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Chapter 706

Chapter 706 – The Purple Cuckoo Five Families

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Seeing Ping Xiao Shan tied up all over with something stuffed in his mouth, Tang Tian was startled.

“He snuck in, so I pinned him down.” Han Bing Ning explained everything in one sentence.

Tang Tian felt somewhat puzzled, he walked up and took out the cloth stuffed in Ping Xiao Shan’s mouth, and asked:“Didn’t I tell you not to come back to steal? Why are you here again?”

Ping Xiao Shan lowered his head and spoke respectfully: “This lowly one wishes to serve Master.”

“Serve me?” Tang Tian was startled again, he looked at Ping Xiao Shan suspiciously and asked suddenly: “Do youowe someone money outside?”

Ping Xiao Shan looked confused, ~Alright, who asked me to portray myself as a thief on the first meeting~. Hegritted his teeth and said: “Master’s battle earlier haves shocked the entire city. Master’s status is definitelyhonorable and is extremely powerful, but this lowly one only has humble skills, but I grew up in the Purple CuckooCity, if Master wants any information, this lowly one can provide it for you.”

Tang Tian’s eyes lit up, he truly needed a local to help him, he was blind towards the matters of the Purple CuckooCity. Even Han Bing Ning was not an expert in collecting intel. If they had a local helping them in the shadows, itwould save a lot of effort.

“Since you’re very familiar with the Purple Cuckoo City? Then tell me, what families have my friends?” Tang Tianasked.

Ping Xiao Shan had underwent careful deliberations with himself before coming, and naturally had things prepared.Tang Tian ignored his own safety in hopes of saving his own people, that meant he was definitely thinking of savingthe rest. The matter of various families picking up people from the tide was no secret in the Purple Cuckoo City, PingXiao Shan went to investigate, and very quickly obtained the information he needed.

Tang Tian’s question coincidentally matched the intel he had prepared, he&nbs

p;relaxed and his tone of speech becamemore confident: “Before coming, this subordinate went to check it out. From the tide the last time, this city pickedup a total of 468 people. The Qin Family has the most people, obtaining 227 of them. Other than that, the Xu Familyhas 92, the Roland Family has 65, the Thiopiate Family has 42, the Yu Family has 40, and the remaining two areMaster and Miss Han.”
(TN: The chinese numbers are completely wrong, it states that the entire city picked up 403 people.

These accurate figures immediately made Tang Tian trust Ping Xiao Shan more.

~He really has some standards.~

Tang Tian then asked: “How are they doing now?”

PIng Xiao Shan hesitated for a moment: “Not too good. Now the various families are spreading, your group of peoplehave untamed and proud personalities, they have to be polished to be able to integrate into their families, so manyof them are in torture prisons. The various families hope to be able to polish their personalities away to subduethem.”

Tang Tian’s face turned gloomy, and his fists clenched up tightly.

The young man in front of him suddenly transformed into a death god, releasing a terrifying killing intent. The air inthe room suddenly became extremely dense, Ping Xiao Shan’s entire body trembled, he felt as if he was being staredat by a dangerous wild beast, and it was choking him.

Han Bing Ning could not help but look at Tang Tian, she felt that Tang Tian had grown even stronger!

Suddenly, the killing intent disappeared. Tang Tian thought that getting angry was pointless.

“Which family is the easiest to target?” Tang Tian did not bother concealing his thoughts and asked.

Although Ping Xiao Shan had decided to join under Tang Tian’s banner, he never thought that Tang Tian would be sodirect, and was startled. After a moment, he laughed bitterly: “None of them are easy targets.”

Seeing that Tang Tian was not angry, he was secretly relaxed, and consolidated his thoughts, and then added: “The Purple Cuckoo City has five large families, The Purple Cuckoo Qin Family, The Law Imprint Xu Family, The Gentle Waters Roland, The Phoenix Fire Thiopiate, and The Mu’er Steel Guard. The Purple Cuckoo Qin Family is the strongest, their ancestors were the ones who built the city, thus Purple Cuckoo King Qin Zhen is the undisputed number one in the Purple Cuckoo City. No one knows Qin Zhen’s strength, in his entire life he rarely had to undertake any task, and hardly anyone knows about him. But 20 years ago, he have held the position as the head of the Purple Cuckoos, and no one had ever gone against him. Other than Qin Zhen, the Qin Family has 4 great generals, all of them with great achievements. Any four of them are able to support one family. The majority of the matters of the Qin Family are done by the 4 great generals.”

Tang Tian listened attentively, being extremely patient. He never treated his enemies lightly.

“The second strongest would be the Law Imprint Xu Family. The Xu Family’s [Life and Death Law Imprint], trains in one of three great laws, the life and death law. Every generation of the Xu Family will have an extraordinary genius. The Xu Family’s current generation Patriarch, Xu Ye, is only 24 years old this year, but his strength is unfathomable. But the Xu Family does not deal much with worldly affairs, and no one knows if it is the effects of training in the [Life and Death Law Imprint], but every generation Patriarch of the Xu Family does not have a long life, and the oldest of them is 45 years old. But the Xu Family has many demonic geniuses, and the [Life and Death Law Imprint] always has a successor.”

“In third place comes the Gentle Water Roland. The Roland Family was a prestigious family that declined, but ofcourse, they are still doing better than the Xue Family. The Roland Family’s [Gentle Water Sleeve], is derived fromWater Laws, it has unfathomable variations, and defeats toughness with gentleness. The people of the RolandFamily are enemies that gives others the most headache. Their defensive capabilities are so powerful that it hasbecome terrifying, and even if your strength far surpasses them, and you want to defeat them, it will never be easy.The Roland Family’s current generation Patriarch is Roland Su. In one of the years, the fearful Sha Kong Lie’s armwas cut off by her water sleeve, and he finally became a crippled, and dared not step into Purple Cuckoo Cityanymore.”

“In the fourth place, there is the Thiopiate Family, it is said that their [Phoenix Fire] stems from their ancestor enlightening on 500 different types of fire Laws, and obtained the strongest 13, after combining the flames of these 13, its might became unparalleled. Their relationship with the Roland family isn’t good, like fire and water literally. Currently, the strongest martial artist of the Thiopiate Family is called Victor. He has a loose personality, loitering around prostitutes, he has the qualifications to aim for the Patriarch position, but his actions are too casual and he always does what he wants, causing the clan elders of his family to be unhappy with him. He has no interest in authority, and likes to enjoy himself. This time, with Ben Sen showing his power, I reckon Victor will drop to 5th place.”

“And the fifth, is the Mu’er Family.”

Hearing to this point, Tang Tian’s face finally changed. Previously when he talked about their powers, although PingXiao Shan had talked about how powerful they are, but Tang Tian did not know how to gauge. Until when he saidthat the Mu’er Family was ranked fifth did he have the most vivid comparison.

“The Mu’er Steel Guards, through the successive generations of the Mu’er Family, there will always be a batch of loyal and steadfast Steel guards, meant to protect the Mu’er Family. But the current Mu’er Family has long declined by a lot, and the current generation of Steel Guards only has Ben Sen. The Mu’er Family has a complicated passing of inheritance, but the Steel Guards practise a different thing. Since young, Ben Sen has ventured out far and wide and made a name for himself, and then returned to the Mu’er Family. Upon returning, he helped stabilize the Mu’er Family’s position and power. The Mu’er Steel Guards are all loyal and devoted, causing the envy of the other families. Ben Sen trains in the [Wind Blade], but I did not expect him to be so strong, I reckon that the overall situation will change soon.”

“Black Ben Sen is only ranked five?” Tang Tian’s face was not very good looking.

Ping Xiao Shan spoke till his mouth was dry, he nodded his head: “Yes, this ranking was set in place a long time ago,something that everyone somewhat agrees to.”

Tang Tian knew of the tanned man’s strength. Even though he had successfully taken Han Bing Ning, but that waspurely accidental, if it was truly a fight to the death, with Tang Tian’s current abilities, he did not have any chance ofvictory.

~Such a strong person is only ranked fifth in the Purple Cuckoo City!~

~And all the Null Division people must coincidentally landed in the four family hands. To save them all, I have to fight through four stronger martial artists.~

Tang Tian took a deep breath and his state of mind became calm again, and determination blazed in his eyes.

~Losing your willpower because they are stronger than you? What a joke, how can this ever happen to you godlike young lad? Everyone said to fight alongside each other, we are all here now, to even think about giving up is cowardice!~

~You can do it, you can definitely save everyone!~

~And, with so many strong opponents, that truly is exciting, thinking about them already makes my blood boil.~

~I want to get stronger!~

~Only by getting strong can I save everybody else!~

Ping Xiao Shan noticed that Tang Tian did not get disheartened at all, but instead became even more spirited, he feltadmiration, although Tang Tian was rather eccentric at times, but his willpower was something that did not lose toanyone. Willpower might seem to be anything to many people, but in the harsh and cruel environment of the SinDomain, people who lacked willpower would never be able to survive, and that was the reason for the low appraisaltowards Victor.

“What do you want?” Tang Tian’s eyes glowed as he stared at Ping Xiao Shan. ~He knows that what I am doing isextremely dangerous, yet he still wants to join my cause, he must want something.~

Ping Xiao Shan spoke the truth: “I wish to learn how Master uses spatial laws to attack and defend.”

Tang Tian was surprised, he rubbed his head: “Teaching you will be easy. But I randomly grasped that while fightingwith Ben Sen. After I research and study it well for a few days then I will teach it to you.”

Tang Tian was a straightforward and open person, he did not like to take advantage of people, Ping Xiao Shan hasaided him a lot, so he did not wish to cheat him.

Ping Xiao Shan was extremely grateful: “Thank you Master!”

“Don’t reveal your identity.” Tang Tian reminded him: “So we will never implicate you.”

Ping Xiao Shan was startled, he never thought that Tang Tian would say such words.

Seeing that Ping Xiao Shan was shocked, Tang Tian thought that he did not understand, and started to explain: “So ifanything happens to us, they cannot do anything to you.” He then realised something: “Eh eh eh, what am I saying,what a bad mouth, no no, they will all be defeated by me! Godlike young lad will definitely defeat all of them! Andsave everyone!”

Ping Xiao Shan felt warmth in his heart, he had always been living in a state of cautiousness, and hearing thesewords reminded him of a kinder world, but the world was unchanging.

He thought for a bit: “If Master wants to take action, why not start from Victor. Victor is someone who loves toenjoy and is extremely perverted, he simply enjoys himself all day, if we take him down and use him as a hostage, theThiopiate Family will agree to release your people.”

“No!” Tang Tian shook his head: “I already found my target.”

Ping Xiao Shan was startled for a moment: “Master, who are you talking about?”

Han Bing Ning could not help but look over.

“Ben Sen!” Tang Tian smiled, revealing his white teeth.

“But the Mu’er Family doesn’t have your companions anymore….” Ping Xiao Shan did not understand.

“Do I need a reason to fight?” A light aura shot out of Tang Tian’s eyes, the current him was like a burning regimentof flames: “Who will be a better training partner than Black Ben Sen? I have received countless benefits from thefight last time. I want to continue challenging Ben Sen!”

“I want to extract everything out from him!” Tang Tian spoke with heroism.

Han Bing Ning’s eyes lit up, and blurted out: “Growing through battle!”

Ping Xiao Shan was dumbstruck.

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