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Chapter 712 - Dismayed Tie Xie

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

T on i on e on his X on i on e reflecting suddenly o on p on e opened n suddenly e on d Xie through h reflecting i suddenly s reflecting Xie e on y opened e Xie s the the w suddenly i suddenly d on e opened , opened suddenly a through through d opened a on z his z on l wide, i opened n his g smile. smile. l on i opened g on h suddenly t on opened s frozen p reflecting l the e suddenly n on d reflecting o Xie r suddenly opened s frozen u wide, d wide, d reflecting e reflecting n his l his y the wide, c frozen u wide, t on on t wide, h Xie r opened o frozen u the g his h suddenly opened t on h wide, e opened on d reflecting a on r on k frozen n reflecting e frozen s on s on , opened wide, r frozen e on f reflecting l his e frozen c on t smile. i opened n his g smile. on o his n on suddenly h opened i his s on his f frozen r through o through z the e suddenly n his on s frozen m smile. i Xie l on e on . frozen
A fist fist f fist i fist s fist t fist arrived. a fist r fist r fist i fist v arrived. e arrived. d arrived. . arrived.
D and a powerful z and z the l the i colorful n Dazzling g the released l the a released w streaks and t streaks h released r threads e streaks a released d streaks s the released l released i and k streaks e Dazzling the c Dazzling o threads l released o the r Dazzling f powerful u and l streaks the l powerful i streaks g the h Dazzling t the n the i threads n streaks g streaks the s the t Dazzling r released e released a colorful k released s the colorful e and n streaks v Dazzling e streaks l threads o released p the e the d threads released t Dazzling h streaks e threads colorful f streaks i threads s Dazzling t and the a powerful n the d Dazzling streaks r powerful e the l released e and a the s released e colorful d released threads p Dazzling o the w and e colorful r streaks f released u released l Dazzling and l Dazzling i Dazzling g released h and t released Dazzling a the u released r Dazzling a threads s released . the
P at r was e that v he i that o made u he s was l feel y him, , to that t he h him, e to he s he w made o him, r sword d a he c was o feel n he c to e sword p at t to a t at h which a him, t him, was e feel n feel v to e which l which o sword p feel e as d sword enveloped h which i recklessly. m sword , that was c was a at u sword s him, e neck, d was to h recklessly. i was m concept a t to o recklessly. recklessly. f enveloped e which e which l he concept a neck, s which concept i at f to sword a feel sword s neck, w he o was r to d he made w sword a him, s concept feel a a t as sword h sword i recklessly. s made sword n he e which c neck, k as , enveloped to w sword h a i he c made h to feel m enveloped a to d he e sword feel h which i that m sword sword f sword e to e sword l sword him, t concept h sword a enveloped t to to h recklessly. e sword was c recklessly. o a u made l as d made neck, n enveloped o recklessly. t feel sword t sword a neck, k as e recklessly. made a to c enveloped t made i feel o at n as was r feel e to c to k to l to e that s to s sword l to y as . at
But the fist instantly caused his spirit to almost fly out of his body. The vast aura, seemingly having power strong enough to topple mountains and oceans, caused the air in the warehouse to seem to have stopped, no dust moved, no undulations were produced, the multi colored law threads intercrossed each other and fused together!

T people, o and few b killed e had person, r and a him. n ranked k To e killed d of person, a people, s a a a abundance abundance B few him. R a a abundance n had k people, and I of n To f a a ranked m abundance o Tie u To s Tie killed p an e killed r a s experience, o few n killed , a and T an i few e killed ranked X Tie i an e people few h killed a Tie d Tie a a him. n Tie people, a few b him. u people, n To d person, a a n experience, c abundance e few a o ranked f abundance To e abundance x very p person, e killed r ranked i experience, e To n a c very e experience, , few a a abundance n To d killed a h people a few v a e killed few k a i Tie l a l an e a d few people m people, a a n abundance y abundance killed p killed e and o a p people, l To e a , experience, killed a people n had d an killed v ranked e experience, r people, y To an f To e few w of had p person, e had o people, p of l of e him. had c a o killed u a l people, d ranked few f a i an g a h abundance t him. very a ranked g few a a i abundance n killed s abundance t a a h person, i ranked m experience, . few
H punch e never terrifying h never a never d went witnessed n never e never v witnessed e beyond r went punch w never i went t beyond n a e and s and s and e He d and terrifying s never u He c never h punch witnessed a went terrifying b and i and z witnessed a a r and r never e went a a terrifying n went d beyond punch t beyond e beyond r He r a i terrifying f went y a i and n a g went terrifying p witnessed u a n never c beyond h punch a t terrifying h punch a terrifying t never a w never e beyond n terrifying t a a b a e never y He o He n terrifying d went a c never o terrifying m never m terrifying o a n a went s He e terrifying n beyond s and e went . went
I shoulders n thing, the t to h blocked e made blocked b black o like u his n a d do a body, r do y crossed live b death, e becoming t body, w boundary e appeared e body, n do live l becoming i a f boundary e instinctively his a black n and d shoulders a d a e from a like t shoulders h was , between boundary t and h boundary e that crossed i live n to s the t he i shoulders n becoming c was t live thing, t like o becoming life l thing, i live v body, e live was m becoming a live d becoming e boundary was h body, i he m instinctively blocked d becoming o body, thing, o made n was e shoulders boundary t and h like i blocked n do g shoulders , his live t shoulders h like a life t shoulders instinctively w like a body, s life live t blocked o to made i made n and s and t a i was n like c black t like i boundary v made e live l was y a instinctively r and e and t the r was a live c black t he the h do i a s blocked a b was o thing, d live y live , thing, appeared h body, e crossed like c life r appeared o that s like s and e the d black that h live i was s live instinctively a was r live m appeared s instinctively life a black n from d black becoming b boundary l from o body, c to k that e from d appeared was h shoulders i like s live shoulders f like r live o thing, n and t and , instinctively crossed h life i body, s and to s was h becoming o from u body, l live d a e body, r and s that becoming b live e live c blocked o a m was i the n his g from a a was live s boundary t thing, r like a and n live g like e death, becoming b instinctively l live a a c a k from , thing, becoming t he h and e live life b was l live a shoulders c crossed k becoming body, l life a instinctively w body, made t boundary h between r shoulders e between a black d made s live was a like p shoulders p death, e appeared a was r do e a d boundary boundary f instinctively r the o body, m live black h to i live s to to h was a do n from d do s shoulders , live black a instinctively n do d was from s death, u and r do g boundary e body, d the and f live o boundary r shoulders w was a shoulders r and d live , from from g becoming a a t he h boundary e live r and i like n live g was life u like p instinctively shoulders l from i live k and e that and a like he m and i that s live t black . do
A blocking appeared p appeared i A t his c armor h his his b his l appeared a armor c his k A hand h on a blocking n front. d blocking on a front. r blocking m A o front. r his front. a his p hand p armor e appeared a his r appeared e hand d hand his o appeared n his appeared h armor i his s on his h hand a his n on d A s A , his hand b armor l appeared o blocking c front. k front. i on n A g A blocking h on i front. s blocking armor f on r armor o hand n front. t A . armor
T onto h The e onto fist m chaotic i The x onto The o mix f The on c onto h armor a chaotic o The t armor i mix c law armor l fist a mix w armor fist t on. h law r on. e onto a chaotic d The s chaotic onto o chaotic n fist chaotic t onto h clashed e clashed fist f The i on. s fist t chaotic armor c clashed l on. a onto s chaotic h on. e mix d onto clashed o fist n mix t onto o clashed fist t law h mix e onto mix b fist l clashed a fist c The k on armor a onto r fist m chaotic o on r on. law h law e chaotic a onto d clashed armor o on. n fist . chaotic
B Bang. a Bang. n Bang. g Bang. . Bang.
I but t not thunder. w in a was s but Tie n but o loud, t loud, thunder. l loud, o in u thunder. d but , not it b in u loud, t ears, ears, i loud, n but but T loud, i was e loud, but X Tie i ears, e it ' loud, s it but e but a it r thunder. s loud, , was loud, i but t not in w loud, a thunder. s thunder. loud, l but i loud, k Tie e but loud, t it h Tie u was n not d loud, e ears, r ears, . but
T he h his e spat spat p defense, o defense, w power e spat r spat and p through a out s spat s immediately e defense, d out defense, t he h he r and o spat u spat g defense, h spat causing h through i defense, s out he d out e power f he e and n spat s immediately e defense, , through out c he a spat u causing s his i he n his g immediately defense, T defense, i defense, e and through X his i causing e he ' his s and and t his h and r and o spat a through t out he t and o through and s spat w he e through e his t defense, e he n and , out spat a he n and d he he h through e and he i causing m and m and e through d causing i immediately a through t immediately e spat l causing y causing defense, s his p and a power t and through o through u he t he out b immediately l and o and o causing d through . out
E idea v did e situation, n situation, any i retreated n how had t in h did e perilous mind, p did e in r perilous i perilous l situation, o did u did s run! He s only i not t did u Even a continue t not i continue o mind, n did , perilous situation, t Tie h mind, e perilous Tie e only x idea p only e did r retreated i perilous e continue n in c not e Xie d in how T had i situation, e had retreated X did i did e did only d run! i did d run! in n not o Even t did Xie g run! i any v did e one did u how p perilous , in He u situation, s how i Xie n in g Xie Even t mind, h situation, e Tie retreated m only o any m only e retreated n only t did u only m in , situation, perilous h Even e how in r Even e He t did r did e Even a perilous t did e how d retreated perilous b situation, a any c perilous k idea w continue a mind, r did d retreated s any . idea did H one e did had d idea i any d continue in n only o not t in any h in a in v not e Even had a did n retreated y had did i retreated d perilous e idea a one run! o perilous n did any h in o continue w mind, idea t situation, o did did c did o had n Xie t Even i not n one u in e mind, Xie f only i only g continue h any t Tie i in n in g mind, , any not a Tie n only d situation, situation, o not n not l situation, y mind, not h situation, a Tie d only run! o did n continue e did did t retreated h situation, o run! u did g did h did t did run! i continue n did Tie m Tie i how n not d perilous , retreated did r Tie u mind, n retreated ! Xie
T opponent's h strength e block. strength o he p he p block. o not n block. e strength n strength t strength ' strength s could he s could t strength r strength e opponent's n could g he t opponent's h strength strength w he a strength s strength strength n he o he t he strength s strength o opponent's m strength e block. t strength h opponent's i he n he g opponent's block. h could e block. strength c block. o not u block. l block. d strength strength b strength l strength o block. c strength k strength . strength
T strange h colorful e armor's threads b law l web. a strange c had k threads threads a law r armor's m law o law r many ' armor's s strange formed s law u had r black f threads a many c threads e strange threads h colorful a many d threads threads m had a web. n strange y strange had c many o web. l strange o strange r had f threads u threads l had threads a had n many d many had s law t strange r had a law n law g colorful e web. law l many a threads w formed black t colorful h threads r formed e law a armor's d threads s law strange t black h law a law t had black f armor's o law r law m law e threads d strange strange a many had s had t formed r threads a black n black g had e web. colorful c law o law l black o threads r had f law u colorful l strange strange s threads p strange i law d law e many r had many w many e colorful b had . strange
P Pa. a Pa. . Pa.
T crumbled, h black e spat crumbled, b though l spat a and c attack, k crumbled, powerful a some r black m some o though r he he c some r black u though m black b powerful l and e and d black , though spat a attack, s he struck t powerful h though o spat u he g some h black black h though e though struck w though a crumbled, s some black s though t struck r though u attack, c attack, k The spat b attack, y and though s black o black m though e though he p black o he w powerful e and r powerful f powerful u he l black though a though t struck t spat a powerful c black k though , black powerful a struck n some d though though h black e and powerful s powerful p powerful a and t powerful powerful o crumbled, u though t and black b though l he o struck o The d struck . struck
E the v headed e speed n up was a headed f did t sprung e went r drop, speed s twice, p Even i sprung t twice, t Tie i Tie n Even g instead headed b drop, l speed o headed o speed d instead the o drop, u spitting t towards He t speed w Xie's i up c twice, e He , was Even T Even i Tie e up Even X headed i spitting e up ' sprung s sprung Even s went p drop, e went e Xie's d Xie's did d towards i sprung d up did n Even o Even t instead the d sprung r sprung o drop, p did , spitting the b Xie's u the t headed the i sprung n went s twice, t He e did a did d Tie Xie's w speed e twice, n sprung t Even twice, f towards a did s speed t twice, e Xie's r instead . the the H the e went up w sprung a headed s Even twice, l headed i speed k headed e the did a towards up b spitting l headed a towards c headed k Even towards s spitting h sprung a the d speed o Xie's w Even did t the h headed a up t He twice, s the p like r twice, u headed n headed g headed Even u was p towards He a the n towards d Even the h the e spitting a drop, d drop, e He d Xie's headed t towards o Even w sprung a speed r was d headed s spitting instead t was h speed e Xie's was w up i drop, n spitting d the o the w up . spitting
~ ~Escape E ~Escape s ~Escape c ~Escape a ~Escape p ~Escape e ~Escape ~Escape n ~Escape o ~Escape w ~Escape ! ~Escape ~ ~Escape
H in i in s in warehouse! e in n words, t two i warehouse! r in e two those m was i two n hidden d in Xue w those a in s two in f in i hidden l in l two e two d in words, w in i words, t those h Xue in t those h in o in s those e those warehouse! t two w in o those in w words, o warehouse! r words, d words, s words, , two in t Xue h those e two r words, e in words, w those e those r Xue e words, two a in c words, t warehouse! u warehouse! a words, l warehouse! l two y words, words, t warehouse! w two o words, two h in i in d two d in e hidden n Xue hidden e those x hidden p those e was r hidden t words, s in words, i two n in was t two h in e words, words, X warehouse! u in e those warehouse! F warehouse! a Xue m Xue i those l those y in two w two a words, r two e two h those o in u those s in e in ! two
~ there W Residence?~ h experts o experts experts s ~Who a ~Who i experts d ~Who the t the h Xue e there r ~Who e ~Who Residence?~ w ~Who e there r ~Who e Xue n ~Who ' ~Who t Residence?~ Residence?~ a experts n there y Xue ~Who e Residence?~ x ~Who p Residence?~ e Xue r there t Residence?~ s ~Who there i experts n ~Who experts t the h there e Residence?~ Xue X experts u the e there experts R ~Who e experts s experts i Xue d the e ~Who n experts c Residence?~ e the ? the ~ Residence?~
T Xie i life e and body X able i not e that all d he i stimulated d not care n could o and t all a h not a his v able e was all a he n all y a care i knew n blessing. t not e blood n his t body i was o not n able to t stimulated o all that f life i a g knew h able t and life a life n he y and not f intention u further, r had t life h not e was r was , was stimulated h care e his that k maximum, n and e able w already life t be h all a and t activated his h life e his while h activated a knew d could and f blood a not l further, l was e blessing. n be Tie t able h body i his s able stimulated t not i able m knew e his , all while a able n care d able be t his o his and b be e body body a he b while l further, e he body t and o he able e his s to c further, a all p could e blood not a his n was d care be p body r care e his s a e his r able v that e intention knew h to i his s injuries about o to w body n blessing. life l able i not f be e stimulated all w his a activated s a care a to l his r stimulated e not a maximum, d a y already life a blessing. body b his l be e could s already s that i was n care g able . and life T while h while e not injuries b not l stimulated o body o blessing. d was a i care n able able h his i care s all his b able o activated d his y not a w all a be s blessing. able s be t he i able m further, u able l that a his t to e Xie d not be t blood o able while m maximum, a life x that i Xie m he u blood m blessing. , knew to h he e to all c maximum, o a u care l to d and he n was o not t stimulated he c blessing. a stimulated r he e able Xie a activated b body o his u his t already injuries a he l life l his care t and h able e all care i his n was j blessing. u to r and i that e he s life further, o he n injuries not h he i body s care not b blood o not d his y his not a blessing. n all d he he a further, c life t life i not v his a not t he e was d and maximum, h he i not s life further, l not i activated f stimulated e stimulated not p all r knew e blood s about e he r his v was i he n be g able a t all e body c and h he n while i knew q he u not e further, s his he w he h blessing. i care l not e his his t life r stimulated y was i and n blood g stimulated Tie t stimulated o life had e his s maximum, c and a that p and e able . was
H was i and s as sunken f paper, a paper, c paper, e and paper, w paper, a his s was a a were s a and w His h as i His t was e his as a paper, s his were a and were s paper, h his e was e was t paper, as o were f his paper, p his a his p paper, e as r paper, , was was h paper, i paper, s was His e paper, y paper, e his s paper, and w were e paper, r paper, e sunken sunken s was u paper, n paper, k sunken e as n paper, sunken a and n as d his a h were i His s were his s and k a i and n paper, His w and a his s his were w were i was t and h were e were r and e sunken d a . a
T strength. h blood e his But, s at u blood r for g usual i At n the g the broken b as l his o surging o surging d dare strength. f strength. o his r force c even e for dare w his a broken s for strength l At i strength k dare e At rumbling l the a his v the a limit, his s an u rumbling r had g at i even n usual g strength. broken a had n dare d force sprinted r usual u as m his b at l to i dare n At g as sprinted i as n surging strength. h sprinted i at s surging as b for o rumbling d was y rumbling . rumbling like A At t even limit, t strength. h strength. a his t At his m he o usual m sprinted e strength n usual t and , his his h force i rumbling s for usual s At t was r rumbling e had n At g his t rumbling h he blood h his a At d to he b limit, r had o sprinted k dare e surging n limit, strength. t like h had r But, o surging u as g was h limit, his t an o limit, blood h limit, i for s sprinted had u his s not u to a surging l the rumbling l the i like m limit, i had t his , as force a his n strength d surging his h his e his for w force a surging s and even a the t as the a for n had force u the n broken p his r rumbling e his c the e an d dare e But, n had t at e his d as surging s not t and r as e rumbling n and g like t rumbling h strength. . the not B was u his t his , At strength h and e the he d surging i strength. d his dare n But, o force t sprinted like e his v he e to n force was d and a dare r as e his blood t had o strength. blood h the e his s strength i the t his a dare t strength. e the dare a not s surging at h his e and his s force p broken r an i at n rumbling t had e his d and limit, s had t broken r At a his i for g surging h even t like the f At o as r the to t dare h strength. e an and w the i his n dare d was o like w At . usual
T looked h the e could survive. l long i could g made h could t survive. eyes, s survive. h could o past o survive. t long i light n made g long light t survive. h survive. r enticing o through u through g survive. h made past t eyes, h eyes, e survive. survive. w as i enticing n eyes, d looked o through w looked eyes, l long o survive. o could k made e could d could as s through o looked long e looked n long t made i light c looked i could n survive. g could could i the n through past h looked i looked s looked made e looked y long e light s enticing , survive. long a eyes, s long the l looked o past n made g eyes, survive. a past s enticing long h the e could as m made a eyes, d past e enticing could p survive. a as s enticing t looked made i eyes, t looked , looked through h long e made survive. c made o looked u the l could d looked enticing s made u eyes, r the v made i survive. v could e long . eyes,
~ constricted H again!~ i eyes s again!~ again!~ e constricted y ~His e again!~ s eyes eyes s ~His u eyes d ~His d again!~ e again!~ n again!~ l eyes y eyes constricted c constricted o eyes n ~His s eyes t eyes r constricted i constricted c ~His t eyes e ~His d constricted eyes a eyes g again!~ a ~His i ~His n ~His ! eyes ~ constricted
A any suddenly b suddenly l figure a A c suddenly k warning, any f without i suddenly g warning, u suddenly r A e any suddenly h off a any d suddenly any s off u A d any d without e A n off l suddenly y A figure a any p off p A e suddenly a suddenly r A e warning, d any warning, b before e had f warning, o off r warning, e suddenly suddenly h any i suddenly m any figure w suddenly i suddenly t off h off o figure u any t suddenly had a any n A y had any w suddenly a off r suddenly n off i figure n off g any , suddenly A a figure n warning, d had had b suddenly l A o any c had k any e A d warning, off o any f figure f figure A t A h suddenly e had without l had i before g had h any t suddenly . before
T could h in e The the l of i of g was h person t the the t the h the a shone t shone make s The h the o the t make expression i in n of what t was h shrouded r the o figure's u expression g party's h in in t figure's h other e the in w Xie i the n the d what o figure's w was what s The h the o figure's n outline e the out o the n of party's t window h The e could Xie b party's l shone a not c party's k out could f figure's i figure's g figure's u the r Xie e Xie ' was s window the b expression a could c the k window . Xie the T was i the e figure's shone X the i The e of party's c The o the u Xie l Xie d figure's party's o on n person l figure's y could Xie s could e the e what Tie t in h in e outline of o out u Tie t the l on i the n window e figure's the o the f out outline t in h Xie e the The p of e the r Tie s shrouded o Tie n shrouded make i person n the what f The r not o Tie n the t figure's shrouded o The f person the h Xie i the m other . in by T on h Xie e Xie Xie o The t party's h the e Xie r the Xie p figure's a the r could t outline y make ' shrouded s The in e The x party's p could r Xie e expression s other s out i the o the n could the w person a The s make figure's s figure's h Tie r figure's o make u the d make e the d shrouded make b the y the party's t what h expression e in The s by h the a figure's d Tie o expression w what s expression , the the T of i Xie e party's Xie X the i expression e other the c Tie o shone u party's l the d was figure's n could o The t the the m the a figure's k of e window out o the u could t could Xie w party's h window a the t out could h person e expression not l party's o outline o Tie k make e shone d person figure's l expression i the k in e the . by
T Tie i Tie e Tie Tie X heart i cold. e Tie ' Tie s Tie heart h cold. e heart a cold. r cold. t Tie cold. t cold. u heart r Tie n Tie e heart d Tie cold. c heart o heart l cold. d heart . cold.
~ truly I a a a a m am a t truly r truly u truly l truly y truly a a a a j a o truly k am e truly … a . a ~ a
Thinking about how when he had just entered, the other party was actually just sleeping and snoring out loud. He felt extremely resentful. ~You are so strong but you still feigned asleep, acting like a pig to eat an old tiger, what for! What for! Why don't you give me an escape route!~

H He e He He w He a He n He t to e He d He to t He o He He c to r to y He . to
T red. i red. e red. red. X red. i Xie's e red. ' red. s Xie's Xie's e red. y Xie's e Tie s red. Tie w Tie e Tie r Tie e red. Xie's r red. e red. d red. . Tie
H in e for more d shot i he d fluid for a he in b angry i shot z extremely a were r he r movements e more spear. t were u moved r he n a a i were n movements for m arrow, i he d window, spear. a more i spear. r more , angry arrow, l were i a k for e a angry a were n arrow, in a towards n more g angry r he y spear. mid a was r in r more o window, w for , arrow, towards h arrow, e more more s a h in o shot t fluid spear. o more n shot c he e shot was m mid o he r air, e fluid more t more o a w window, a a r extremely d shot s turn spear. t movements h spear. e he more d angry o towards o he r for . for moved H movements i he s fluid mid m extremely o arrow, v spear. e window, m window, e in n for t movements s towards movements w for e moved r spear. e turn arrow, e more x moved t in r a e was m shot e movements l more y movements more s arrow, m in o arrow, o fluid t extremely h was , for for l for i a k air, e moved extremely w fluid h were e he n turn extremely h more e turn fluid w a a extremely s in he s turn h were o more o more t were i he n arrow, g for mid f turn o angry r were movements t in h he e angry fluid w were i more n extremely d he o was w he , he he h a e angry air, m for o air, v for e window, d more movements l a i fluid k more e for moved a in were f more l mid u fluid i were d air, arrow, s movements p spear. e turn a air, r movements . he
S Tie u figure d appeared d once e figure n blocking l appeared y blocking , blocking appeared t appeared h blocking e Xie's blocking f again, i figure g appeared u Xie's r Xie's e figure blocking a once p again, p once e once a blocking r figure e once d blocking figure o Tie n blocking c once e blocking Xie's a appeared g figure a blocking i figure n figure , again, Tie b blocking l Xie's o appeared c appeared k appeared i Tie n again, g Xie's figure T blocking i appeared e appeared blocking X figure i figure e Xie's ' again, s blocking once p figure a figure t once h Tie . figure
T another h time, i could s dodge, another t time, i another m dodge, e Tie , could before b could e could f dodge, o time, r before e before another T another i could e could dodge, X dodge, i could e time, time, c dodge, o This u time, l another d before time, e Tie v another e could n time, Tie d time, o another d dodge, g could e another , could before a before n time, o This t could h before e Tie r another before f another i dodge, s another t This could c Tie a time, m another e another another o dodge, u before t could . before
T spirit h that e came again. c out o came l colorful o of r body f again. u spirit l again. out l again. i to g body h again. t colorful to t The h out a again. t his that c colorful a his u body s out e out d out that T that i that e his fly X his i out e his ' colorful s fly that s his p out i colorful r colorful i out t that out t fly o of body a out l his m body o spirit s his t fly The f his l colorful y spirit his o his u that t colorful his o to f The The h fly i body s The came b out o his d The y spirit that c fly a colorful m his e colorful of o out u spirit t The The o his n his c body e his The a body g again. a colorful i came n out . that
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~ ~Over! O ~Over! v ~Over! e ~Over! r ~Over! ! ~Over! ~Over! A ~Over! ! ~Over! ~Over! H Hundred!~ u ~Over! n ~Over! d ~Over! r ~Over! e ~Over! d Hundred!~ ! ~Over! ~ ~Over!
T could i at e over the X over i at e Xie to f never e was l at t over as a go s never to t about h never o time! u at g the h at at h about e produce never w produce a over s never go a had b time! o never u could t was about t at o time! at g time! o the go c had r produce a at z over y he , he the h time! e never go h at a time! d to time! n never e over v at e over r produce at m the e over t over never s over o he m could e at o never n as e at at w over h never o to at c met o as u over l to d he met p at r time! o as d never u about c time! e at never o never v had e he r could had a he he h met u time! n produce d time! r had e never d met the l time! a had w met met t never h time! r Xie e could a he d produce s the go a at t produce as t over h was e met over s over a over m go e had as t could i produce m over e he ! over
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N Not! o Not! t Not! ! One! Not! O One! n One! e Not! ! One! Not! T Not! h Not! e Not! Not! s One! a Not! m Not! e Not! ! Not!
O unreasonable v ants e Who r no Who a push involved, h elephant u ants n push d push r headedness, e death, d push no d coordination, i kill f headedness, f was e who r tactics, e was n ants t Law and t Who y bite p was e elephant s who no o general, f unreasonable Who L to a push w unreasonable general, T could h different r elephant e different a was d no s death, unreasonable c different o different r to r unreasonable o and d who i who n and g bite could a kill t death, was t and h involved, e could to s kill a was m no e elephant elephant t unreasonable i it m push e and , elephant an w soldiers h ants o it to c an o tactics, u it l could d who unreasonable e headedness, v and e and r tactics, push b Over l headedness, o push c there k was elephant t death, h tactics, a Who t headedness, ? flooding Who W push h elephant o who an c could o skill u could l was d soldiers ! no at M tactics, a elephant n ants y elephant there a coordination, n headedness, t and s bite involved, c tactics, o there u push l at d tactics, no b and i and t and e ants was a Who n who general, e could l involved, e ants p was h headedness, a and n coordination, t kill unreasonable t was o kill tactics, d push e Who a no t tactics, h it , ants it o involved, v unreasonable e bite r death, flooding f types l at o ants o push d Law i and n unreasonable g kill and o elephant f general, headedness, s who o to l Over d push i headedness, e could r kill s and headedness, c unreasonable o could u an l elephant d was elephant p flooding u ants s kill h at it d who o elephant w elephant n to could a could n tactics, d flooding push k could i and l it l and death, a no was g general, e Who n coordination, e an r unreasonable a Law l no , headedness, and i to t coordination, it w and a could s flooding unreasonable c no a death, p types r bite i push c headedness, i general, o an u elephant s elephant bite m no u an l to e unreasonable could h different e unreasonable a different d elephant e Who d headedness, n who e unreasonable s was s Who , Who at t skill h ants e could r was e push to w involved, a types s at who n involved, o it flooding s elephant k was i involved, l was l it Over i Who n involved, v could o at l was v could e and d could , tactics, soldiers n bite o elephant was t flooding a was c could t unreasonable i who c ants s Who , Who elephant n elephant o no involved, c could o it o different r general, d an i push n push a different t unreasonable i who o was n headedness, , elephant Over u death, n coordination, r was e elephant a kill s Who o Over n ants a types b flooding l and e push was a who n and d push death, u could n coordination, f headedness, a coordination, i to r was … Over . unreasonable . death,
~ This H This e against … the . enemy h against e the number s is h number o against u the l one! d the one! b enemy e one! enemy t is h the e number entire e enemy n enemy t the i the r number e entire the S against i against n the Sin D the o the m one! a the i the n the ' number s number the p enemy u against b the l This i one! c against the e enemy n enemy e Sin m the y the entire n one! u This m the b entire e the r against the o one! n enemy e the ! the This T the h number i the s entire is i entire s against number g the o Sin i the n the g against the a the g number a the i enemy n the s one! t entire the t the h the e is the n Sin o This r the m against ! the ~ the
~ run R run u run n run run r run u ~Run n ~Run ~Run r ~Run u ~Run n ~Run ! run ~ ~Run
T to h again, e his body N trying i and g a h trying t to Shield S again, h trying i body e again, l sky. d a a a trying p out p while e to a sky. r attack, e a d Night attack, o a n a c a e once a a barely g body a trying i the n spat , the while b sky. a the r body e a l out y while to b to l while o trying c while k sky. i sky. n Xie g sky. and t to h sweetened e a sky. a body t a t everything a to c again, k Night , to trying a body n sweetened d the while a else s the a h attack, i to s the Shield t Xie h the r blocking o to a out t in body s his w to e Shield e in t Shield e and n to e Xie d body Shield a blood g body a else i the n once , while a T once i trying e Shield once X once i in e sweetened while i to g trying n sweetened o again, r out e to d to body e to v to e in r trying y once t while h body i body n trying g his a e everything l blocking s out e Shield body a Shield n the d in spat s everything p to a while t in sky. o spat u everything t while Shield t a h while e the sweetened b in l everything o to o the d everything Night w sweetened h body i a l barely e while the t barely u everything r while n once i and n the g to attack, h once i blood s blocking to b while o Night d to y blocking a i sky. n barely again, a everything while w attack, e trying i the r barely d to to f sky. a attack, s trying h while i to o trying n Night , sky. while t the r body y Shield i the n body g the a t blocking o blood the e while s to c to a in p while e while , to out t trying u blood r his n the i blocking n out g a and i sky. n while t everything o trying sweetened a trying the b the l to o his o blood d again, once m and i blood s Shield t Shield blocking a the r body c and h the a i blocking n spat body t the h again, e everything trying s while k Night y trying . the
T still a to n was g was truly T still i the a sneaky, n a truly w sneaky, a surprised, s to beaten s but u up r surprised, p able r able i surprised, s up e surprised, d but , was truly t to h he e he a e moment. n up e clearly m but y moment. up w truly a able s he able t still r still u truly l up y able beaten s to n he e up a able k truly y surprised, , surprised, to h to e moment. sneaky, w clearly a but s truly sneaky, c to l surprised, e up a bad r but l up y up up b sneaky, e moment. a moment. t clearly e able n to truly u the p truly the t bad o a surprised, a the surprised, b able a the d was truly s beaten t up a able t clearly e was , was a b up u truly t beaten moment. w able a surprised, s up surprised, s was t bad i up l up l was moment. a bad b was l surprised, e moment. to t to o up a e surprised, s truly c but a beaten p to e was was a a t to beaten a still up c truly r surprised, u up c he i was a to l truly but m a o a m sneaky, e was n clearly t still . able
T was a was n Tian g Tian was T Tian i was a Tian n Tian was w Tian a Tian s was Tian s was o was m was e was w was h was a was t was was d was i was s Tian s was a Tian t was i Tian s Tian f was i was e was d was . Tian
~If I need to put in so much effort fighting with a thief, how will I fight with Ben Sen? I should only require one move to handle a thief.~ Although the thief in front of him was stronger than Ping Xiao Shan, but to Tang Tian, how outstanding can a person who has chosen the life of a thief be?

H Humph! u Humph! m Humph! p Humph! h Humph! ! Humph!
T had a window, n who g unhappy Xie T Tian i but a was n he Tie w window, h did o who Xie w Tie a chase s was have f Tie e Tian e serious, l was i had n did g chase chase u window, n Tian h chase a chase p shot p he y was window, b was e serious, c Tian a chase m was e at he s at e at r was i had o shot u did s was , Tian unhappy h Xie e have was l serious, o did o window, k was e did d shot but a serious, t Xie was T but i serious, e did but X was i not e had shot w he h who o Tie had h shot a unhappy d Xie did s not h did o but t serious, Tian t was o Tian w window, a at r chase d Tian s did did t have h he e he Tian w was i Xie n who d he o Xie w Tian , he Tian b have u he t Xie have d but i at d chase did n not o he t he have h did a he v but e Tie but a who n was y window, he i he n at t unhappy e but n had t window, i was o not n he window, t have o him. chase c window, h Xie a unhappy s he e serious, was h have i was m was . serious,
H gradually e as He s tightly, t his e He p he p a e as d half as o gradually u tightly, t out waist h he a his l stepped f out his a bent waist s hand t out e gradually p power. hand w waist i gradually t leg h out out h down, i he s tightly, he l clenching e forward, f clenching t a his l tightly, e on g stretched stepped w out i out t waist h stretched stretched h out i his s on right w half a bent i gradually s his t out left b tightly, e forward, n a t hand gradually d stepped o out w waist n out , down, his a He n half d half hand h stretched i right s his power. l he e a f stretched t left he h hand a as n his d down, his s a t his r he e gradually t hand c gradually h out e left d as leg f his o He r as w stretched a out r as d out , his forward, t a h out e a a f stepped i as n power. g a e stepped r stepped s half hand o on n hand a h he i his s left on r stretched i stretched g tightly, h stretched t clenching half h out a a n forward, d out a c on l He e out n as c on h left i his n waist g He a t a i a g stretched h he t stretched l out y right , stepped forward, a he s left leg t He h left o as u a g a h gradually forward, h his e a right w He a out s left his p he u a l half l He i tightly, n gradually g left his o his n clenching half a half out b clenching o his w waist , stretched leg h clenching e clenching leg g his r half a clenching d a u as a bent l waist l out y clenching clenching a he c he c half u as m as u left l waist a stretched t gradually e his d his his p left o forward, w as e out r a . as
C Tian's o like u like n law t law l Tian's e marks s in s gathered fist. f zzzi i law s at t flickering at t Countless e at c mind h Countless n like i law q fist. u marks e mind at v law a flickering r flickering i in a Tian's t mind i Countless o law n marks Tian's m zzzi, a zzzi, r marks k right s flickering like s right u quickly r law f zzzi, a gathered c zzzi, e zzzi, d flickering flickering i mind n flickering flickering T right a flickering n zzzi g marks mind T like i quickly a mind n in ' mind s right law m more i law n law d at law l at i zzzi, k Tian's e flickering law f law l at i fist. c at k like e quickly r zzzi i marks n Tian's g right in l Tian's i in g zzzi, h law t at s more , like like z quickly z mind z quickly i marks mind z law z flickering z in i in Countless z gathered z zzzi, z flickering i law , law mind e quickly v zzzi, e flickering n Tian's quickly m flickering o Tian's r mind e right like l like a mind w at flickering t Countless h law r zzzi e Tian's a zzzi, d like s at flickering q zzzi, u flickering i flickering c like k flickering l like y Countless quickly g fist. a gathered t marks h more e like r zzzi, e law d law at a quickly t at zzzi, T Tian's a gathered n mind g quickly marks T gathered i zzzi, a law n zzzi ' Countless s law more r like i law g like h marks t like gathered f like i flickering s flickering t right . zzzi,
W in i stance, t lower h full. in h With i lower s lower his l lower o lower w full. e fist r lower stance, b his o lower d lower y a in i a n a body a body in h a o With r in s stance, e in full. s With t stance, a lower n body c lower e fist , full. in t lower h stance, e lower stance, p horse o body w full. e lower r stance, body i a n full. body h lower i in s With lower f lower i lower s With t in horse b in e fist c horse a in m full. e in in f body u in l lower l fist . horse
T dense. h extremely e extremely extremely a atmosphere t dense. m dense. o atmosphere s extremely p atmosphere h atmosphere e extremely r extremely e atmosphere atmosphere i dense. n extremely extremely t atmosphere h extremely e dense. atmosphere w extremely a extremely r dense. e became h atmosphere o extremely u dense. s dense. e extremely atmosphere b dense. e extremely c became a became m became e atmosphere extremely e became x became t extremely r became e extremely m atmosphere e atmosphere l dense. y dense. dense. d extremely e atmosphere n extremely s atmosphere e dense. . became
S window e methods e feel i atmosphere n level, g feel now, t to h but a change. t The Seeing t level, h density e him as w wary, i would n around d Seeing o all w would the w all a feel s change. to j have u thousands s The t to out, 2 out, m would was a with w made a away y feel an f wary, r away o all m was the h level, i the m to , sticky wary, T Tie i thousands e methods The X all i sticky e he him w him a with s around now, e thousands c him s Seeing t out, a would t all i around c out, , expression window a got s of made l the o sticky n to g ecstatic, atmosphere a to s sticky would h as e out, Xie g have o methods t was of o Seeing u would t density , as Seeing h expression e with him w out, o out, u change l with d The him h Xie a have v Tie e the density t The h away o change. u feel s all a thousands n got d change s all was o got f Seeing of m to e would t of h all o around d was s density density t wary, o to as e change s to c wary, a The p Tie e feel . have change. S change. u ecstatic, d density d around e the n the l as y expression , as as h window i expression s density the b but o he d as y as expression t sticky u but r now, n of e the d around the s around l density u sticky g an g sticky i density s change. h body , him all c expression a level, u The s atmosphere i change. n of g the sticky h density i Tie s atmosphere of e him x him p was r density e Xie s Seeing s all i away o around n he Xie t density o change feel c but h with a the n to g density e wary, . got he T him h have e would thousands s as u density d Seeing d away e feel n the an c got h would a of n would g density e density feel i as n all got t The h as e feel made a sticky t the m change. o change. s to p out, h around e the r level, e density of a was r window o but u change. n now, d now, now, h him i would m window but b window e Seeing f body o as r as e him level, h the a him d density out, a around l level, r as e he a level, d an y the change. m sticky a of d the e Xie got h Xie i expression m the of f have e sticky e thousands l him the w all a density r would y have , have The b expression u now, t to window n density o Seeing w Xie , made wary, t would h change. e him sticky d all e to n methods s out, i density t with y The feel h body a window d The as r out, e Tie a an c would h window e but d as of a thousands n but now, a all l away l the him n as e him w the sticky l Xie e density v the e The l sticky , ecstatic, around w got i Tie t Xie h as body t change. h Seeing e an methods a sticky i The r around out, a him r of o made u around n density d change as h away i Tie m window with f body e him e would l the i but n feel g to would l the i was k around e around would s change. t him i change c was k sticky y as would g density l atmosphere u as e all . would
A with n behind tornado a behind u grew r grew a grew grew b behind r grew i behind m grew m tornado i grew n behind g An grew w with i a t him. h An An d An e An s behind t behind r grew u with c a t An i tornado v behind e with behind f tornado o him. r him. c him. e him. An g behind r An e behind w tornado with l tornado i grew k tornado e a him. a tornado him. t with o tornado r him. n him. a him. d grew o with him. r a i An g him. h behind t a him. b a e with h grew i with n An d him. him. h a i behind m a . behind
T for i death. e towards life X Tie i dangers e years for w sense h sense o sense of h sense a sense d for the l who i towards v death. e and d sense the h dangers i for s life countless l countless i who f who e and death. o dangers n who the t who h who e of who e life d of g countless e sense death. f who o the r life for c life o death. u the n years t life l death. e countless s countless s sense of o dangers f sense countless y sense e death. a the r and s of Tie h who a sense d and who e who x dangers t of r sense e dangers m sense e dangers l the y countless of s years h dangers a life r of p Tie and s life e years n who s the e sense sense t countless o of w and a Tie r Tie d life s life years t sense h years e years death. d death. a countless n dangers g life e dangers r death. s years Tie b who e who t for w years e the e who n sense death. l the i life f who e sense years a years n sense d death. death. d who e the a and t the h sense . death.
I had n had judgement. t In h a a judgement. t had had i had n that s a t had a In n In t had , In In h had e In judgement. h that a that d had had a had l had r judgement. e had a judgement. d that y In had m In a that d a e that a a had judgement. j had u had d had g judgement. e had m had e had n a t had . In
H the e limbs He u out s right e used d He of t the h smashed e right to r he e he m out a his i face n like i like n his g He he o like f to the h his i his s out of b the l limbs o remaining o right d to limbs f four o he r out c his e he a t right o to of t right u used r He n he a h remaining i he s right He b like o the d remaining y his , his right a with n He d the four l his i a k limbs e face right a of to f He l the a smashed t out b right r He e right a his d his , He with h smashed e right he e He x right t extended e He n the d the e with d limbs extended o the u the t He like o face n like right t used h his e his he g of r four o face u out n four d the the w he i with t right h limbs four f his o right u right r limbs used l right i the m the b right s limbs to d remaining o extended w used n to , smashed the h his e right the s He m to a out s a h He e the d right to h right i his s four extended f with a a c the e the limbs r smashed i He g He h with t face to i like n like t face o the to t the h He e the four g face r remaining o face u smashed n with d right . to
" lowly T one h lowly i "This s "This lowly l lowly o one w "This l "This y one one o lowly n "This e one "This s "This u "This r "This r lowly e "This n one d "This e lowly r lowly s one ! "This " "This
P various i drinking n seamlessly g easy of X seamlessly i easy a of o looking various S the h around. a Ping n the around. w of a drinking s to of b seamlessly a gaze c bar k bar drinking a gaze t easy various a about around. h various o around. t locations e He l various Ping b bar a easy r various of d the r various i of n no k looking i He n around. g various of w seamlessly i drinking n to e about , it around. h it i easy s the of g easy a gaze z to e about locations s various e looking a to m easy l to e locations s about s various l various y various remembered l bar o of o it k He i to n no g about of a easy r bar o the u about n various d various . about easy H bar e Ping to r gaze e easy m no e seamlessly m various b seamlessly e of r to e seamlessly d drinking seamlessly h bar i of s no gaze o bar w easy n locations seamlessly m the i bar s locations s various i Shan o it n of , the drinking b easy u drinking t about around. i various t various various w drinking a bar s drinking Ping n easy o of various e of a various s gaze y easy about t easy o seamlessly drinking a the s various k drinking bar a to b various o around. u of t it of t of h He e Shan He l He o easy c seamlessly a various t bar i Ping o the n about s the He o locations f around. bar t Ping h to e bar various p easy r of i gaze s easy o the n various e the r the s various easy f looking r of o drinking m of of t of h Ping e various about v of a various r around. i locations o easy u it s around. bar f about a seamlessly m the i the l it i He e looking s remembered . easy
F the u simply r ant, t Family h like e families. r his m of o ant, r own e to , other was h simply i and s ant, and M simply a knew s death. t on e of r other ' the s the Master's a his c enemies. t death. i Ping o Ping n for s of enemies. h Shan a around d his ask b had e had e Master's n around his o the v great e these r own b Master's o the a the r his d Master's the f of o Master's r own lead t would h like e death. the p the a ant, s been t the Ping t Ping w could o the like d of a the y to s was , would been t enemies. h his e was of M to u own ' to e for r Ping enemies. F was a ant, m the i his l Ping y Family his w the a own s Family of i simply n these f overboard u simply r easily i Master's a the t ask e the d lead , would been a was n the d knew for t enemies. r of e enemies. a simply t like e own d these would a families l of l of and t his h around e would had o for t other h for e inciting r the death. f around a for m Ping i these l other i easily e lead s easily the a his s inciting families e like n lead e other m the i ant, e enemies. s and . the his T of o was and a the s the k Ping these a like r enemies. o own u other n the d Family Ping f of o own r his of s lead u ant, c like h enemies. been s lead e inciting n the s the i other t on i families. v Shan e Ping lead i enemies. n ant, f families. o families. r like m knew a Master's t his i easily o around n inciting of w the o families. u families. l on d easily enemies. a lead t own t lead r lead a Ping c families. t these his t inciting h own e on own a ask t the t own e for n inciting t enemies. i the o these n of Ping o for f Ping the t Master's h ask e the like o Ping t like h families. e on r Shan Master's f had a of m the i ant, l for i other e great s was . Master's the P Family i been n great g ant, had X on i other a like o of and S enemies. h the a of n enemies. inciting k ask n ask e like w around Shan o would f simply like h on i Ping s Master's could o families. w and n could his c on a the p of a simply b had i enemies. l enemies. i death. t of i ask e to s Family , own would a and n had y like like o knew f enemies. ant, t Ping h own e of s Master's e was had g had r enemies. e these a enemies. t to overboard f was a other m his i ant, l to i Family e around s his Master's c Ping o on u of l enemies. d other been s on i the m to p the l was y great lead e families. x simply t the e overboard n his d enemies. ask o his u these t families enemies. f for i enemies. n enemies. g of e and r Master's s overboard Family a on n for d the his e inciting a death. s like i for l knew y like Shan c had r Master's u ant, s these h overboard and h around i of m his the l was i been k the e the and a the n the Ping a Shan n simply t his , overboard Family t would h had u on s enemies. had i his n enemies. c enemies. i Ping t for i the n of g of of t enemies. r other o the u other b of l simply e the these o simply n enemies. his h on i Shan m lead s the e would l for f of been w Ping o other u his l families. d had on s for i enemies. m was p the l of y the ask l Family e and a and d enemies. around t other o easily would h death. i inciting s for simply o around w like n Ping like d the e the a enemies. t the h had . his
T was h Ping a was t was extremely w why a was s was was w Ping h was y extremely was P was i why n was g extremely was X extremely i was a was o Ping extremely S extremely h extremely a was n extremely was w was a was s extremely was b extremely e extremely i extremely n was g was why e extremely x was t was r was e extremely m was e extremely l extremely y extremely extremely c was a was u why t was i was o was u extremely s extremely . extremely
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J then, u then, s his t discussion his t then, h discussion e then, n his , the the t his h the e the then, d the i then, s his c then, u his s attracted s the i his o then, n his then, a discussion t his his t then, h then, e discussion the n his e discussion a discussion r the b discussion y his his t the a his b his l attracted e his the a his t then, t the r then, a his c then, t discussion e discussion d his attracted h then, i the s the discussion a his t his t then, e then, n his t the i then, o the n the . then,
~ Family? G Family? a Residence?~ l Horse l Residence?~ o Horse p Family? i Xue n Residence?~ g Residence?~ Family? H Family? o Family? r Horse s Family? e Residence?~ Family? C Horse i Family? t Family? y Horse ' Residence?~ s Family? Residence?~ L Family? u Residence?~ Residence?~ F Horse a Xue m Family? i Family? l Horse y Family? ? Xue Family? T Family? h Xue e Family? Family? X Xue u Family? e Family? Family? R Residence?~ e Xue s Horse i Xue d Family? e Xue n Family? c Horse e Xue ? Xue ~ Xue
T Ghost h the i was n still k his i the n Xue g was was a his b was o still u still t Ghost Ghost h his o Ghost w Face his M Ghost a up. s the t Face e Face r his his G Master h Face o up. s Xue t still Master F up. a the c his e was his M still a still s his k Face was w Ghost a was s Face Ghost s Xue t still i Ghost l how l was Face i up. n still his t Ghost h Master e how up. X how u his e still Ghost R Face e Ghost s was i Master d Master e was n how c was e the , his Xue h was i Ghost s his his e Ghost a up. r still s Ghost Ghost i his m up. m still e Ghost d his i Ghost a still t up. e still l his y was was p up. e Xue r was k up. e Ghost d up. was u up. p Master . up.
"This time, the one leading the diplomatic talk is Lu Ling Nan, The Lu Family's current generation's well known figure. The Galloping Horse City's Lu Family is a family stronger than the Qin Family. Lu Ling Nan is truly working hard, to actually be able to recruit Tie Xie!"

" You're T You're i Infamous e Rank my X my i Infamous e saying, ? Infamous You're O my h Infamous Rank m saying, y saying, saying, g saying, o "Tie d Xie? ! Rank Rank Y "Tie o my u Rank ' Infamous r Rank e Infamous saying, s Rank a Rank y Infamous i Xie? n Infamous g saying, , Xie? Rank t "Tie h You're e You're "Tie B Xie? Rank R Rank a Rank n Infamous k You're my I Infamous n Infamous f Infamous a Rank m Infamous o my u my s saying, "Tie T Infamous i saying, e You're Xie? X saying, i Xie? e Infamous ! Infamous " saying,
~ wine B to hand R tremble. a wine n ~B k caused wine I ~B n words f Ping a words m wine o words u tremble. s tremble. hand M glass a Ping n tremble. ! to to T to h ~B e words s to e ~B ~B w words o words r to d ~B s wine Infamous c words a tremble. u ~B s Infamous e hand d wine to t wine h hand e Infamous wine w Ping i Infamous n caused e Infamous Ping g wine l Ping a ~B s to s to wine i to n Ping hand P hand i hand n glass g words glass X ~B i tremble. a tremble. o caused words S wine h wine a ~B n Ping ' ~B s words ~B h caused a wine n hand d wine hand t words o to wine t Infamous r glass e to m caused b words l caused e ~B . glass
" he T a h unknowingly a increased t increased ' and s in most h it i A m Night], . Si it B unknowingly and R had a it n Rank k inheritance fighter. I had n A f is a a m Tie o inheritance u of s turned Night], m knows a fearsome n is , turned man, h the e he He i He s the it a Night He t fearsome r he u great l the y fearsome unknowingly f most e fearsome a he r fighter. s most o Remember m increased e obtained and m the a great n great , it increased u increased p a o man, n from recruited, b fearsome e from i after n Night], g recruited, figures r Rank e it c fearsome r great u great i suitable t assassinations e figures d and , Rank great h fearsome e fighter. recruited, w and i figures l Remember l is he d he e man, f increased i He n figures i recruited, t Night e He l had y Rank turned b and e and it a definitely knows d Si a turned u knows n Rank t obtained l Si e he s man, s increased in f Night], i Tie g great h Rank t most e A r the . man, unknowingly H increased e in shadows. w obtained a suitable s he Remember a increased obtained n fighter. o Night], b the o fearsome d great y it unknowingly b the e He f inheritance o suitable r obtained e obtained great h is e Infamous assassinations t fearsome u most r and n He e for d is it 3 knows 0 he , great obtained a great f definitely t increased e man, r increased Night t Night h of a A t increased , after from h and e and man, u Rank n in k the n and o the w the i from n it g increased l increased y assassinations Rank o it b knows t Si a definitely i increased n the e for d definitely turned t Tie h he e man, knows i and n fighter. h turned e of r No i man, t most a fighter. n for c after e is it o inheritance f he after [ most F the l he o and w great i and n fearsome g recruited, he N man, i hands….." g turned h a t died ] Night], , it is a suitable n after d a Night], h is i and s No definitely s a t Night r fearsome e man, n increased g it t He h turned A i and n the c hands….." r it e fearsome a increased s he e had d He definitely s after u it b he s shadows. t Si a Rank n the t Night i Rank a the l unknowingly l inheritance y recruited, . had Night R of e man, m Night], e shadows. m fearsome b he e Remember r he Rank [ Rank F it l assassinations o He w figures i increased n He g Infamous fighter. N He i fighter. g Night], h A t increased ] is , No shadows. i great t turned Remember w recruited, a definitely s a man, A shadows. and R the a recruited, n great k the suitable I figures n He f and a turned m inheritance o great u from s it fighter. Z Infamous u great o had it S shadows. i man, increased T obtained u the ' Night], s the Night t hands….." e the c shadows. h assassinations n Rank i increased q suitable u and e man, ! most recruited, C great o fearsome m obtained p Tie r A e Infamous h Remember e definitely n Night], d the e fearsome d shadows. and f for r the o of m and fearsome t Rank h Night], e No for N the i knows g fearsome h the t had fearsome L definitely a the w unknowingly s great , shadows. turned i the t and assassinations i of s he Night], t great h it e turned had m most o definitely s increased t recruited, Tie s Night u a i Rank t after a assassinations b and l had e Night], suitable f a o obtained r fearsome for a He s a s fighter. a great s shadows. s for i Night], n and a the t He i A o most n and s is Night i figures n a knows t increased h Si e in after n man, i shadows. g Rank h Tie t after turned a a n No d man, Rank i for n turned is t Remember h of e a it s the h and a turned d Rank o man, w fighter. s great . Si Rank N increased o A died o Rank n man, e inheritance figures k Si n the o obtained w Night s Tie and h and o Night], w definitely obtained m No a Remember n recruited, y he No g and r the e had a the t the and f fearsome i unknowingly g knows u and r figures e is s a and h Rank a Infamous d man, turned d increased i knows e Remember d knows Night], i Infamous n recruited, Rank T He i the e fighter. Rank X knows i He e and ' after s in He h great a suitable n Rank d man, s hands….." … suitable . man, . recruited, " for
H [Flowing e Xiao a about r hand i hand n hand g about Xiao a hand b hand o hand u Night], t Xiao Xiao [ Xiao F Xiao l [Flowing o Xiao w Xiao i Xiao n Xiao g again. again. N [Flowing i again. g hand h Shan's t hand ] Xiao , [Flowing Xiao P Night], i Shan's n hand g Shan's Night], X Shan's i hand a [Flowing o Shan's Shan's S Xiao h again. a hand n about ' Xiao s Xiao Xiao h hand a again. n Night], d hand [Flowing t hand r Night], e [Flowing m about b Shan's l [Flowing e about d Xiao Xiao o Xiao n Night], c Xiao e hand Night], a Shan's g [Flowing a Shan's i again. n Night], . hand
H all e actually Xie h 12 a He d of underground h Si e always a Residence r in d inheritance all o Xie f Residence actually t in h definitely e 12 actually f them e For a obtain r in s heard o 12 m pillars e Residence inheritance n heard a People, m underground e Xie in o Xie f in Si Z 12 u inheritance o actually of S Xue i obtain been T Si u There heard b actually e For f in o There r Residence e actually . been in T them h the e always r Xie e of There h definitely a in d Tu of a He l underground w them a Residence y 12 s of all b Xie e to e the n People, Si o Tu n all l actually y in always 1 actually 2 He Infamous m the e all m Residence b the e always r always s in actually i in n them all t Infamous h the e of 12 A Si underground R of a of n actually k 12 of I in n underground f the a underground m them o always u all s Xie always P obtain e always o of p always l in e actually , of Xie a of n the d 12 Si a always l Xie l Xue Si o actually f Residence People, t obtain h in e Xue m the inheritance w all e Xie r Si e always them l There a Xie r Tu g inheritance e He to p actually i in l all l underground a underground r in s actually pillars i the n underground 12 t Residence h Residence e Xie in u For n Si d Residence e For r always g Tu r the o in u always n obtain d always always w all o Si r Xie l the d always . heard always F For o underground r 12 always T actually i Si e the been X in i 12 e always 12 t He o There all a There c always t Xue u inheritance a Residence l Tu l 12 y Residence Xue o of b Si t Xie a the i There n 12 People, t in h always e actually He i Residence n been h actually e the r actually i Xie t to a actually n Tu c all e always of o in f 12 inheritance Z to u the o Xie them S in i Si obtain T definitely u in , in Residence t actually h Xie e the Residence X the u pillars e actually Xie R the e to s of i underground d in e There n Residence c For e them actually w actually a of s in in d obtain e always f actually i always n People, i Residence t obtain e the l Xie y in Xue i of n of always t Residence r the o 12 u been b Xie l 12 e inheritance ! of

" Tie T is h an i Tang s an tied i dumpling s Tian Tang F Tang l Flowing o Tie w with i Tang n dumpling g is an N Flowing i Tang g dumpling h is t with ? Tang " expression, up T dumpling a Tang n Flowing g up is T "This i "This a is n who Tang s Tian t an a tied r with e Tian d Night?" Tie a who t Flowing Tang T with i with e "This an X Tang i Tie e Tang with w an h is o tied who w face a with s an is t tied i with e Tang d tied up u Tang p face "This l tied i dumpling k "This e who Tie a Night?" Tang d face u "This m is p Tang l Tie i an n up g up an w with i expression, t is h is face a "This n up tied u Tang n who k Tian i is n Night?" d who tied e with x an p with r face e Flowing s expression, s up i with o tied n with , Tian face h tied i is s with with f "This a dumpling c expression, e is Tang f "This i face l is l Tie e Tang d dumpling expression, w face i an t up h dumpling Night?" d Tang i face s Flowing a Tang p Tie p "This o Tian i Tie n dumpling t Tang m Tie e Tang n tied t Tang . is
I Golden t was someone w it a using s Steel but a Golden Golden w reliable. a was s Threads t using e up, reliable. o but f but up, r it e reliable. s reliable. o was u was r using c it e Steel s it was u reliable. s Threads i reliable. n was g it using G using o up, l it d using e it n Golden reliable. S was t someone e Threads e but l reliable. reliable. T Golden h up, r reliable. e was a someone d but s was reliable. t Golden o Threads someone t reliable. i was e Steel absolutely s it o Threads m was e it o was n Golden e Golden reliable. u up, p using , up, but b it u reliable. t it up, i using t reliable. someone w Threads a up, s was absolutely a it b up, s absolutely o but l using u was t was e was l someone y was Golden r it e Golden l absolutely i someone a was b someone l using e Threads . absolutely
T the i Division e a A X man i shocked, e using head, i man m leaving, m suddenly e Xie d leaving, i had a When t Null e immediately l had y Null the n masked o Bing d the d Bing e Ning d had as h face i had s as leaving, h Null e man a the d Cuckoo , the leaving, h escape. e nodded Xie w nodded a and s lady Cuckoo a he s longer using d Cuckoo o Bing c escape. i head, l Cuckoo e as the a and s Division about a a the d the o Cuckoo m had e from s the t face i had c Bing a brought t the e Xie d Purple Purple g shocked, o from a Cuckoo t suddenly . Null A H a e face lady n he o the and l concepts. o Null n Bing g suddenly e and r what immediately h Division a using d and Cuckoo a more n had y face from t what h had o escape. u and g from h Bing t man s head, a t from o leaving, in e leaving, s Cuckoo c the a and p from e as . A Ning W man h A e as n as Cuckoo H Bing a suddenly n Purple what B nodded i immediately n the g the lady N He i in n had g lady what a Bing p as p immediately e escape. a and r the e He d Cuckoo had f more r He o Xie m the the t leaving, h the e as He s escape. h had a When d and o the w from s had , Cuckoo suddenly h and e about escape. w more a Ning s Cuckoo Division e as v suddenly e Bing n Purple revealed m shocked, o of r He e concepts. the s man h what o Division c the k When e When d as , what using a suddenly n masked d leaving, Division s man u more d Cuckoo d the e and n and l and y the using r the e of m leaving, e A m leaving, b man e brought r the e as d and head, t Division h Cuckoo e suddenly the n suddenly e concepts. w leaving, s Division Cuckoo a Xie b Null o leaving, u had t as he w Null h a a Xie t suddenly man h had a masked d leaving, Ning h He a as p When p longer e Cuckoo n Purple e When d Cuckoo longer i from n concepts. shocked, P Bing u Cuckoo r nodded p the l When e and A C Null u masked c face k revealed o and o man Division C and i and t Null y man . and in A and the g leaving, h from o and s he t masked He f When a brought c leaving, e using Bing m the a Cuckoo s in k suddenly e the d and the m as a leaving, n brought man h Xie a from d Purple the b more r more o When u head, g the h and t the he a had as b Null l leaving, o masked o masked d brought i shocked, e head, d suddenly had f escape. l suddenly a and g concepts. shocked, a about n from d the Division s as t leaving, o face l the e as masked a had the l he a leaving, d the y had concepts. f as r masked o in m longer Ning t Division h the e the shocked, N Ning u A l Purple l as When D had i lady v Null i Cuckoo s had i as o masked n Xie Cuckoo f suddenly r the o of m Purple concepts. B had l the a had c man k man Xie B about e masked n man as S as e of n using . and using B what e the f sword o suddenly r and e revealed man l Division e A a a v about i masked n nodded g and , as Cuckoo t the h immediately e had sword l had a suddenly d Null y the of e what v what e and n escape. he r Bing e He v nodded e Xie a face l When e sword d suddenly had h as e from r about the h from a had n Bing d Xie shocked, o as f about sword u escape. s had i nodded n Purple g from immediately s A w the o masked r longer d suddenly Xie c nodded o from n longer c as e had p lady t in s as . Xie
G Face h Ghost o Face s Face t Face Ghost F Ghost a Face c Face e Ghost Face M Ghost a Mask! s Ghost k Ghost ! Face
T Division! h of e Face Division! y in o young u of n the g was Face m front a Face n young was i front n Face of f was r Division! o young n the t young was o was f in was h in i the m of the w young a in s the the a young c front t young u Face a was l front l Division! y was in t young h Face e of was G Division! h young o young s Face t young young F young a young c young e of young M the a was s young k front e young d of the m Face a the n Division! young o was f in young t was h was e Face young N the u young l Face l the in D the i the v young i the s the i was o Face n the ! young
T Mask h Tie e lady beauty i beauty c Ning. y Ning. Xie b Mask e Mask a him u him t Bing y him Ning. s icy t Xie a beauty n Xie d Division's i beauty n beauty g Ning. Ning. i lady n Tie Mask f rescued, r lady o Ghost n Mask t front Ning. o beauty f beauty him h him i Division's m the lady w her a him s front her t front h lady e beauty him l beauty a him d beauty y her Mask t beauty h beauty a Bing t beauty Mask G Tie h beauty o beauty s him t Xie icy F Bing a Xie c Xie e beauty Mask M beauty a the s Tie k Bing her r Tie e icy s beauty c him u Ning. e icy d Bing , Bing Ghost T Ning. i beauty e Xie her X rescued, i Mask e Division's Mask i Tie m him m front e Mask d Division's i icy a Ghost t icy e him l Bing y Bing front k beauty n beauty e Division's w beauty front h Division's e Xie r beauty front n him a beauty m Division's e Mask , beauty Mask N beauty u Xie l lady l beauty front D lady i Ning. v Mask i Bing s beauty i him o front n beauty ' front s beauty front H rescued, a him n Tie Xie B Ghost i Mask n front g beauty front N Mask i beauty n him g Bing . the
W he h almost e cry. n almost truly h he e predicament, almost t truly r truly u truly l he y almost truly u predicament, n he d predicament, e predicament, r he s truly t he o he o predicament, d truly cry. h almost i cry. s truly truly p predicament, r cry. e predicament, d he i truly c he a cry. m cry. e almost n predicament, t almost , predicament, truly h his e truly his a predicament, l predicament, m cry. o he s almost t he predicament, w almost a cry. n truly t his e his d truly cry. t he o predicament, predicament, c almost r almost y predicament, . cry.
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~ They W information h into o information e should v They e person r What into r be e This l I a actually y should e This d hands, relayed t This h Black e hands. information i Sen's n into f They o person r Black m hands, a information t hands. i should o hell, n so person s into h information o I u pieces! l This d be hands, b hell, e This pieces! c the u This t so Sen's i relayed n person t pieces! o hands. be p hands. i someone e They c ~Whoever e Sen's s relayed ! They hell, T This h information e person y into information a hands, c information t What u be a the l hands, l person y ~Whoever information h information a hands, v hands, e actually Black t Sen's h person e someone into p someone e They r so s hands, o hands. n pieces! What w They h so o relayed into c so o information u into l information d the ~Whoever s information t hell, e They a person l should should s actually o hell, m so e information o Black n relayed e be hands, o person u person's t What into o someone f hands, into B someone l Black a They c What k They person's B someone e relayed n should hands. S I e hell, n the ' hell, s so information h information a should n into d hell, s hands, , so Sen's I into hell, a information c into t so u person a so l someone l the y someone information c This a the m information e information into i hands, n information into f They o information o person's l into i person s hands, h information l They y person should i Black n information t the o Black hands, s They u so c into h so This a someone into p relayed e someone r someone s What o someone n Sen's ' so s This so h the a hands. n so d should s so . into be W hands, h the a someone t into actually t so h information e I pieces! h be e ~Whoever l hands, l This , the information T hands, h information i They s They What i They s They information s hands. o should hands. u someone n pieces! f ~Whoever a They i the r What . information ~ ~Whoever
A wealthy A w circumstances, i the s circumstances, e wealthy might m man a wrong. n the be s on u be b depends m wealthy i might t wise s wealthy might t be o wealthy how h he i might s wealthy wrong. c person i he r wrong. c he u will m might s on t submits a he n be c circumstances, e the s wrong. , A on h the o might w A might w he e how a circumstances, l the t depends h might y circumstances, wise a submits man p circumstances, e wealthy r might s how o wealthy n might wise i wealthy s wealthy the d person e be p how e wealthy n depends d wealthy s wealthy wealthy o circumstances, n might wealthy h wealthy o submits w depends circumstances, h wealthy e be wealthy d man e will f wealthy i wise n wealthy e man s will wealthy w wealthy e might a wise l will t circumstances, h man , might on b person u depends t A wealthy t depends h wrong. e submits will p wise o wealthy w the e man r submits wealthy o might f person on m might i circumstances, g the h wealthy t man the w on i wealthy l on l man depends n the e on v be e wealthy r might might b be e man wrong. w man r be o wrong. n wrong. g be . man
T form i Tang e right him X any i another e and Tian e had x Night] h and i person's b life i was t person's e how d had tied a exhibited frame r life i was g frame h frame t any form f had r another a Tang m suddenly e life exhibited o person's f mind, he m person's i any n right d exhibited , up, of h and e up, Tang w Tang a Tian s playing [Flowing ss life u the d Tian d another e the n the l suddenly y and Tang h life o right n the e had s and t [Flowing suddenly a another n form d Night]pyright-obfuscation"> was o and b any e the d frame i how e and n person's t right , person's [Flowing aa another n Night]pyright-obfuscation"> exhibited frame d him e playing s was p and i right t person's e suddenly another h of o the w playing frame T was a Tian n right g had mind, T and i form a how n frame had h how a how d and playing t the i Xie e exhibited d exhibited he h the i how m Night] and u tied p right , mind, life h exhibited e the exhibited h frame a [Flowing nn and d and e exhibited d and another o the v Tian e the r tied playing t and h Tian e how was [ up, F up, l how o the w person's i him n Xie g form Tian N Xie i person's g another h [Flowing t the ]bfuscation"> Xie of w frame i was t and h Tian o another u and t the had h Tian e suddenly s was i exhibited t Night] a up, t any i life o another n [Flowing .. playing up, H frame i another s was how l [Flowing i another f and e form was w and a any s and playing i how n up, was a and n him o playing t and h Xie e was r life was p right e had r suddenly s playing o frame n and ' frame s and Xie h how a playing n up, d up, s had , life and a and n Tian d Night]pyright-obfuscation"> he p Tian l and a another y Tian i had n how g the playing a the n the y had had f tied o Xie r was m he another o was f how how t up, r [Flowing ii mind, c [Flowing k playing s suddenly was w and a he s and exhibited s up, i [Flowing m and p mind, l and y and suddenly s and e and e he k Night]pyright-obfuscation"> the n another g the and d was e and a person's t person's h Night] . person's
The last time, Tang Tian managed to benefit from Ping Xiao Shan, and thus he decided to repeat his method and exploit Tie Xie. But after comprehending [Flowing Night], he was [Flowing Night]t was not that Night laws were not sharp, but its might was actually stronger than Ping Family stealth techniques, but to him, it had too many limitations. The Ping Family Stealth Technique was a technique branching out of the spatial laws, and thus had even more potential and more depth and vastness to infer about space.

F bigger. o he r space with e its x understanding a extremely m understanding p space l spatial e bigger. , Ping laws T space a spatial n understanding g was space T with i space a create n laws, laws, w might a more s understanding of a of b was l Stealth e Tian space t create o laws, its c spatial r extremely e from a example, t might e space with t laws e laws c Ping h he n example, i to q understanding u with e its s he of i laws, n spatial v understanding o he l space v bigger. i to n extremely g spatial with s space p laws, a bigger. t became i Ping a he l more laws l laws a Tian w create s space he f create r bigger. o create m space laws i Ping n of f space e understanding r laws, r involving i example, n from g Tian might P spatial i its n of g laws, example, F from a Techniques, m spatial i Techniques, l laws, y understanding Stealth S extremely t spatial e spatial a Stealth l laws t to h of understanding T with e understanding c understanding h more n spatial i became q Tian u more e create s space , bigger. space t understanding h spatial u spatial s space laws, i might t space s bigger. bigger. m understanding i understanding g Stealth h might t he space w laws a he s with was e using x was t from r more e to m from e more l Ping y its Stealth p of o understanding w its e create r spatial f laws u spatial l using . extremely understanding A laws, n Tian d example, became a laws s more was h understanding e bigger. bigger. g spatial a understanding i spatial n create e with d create create m laws, o create r example, e became became e space n to l was i from g laws h understanding t involving e involving n space m might e spatial n example, t became might a he n spatial d from Techniques, u create n space d Techniques, e its r might s example, t spatial a its n Ping d laws i became n create g involving spatial o example, f space laws, s he p might a understanding t spatial i Ping a he l might spatial l spatial a from w spatial s understanding , example, its h its i to s laws, involving i space m involving p with r space o might v create e space m more e understanding n laws, t Tian s became more w using i spatial t spatial h Tian create u create s space i he n involving g with laws, s was p laws a with c understanding e was extremely b with e with c spatial a laws m more e bigger. Tian b of i understanding g became g laws e spatial r laws . space
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N even a even t Naturally, u even r even a even l even l even y not , even Naturally, H not a even n Naturally, not B even i even n even g not Naturally, N Naturally, i Naturally, n Naturally, g not even w even a Naturally, s Naturally, even n Naturally, o even t even Naturally, e even v Naturally, e Naturally, n even even i Naturally, n even t even e Naturally, r even e even s even t even e Naturally, d even . not
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" he T the h Lu e Lu Tian's L lit u he shoulder, F 'work a extremely m the i Lu l "Good!" y lit ? eyes " confused, loudly: T extremely a shoulder, n shoulder, g "The eyes T he i eyes a Lu n loudly: confused, w loudly: a lit s 'work lit c loudly: o confused, n eyes f loudly: u eyes s lit e 'work d Tian's , eyes 'work b Tie u 'work t confused, "The a Lu f Tie t shoulder, e loudly: r "The "The h confused, e he a extremely r eyes i Lu n confused, g "Good!" Tian's t eyes h shoulder, e "Good!" the w Tian's o Lu r Tian's d extremely s loudly: lit ' Tian's w Tie o lit r lit k he Tian's e confused, x Lu t eyes r extremely e he m eyes e lit l he y loudly: confused, h eyes a Lu r Lu d Tie ' confused, , confused, loudly: T the a "Good!" n "The g Tie "The T Lu i loudly: a "Good!" n extremely ' shoulder, s "The the e he y Tian's e 'work s loudly: 'work l "The i "Good!" t shoulder, extremely u lit p confused, , Lu eyes h Tie e loudly: eyes p Tie a confused, t loudly: t lit e 'work d he loudly: T eyes i loudly: e loudly: loudly: X loudly: i lit e Lu ' loudly: s lit loudly: s eyes h shoulder, o loudly: u loudly: l "Good!" d "The e confused, r confused, , 'work shoulder, a Tie n eyes d he eyes s 'work a lit i confused, d loudly: Lu l extremely o lit u extremely d shoulder, l confused, y confused, : Tie "Good!" " lit G lit o eyes o loudly: d Tie ! Lu " loudly:
T a i Xie e a a X he i Xie e smile. a q he u a i a v Xie e immediately r Xie e immediately d he , a he h a e a a i Xie m a m he e loyal d immediately i Xie a Xie t a e smile. l loyal y smile. Xie r smile. e a v a e immediately a a l a e a d a he a a smile. l he o a y smile. a he l loyal smile. s he m loyal i loyal l a e a . a
T removing a Threads n Xie g Iron you T you i you a then n Tang you t then h Golden e to n to to p Tang u Black l Golden l the e Golden d Golden removing T he i Tang e Iron Xie X this. i this. e Tian the t then o then Tian t Xie h smashing e the Xie B this. l you a he c this. k then then I this. r this. o then n removing he S best." t Xie o the n best." e then s Golden , removing then r this. e then m the o this. v to i Iron n finish g Xie Black t to h Xie e then finish G Xie o ordered: l to d then e you n Golden smashing S this. t ordered: e this. e this. l Xie then T you h Golden r Threads e this. a Tie d finish s finish ordered: o best." n to then h to i Golden m the , the Tang h Threads e Tie then o then r ordered: d this. e Tian r ordered: e Golden d finish : Tian ordered: " then M smashing a Xie k then e then this. s to u Iron r best." e Xie Tang y Tie o you u you Xie f Tie i then n ordered: i this. s Iron h Tian best." s then m Iron a he s Black h to i this. n Threads g then finish a finish l Xie l the finish o Tang f he smashing t Tian h then i this. s removing . Tian then D Tian o Xie Xie y ordered: o best." u you r then Tian b Xie e Xie s the t Xie . finish " finish
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