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Chapter 799 - The Battle Begins

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

No one was more familiar with the Ocean Guardian Stronghold than Xie Yu An. Every inch of space inside had been memorized by him, and every battle position was carefully selected by him. He had thrown out all of the past installations and deployments, and reconstructed everything.

The Honorable Martial Continent's intelligence had obtained the layout and positions of the Ocean Guardian Stronghold, but it cannot be considered successful, as they did not have the new plans.

But, the generals of the Honorable Martial Continent did not care, in the face of 22 siege boats, all strongholds were like biscuits.

They watched the battlefield leisurely, some even had tea prepared, and had their tea cups in hand, engaging in leisure conversation in small groups, and would occasionally turn to look back at the situation.

"This is truly exciting, such a scale of flames have never occurred in the Sacred Saint Galaxy's history before."

"We have made ourselves impatient, I bet the enemies must be fully suffering from their predicament."

"That's right, I was still thinking if I would be able to witness the Third Best Guardian under the Heavens' splendor, but I guess we have no chance."

"In the face of absolute power, what's the use of the those so called famed generals?"


Gou Cheng WenDao listened to his subordinates' conversations, he lowered his head and drank his tea and did not make a sound to stop them. When he had first brought up such a plan, many of them had went against him intensely, and if not for his persistence, they would had never been able to achieve even a quarter of the current scale.

Thinking about how the Ocean Guardian Stronghold would wail under the splendor of light auras and the entire Southern Region trembling in his presence, an ineffable pleasure surfaced from his heart.

The large scale siege boats were just completing their preparations to begin their siege, which was relatively complicated. The amount of energy spewed out from the large scale siege boats was astonishing, as there were no materials ever able to bear the power, thus they required many complicated compositions and structures to share the pressure.

Large scale siege boats were extremely powerful but at the same time weak, as they basically did not have any defensive capabilities. The complicated compositions meant that they would be easily destroyed.

Xie Yu An's only chance was to take the opportunity while the war monsters were preparing to launch a surprise attack and destroy the boats.

Once they complete their preparations, Xie Yu An would have no more chances.

Gou Cheng WenDao had specially laid out meticulous traps, thus his direct subordinated army was anxiously waiting. If Xie Yu An were to give up on the stronghold and decide to fight to the death with them, Gou Cheng WenDao would be equally happy.

An intact Ocean Guardian Stronghold was far more valuable than a stronghold reduced to rubble. He only needed to allocate a small force to guard the throat, and it would aid the process of entering the Southern Region.

Gou Cheng WenDao's attention was already beginning to turn towards the situation in the entire Southern Region.

He knew that the higher ups were far more interested in Heaven's Road than the Sacred Saint Galaxy, but Gou Cheng WenDao thought differently. Rather than placing their bets on the remote and unknown Heaven's Road, why not focus on the Sacred Saint Galaxy?

The sense of unifying the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy was far more enticing to any military general than conquering an unknown world.

~The largest achievement we can get is still unifying the Sacred Saint Galaxy.~

~Conquering Heaven's Road might help make it easier for us to unify the Sacred Saint Galaxy, but but by the time we conquer Heaven's Road, I will no longer be young. The Shang Continent can no longer play any tricks to change the situation in Southern Region, this is enough.~

~With the defeat of the Southern Alliance, we can use the Pontoon Bridge to move further in quickly. With the Southern Alliance as the bridge, we will attack the Southern Region, and that will greatly ease everything.~

"Master, the preparations are complete."

The reporting of his subordinate broke his train of thoughts, he raised his head and looked up, to see that Xie Yu An did not appear. He shook his head, ~Xie Yu An might be good at defending, but he does not have enough manpower. Although it is a trap, it was their only chance. It is uncertain hope, but Xie Yu An did not take it and is waiting to die~. Such an action made Gou Cheng WenDao who had dedicated his life to being on the offensive, be unable to accept it.

~But come to think of it, all the generals who are proficient in defense seem to have the same moral integrity.~

Gou Cheng WenDao thought, ~Since you are heartfelt about your shell, then I shall break it for you.~

"Begin the attack."

All of the generals stopped their discussions as they focused onto the battlefield. One after another, the majestic beast-like mountains gradually lit up with light auras, like ancient beasts awakening from their slumber.

Inside the Ocean Guardian Stronghold, it was so quiet that even the sound of a pin falling could be heard. Everyone were holding their breaths.

Xie Yu An's gaze never left the large scale siege boats, and when he saw the light auras blossoming out, he took a deep breath and shouted: "Open all the sluice gates!"

"Sluice gate 1 opened!"

"Sluice gate 2 opened!"


The urgent command quickly passed down, the atmosphere quickly turning anxious.

Inside the unnoticeable shadows, many sluice gates were opened, causing chaotic energy from the Sea of Energy to surge in. Behind every sluice gate was a silver star treasure.

The star treasures fervently absorbed the energy that poured in, as though they had not eaten for thousands of years.

Every star treasure blossomed with flickering light auras.

The soldiers inside the stronghold were roused, the undulation that suddenly appeared was not unfamiliar to them, for they were the undulations produced by the star treasures absorbing energy. It was just that the intensity of the undulations far exceeded their expectations.

~They, are truly powerful!~

Xie Yu An's pupils flashed with light, he did not know if he was worthy of holding the title Third Best Guardian under the Heavens, but in the aspect of preparing deployments, he had unshakeable confidence. This pride was deeply concealed, something no one knew. It was just like how no one knew how meticulous he had restructured the Ocean Guardian Stronghold, which was to him, his best creation.

He had planned extremely carefully for the stronghold. Not only that, he had even prepared trump cards that no one knew.

Star treasures.

The moment when he had landed his eyes on the Sword Forest Stronghold, he was immediately attracted to the unique defense technique it held. His own attainments on defense deployment was profound, and without spending much time, he understood the theory behind Sword Forest Stronghold. After that, when Bing equipped the Swift Army with star treasures, he irresponsibly requested for Xie Yu An to probe out tactics for himself. Xie Yu An had spent a great deal of effort to understand the star treasures, and thus his attainments became even more profound.

The former Ocean Guardian Stronghold was already perfect in his heart, but he still got a few star treasures from Bing. It was just because of his desire for perfection, that he felt that even without the star treasures, no one would be able to siege and and occupy Ocean Guardian Stronghold.

Who knew they would actually be used.

Xie Yu An did not mobilize them right from the start, he was waiting, waiting for the large scale siege boats to start their attacks. He never interacted with such boats before, but he had relative knowledge towards the weaknesses of the war monsters.

Upon unleashing their attacks, they were unable to move, and required as much time as it needed to prepare to cool down.

"Target 15, prepare to engage!"

The subordinate's tone had anxiousness mixed in, the atmosphere quickly turning anxious. Their 22 Large Scale Siege boats aimed at the target number, and prepared for the next command.

A dazzling thick light beam suddenly shot through the battlefield, heavily smashing down onto Ocean Guardian's Stronghold.


Everyone's vision turned white, no one could see anything, the entire Ocean Guardian Stronghold trembled, and everyone inside swayed around. Everyone held firmly onto anything they could around them, as their minds buzzed about.

Cold exhales and surprised sounds came out from aboard Gou Cheng WenDao's warship. Even for the generals of Honorable Martial Continent, very few of them had ever seen the large scale siege boats unleash attacks.

"Oh my god!"

"Too scary!"

"As expected of the best siege weapons, that light beam's diameter was at least 20m."

"If I am not wrong, it should be 38m."

"Truly despairing…."

"That's right, a man's strength is so insignificant in front of these monsters…."

Astonished cries and praise came out continuously, many of the Honorable Martial Continent's generals revealed fervent looks. Their hearts were trembling, their entire bodies filled with a sense of pride, ~How powerful are we, this is the Honorable Martial Continent, our Honorable Martial Continent!~

~In the face of such power, who can stop us?~

~No one can stop us!~

~The Southern Region is ours, the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy is ours!~

When the light aura dissipated, the Ocean Guardian Stronghold appeared in their vision, the defensive barrier had evidently dimmed down, causing another round of surprised sounds. For such a large scale stronghold, Ocean Guardian Stronghold's defensive barrier was definitely sturdy and firm.

In the next moment, the defensive barrier of the Ocean Guardian Stronghold recovered its brightness.

But everybody did not care, they had just released the attack from one large scale siege boat, once they released more attacks, Ocean Guardian Stronghold's energy barrier would shatter. If they did not have any large scale siege boats, they would have to sacrifice many people just to cause the thick defense barrier to tremble. Previously when they sent out probes, they were unable to even affect the barrier at all.

22 Large Scale Siege boats were right outside the firing range of Ocean Guardian Stronghold's warship weapons, causing them to be able to watch as their turtle shell crumble piece by piece without any ability to counterattack.

How pitiful was that!

The second large scale siege boat opened fire, and the third…..

Dazzling light auras enveloped the battlefield, the bright light auras pierced everybody's eyes to the point that it hurt. But even so, the generals of Honorable Martial Continent did their best to open their eyes wide and witness the battle, as missing it would only make them regret it for the rest of their lives.

The large scale siege boats attacked at a very slow frequency, every attack that struck the defensive barrier would produce an extremely loud explosion. It sounded like ancient giants striking down with large heavy hammers, every strike would cause everybody's hearts to thump, the numb feeling causing them to revere at the attacks.

The dazzling eye piercing silver light and bassy explosions enveloped the entire battlefield.

The killing zone encompassed Ocean Guardian Stronghold and its surrounding, the undulating energy extremely fatal inside. The aftermath of the explosions were enough to shatter warships, showing the immense might of large scale siege boats, the top grade monsters in the battlefield.

The impregnable Ocean Guardian Stronghold was like a small wooden hut in the middle of a storm, swaying incessantly.


The explosions continued for an hour, which only continued to become stronger and stronger, causing everyone to be roused.

~The Ocean Guardian Stronghold's defense barrier is about to be broken!~

Yet inside Ocean Guardian Stronghold, it was extremely quiet. From the initial panic, the Swift Army soldiers had quickly adapted. Even though the ground beneath their feet were trembling, they remained steadfast and calm.

But the atmosphere was extremely tense, everybody's expressions were stretched taut with anxiousness. Rapid orders were constantly shouted out and repeated throughout the stronghold.

"The defensive barrier is less than 10%!"

"The star treasures are almost full!"


"The defensive barrier is broken!"

"Star Treasures Replenishment complete!"

Two officers responsible for the star treasures shouted out at the same time with flushed red faces.

~It's time!~

In that instant, Xie Yu An's face turned sinister as he roared out with all of his might: "Fire!"

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