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Chapter 755

Chapter 755 – Yin Yang Formation

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Yin Yang Formation comprised of the yin as the formation lines and the yang as the formation points.

The Yin Yang Formation comprehended by Nie Qiu was a unique set of laws that even Victor, a man with extensive knowledge, had never seen before. It did not consume any power of the physique, and this itself made others find it interesting.

The process whereby the Null Division Members gained enlightenment on the law threads caused Victor and the rest to be dumbstruck. Gaining enlightenment on Law Threads was not something overly difficult, but it was their first time witnessing the entire group performing it relaxingly without putting any effort.

But after that, they were no longer surprised. ~What kind of people are they? They are all a group of human shaped beasts!~ The power of the physique in the Null Division Members surged like beasts, and out of all of them, only Ben Sen was able to match with the Null Division Members.

Ben Sen’s sturdiness and tanned skin was always famous in Purple Cuckoo City, but amongst the crowd, he was not eye catching at all. Ben Sen himself did not know how Ah Mo Li grew his monstrous beast grade body. Every ordinary member of Null DIvision had tyrannical bodies, all of which were not inferior to his. All of their bodies seemed to be cast from metal, and accumulated a powerful force.

To have a group of men that had bodies comparable to Black Ben Sen, what kind of power would that hold.

Victor and the rest were celebrating in their minds, that they did not bark up the wrong tree. Seeing Ben Sen being defeated again and again, all of them were filled with sympathy. Every single person was a mini Ben Sens.

But, how old were they?

Looking at all of their adolescent faces that still had a tinge of childishness, all of them were speechless. Youth, meant that they had boundless potential, their bottom line was already so solid, their future was limitless. A group of young men with solid foundations, given enough time, would become unthinkable.

After staring for a few days, the last bit of arrogance in their hearts disappeared.

Compared to Ah Mo Li and Han Bing Ning, they were much weaker in terms of strength, and far weaker than Gu Xue, their experience in tactics were nil, so where would they be placed in the group?

That intense stress made them work extremely hard. They were strangers to war formations and tactics, but they were all outstanding figures, and gained an understanding quickly.

The Yin line’s undulations caused the entire formation to look as if they have come alive.

“Watch your position! Watch your left and right, the distance should not be more than five steps, watch for wrong positioning!”

“Troops to the left, control your steps!”

“Troops to the right, watch out, curve, curve slightly, don’t move so straight!”

“Well done!”

Ah Mo Li roared at the formation frequently, he glared with them with his enthusiasm, invading every inch of their private spaces.

Compared to them, Han Bing Ning’s side was much quieter.

In any unit, the temperament of the leader would influence the entire unit, Han Bing Ning’s ice cold demeanour made her unit to reveal a similar temperament. They were usually very quiet and reserved, and would spontaneously adjust themselves.

Every time when the formation changed, when it came to Victor and the rest, there would be a slight delay.

Nie Qiu was not happy or sad, it was a problem regarding rapport and mutual understanding. But at least the latest situation was better than the start. At the beginning, the few of them were like confused mosquitos colliding with others inside the formation, causing the entire for

mation to become chaotic. But Nie Qiu never gave up, his Yin Yang Formation was already able to activate with Ah Mo Li and Han Bing Ning.

Han Bing Ning and Ah Mo Li were the most important people involved in the formation, situated at the two Yang positions. Yang positions, were the vital positions for the formation. But, the two Yang positions, were still weak for the formation. He required more Yang Positions, which was Gu Xue and the rest, for the formation to become stronger.

Gu Xue was the strongest, and her ability was extremely unique, thus her position could be considered equal to Han Bing Ning and Ah Mo Li. Xu An Zhong, Victor, Roland Su and Ben Sen, were a grade lower, but with the four additional Yang Positions, it could allow the formation to be more robust, and become more variable. Ping Xiao Shan who had the greatest improvements was the most ordinary looking Yang Point.

The more Yang Points there were, the stronger the formation, but at the same time, the war formation would become even more complicated, and the training difficulty would increase.

Groups of Null Division Members followed along the Yin Lines of the formation, alternating by interweaving, advancing forward, swapping positions, the aura of the formation kept on changing.

Their breathing was constantly adjusted.

Ah Mo Li had also become reserved, he no longer shouted, and adjusted his breathing accordingly. If they were consistent, they would immediately be able to synchronize their breathing. But at the present they were clearly unable to achieve this, and thus required to constantly adjust themselves.

They followed the changes in the formation, and the frequency of their breathing gradually formed into one.

The formation was like a strange beast that had just awoken and was stretching its body.

Xu Xiang Dong hid in the shadows in the corner and quietly watched the people training, his heart trembling but with admiration.

~Is this what they call an army?~

The rumors of the Null Division Prisoners had long spread across the entire Sin Domain, that this group of people all had the same temperament. Many people guessed that they were in one army, although armies had long disappeared in Sin Domain, but the knowledge of it had been passed down.

Guesses are ultimately still guesses, knowledge was ultimately just knowledge, but in the end, no one had seen what an army was, and no one knew what a real army was like.

At that time when Ghost Face Mask was attacking East Immortal City, Xu Xiang Dong rushed towards Purple Cuckoo City without hesitation. The terrifying power from East Immortal City had caused his heart and mind to tremble, it had shook him completely. ~That is the true highest level of power! Even with just the arm of the Death God holding the Death God Scythe, it was more than enough!~

The undulations formed had scared him, and he believed that if he were inside it, it would be difficult for him to escape.

He would never expect that Ghost Face Mask was able to survive from that terrifying technique, much less fight against it. It was a higher level of power, although it was not complete, but it was enough to crush Ghost Face Mask.

If Ghost Face Mask was dead, then Purple Cuckoo City was basically defenseless to him.

He travelled through the day and night without resting, cherishing every second he had. Whoever took the first move, even if it was a split second, would change the entire story.

When he arrived in Purple Cuckoo City, he quickly realised that they were heavily guarded.

But he did not care, such a defense was only a small trouble for him. He quietly snuck into the Purple Cuckoo City, and very quickly found the important people of Purple Cuckoo City, who were all training in the training grounds.

Xu Xiang Dong was a cautious man, he did not immediately take action, and only watched in the shadows.

He recognized Victor and a few others, but did not recognize the rest, but their temperament were very similar to the prisoners. When he saw so many Null Division Prisoners, it made his heart pound if excitement.

The Null Division Prisoners all had outstanding discipline. This point was not shown when they were prisoners, who only showed off their wild and arrogant sides, but in the training grounds, they were extremely hardworking and completed each order word for word.

Such subordinates were a dream come true for any Patriarch!

Hidden in the shadows, Xu Xiang Dong had set his mind to obtain the prisoners. With so many of them, he believed that he could sweep the entire Sin Domain.

His gaze landed on Nie Qiu who was in the middle of the troops, the blind man was the one giving the orders. Xu Xiang Dong sensed that the laws on the blind man was unique, but he did not give much thought into it, in Sin Domain, there were all sorts of unique laws, it was not strange at all.

~He is blind and weak, his strength will not suffice.~

He considered for a moment, and realised that most probably, the blind man was the true leader of the Null Division. ~If I obtain that blind man, maybe I can make these Null Division Prisoners more obedient.~

This thought made him excited, and felt that his choice to come to Purple Cuckoo City was right.

The disobedience of the Null Division Prisoners was the biggest problems to the various families, and until now, there were no news of any family being able to tame them. ~Seems like the key to this problem is that blind man.~

Xu Xiang Dong wandered, and looked at the complicated and chaotic changes in the training grounds, he did not understand what they were doing. He could not be be bothered either, he was thinking of how he could rush in and seize the blind man.

~Or maybe I should just oppress them with my power?~

~That is considerable, their strength are just so so, I can also leave a huge mark in their minds, and I can be feared by them….~

Suddenly, he seemed to have sensed something.


~This sound…’s breathing?~

He suddenly raised his head and looked into the field, his pupils immediately constricted.

All of the figures moved without stopping at all, resembling molten silver flowing all around. But what truly shook him was the unified breathing, all of them were breathing in unison.


The few hundreds of people breathing at the same time, arose like a dragon breathing, they could be heard across the entire field.

Xu Xiang Dong’s heart was pounding, it was as if he could sense the formation of a terrifying power.

Suddenly, his eyes pierced through the layers of humans, and landed on the blind man seated in the center.

The blind man seemed to have sensed his gaze, and suddenly smiled at him.

Xu Xiang Dong’s heart instantly tensed up.

Right at that moment, the blind youth seated cross legged on the ground suddenly waved his hand downwards.

The Null Division members shuttling to and fro were like springs compressed to their maximum, they suddenly released forward.

Many high speed after images of the figures all leapt forward like a tide. They raised their Board Guillotine Blades, enveloped with various colors of light auras, all of their muscles tensed to their maximum.

Forward, slash down!

Looking from a bird’s eye view, it looked like two rainbow colored blade auras that poured down like snakes, superimposing on each other.

The blade lights converged, Han Bing Ning and Ah Mo Li’s aura reached the maximum, they unleashed their attacks at the same time, and two multi–colored blade auras that spanned more than 100m swept forward.

The terrifying blade auras caused the air to tremble, and everything else in vision dimmed in color.

Xu Xiang Dong’s face finally changed.

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