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Chapter 775 - Arrival of the Null Division

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

When Xiao Han Guang surrendered, he was still thinking of how Ghost Face Mask would treat him, on whether or not he would be interrogated on where he got the inheritance of the Demon Six Seals, and thought of whether he would be tortured. Demon Six Seals held an extremely important position in the Sin Domain, and no other inheritance could compare to it. If he was in any other person's hands, they would definitely interrogate and torture him.

Ghost Face Mask did not care about him.

That's right, Ghost Face Mask treated him like air, without listening or talking to him.

From the start, Xiao Han Guang still thought that Ghost Face Mask was deliberately doing it, but after a few days, he finally confirmed that Ghost Face Mask never had him in his eyes at all.

It was Xiao Han Guang's first time being disregarded, since young, wherever he was, he would be in the limelight. Even Fu Zheng Zhi, after being asked a few questions by Ghost Face Mask, he was regarded as air.

Xiao Han Guang was confused with himself, the joy in not needing to face torture and the anger in being disregarded mixed together.

And it was because of these emotions that he harbored that made Xiao Han Guang observe Ghost Face Mask secretly.

He was a 100% sure that Ghost Face Mask trained in the Demon Six Seals, although it had differences with his own. He had a misconception, that Ghost Face Mask's Demon Six Seals was the true Six Seals instead of his.

This absurd misconception made Xiao Han Guang even more confused, he was a true descendant of Ancestor Li, and trained in the Demon Six Seals since young. But to suddenly realize that there was a person who was even more powerful in the Demon Six Seals compared to him, had struck a huge wound in his confidence.

The two of them had minor differences, but because of that, Xiao Han Guang started suspecting that he might have trained wrongly.

To have suspicions on the inheritance that he had trained for over 20 years, it was an extreme pain that devoured his heart. His confidence stemmed from the Demon Six Seals, and his confidence grew in the 20 years, to become as huge as a mountain, but it actually started to sway because of a rock.

But the truth was cruel, Ghost Face Mask's Demon Six Seals was far stronger than his.

Nothing was as convincing as the truth.

After being in pain and confusion for a few days, he was on the borderline of crumbling, he felt that he would go crazy if it went on, and decided to seek guidance from Ghost Face Mask.

~There is no shame in seeking a master~ He consoled himself, and his mood relaxed greatly. But very quickly, he started to think again, ~How would Ghost Face Mask react? Will he mock me? Or tell me that what I have been doing is wrong? Or continue ignoring me?~

Xiao Han Guang plunged into confusion once more.

But he gathered the last bit of courage that he had to seek guidance from Ghost Face Mask.

When Xiao Han Guang asked him to teach the Demon Six Seals, Tang Tian was surprised, but very quickly recovered from it.

He thought for a moment, then decided to speak the truth: "I am not sure if my Demon Six Seals is right or not either."

This sentence caused Xiao han Guang's face to darken, ~As expected, Ghost Face Mask will definitely not tell me his secrets, but if it was me, I would not divulge it either.~

Tang Tian did not notice Xiao Han Guang's change in expression and muttered: "I gained enlightenment on the Demon Six Seals from the Heavy Demonic Execution. I don't know either, how should I put it, what the Demon Six Seals should be, there are many variations that I cannot describe. But I think if you train in the Heavy Demonic Execution, maybe you will learn its entirety."

"Heavy Demonic Execution?" Xiao Han Guang was startled.

"Yes. The Heavy Demonic Execution is the consummate technique of the Xue Family, there was a point where Ancestor Li once stayed with them." Tang Tian said.

Xiao Han Guang blurted out: "Can you teach it to me?"

He was excited, ~Ancestor left a consummate skill in the past?~

"I don't have time." Tang Tian shook his head.

The excitement in Xiao Han Guang's face immediately dimmed down.

"But you can follow the Null Division and learn from them." Tang Tian carried on.

~Follow the Null Division and learn from them?~ Xiao Han Guang's eyes lit up again, it did not matter who he learned it from, as long as he could. He spoke without hesitation: "I will go and find them now!"

The entire Sharp Wind CIty had surrendered, and the Null DIvision was naturally sent out, and Xiao Han Guang knew where their camp was.

Tang Tian shook his head: "It's not them, it's the Null Division from Purple Cuckoo CIty."

"Then I will go Purple Cuckoo City." Xiao Han Guang stood up and was about to leave.

"They are arriving soon." Tang Tian laughed.


Ah Mo Li looked at the terrifying opening at the city walls below him, and muttered: "Crazy Tang is growing stronger and stronger."

Han Bing Ning's eyes were also attracted to the slash wound in the city walls, and secretly compared to herself, if her own sword could attain such a devastating level of destruction. She could, but the consumption was too large and she could not last more than a few swords. Although she had been chasing after him, but the distance between them just kept on growing.

Han Bing Ning's mood dampened.

"Ah Mo Li will also get strong and stronger!" Ah Mo Li suddenly swung his arms and shouted: "And defeat Crazy Tang!"

All the Null Division members around him immediately had a change in expression, they wanted to hang a plate on him writing "Naive man!".

Hearing Ah Mo Li's childish words, Han Bing Ning smiled, the gloominess in her heart swept away, ~That's right, I have always been seeing Tang Tian as my goal. It is why I am able to grow to where I am today!~

Who would have thought back then in Star Wind CIty that they would reach such a realm?

She could have never have thought of it, Ah Mo Li as well, Liang Qiu as well, Sima Xiang Shan either, unknowingly, they had already thrown their past selves far back then.

Han Bing Ning then thought about Liang Qiu and Sima Xiang Shan, there had been no news about them, but she was not worried, Tang Tian would definitely save them. In a short span of time, Tang Tian had subdued the East Immortal City and the Sharp Wind City, causing everyone to be dumbstruck.

After their intense discussions, they came up with one conclusion: A perverse man will be perverse no matter where he is.

Of course, in a nicer way of saying it, gold would shine regardless of where it is.

After receiving Tang Tian's orders, the Ursa Major Null Division in Purple Cuckoo City sped towards the Sharp Wind City at full speed. No one ever doubted Tang Tian's orders. The Purple Cuckoo City had been attacked by enemies, but Tang Tian had consecutively subdued East Immortal City and Sharp Wind City, it made everyone realize that bitterly defending Purple Cuckoo City was not right.

Recently, everyone had trained extremely hard, the aura of the Null Division had thus gone through a huge change.

Nie Qiu was extremely busy, the members saved from East Immortal City had broken their training rhythm, but he still managed to think of a new training plan. Thinking about the additional members from Sharp Wind City, Nie Qiu had a large headache.

But what made him excited was that the number of Null Division Members would exceed a thousand.

A thousand men was enough to form a small scale army, which also meant that he could utilize even more tactics. To any military general, that was the best thing they could have.

~Master's strength had soared once again.~

Although Nie Qiu was blind, but his other senses were far sharper than anyone else. As a military general, his thoughts came from all angles, and Tang Tian's break through in strength had created a huge impact.

He had to admit that in Sin Domain, an individual's strength was far more effective than an army.

The proof was by himself, Tang Tian had subdued two cities.

"Everyone better focus, don't throw your Master's face." He said indifferently.

All of the noise and clamor instantly disappeared, everyone raised their chest and became serious.

They quickly entered the Sharp Wind City, where the citizens started to stare at them curiously. Currently, everyone knew that Ghost Face Mask had an army. Army, it was an extremely unfamiliar term to the people of Sin Domain.

The Sin Domain never had an army, so everyone was curious as to how it would look like.

When Null Division arrived, everyone witnessed it clearly.

The completely perfect formation was extremely strict and rigid to the point that even if someone were to slash out at them, the blade would not pass through. All of their movements were in unison, their footsteps were so precise to the point that they looked like machines. In the air, they moved in unison, vacuum plates appearing beneath every single person's leg, the dense explosion of the vacuums caused their hearts to turn cold.


More than 800 vacuum plates exploding as one, from its initial sharp explosion sound became extremely low resounding, as though there was a huge bass drum in the air that caused everyone to palpitate. Every step the formation took brought along a huge shock wave.

Boom boom boom!

The footsteps were so precise and perfect that the scene became embedded into everybody's hearts, the trembles that shook everybody's hearts pervaded in the air.

The entire Sharp Wind City was shocked by the movements, everyone rushed out of their homes and upon seeing the war formation, they were completely stunned.

Fu Zheng Zhi's face turned pale white the moment he saw the army in the air, ~Is that the army? So that's the Null Division?~ He suddenly felt that all of his actions previously were extremely stupid. He was a martial artist on the List of Powerhouses, but in the face of the imposing power approaching, he still received the same shock.

Their strength was not worth mentioning, but when they formed up in their strict formation, it was not something to be disregarded.

All the citizens of Sharp Wind City trembled in fear.

It became extremely quiet.

When the Null Division landed at Tang Tian's residence, the loud bass sound disappeared, and the entire city finally woke up from their daze.

Nie Qiu and everyone stood in front of Tang Tian.

Fu Zheng Zhi and the others than witnessed Ghost Face Mask's awe inspiring presence, and did not even dare to breathe loudly.

"I got all of you here is because the situation has changed, and we must push forward faster." Tang Tian explained to everyone, and then turned his head towards Fu Zheng Zhi: "Patriarch, please explain the situation to them."

Fu Zheng Zhi quivered, he immediately walked up and spoke respectfully: "Yes, we have received information that Lu Sheng Xiang is already bringing his family to escape Galloping Horse City. He should know about what happened here and that he is not Master's opponent, thus is leaving early to preserve the Lu Family."

Fu Zheng Zhi sighed in his mind, he respected Lu Sheng Xiang's resolve, and feel sympathy for him as similar people in distress. Upon seeing that the situation was amiss, he would break his wrist to save himself, something that no ordinary person could do. But this action would also cause the Lu Family to fall into the abyss.

The Galloping Horse City was the foundation of the Lu Family, and if they lose it, even with Lu Sheng Xiang, they would simply be struggling at death's door.

In the blink of an eye, the prestigious and mighty Lu Family had fallen so low, how could others not pity them?

He rejoiced in his heart, ~Luckily, I did not form any grievances with Master Ghost Face Mask.~

"Galloping Horse City still has some men." Tang Tian said: "Nie Qiu, you bring everyone and head there, Xu Ye, go with them."

"Yes!" Nie Qiu and Xu Ye answered.

"Oh, I will hand him over to you guys." Tang Tian pointed to Xiao Han Guang: "He wants to learn the Heavy Demonic Execution."

Xiao Han Guang only felt the many eyes falling on him, and immediately he had a bad premonition.

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