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Chapter 796 - The Sin Domain's First Army Battle

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

"Why are all of you squeezing for!"

"Everyone, stand properly!"


Tang Tian who was standing on the roof did not look at the chaotic scene below. Chewing on a grassroot in his mouth with his arm as a pillow, he gazed at the gray sky, somewhat lost in thought. ~The Sin Domain's grassroots are as hard as steel wires, and they taste so bitter and disgusting, it doesn't even have any fragrance of fresh grass.~

~I've stayed in the Sin Domain for too long, I wonder how everyone is doing…..~

Tang Tian looked lost in thoughts, his eyes quickly regained clarity, and he clenched his fists.

~Everyone, hold on for a bit longer, I have already found the way to get out of Sin Domain!~

~Wait for me to come back!~

Tang Tian suddenly stood up and leapt down from the roof.

Fu Zheng Zhi's face was red, berating here and there from time to time, he was doing his best at his job. Upon thinking about Master Ghost Face Mask's next plan, his entire body was brimming with energy.

The Sin Domain's First Army!

Just that name was enough to make him extremely excited.

Ji Ze had outstanding talent and was young with limitless potential, he cared more about personal growth, and lacked interest in the army. But Fu Zheng Zhi was different, his personal growth and strength had reached a limit and he had difficulty improving. He was not a solitary man, with the Fu Family as his backing. Thus, his thoughts were more meticulous and had more concerns than Ji Ze.

His surrendering to Ghost Face Mask previously was due to the situation. Fu Zheng Zhi did not have any kind intentions towards Ghost Face Mask, as he knew himself of the unfathomable strength the Four Main Cities held. Although Ghost Face Mask and the Null Division were strong, but upon thinking about the retaliation from the entire Sin Domain, he felt that Ghost Face Mask was not able to win.

He felt extremely depressed with the uncertain future, it was as though he could see his and the Fu Family's outcome.

Until now, when master Ghost Face Mask's so called army revealed its terrifying might, it was like a sunlight piercing through the darkest of clouds, allowing him to see hope. His and the Fu Family's hope.

He found out that the Null Division was also an army, and seeing them being groomed, he was immensely shocked. But the Null Division were ultimately still outsiders, and many of their methods were still incomprehensible for Fu Zheng Zhi. As for how strong they truly were, his only response was a head full of perspiration.

The Null Division was not enough to him, as the Sin Domain was a place incapable of building up an army.

Until the day before, when Master Ghost Face Mask brought him and Ji Ze, and accomplished the Law Surface Resonance, displaying an astonishing might, did it let him understand that the Sin Domain was about to change. He did not know if what they did was considered an army convention, or how powerful Du Ke was with his Law Domain, but he felt that if the army they built were to challenge Du Ke, they had a chance.

It was a revelation.

For the longest of time, the Sin Domain had a common understanding, that peak martial artists who had gained enlightenment on Law Domains were people that could not be defeated merely by relying on numbers. To defeat peak martial artists that had Law Domains, they required other peak martial artists as well.

But now, there was the possibility of changing everything.

Despite it being a possibility, but the intense effect it had on Fu Zheng Zhi led him to be unable to sleep for nights. When Fu Zheng Zhi regained his senses, he quickly realized the absolute opportunity contained in it!

The Sin Domain's first army, an epoch-making product, an established monster that would topple the entire Sin Domain!

Whether or not they could challenge Du Ke, it represented an unmatched force with a definite glorious and dazzling future.

To be Sin Domain's commander of the first army, that thought was extremely stimulating. ~No, it is the first elder!~ Ji Ze did not have any interest in the army, he felt that what the Master truly needed was a diligent subordinate such as himself.

~Master Ghost Face Mask's thoughts had never just been on the Sin Domain.~

~And the Sin Domain's First Army needed to rely on Master's Awakened God Armor, only Master can control them, that meant that the Sin Domain's First Army will become Master's direct subordinated army!~

This conclusion almost caused Fu Zheng Zhi to choke.

The dazzling bright future made him agitated.

As long as a man like Fu Zheng Zhi who had took on the responsibility as a leader for decades have set his mind clear, he would immediately display his abilities and capabilities. He did not choose disciples from his Fu Family because of bias, but went along with harsh standards, and only three Fu Family Disciples were chosen to participate.

Following the standards his Master had given, he carefully selected 20 men.

The Master had requested only for martial artists that had perfect Law Surfaces. In the Sin Domain, perfect law surfaces was a point required for powerful martial artists. If the laws they trained in were unique, or if they had unique inheritances, they would be able to land themselves a position in the List of Powerhouses.

The majority of them trained in ordinary laws and had normal inheritances, preventing them from gaining a position in the List of Powerhouses. But in a small family, they were sufficient to form the backbone.

In the Sharp Wind City, there were 50 men that fulfilled these criterias. But, Fu Zheng Zhi who had already saw Sin Domain's First Army as his life goal, made the standards even harsher. He was extremely clear of the qualities of each person, he removed the old foxes, although he had not comprehended much about armies, but he still knew what obedience was. Other than that, the younger ones had the advantage, they represented flexibility and potential.

And just like that, Sin Domain's first army unit was born.

~Master Ghost Face Mask is extremely pleased with my work~, Fu Zheng Zhi heaved a sigh of relief.

"Is it too little people?" Ji Ze asked.

Tang Tian shook his head: "Nope."

He was unclear on how many Law Surfaces his Awakened God Armor could connect.

~I have no time to waste~ He waved his hands.

"Let's start training!"


The Du Residence was the first residence in Sin Domain, but Du Ke did not like extravagance, thus it looked to be like any ordinary residence. But no one would underestimate it just because of its dilapidated look. All of the guests that visited Du Residence would leave their carriages three streets down, and walk to the gates of the Du Residence as a sign of respect. There were no boats that dared to fly over the Du Residence.

A boundary around the area of Du Residence was a restricted flying zone. All the citizens who stayed within these area were ordinary citizens who engaged in normal livelihood, working and trying to make a living. All of them were not fearful of the Du Residence's prestige, and normal human traffic flowed along the streets, making the area extremely lively. The Du Residence did not express any opinion about anything.

When Du Ke was free, he enjoyed having a cup of tea and spending time leisurely in the teahouse outside of his home.

The large teahouse did not make any special rooms for him, and the shopkeeper never prepared any special tea for him, and there were even times when they were so busy that the shopkeeper would call for him to pour more water for the other guests.

But, it was a special day, the boss cheerfully gifted a plate of fried beans, because of Miss Du Xin Yu.

Du Xin Yu immediately thanked the shopkeeper, who waved his hands and smiled happily before turning away.

Du Ke whined somewhat unhappily: "Even I don't have such treatment."

Du Xin Yu had a beautiful and fresh appearance, with long beautiful hair, she sat opposite of Du Ke quietly, holding onto a large cup of tea with both hands, she started sipping slowly. She was lazy to retort back towards her senior brother's whines.

~For him to ask me for tea, something's up.~

"The Su Family was defeated." Du Ke said.

Du Xin Yu did not raise her head, she knew that was not the main point, as even if the entire Su Family was destroyed, her senior brother would not care.

"The Su Family sent out four powerful martial artists on the List of Powerhouses." Du Ke picked up the teacup in front of him and drank the entire cup in one shot: "Lu Sheng Xiang and Qin Zhen are dead, Su Fei is captured, and Death Servant escaped, but even with that last bit of life he has, I think he will not last long."

Du Xin Yu continued to sip on her tea, such a situation might seem out of hand to others, but to Du Xin Yu, it was nothing much. ~If senior brother moved, none of them would had survived at all.~

"Their enemy was the Null Division."

Du Xin Yu stopped and raised her head: "An army?"

Du Ke was pleased seeing that his sister had caught the crux of the matter: "That's right, it is an army. In terms of numbers, this victory isn't really praiseworthy. Null Division mobilized a thousand odd men, and they had some casualties. But these 1000 odd men had just gained enlightenment on Law Threads."

"A thousand amateurs who had just learned law threads, defeated four List of Powerhouses martial artists?" Du Xin Yu summed up.

"No, it's two." Du Ke shook his head: "Death Servant fought with Xu Ye, the two were relatively equal, and Xu Ye had the support of Death Thumb Ring, and took the advantage. Qin Zhen was killed by some lady who used a sword, but she used slashing techniques, and every technique she released produced rainbows. I think that the rainbow rumors that occurred in Purple Cuckoo City is most likely related to her. The ones who died in the hands of Null Division were Lu Sheng Xiang and Su Fei."

Du Xin Yu asked: "How did they do it, they used their numbers to make up for their enlightenment disparity?"

In Sin Domain, the gap between boundaries will never be able to be covered with numbers, that was the most fundamental knowledge. Martial artists who gained enlightenment on the Law Surface, would completely suppress martial artists who only had Law Threads. Law Threads, Law Surface, Law Domain, the disparity between every level were gaps that were unable to cross.

It was this disparity that formed the various regimes in Sin Domain.

Sin Domain only had one ruler, and that was the man drinking tea, Du Ke. The Four Main Cities were the rulers in name, but in truth they just disliked Du Ke to rule, and thus split the authority to rule.

Du Xin Yu knew that clearly, if numbers could break through the disparity, that would mean that the regime structure of Sin Domain completely collapsing, and Du Ke's position would become unstable.

His identity as the number one man was heavily respected and regarded, but it was not incontestable.

Du Ke had never looked down on his sister's intellect. There was no fear of his authority being shaken, but instead he praised out: "They are truly strong to the point that people want to stop them, their mobilization of power and coordination far exceeds our expectation. Although they have only gained enlightenment in law threads, their physical bodies are powerful. Their style is clear cut but contains immense power. They attack like a gushing tide, wave after wave, fast to the point that people are dumbstruck. Lu Sheng Xiang was defeated like that. Su Fei as well, although her opponent's attacks were penetrative instead, but intrinsically they are the same."

"How did they do it?" Du Xin Yu could not resist to ask.

"Laws." Du Ke's eyes lit up: "Their general is a blind man. But his Law is extremely unique, with many black lines like spiderwebs, he uses this invisible large web to control the attacks."

Du Xin Ke then understood Du Ke: "So you want me to build an army?"

"That's right!" Du Ke did not hide his intention: "Your Laws are naturally suited for such battles. What about it, Sin Domain's First Army, how great is that."

"What about you?" Du Xin Yu asked.

"I will be your assistant." Du Ke said surprisingly, he had his own thoughts regarding armies.

"I understand." Du Xin Yu nodded her head.

"So you agree?" Du Ke did not hide his excitement. He knew it was not easy convincing his sister.

"Now I will need my assistant to fulfil your responsibilities."

Du Xin Yu stood up, revealing her beautiful back,

"Get the bill."

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