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Chapter 794 - Mediate and Bridge

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

"Southern Region Fox, a well-deserved reputation, Representing the allied armies, I sincerely thank your noble troops for the reinforcements."

Peng Ruo's hair was pure white and his face was scarred with hardships, he had a huge and sturdy built, one could imagine that when he was young, he must had definitely been an iron tower. He had took on the role of Commander of the Sacred Pagoda Army for over 3 decades, and his name was known throughout the entire Southern Region.

This old general's eyes flashed with a look of admiration when he looked at Bai Yue who was standing in front of him.

The White Crow Army's sudden emergence in the battlefield not only shocked Qiu Xu Hua, but even Peng Ruo did not expect it. The White Crow Army's performance after that was also unexpected, causing this old general with countless years of experience under his belt to be shocked. The grasp in opportunity and decisiveness to engage in battle with their valiant and sharp fighting strength had rapidly defeated Qiu Xu Hua's great army.

The Allied Armies had many people that suspected that Bai Yue had already arrived earlier and was waiting for the last moment while watching them die.

All of these voices were pressed down by the old general, Bai Yue's choice of appearing was perfect, resulting in a perfect outcome, proving him to be an outstanding general. Furthermore, Bai Yue was not under his jurisdiction, and should not bear the faults. He was long unhappy with the clumsy performance of the allied armies.

"You're overpraising me, this junior's luck is just better." Bai Yue spoke in a respectful manner.

His respect was not feigned, the Sacred Pagoda Army had a long history, and had always been upright and unyielding, seeking justice for people and protecting them, with Peng Ruo who had a good moral standing and reputation. When Bai Yue was still in school, Peng Ruo was always in many of the lessons, and was frequently used as an example or discussion of topic.

Peng Ruo stretched his lips, he disliked beating about the bush, and got right to the point: "What about Mo Xin?"

"Ignore him." Bai Yue said straight out, his careless temper was about to surface, but upon seeing the meticulous old general in front of him, he immediately straightened himself: "We are fighting in our homeground and occupy the favourable land, what we should first consider is how much fighting strength the enemy still has."

Peng Ruo nodded his head, he agreed with Bai Yue's thoughts, then asked another question: "What is your unit planning to do next?"

"We can't leave anymore." Bai Yue revealed a bitter smile: "Qiu Xu Hua will definitely plan to make us stay."

Peng Ruo was extremely clear of the situation of the battlefield. Qiu Xu Hua had returned and fought back extremely quickly, scaring almost everyone. Before they had the chance to rejoice over their difficult victory, they had to welcome yet another battle.

Qiu Xu Hua focused a third of his strength to fight the White Crow Army.

It was a cunning move, Qiu Xu Hua led 80 thousand men to mix with 15 thousand of his allied forces, but was not at a disadvantage. His subordinate, General Wei Yue led an army of 40 thousand men and locked the White Crow Army down.
Peng Ruo suddenly spoke out: "You are from the Southern Alliance, and have the responsibility of reinforcing the Shang Continent. If you need to leave, quickly draw close to my unit, I will carve a way out for you."

The faces of his men all took a great change, they understood what Peng Ruo was saying. If they wanted to pull the White Crow Army out of the battle, they needed to resist Wei Yue, that was no different from telling them to use their own bodies to block the blades for the White Crow Army.

Another thread of respect surged in Bai Yue's mind, he knew that it was not easy for the old general to say such words in such a difficult situation.

"Thank you for your kind intentions." he suddenly smiled: "The Shang Continent does not require me to support them, I am more interested in making this place Qiu Xu Hua's burial grounds."

Peng Ruo's expression did not change, but a trace of surprise flashed deep in his eyes, while he spoke calmly: "You have a lot of confidence in the Shang Continent."

"Yes." Bai Yue said blatantly: "They are the most outstanding bunch of people I have ever met."

"I hope they are as you think they are." The old general nodded his head, he no longer spoke on this matter, and changed the subject: "Your unit's warship weapons are extremely exquisite, I wonder if you are able to support us? We are willing to pay for them."

The White Crow Army's equipped warship weapon's powers were already proven on the battlefield. Every single White Crow Army warship were like hedgehogs with sharp pricks everywhere, their powerful battle ability had left a deep impression in the old general.

What left a deeper impression was that every warship of the White Crow Weapon actually had double the warship weapons equipped compared to his own warships. Both their warships were roughly the same size, which meant only one possibility, that was the White Crow Army's warship weapons had greatly reduced the number of people needed to man the weapons.

Bai Yue was startled for a moment, but quickly reacted: "I am sorry, we do not have much spares. If you truly want to purchase them, I am willing to mediate and bridge you to the supplier, but you need to organise a convoy back to the Shang Continent."

"The Shang Continent?" The old general looked at Bai Yue in surprise: "Not Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce?"

Everyone knew who were in the Southern Alliance, but with regards to weapons, everyone had subconsciously thought that it was the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, as their weapons were usually far more advanced and complicated than others.

~It's actually the Shang Continent!~

"Yes, the Shang Continent." Bai Yue explained: "Black Gold is the Shang Continent's unique product, although they have supplied some to the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce and did not limit their manufacturing, but these brand new warship weapons originates and comes from the Sword Forest Stronghold. The Shang Continent also has proficient warship weapons manufacturers, I personally think that their standard is higher than the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, but they do not sell it on the market."

Guan Jin who stood beside Bai Yue also revealed a look of agreement.

As Bai Yue's adjutant, most of the weapons purchase was handled by him. At that time, when Bai Yue had suggested choosing the warship weapons produced by the Shang Continent, Guan Jin refuted it with intensity, until they got to the testing phase, only after going through the tests did he realize that the Shang Continent who were not known for their weapons actually had such outstanding weapons manufactured.

The completely refurbished White Crow Army increased their strength greatly.

~But a pity, these people are not interested in the manufacturing of warships….~

Guan Jin felt that if the Sword Forest Stronghold were to start producing warships, it would definitely be powerful.

"I think I will need the recommendation letter of yours." Peng Ruo bowed towards Bai Yue.

"I am pleased to be able to do something for you." Bai Yue returned the bow.

Peng Ruo who had obtained Bai Yue's recommendation left happily. As the commander of the allied forces, he was not worried about spending money, the Southern Region's robust businesses between the various continents was strong enough for him to utilize and obtain assets. As for the transport, there were no problems at all, although they needed to take a big detour and enter through the back of the Shang Continent, but in the war that was expected to last for many days, they still had time.

Bai Yue watched as Peng Ruo left, and touched his chin: "With such a big bill, I should find the Sword Forest Stronghold and obtain some commission, Old Guan, tell me, how much is appropriate? What about 10%?"

"Nothing great about it." Guan Jin said impolitely: "Instead of a discount, we should pay attention to whether the Sword Forest Stronghold has produced any new weapons, their efficiency is shocking."

"That's right! They are a group of maniacs!" Bai Yue immediately said: "They will definitely have good stuff! We need to send people there to check it out."

The White Crow Army had experienced the benefits, and were extremely excited towards the Shang Continent's weapons.

Suddenly, Guan Jin's face changed.

Bai Yue noticed it, and asked: "What's wrong?"

"Gou Cheng WenDao is personally sieging Ocean Guardian Stronghold!" Guan Jin's face turned white.

Bai Yue sucked in cold air.

He knew that the Shang Continent's defensive lines would have to bear extremely large stress, but they were not worried towards the Ocean Guardian Stronghold at all. The stronghold was under the hands of Xie Yu An, a man proficient in defense, and the abilities that he could produce was definitely beyond expectations.

Bai Yue knew that how proficient his fellow old classmate was in defensive formations. In school, Xie Yu An's defense positioning work had caused all their teachers to have headaches. It was to the extent that every time that Bai Yue allowed Xie Yu An to help him do his work, he had to reinforce the point to only reveal half of his strength, and have to leave at least five or more flaws.

If not, their teachers would immediately know who was the one who truly did the work.

He had plenty of confidence in Xie Yu An. He did not know whether Xie Yu An was the Third Best Guardian in Sacred Saint Galaxy, but in terms of laying defensive formations, he believed that his old classmate was number one.

Even Bai Yue himself would not dare touch Xie Yu An who had a stronghold under his belt.


~That's Gou Cheng WenDao!~

Gou Cheng WenDao's battle achievements were the most terrible out of the Five Great Generals.

Mu Zhi Xia had stood guard in Wei Ye Guan Continent for many years, and had fought many different scales of wars in its initial period with Savage Continent, definitely suffering a few times. As for Jia Ya who monopolized in defense, he had hardly been beaten. Qiu Xu Hua had suffered a few times in his initial battles, but from there, he only went higher and battle. As for Mo Xin who seeked the most logical choices, he never had any traces of loss.

With just a four years of age gap, Gou Cheng WenDao had suffered many loss, but, he was the enemy that all the generals were never willing to face.

He attached importance in attacking to kill, he was unbridled and rampant, destructive and fanatical. Gou Cheng WenDao would always leave various flaws and weaknesses in battle, but he did not care, as he firmly believed that even before he was beaten, his enemy would break first. Even in the most despairing situations, his number one reaction was to attack. To fight with him, one can never think about retreating, if not they would have to prepare to forever be on guard.

If there was only one of him, it was not scary, but the terrifying thing was that he held another bunch of equally savage and fanatical maniac, which were his direct subordinated army!

Any ordinary person would definitely not touch the Ocean Guardian Stronghold, as it was the stronghold that sat the Third Best Guardian In Sacred Saint Galaxy!

There were many good places in the entire defensive lines to attack, why would anyone choose the strongest and most guarded place to attack?

But, this seemingly illogical choice was extremely logical in Gou Cheng WenDao's hands.

Bai Yue could not help but feel worried.

If it were any other military general sieging Ocean Guardian Stronghold, he would not even care. Even if it was Qiu Xu Hua or Mo Xin, as long as they knew that it would not work, they would never waste the lives of their soldiers. But Gou Cheng WenDao did not have the word "impossible" in his dictionary.

He would constantly attack fervently, even if he had to bleed himself, he would force his enemy to bleed.

Guan Jin bit his lips, and spoke through his teeth: "They require assistance."

"No." Bai Yue shook his head unexpectedly: "We will continue with our previous plans."


"We have to believe in him." Bai Yue took a deep breath and gritted his teeth: "Even if it is Gou Cheng WenDao, we have to believe in Old Xie! Furthermore, don't forget about Bing, that crafty and cunning man will definitely not sit idle and watch Old Xie suffer."

The worry on Guan Jin's face did not lessen, he always felt that Bai Yue had a blind trust towards the commander-in-chief of the Shang Continent.

~Why does Ah Yue always think that that man has an idea?~

~Did that man truly prepare for this already?~

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