their eyes even more widely. In the Heaven's Road, an Honorable Martial Stronghold that surpassed 200 years was rare, they were very curious to what stage the Sin Door's defense had reached.

Unlike the rest, Du Ke's eyes were fixated on Tang Tian. After witnessing the God Armor Army's training, he was extremely curious about the army Tang Tian had personally built.

It was the God Armor Army's first true battle.

Tang Tian had no other thoughts, Tactic No. 9 was extremely powerful, but its difficulty was extremely high as well. Tang Tian's style of controlling the God Armor Army to battle and his one man fighting style were completely on two different ends of the spectrum. When he fought alone, his style was extremely direct, but while controlling the God Armor Army, his tactics were extremely complicated.

Tactic No. 9 was the strongest tactic that produced the biggest might amongst the many tactics that the God Armor Army had practised, but at the same time the most complicated tactic.

The God Armor Army that had completed their interweaving positioning, formed an extremely sharp and precise triangle in the air, with Tang Tian positioned at the peak. In the middle of the triangle appeared a 2 m wide vertical path, where Tang Tian was coincidentally placed right at the start of the path.


The undulation of Wind Laws appeared from the last row, 22 whirlwinds formed as one, and was compressed into an extremely straight wind pillar that did not exceed 2m.

The wind pillar revolved at an extremely fast speed but did not make any sound as it gradually flowed through the vertical path.

From the second row, a cold aura pervaded out as minute sharp ice crystals surged into the wind pillar endlessly, causing the wind pillar to shrink quickly and the revolutions to suddenly become even faster. The short wind pillar seemed to be pulled by invisible hands to 2m long, and the original 2m diameter quickly compressed to around a meter.

Lightning flashed on the third row, as a lightning ring that was of different colors appeared in front of the hailstorm. These different colored lightning rings were all different, azure, green, silver, red, etc, it was extremely beautiful. The lightning rings diameters were larger than the hailstorm, they formed uniformly in front of the hailstorm, and formed a pathway of different colors.

The hailstorm that was gradually sliding forward entered the lightning rings pathway.

Every time the hailstorm passed through a lightning ring, the lightning ring would shrink and tighten itself on the hailstorm pillar. What surprised everyone was that the dazzling lightning rings would instantly dim down the moment it wrapped around the hailstorm.

25 lightning rings caused the hailstorm's diameter to shrink even further, but lengthen even more, obviously becoming an icy storm spear.

The revolutions of the icy storm spear became even faster and fearsome, and at its center appeared needle sized black dots.

The third row soldiers made their moves, intense flames covered the path.

The gradually advancing icy storm spear moved straight into the flames. The minute ice crystals quickly melted, but the lightning rings prevented them from escaping. The icy storm spear became even more slender, no, now it should be called an ice water spear.

At the blazing path's tip was an extremely cold blue flame.

The Ice water spear that was being pulled gradually swept past the cold blue flame, quickly congealing into an ice spear.

This ice spear was extremely beautiful, it's thickness was like a cup, in its transparent and sparkling body, a quick flowing wind moved and formed ripples that caused half of the spear to become translucent.

Ji Ze who stood in the fourth row slashed out with Bewitching Blade, a blood web appeared on the path and at the same time, two rows of soldiers slashed out.

One after another, blade auras and sword auras accumulated with laws flew into the blood web, and surprisingly, when these blade and sword auras touched the blood web, they were all stuck.

81 rays of sword and blade auras covered the blood web.

The Ice Spear spun into the blood web, causing the soft blood web to be spun as well, as it wrapped around the spear body.

The fine blood web was instantly absorbed into the Ice Spear, and the body became engraved with fine blood colored web patterns. Between the web patterns, there were 81 intercrossed fine light dots, which were the sword and blade auras.

The Spear body became even more fine, its originally cup sized thickness became the thickness of a wrist.

Ji Ze heaved a sigh of relief, perfect!

Even though the entire process looked to be extremely effortless, but only the soldiers knew how dangerous and difficult it was. If they had made even a slight error, the consequence would be dire. Tactic No. 9 required extremely high coordination, and was the tactic that they failed the most in, and every practise, they had to raise their focus to 120%.

Seeing the Blood Web Ice Spear moving forward, Ji Ze's eyes flashed with a tinge of excitement.

Ever since Tactic No. 9 was created, they had never used it in a real battle!

~It truly makes one so excited!~

Fu Zheng Zhi who was on the 6th row was already waiting, a strange color flashed past his eyes as the Chief Green Swords in his hands unleashed a burst of green mist, that upon touching the spear body, transformed into green flames that attached itself onto the spear. At the same time, the other soldiers made their moves, and multi-colored poison shot into the green flame like rain.

The originally pale green green flames quickly became dim, and became transparent.

The cover of the green flames blocked out the revolving sound of the Ice Spear. The Ice spear continued to become even more slender, and the green flames became even more transparent.

The seventh row soldiers made their moves, and lines after lines of spatial law threads intercrossed in the air and formed a large web that covered the Ice Spear.

The spatial law threads wrapped tightly over the Ice Spear, as the transparent Green Flames extinguished and transformed into flame patterns that covered the spear body, the spatial law threads had also disappeared.

The current Ice Spear had become so fine it looked like an arrow.

The transparent and sparkling Ice Arrow had circle after circle of engravings on it with faintly discernible dark red blood-like webs that were extremely terrifying. Between the lines of the blood web was light gravel that looked like stars, and the faint flaming patterns seemed to be flowing, like splendid nebulas in the night sky.

It gradually flew to Tang Tian.

Tang Tian's eyes was fixated on Wu Xuan on the Sin Door, and he seemed to have sensed it, and raised his head to look over.

When their eyes met, Wu Xuan's face was covered with doubt and confusion.

Tang Tian's eyes flashed with a light aura, and he suddenly shot out his finger.

The Ice Arrow instantly disappeared.

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