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Chapter 789 - Shamed Zhong Li Bai

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

~This is definitely a goddamn place!~

Xiao Han Guang cursed in his heart, his entire body was covered in dust and he was in an extremely terrible state. From young , he had never been dirtied before, and he would occasionally look at his own reflection in his blade, and almost could not recognize himself who was currently looking like a beggar.

But he did not dare to lose focus, if he were to make another slight mistake in the next cooperation, not only him, but the entire small unit would be face with more punishment and more training. If it was him in the past, he would had left with pride, ~How can you weak people be my teammates?~

Everything spiralled out of control ever since he was handed to the Null Division,

On the same day, where the march happened in the afternoon, he was requested to participate in all of the Null Division training.

~Damn it!~

He was only there to learn the Heavy Demonic Execution!

His reason was put down by the despicable blind man, who said with a calm look, since the Master had handed the army over to him, all matters regarding the army would be decided by him. How could the prideful Xiao Han Guang tolerate that? He did not have anything to say for losing to Ghost Face Mask, but that did not meant that he could be appointed as a subordinate to anyone else.

~This blind man dares to criticize and give me orders?~

He snorted and started to walk out, he did not believe that the blind man dared to do anything to him.

Before he could even leave the barracks, Xu Ye blocked his path.

Xu Ye's strength struck fear in him, Xu Ye's enlightenment and the terrifying death aura brought forth by him in Sharp Wind City had left an extremely deep impression in Xiao Han Guang. But it was just fear, he was not afraid.

Right at that moment, the ground of the entire barracks started trembling.

Countless figures rushed forward like a tide from every corner of the barracks towards him. Xu Ye was a man with a belly full of tricks. He hit him hard, saying that so long as he could escape from the group of them, he would not need to participate in the army training.

Xiao Han Guang snorted, ~Just by relying on you guys, you think you can stop me?~

Without hesitation, he rushed towards the group of people.

The start of a lifelong unforgettable and shameful battle begun, the berserk waves of attacks came in, the terrifying offensive storm caused him to quickly lose consciousness, he only lasted for 30 seconds, a pitiful 30 seconds. He was struck by Ah Mo Li who grasped an opportunity, the big man who had so happily taught him the Heavy Demonic Execution in the day had raised his large guillotine blade and without holding back, smashed onto Xiao Han Guang's body without any sentiments.

He shamefully fainted right there and then.

Following that, he was awoken by a bucket of ice water, and then dragged by Ah Mo Li into the ranks and started to participate in the training.

That was the start of his hellish life.

The arrogant Xiao Han Guang had always been seen as a genius since young, and all the ordinary teammates around him that he looked down on could never keep up with his rhythm. But very quickly, he was punished, and he who was unconvinced by the punishment scolded out, that there was no meaning in the cooperation.

Nie Qiu did not retort, and simply let Han Bing Ning and her small team fight with Xiao Han Guang in a real battle.

XIao Han Guang felt that it was an opportunity to prove himself, he immediately took the initiative and rushed towards Han Bing Ning. But he quickly fell into trouble, as Han Bing Ning's fighting style was completely different from Ah Mo Li.

Ah Mo Li was like an invincible heavy hammer that could smashed through everything, he liked to unleash his blade together with his unit, the power imposing and fearsome.

Han Bing Ning had a different temperament, she was like a metal web with blades hung all over, most proficient in using three to five man coordinating attacks. They suddenly separated and converged, each strike did not have Ah Mo Li's power, but each strike was undoubtedly sharp and penetrative, Xiao Han Guang realized that all of his Demon Seals were quickly being put in a pinch. Although he managed to inflict some injuries onto Han Bing Ning's group, he had to display all of his abilities to saturation, but he was unable to change the outcome.

Xiao Han Guang had nothing to say. Although he was an arrogant man, but he was no fool, and nothing was as convincing as having the better ability.

~But, damn it! What does an army tactic have to do with me?~

~I am just here to learn the Heavy Demonic Execution…..~

Xiao Han Guang roared in his heart, but against Nie Qiu's demand for him to participate in the daily trainings to have the qualifications to earn the Heavy Demonic Execution, he had no choice but to obediently listen and train with them.

Xu Ye sat on the city wall and watched Xiao Han Guang train bitterly.

Xu Ye was basking in the joy of Xiao Han Guang's calamity, ~It is truly a joy seeing young talents being beaten up~. Xu Ye who had participated in the training for a period of time knew how terrifying the Null Division was, and even Xu Xiang Dong harbored a grudge towards the unit.

Xiao Han Guang was stronger than Xu Xiang Dong, but the Null Division was also stronger than before. The various experts from Purple Cuckoo City, like Gu Xie, had merged into Null Division, increasing the Null Division's fighting ability.

Ah Mo Li and Han Bing Ning's improvements caused others to be stupefied.

The Null Division members in the field had their teeth clenched, they were patiently doing drills over and over again. Even as an outsider watching, Xu Ye felt that the training was too tedious and dull. However, the Null Division members had red faces and tensed necks, they were perspiring all over and gasping for breath with their eyes wide opened.

Suddenly, Xu Ye felt envious of them.

Their strength was nothing to Xu Ye, but they were filled with enthusiasm, to the point that he felt it was fanatical. Their trust and unity was something that in Nie Qiu's eyes was not of standard yet, but to Xu Ye, it was enough for others to be shocked.

For some reason, he liked to sit by the city walls and watch the Null Division train.

~Maybe because they are not compatible with the Sin Domain.~

The Sin Domain had struggled at death's door for too long and had lost their aspirations, the people were long used to lowering their heads. But the Null Division members were different, they were filled with energy and the enthusiasm towards life, filled with fearlessness towards battles. Even when they were reduced to prisoners, they still stood with a backbone and straightened necks, arrogant and unbridled.

The entire Sin Domain was actually unable to do anything to these prisoners. ~I wonder what the Sin Domain will think, looking on helplessly at the Null Division who were previously their captives, this is truly confusing, who were the true captives?~

~What a turn of the tables, what absurdity is this.~

The Sin Domain had already forgotten their ancestor's glories, and the spirit in expansion and development had all disappeared within two generations. How long has it been since the Sin Domain had increased the number of cities?

So he liked to watch the Null Division members training from a distance, only by watching them could he feel that life was full hope, his heart that had been shrouded by the haze could he finally see the sunlight.

The Sin Domain that had sunk into depravity, the Sin Domain that had lost its determination, the Sin Domain that was struggling at death's door, was as weak as a decaying tree.

Only from within the ashes could it have hopes of producing a new sprout.

But it was a pity, the Master had no interest in the Sin Domain. Xu Ye sighed in his mind, ~Sin Domain's various families are extremely cautious towards Master, but they would never have thought that Master had no intentions for the Sin Domain at all.

~Master has never concealed his intentions, he just wants to lead the Null Division back to the Sacred Saint Galaxy, from what he has said, there is most probably a huge war there.~

He shook his head, and threw out all of the excess thoughts, ~I should think about how I can complete the task Master has entrusted me.~

They had completed their task of obtaining the Null Division Members from the Flying Galloping City perfectly, which was out of expectations, but Xu Ye knew that this was not due to their hard work, but because of the intimidation that the Master gave off. As a subordinate, to only be able to accomplish their mission because of their Master was not something praiseworthy.

Xu Ye suddenly stood up, he sensed that someone was watching.

The scouts that had come for two days, had become more substantial. All of these scouts came from different places, there were many of them, causing Xu Ye to be surprised.

The Flying Galloping City and the Four Main Cities were neighbours, with an army of 2000 trained soldiers being deployed, how could the Four Main Cities remain unconcern?

The difference between Nie Qiu and Xu Ye was that Xu Ye understood better on how the higher ups of the Sin Domain operated.

The Four Main Cities would definitely not take action straightaway, they were too unfamiliar with armies, and they would never take such risks. Out of all of those eyes around, majority of them would definitely be related to the Four Main Cities.

~How will they react?~

Xu Ye frowned, a look of worry flashed past his eyes. He had never thought that there would be a day where he would make enemies out of the Four Main Cities, which were horrifying existences. Thinking about that, Xu Ye could not help but laugh. The Purple Cuckoo City was just a sideline city, and the Qin Family back then was already an immovable and majestic mountain that he could never surpass, he never thought that they would pose a threat to the Four Main Cities.

Thinking about the power the Four Main Cities held, Xu Ye's face became serious.

~They are the truly overlords of Sin Domain, and everywhere that the Sin Domain has people will be somewhat related to them.~

~What will they do?~


"Such bad luck!" Zhong Li Bai's face was extremely ugly, he spat out saliva angrily, killing intent soaring.

They had just besieged a fortified mountain stronghold, the enemy actually cheated them and feigned surrender, causing Zhong Li Bai's men to have a lot of casualties. In the face of death and where their plan had failed, the enemies had ashen faces, to them, the consequences would be inevitable.

"Out of every 10, kill one."

Zhong Li Bai said indifferently, his subordinate pounced into the group of captives, where the screamings of plead and howls continued endlessly. Zhong Li Bai ignored them, there were many of them, and if he did not need their strength, he would had killed all of them.

Zhong Li Bai who was from a proper education and school did not like bandits and thieves.

But the current him was no different from the bandits, his troops had swelled, and he currently had over 20 thousand men. The entire mountains had been swept by him, and all of the bandits were under him now.

The number seemed huge, but their fighting capability was no different from cannon fodder.

What made him even more repulsive was that the battle in Sharp Wind City had allowed the Master's name to soar, and ultimately letting Nie Qiu take advantage of the situation, and it was heard that he currently had 2000 Null Division members under him. Even though Zhong Li Bai had 10 times the number of men, but he knew that they could not fight against Nie Qiu and his 2000 men.

~That blind man is actually ahead of me.~ Zhong Li Bai felt extremely terrible. What made him feel even worse was that his master that had improved greatly made his plan sound like a joke.

~Following Master's speed, before my plan even succeeds, they will have obtained all of the Null Division.~

~I took the initiative to pull people out, ultimately to go around doing nothing, how can I go back with nothing? What have I accomplished? Oh, I swept through the mountains and killed off the bandits, and provided a meritorious service to the Sin Domain, providing them with safety….~

Upon thinking about that, Zhong Li Bai so badly wanted to cover up his face that was heating up with shame.

Right at that moment, a scout rushed over anxiously: "Master, there's a situation!"

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