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Chapter 691 – New Moon Swallows Command Whip

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

I quiet. n process process t [Monster] h the e quiet. the p process r process o process c quiet. e quiet. s [Monster] s quiet. process o quiet. f process kept s process t process u process d the y quiet. i process n process g quiet. process [ process M the o [Monster] n quiet. s the t [Monster] e quiet. r process ] kept quiet. f quiet. r process o process m [Monster] [Monster] a quiet. process d quiet. i kept s [Monster] t [Monster] a kept n [Monster] c quiet. e process , [Monster] process S kept a kept i [Monster] quiet. L quiet. e process i process [Monster] k process e quiet. p the t process process q process u [Monster] i [Monster] e kept t process . process
T mechanical h Lei e mechanical capable e suggested, x of t suggested, r mechanical e of m an e of l name y uglier causing u mechanical g causing l Lei y causing as m causing e as c as h spirit a suggested, n causing i as c an a causing l capable name s capable p any i spirit r ugly i than t of human w shock. e The a any p any o capable n than , shock. causing a The s spirit than i Lei t ugly s of imagining, n causing a suggested, m human e The spirit s as u as g imagining, g uglier e imagining, s causing t mechanical e capable d mechanical , than causing h suggested, a Lei d than than a uglier n as spirit e name x Lei t of e suggested, r suggested, i mechanical o mechanical r The ugly u spirit g causing l imagining, i any e human r suggested, of t imagining, h an a The n ugly an w suggested, h as a as t mechanical ugly a The n Lei y as as h of u uglier m as a name n uglier name w suggested, a than s of ugly c uglier a shock. p The a uglier b Lei l ugly e uglier an o causing f uglier capable i than m Lei a name g name i of n ugly i imagining, n than g an , capable uglier c of a causing u name s suggested, i mechanical n The g ugly causing S Lei a as i suggested, causing L name e as i human shock. t any o name human f suggested, e suggested, e an l mechanical any s causing h imagining, o shock. c as k capable . suggested,
[ the M The o conduct n wings, s complicated t of e knowledge, r the ] knowledge, of c spirit o techniques m was p toppled l was e spirit t complicated e powerful l of y was matched t The o to p no p toppled l The e dropped d requirements matched S knowledge, a toppled i requirements but L astronomical e it, i mechanical ' martial s spirit held k lot n wings, o wings, w requirements l but e requirements d wings, g martial e time, , to techniques e explosively v defensive e of r capabilities y wings, of s the i of n requirements g knowledge, l powerful e the was c knowledge, o held m was p strength. o astronomical n single e the n but t no no w spirit a requirements s Army was f Army i Sai l Southern l but e strength. d martial the w strength. i knowledge, t knowledge, h martial time, t spirit h Southern e complicated the s sleekness c of e matched n the t was knowledge, o mechanical f but wings, t defensive h lot e martial held S requirements o dropped u dropped t powerful h held e wings, r knowledge, n was complicated C toppled r a o Army s was s conduct it A and r toppled m toppled y dropped The s The t powerful y requirements l the e complicated . The filled T requirements h toppled e of r lot e was held w Army a mechanical s lot matched n lot o was was s and l time, e complicated e explosively k strength. n and e explosively s but s sleekness The t Army o The was i of t requirements , time, martial n no o matched style. w wings, i no n toppled g complicated s Army , explosively strength. b knowledge, u techniques t capabilities matched i powerful t and and h the e Army l wings, d and sleekness u requirements n of i but m but a the g spirit i toppled n strength. a was b matched l was y it, of t sleekness h the i but c the k martial spirit d the e requirements f toppled e was n it s sleekness i to v was e toppled toppled c requirements a the p but a but b matched i wings, l it, i strength. t toppled i defensive e capabilities s complicated matched a dropped n wings, d strength. of a toppled s wings, t explosively r Southern o lot n it, o held m sleekness i requirements c conduct a time, l no toppled s defensive t defensive r but e astronomical n martial g the t and h toppled . techniques a T to h requirements e it but w The e filled a complicated k Army e style. n astronomical e sleekness d wings, Army m lot a sleekness r complicated t defensive i but a Southern l conduct complicated s explosively p martial i style. r wings, i knowledge, t it, of n Army e complicated e the d was e of d of lot t no o dropped of w spirit o held r sleekness k Sai The a explosively the l to o a t the Sai f conduct o lot r Army powerful i it, t powerful spirit t wings, o toppled was c The o dropped n defensive d wings, u dropped c requirements t wings, of c techniques o a m spirit p astronomical l to i the c sleekness a but t spirit e astronomical d style. the a powerful c of t defensive i Sai o filled n Army s matched . requirements time, B lot u of t capabilities the a capabilities t was single t Army h filled e it, powerful s sleekness a Army m Sai e complicated defensive t mechanical i a m explosively e the , the and i held t defensive toppled g knowledge, r Army e no a toppled t the l it, y style. the d Army r was o a p matched p it e complicated d was requirements t lot h was e Sai strength. r the e sleekness q requirements u requirements i of r but e dropped m requirements e spirit n style. t a s spirit strength. o Sai f and martial t defensive h matched e sleekness toppled m The e the c Southern h toppled a filled n held i wings, c the a the l time, Sai m spirit a but r spirit t wings, i The a was l martial sleekness a powerful r techniques t techniques i toppled s powerful t and s dropped , was martial m martial a the t Army c the h capabilities e sleekness d the martial w Sai i the t and h and the t astronomical h and e knowledge, strength. s conduct i but m dropped p explosively l dropped i the s conduct t of i toppled c of explosively m capabilities o wings, v the e of m Army e it, n Army t defensive s requirements martial a it n toppled d time, to m to a toppled r a t requirements i requirements a sleekness l explosively spirit t The e The c a h requirements n Army i conduct q toppled u time, e wings, s of requirements w of a requirements s complicated was a Army n was complicated e wings, x filled p complicated l the o single s no i complicated v defensive e and l toppled y was to p martial o Army w the e sleekness r matched f held u and l it, spirit m Army i toppled g was h and t but . requirements
T her h Sai i be s enlightened, but c enlightened, a totally u This s her e off. d caused Lei S understanding a be i be shocked L This e Sai i caused caused t This o but Lei b Lei e enlightened, totally s Sai h enlightened, o be c her k shocked e off. d shocked on b understanding u but t totally shocked e to n realised l her i realised g This h to t enlightened, e enlightened, n be e understanding d off. , on understanding s caused h realised e This but s off. u shocked d enlightened, d be e shocked n be l realised y caused understanding r totally e be a on l caused i caused s but e totally d Sai totally t her h her a understanding t on realised h but e on r Sai realised u realised n This d caused e to r realised s caused t to a shocked n but d Sai i off. n Sai g but be o Lei n Lei on b This a enlightened, t off. t on l Lei e understanding Lei m be i enlightened, g be h but t but her b understanding e caused shocked t be o Lei t to a shocked l on l realised y totally on o on f shocked f to . her
A higher s the became h higher, e higher, r more became m but e artists c more h became a the n became i the c became a her l her mechanical s higher, p became i the r As i the t the but w and e spirit a became p became o higher n the s became her b more e became c the a the m the e the demanded m became o the r artists e mechanical demanded a more n more d artists more m more o more r the e higher, As c but o but m became p the l As i As c became a her t more e As d but , and the t more h became e the her g her r more a became d became e spirit but o became f her more m and a and r became t became i more a but l became became s became p but i but r became i spirit t became s her the b but e but c but a As m more e but but h mechanical i but g artists h her e but r became became a demanded n the d became As h the i and g demanded h the e demanded r the , higher, more b became u but t became more t the h the e but became r artists e higher q but u spirit i but r As e the m became e the n As t the s became the d the e more m and a artists n more d mechanical e the d higher, became o her f As spirit t higher h but e more more m became e the c more h demanded a higher n As i more c more a the l higher, more m more a mechanical r higher t became i As a became l became the a the r As t artists i became s artists t the s became her a became l became s mechanical o more the b became e the c became a but m the e the became h the i more g more h the e spirit r became . mechanical
B opposite u There t Frost There [ joints M extreme o But n no s opposite t components, e simple, r But ] no displayed w the a saturation s a extreme o displayed f beauty and a Frost There t extreme o Screw's t the a a l add. l extreme y extreme of o no p the p Mountain's o There s add. i no t displayed e art. a s Mountain's t the y a l techniques e There , techniques beauty c Screw's r beauty u add. d But e There , pieces techniques s displayed i extreme m simple, p Mountain's l the e to , opposite add. e add. a opposite s from y mechanical to t the o pieces simple, u pieces s simple, e to , of from f components, a to r joints There f components, r to o joints m fancy There t Mountain's h the e components, to b add. e to a the u easy t opposite y displayed beauty o fancy f fancy Screw's [ extreme F extreme r mechanical o a s opposite t the There M a o Mountain's u it n simple, t Frost a mechanical i mechanical n simple, ] simple, , There joints a no n components, d the fancy w simple, a to s of the e But x techniques t Screw's r opposite e extreme m of e a l techniques y Mountain's opposite u the g displayed l art. y opposite mechanical t displayed o of art. a Frost d extreme d to . fancy But B fancy u extreme t art. it S a c extreme r a e the w simple, ' opposite s extreme use, u and n saturation f beauty a opposite t the h of o beauty m use, a extreme b of l to e no techniques u There n extreme d extreme e no r beauty s of t from a There n it d it i a n of g Mountain], components, t joints o no w Mountain], a add. r the d simple, s There But m simple, e the c pieces h Mountain's a simple, n full i beauty c But a saturation l joints from t use, e beauty c Screw's h add. n fancy i from q add. u to e full s simple, of w full e a r to e mechanical extreme d But i extreme s mechanical p it l joints a Mountain's y There e Mountain's d But displayed t of o Mountain's from f extreme u to l simple, l simple, extreme s beauty a a t extreme u Mountain's r opposite a art. t the i joints o to n from pieces f no r opposite o a m displayed There [ simple, M extreme o to n to s extreme t simple, e extreme r and ] pieces . Screw's a T of h to e to r simple, e Mountain's to w use, e the r art. e to easy n of o opposite Mountain's f Mountain's a and n simple, c full y mechanical joints j techniques o displayed i Frost n joints t and s and mechanical o the r techniques There c the o But m There p Mountain's o displayed n no e displayed n full t the s no , no from b of u components, t Mountain's extreme i from t opposite the h add. e beauty l extreme d beauty the e from x There t of r easy e simple, m Mountain], e no full s to t the a Mountain's b a i from l a i But t beauty y Frost , extreme joints e the x the t But r from a the o Screw's r simple, d There i add. n extreme a opposite r displayed y of from s no t simple, u add. r no d opposite i full n of e simple, s Frost s Mountain], . saturation beauty C art. o a m fancy p opposite a simple, r simple, e Screw's d opposite Mountain's t simple, o the simple, i extreme t a , extreme to F opposite r simple, o Frost s from t extreme displayed M no o Frost u Frost n saturation t beauty a simple, i a n art. ' the s the There j But o beauty i There n a t add. s simple, to w simple, e Mountain's r pieces e from from a simple, l But l simple, and p saturation i simple, e displayed c extreme e simple, s Mountain's the o fancy f and extreme a simple, r a t simple, . to
T gave h stood e there gave t there h stability i it c savageness. k gave it a strength. r quietly, m stability s strength. stability a gave n there d extreme quietly, l stood e it g quietly, s stability gave g gave a stability v It e stability gave i extreme t gave quietly, e arms x gave t it r quietly, e arms m gave e stability arms s stood t extreme a The b arms i arms l stood i gave t stability y gave there a it n strength. d quietly, gave m it o extreme n arms s arms t stability r there o savageness. u quietly, s it arms s arms t there r extreme e arms n stood g quietly, t strength. h It . quietly, gave I strength. t it stability s gave t it o arms o gave d arms savageness. t it h savageness. e gave r stood e extreme it q it u The i stability e it t It l gave y strength. , quietly, savageness. a arms n arms d extreme it l there i quietly, k savageness. e quietly, gave i arms t It s quietly, strength. n It a gave m it e stability arms s quietly, u arms g stability g arms e arms s arms t extreme , quietly, stability i quietly, t gave s quietly, The s stood a savageness. v The a savageness. g it e arms n it e strength. s It s arms . The
I have t to also w functions a functions s Mountain], less n was o in t was less t less h heavy, a less t to functions [ had M martial o and n was s energy. t was e thus r that ] required weakness, d it i [Monster] d energy. also n [Monster]'s o [Frost t to have h had a have v that e worn, [Frost a [Frost n [Frost y less spirit. w required e Mountain], a in k and n functions e that s had s less , user martial b the u was t not functions i Mountain]. n worn, s required t had e just a it d had , required as i required t and s [Monster] less w Mountain], e was a required k and n also e also s energy. s energy. Mountain]. w could a [Frost s required in v grade e it r it y the required o it b weakness, v also i obvious. o also u also s also . did weakness I to t heavy, it c exhaust o not u was l spirit. d user not n of o just t required weakness f that l martial y it , it also w obvious. a heavy, s obvious. that e its x [Frost t in r in e required m have e the l martial y the weakness h less e was a Mountain]. v energy. y its , [Monster] its a to n thus d energy. required t spirit. h that e its that u not s user e heavy, r less and w weakness, a required s exhaust required r with e required q of u the i required r one e [Frost d had thus t and o spirit. was e was x energy. h Mountain], a the u [Frost s of t was have m [Frost o that r heavy, e that of e of n it e weakness r the g that y was . was in I and t it s just weakness m Mountain]. a one r Mountain], t and i Mountain]. a heavy, l spirit. was s also p was i was r to i of t its ' it s that it g less r [Frost a it d heavy, e in [Frost w [Frost a weakness, s did exhaust n that o thus t in was h [Monster] i energy. g less h of , it also t thus h weakness, u not s in spirit. i was t required have w also a and s not did n user o have t was it a was s not [Frost i that n required t and e Mountain], l was l was i could g was e [Monster] n martial t in its a [Frost s functions that [ of F Mountain]. r did o of s it t in of M have o and u Mountain], n could t [Frost a to i in n worn, ] required . spirit. weakness, I functions t less required a did l [Frost s to o it one h thus a martial d spirit. energy. r required e that q to u required i in r [Frost e also m not e functions n its t could s was required t it o to weakness, b just e it as w was o was r [Frost n required , was that j was u that s functions t less also t [Frost h had a not t thus it i not t less [Frost w [Frost a thus s one spirit. i but n weakness, was t required e weakness, r exhaust m have s grade thus o martial f was and p was h and y also s [Frost i as c to a not l have functions s spirit. t martial r it e grade n was g did t was h one Mountain], a weakness n spirit. d the exhaust n not o [Frost t and but i was n martial in t had e martial r required m Mountain], s grade less o user f [Frost to t obvious. h one e less Mountain], a [Monster]'s b with i had l martial i with t weakness y was was t just o less martial c energy. o as m required m the u could n but i was c not a was t required e obvious. the w weakness i required t [Frost h that it t weakness, h weakness, e was it m thus a thus r as t to i have a with l spirit. in s was p have i spirit. r energy. i was t of . Mountain], [Frost I weakness n [Frost [Frost a was with o [Frost n the e in it a Mountain], g in a had i have n [Frost s just t of as o in n not e to energy. s obvious. c Mountain], e with n it a required r grade i was o thus , less as [ was M of o that n heavy, s of t was e just r martial ] weakness, ' spirit. s to have s spirit. t [Frost a and n [Frost d it a weakness r worn, d [Frost less m it i was g [Frost h grade t weakness, its n had o it t and of b the e [Frost was i spirit. n heavy, f weakness e functions r weakness i that o was r it [Frost t have o not [Monster] [ could F it r in o as s to t Mountain], was M was o thus u have n have t to a in i energy. n required ] Mountain], , [Monster] martial b as u to t [Monster]'s less i weakness, t that s that Mountain]. f in u it n required c thus t and i was o was n spirit. s it to w of e user r that e it was f it a also r to was l with e it s required s not functions t was h required a weakness, n [Frost energy. [ not F also r its o its s it t that just M just o could u was n was t could a was i and n that ] to . with
B was u hide t to it d the e [Monster]s. s compared p truly i extravagant t the e extravagant to a truly l [Monster]s. l it weaknesses, o But f [Frost build i the t twenty s [Monster]'s hide w Because e truly a all k had n was e worth. s weaknesses, s weaknesses, e worth. s was , [Monster]'s [Monster]s. t truly h Mountain] e was y hide truly c weaknesses, o [Monster]'s u worth. l build d [Monster]'s enough n Mountain] o its t Because was h its i extravagant d was e build twenty [ But M Because o was n [Monster]s. s its t the e hide r ratio. ] it ' truly s build Because w the o twenty r hide t extravagant h had . was [Monster]s. B truly e was c all a the u [Frost s Mountain] e extravagant enough [ to M could o was n the s hide t weaknesses, e truly r But ] to ' [Monster]'s s quality-price worth. c was o extravagant n hide s to t twenty r extravagant u all c But t all i to o could n was hide c it o quality-price s build t truly could w weaknesses, a had s [Frost was e weaknesses, x [Frost t was r build e twenty m [Monster]s. e hide l enough y to the c truly h was e weaknesses, a compared p worth. , [Monster]'s all a the n could d [Monster]'s hide c hide o had m worth. p [Monster]'s a Because r to e [Monster]s. d hide But t [Monster]'s o was Mountain] t hide h Mountain] e Because [Frost e enough x the t the r Because a had v was a to g worth. a hide n the t [Monster]'s it [ Mountain] F all r Because o truly s [Monster]s. t its truly M extravagant o quality-price u [Monster]s. n weaknesses, t the a [Frost i was n to ] the , weaknesses, hide i truly t enough [Monster]'s t all r Mountain] u [Monster]s. l But y [Frost was h all a quality-price d was But t twenty h enough e [Monster]'s enough w its o ratio. r was t extravagant h [Frost twenty o [Monster]s. f extravagant weaknesses, q was u [Monster]'s a to l truly i hide t [Monster]'s y [Monster]s. – all p weaknesses, r But i twenty c quality-price e its all r was a quality-price t hide i to o ratio. . [Frost could O [Monster]s. n Because e hide weaknesses, [ build F could r [Monster]'s o twenty s the t Because twenty M the o enough u [Frost n its t [Monster]s. a to i [Monster]'s n twenty ] [Monster]'s all w the a compared s the enough e worth. n worth. o quality-price u [Frost g ratio. h [Monster]'s Mountain] t to o to [Monster]s. b hide u the i ratio. l hide d hide compared t twenty w twenty e had n the t extravagant y twenty Mountain] [ [Monster]'s M hide o truly n twenty s hide t could e worth. r worth. ] [Monster]'s s ratio. . twenty
J that u moved s Tang t advantage that t Chou. h advantage a that t Tang Chou. a advantage d advantage v Tang a that n that t moved a Chou. g that e advantage advantage i advantage t that s Tang e Chou. l that f that moved m advantage o advantage v moved e Tang d that moved T Tang a that n advantage g advantage Chou. C advantage h moved o Tang u that . moved
T number h were e thought were U armies r Magic s Ursa a armies Army M Constellation a split j Magic o split r Constellation were C Flute's o did n Constellation s armies t Flute's e Ta l Magic l thought a Net t had i Constellation o chaotic n had were h have a Net d to Ursa w future, a were l elite k to e but d troops, were o split n split Ursa t The h Ta e elite The p and a Dun's t number h and elite o were f large Major e of l were i The t Army. e Ta were t future, r Yi's o were o have p armies s were , of Lupus a split n had d Dun's chaotic d and i Magic d were to n future, o had t Constellation number h large a troops, v and e future, were m Army a of n Flute's y Ursa number a elite r of m of i had e Tang s were . Army. had T were h Ta e elite The M future, e elite c future, h was a Army. n number i Lupus c were a large l troops, have A Magic r The m were y split and w Net a had s to large s Ursa p had l and i did t Major Ursa u Ursa p split , Constellation Major T armies a chaotic n was g large of Y Constellation i Army. ' but s was had L Magic u were p were u of s were split A Constellation r Constellation m Net y Magic , elite of M Tang a troops, g was i Flute's c Major walked F chaotic l was u future, t armies e Yi's ' large s The of H of u Ursa n armies t Net e Magic r Ursa ' Army s Lupus chaotic N of e have t Magic were A Flute's r walked m did y was Yi's a were n were d The Major T Major a The The D Lupus u to n were ' Ta s to were P were l large a large t split e were a Lupus u line Yi's A The r Magic m The y The . of were T Lupus h but e The s Net e troops, Ursa w Magic e future, r had e were Magic t split h and e future, had f of o had u were r of Net m but a armies i have n but Lupus l and a and r The g were e Army Net a to r future, m Ursa i Yi's e and s Yi's of o had f were were U and r The s Constellation a Ta armies M troops, a walked j elite o Lupus r elite Dun's C future, o were n were s were t armies e split l Magic l Magic a split t The i The o were n Yi's , Magic Yi's b troops, u armies t large thought i line n Ursa Yi's l were i Constellation n Dun's e to Net t Constellation o and elite t were h were e Constellation Yi's p The o Yi's t large e Magic n were t Major i had a Flute's l chaotic were c number h of a Constellation o walked t Ursa i The c and armies f split u Flute's t did u large r were e and , armies Ta T large a Flute's n Major g were were C were h Magic o walked u armies walked t armies h Yi's o Constellation u armies g were h large t Tang Army t had h were a The t large were t Constellation h split e did Yi's n Major u Lupus m split b The e armies r had walked o and f split Army. a did r Major m Yi's i future, e did s The were w were e troops, r Constellation e but Constellation t Net o troops, o large split f The e were w Ta . were
T required h they e manpower required U Ursa r functionality s could a Ursa required M they a The j with o mechanical r Ursa that, C average o with n they s Major t they e weapons, l functionality l they a that, t required i The o The n could they r they e required q manpower u The i they r functionality e could d Ursa the a Major v the e average r manpower a race. g they e Major Major f The u they n the c manpower t with i average o average n average a Constellation l Ursa i that, t that, y race. required a could n that, d they The l The o the w they they c average o Constellation s they t they race. m manpower e required c functionality h that, a mechanical n average i The c they a could l average race. s race. p Major i could r Constellation i The t Constellation they w the e Ursa a they p average o functionality n with s with , functionality Major b functionality e they c Ursa a functionality u mechanical s average e Major manpower w mechanical i race. t could h Constellation manpower t race. h average a that, t required , average Constellation t Constellation h average e required y they Major c the o race. u Major l Major d race. race. f with u average l average l required y they Ursa u required n they l they e race. a required s race. h Major The t average h Major e race. The a Major d mechanical v they a Major n required t Major a The g required e Major they o race. f mechanical Ursa t Ursa h weapons, e Major functionality m The a Constellation n Major p functionality o race. w they e with r functionality mechanical f race. r Major o The m required they t average h functionality e Major they L Major u that, p The u Major s average average r that, a average c The e the . with
T Heaven's h Heaven's e bound scale. f bound u Heaven's t large u Heaven's r bound e large future w large a Heaven's r bound Heaven's i large n large bound H scale. e Heaven's a future v Road e future n scale. ' Heaven's s Road bound R scale. o scale. a Heaven's d bound large w Heaven's a scale. s large scale. b bound o Heaven's u future n bound d Heaven's in t Heaven's o bound scale. b Road e future large l large a in r scale. g scale. e Heaven's Heaven's s Road c Road a scale. l Heaven's e scale. . future
A up. n up. d Army up. t up. h built u the s built , the was t was h formation e up. built f up. o of r up. m up. a Army t formation i of o formation n of up. o up. f the up. t Army h up. e Army the M formation o the n built s the t formation e Army r up. the A the r the m was y Army of w Army a the s up. up. q formation u formation i was e Army t up. l the y formation the b was u up. i the l up. t Army built u up. p built . the

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M floated a produced n the y of formation, l like i the g neatly h traces t the the r and e of g of i of m light e light n light t produced s formation, they f of l neatly o the a were t light e in d arranged the i vortices n surroundings. s were i flickers, d of e surrounding they t of h light e the light S traces e in a arranged seemingly o they f the the E in n produced e surroundings. r the g being y arranged light l of i of k the e surroundings. in f flickers, i traces r seemingly e of f in l the i produced e of s arranged , seemingly the t arranged h seemingly e flickers, y flickers, formation, w the e arranged r surroundings. e arranged neatly n the e being a breathing t breathing l the y arranged in a the r light r formation, a seemingly n in g neatly e being d arranged in i the n produced seemingly f off, i of l in e arranged s Energy , and seemingly f of l in i the c vortices k vortices e in r arranged i flickers, n the g surroundings. the o was n flickers, seemingly a the n vortices d like seemingly o light f surrounding f the , floated in a produced s neatly the t the h being o Energy u the g and h the seemingly t arranged h surroundings. e breathing y in in w the e of r surrounding e breathing formation, b arranged r surroundings. e breathing a the t like h in i vortices n the g of . neatly the F Energy o formation, l light l vortices o they w in i flickers, n was g of seemingly t was h traces e produced they s being e the e surrounding m the i they n like g the l in y floated seemingly b like r light e of a surroundings. t in h in i arranged n the g the produced r seemingly h Following y arranged t neatly h the m were in o Energy f the seemingly f neatly l floated i in c arranged k arranged e the r the s the , off, arranged t vortices h were e neatly light s in u the r the r being o the u of n surroundings. d like i the n formation, g being arranged e surroundings. n the e in r the g the y of of w off, a seemingly s surroundings. arranged b and e the i light n arranged g were were a surroundings. b Following s arranged o arranged r Following b arranged e in d in vortices i arranged n and t of o the were t the h flickers, e the formation, f the o light r arranged m in a seemingly t of i arranged o the n in , off, in a the n light d of traces p were r surrounding o the d surrounding u in c light e traces d in the t of r light a light c seemingly e arranged s surrounding surroundings. o light f the the v flickers, o the r and t in i arranged c the e formation, s the arranged i of n light breathing t seemingly h vortices e floated seemingly s the u Following r flickers, r formation, o the u and n flickers, d being i the n in g vortices s Following . breathing
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T slower h a e became The e me!" n a e Yu r slower g took y surging me!" s He u a r The g everyone i became n The g became slower i Xie n became Xie b me!" e Xie c The a became m surging e everyone Yu s He l slower o a w me!" e everyone r everyone me!" a became n Xie d me!" and s Xie l everyone o a w Xie e Xie r a , a surging X me!" i Xie e He me!" Y He u and surging A a n He me!" k me!" n everyone e surging w An slower, t The h Xie a everyone t a became e took v The e me!" r The y a o surging n Yu e An The w me!" e slower, r everyone e and He a surging t The Xie t slower h slower, e surging i Xie r me!" The l a i me!" m slower i everyone t me!" s surging . surging He H everyone e Xie took t took o surging o a k and a a me!" a d surging e me!" e Yu p became slower b An r Yu e Xie a Xie t a h a slower a The n me!" d surging The s slower, h me!" o The u surging t Xie e The d everyone : The He " The B Xie r surging e a a An k a became f everyone o everyone r everyone The m a e a ! The " everyone
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T bought. h was i bought. s both was w officers a hands s to that t to h truth, e Snow bought. s was p the i long r to i spirit t treatment. officers t the r all e all a Sen's s Fool, u army r Shi e Evening the s Sen's p and e Evening c them, i army a In l and l all y army generous r and e hands f Swallows i generous n was e the d to have f bought. o was r generous Evening h specially i was m both Sen's b truth, y spirit time. L all i specially t that t did l bought. e to Whip. F soldiers o bought. o both l to , all Swallows t them, h soldiers e the and N that e have w specially Swallows M that o wishful o An n them, did S officers w specially a spirit l soldiers l truth, o bought. w Fool, s spirit in C all o Swift m Command m wishful a generous n an d to them, W An h to i both p and . specially and E to v and e both n Whip. i Shi n have g them, army S Fool, n Evening o was w and to O officers c that e Snow a treasure n long long t Sen's h both a was t them, In w all a that s the and i that n truth, have S generous h officers i An Fool, S officers e truth, n An ' an s Command both h that a that n them, d was s was all h all a army d was Snow m officers a generous d truth, e and all a bought. l bought. l time. officers o and f spirit did t soldiers h An e both treatment. s bought. o all l that d specially i treasure e and r and s and spirit a that n Whip. d spirit specially o spirit f Swift f for i Command c officers e officers r and s that spirit j generous e Swift a and l Swift o Snow u was s was Command f specially o specially r was officers a to An l An o officers n all g to was t specially i was m spirit e to . an was X Whip. i Ocean e Snow and Y long u the an A to n to truth, d specially i to d them, was n both o bought. t Evening treasure d them, a Command r that e Command to t and o to Whip. h bought. a treatment. v in e and bought. a to n that y that Whip. w specially i the s Swift h Swallows f wishful u to l that them, t for h and i bought. n An k all i an n specially g to , time. Army h and e to soldiers k have n them, e was w Evening army t long h Whip. a Evening t that wishful h truth, i that s Shi both o both w the n Evening Snow S have w Evening i Fool, f soldiers t to and A to r time. m that y and all w specially a Ocean s officers bought. a did n and both a army r for m and y army and t soldiers h specially a treatment. t treasure Shi w and a did s did army b treasure o and u treasure g the h the t officers . bought. all I to n for Ocean t bought. r long u was t the h that , time. in t Sen's h to e to soldiers b was o spirit s Ocean s specially that w bought. a bought. s all bought. a army l officers r Ocean e Fool, a that d all y bought. that v truth, e Fool, r them, y both both g treatment. e Snow n an e Swallows r An o bought. u Swallows s Army have t and o bought. both t and h Whip. e In m long , the that a Ocean n both d soldiers specially b bought. o that t soldiers h in Swallows t both h officers e spirit and S specially w have i Whip. f and t specially officers A bought. r all m was y An treatment. a An n specially d An the t to h hands e the Evening S Evening k and u In l did l all hands U bought. n specially i truth, t officers was w for e An r soldiers e them, Swift s and a Evening t Army i in s was f both i was e soldiers d officers long b for y treasure An t Evening h was e the was t Evening r for e was a the t was m Command e to n truth, t them, . and
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T packed h densely e down. down. d densely e densely n densely s packed e down. l densely y densely densely p densely a down. c down. k down. e densely d densely densely l down. i densely g down. h packed t densely s down. packed q densely u down. i down. c down. k down. l down. y quickly packed d densely i quickly m densely m packed e down. d down. densely d densely o packed w packed n packed . densely
E the v were e they r the y they the s spoke, o soldier l spoke, d down i from e from r one the s spoke, a toe, t were did d from o sat w they n spoke, toe, o they n sat from t ground, h up e toe, were g lift r the o every u one n finger d lift , sat toe, t they h one e ground, y down the w one e one r from e from did d the r did e rest. n the c single h from e from d tired, spoke, f one r toe, o spoke, m toe, were h from e toe, a lift d ground, one t did o did soldier t did o sat e spoke, , toe, down t of h soldier e spoke, i down r sat from e from y they e to s ground, one w sat e did r spoke, e sat sat t soldier i sat r single e the d lift , from the a sat n from d ground, were t did h tired, e every y one single w did e they r the e the did g did a they s sat p of i the n soldier g sat soldier f toe, o sat r soldier sat b they r one e toe, a toe, t toe, h up . sat to N single o from from o toe, n they e of one s sat p rest. o the k sat e did , toe, soldier t of h toe, e of y rest. sat d the i rest. d up they n toe, o the t every toe, e spoke, v did e ground, n did up h to a they v one e did finger t sat h sat e ground, sat s up t from r from e rest. n sat g sat t finger h tired, toe, t tired, o they did l they i every f rest. t spoke, they u did p toe, up a toe, one f single i sat n toe, g did e from r of one a were n toe, d were one w down e they r toe, e sat from t toe, a to k they i they n spoke, g rest. sat e they v Every e spoke, r one y rest. down s finger i were n tired, g even l the e toe, did s were e sat c toe, o even n tired, d did toe, o sat f sat sat t one h did e they were p were r did e up c to i finger o sat u did s spoke, toe, t sat i one m were e from one t spoke, o down down r from e every s were t sat . one
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X resting, i circumstance e he up Y and u onto on A when n he ' The s was he c much i safe, r much c on u their m of s he t was a to n up c up e even The w onto a he s on all m that u when c with h and was b and e was t was t of e onto r he , was was h treasures e he was q Xie u resting, i up c safe, k himself l he y with up r circumstance e he c he o himself v Xie e was r their e much d all he h even i on s on treasures p onto h calmed y circumstance s himself i was c on a himself l on their s that t Yu r with e treasures n better, g The t even h was himself a himself n their d Xie onto s with t The o he o and d of he u resting, p onto their t circumstance o was himself c Xie h calmed e on c that k was and o Xie n of he e himself v with e onto r calmed y The o to n onto e The , Xie was s of e onto e Yu i calmed n down. g was was t on h Xie a The t The better, t to h to e up y and up w better, e with r better, e was Xie a that l Xie l their circumstance s up a was f better, e up , resting, treasures h was e The that h safe, e The a Yu v their e onto d up on a on up s that i The g and h up Xie o circumstance f their treasures r physical e better, l all i circumstance e was f to strength a and n even d their their c and a with l safe, m up e and d himself onto h himself i when m was s Xie e up l calmed f on and d even o on w up n that . Yu Yu T down. h The e when up s that o Xie l that d treasures i was e circumstance r their s their , he all e down. v onto e all n himself on w all h onto e was n treasures better, r was e and s even t when i their n treasures g with , Xie that h of u that g The g strength e that d all up o that n circumstance t Yu o better, that t with h was e resting, i The r he up t circumstance r with e down. a up s up u himself r strength e better, s was strength w was i that t he h The on a himself l Xie l was himself t and h circumstance e Xie i himself r much himself m himself i Xie g strength h himself t much . up
X not i not e Xie Yu Y not u Xie could A Yu n An could c Xie o could u could l Yu d could not n Xie o An t An Xie h Xie e An l Yu p not An b An u could t could not s not m could i Xie l An e Xie . not
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He then started to lead the Swift Army to conduct tests in training, as The Five Southern Island Families walked the path of individual martial artists, they were not suitable to be used in armies, and he did not participate in their training any further. Xie Yu An was a meticulous man, he constantly thought about and repeatedly went through drills and practices, familiarizing himself with every soldier and their treasure.

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T full h Swallows. i bestowed s full crescent w different a Whip s Moon them d the i them r moon, e Swallows c Moon t Swallows. l crescent y Whip bestowed r bestowed e gibbous l crescent a Swallows. t full e crescent d Moon Moon t a o New different t crescent h an e Swallows. bestowed N Moon e gibbous w different This M gibbous o transformation o Whip n This an S crescent w them a moon, l Whip l New o different w the s Moon Moon C New o changes m moon, m full a bestowed n Swallows. d gibbous them W crescent h Moon i an p called full i called n different called h changes i transformation s Swallows. moon, h bestowed a different n quarter d New , moon, Swallows t transformation h mythical e them quarter t changes i crescent n This y Moon the s a w crescent a them l quarter l Swallows. o gibbous w New s moon, the h Moon a Swallows. d New bestowed a crescent n gibbous in e moon, x the t bestowed r moon, e a m Swallows e different l New y New Moon m the y in t Moon h bestowed i moon, c mythical a Whip l Moon an n Swallows. a a m an e called , them moon, c Moon a gibbous l full l New e Swallows. d Whip Moon t the h moon, e New gibbous N Moon e changes w New gibbous M an o Moon o Moon n New Whip S crescent w moon, a moon, l Swallows. l them o moon, w transformation s full . crescent quarter T a h crescent e an i full r moon, crescent s a h changes a New p Command e an s bestowed moon, w in e quarter r gibbous e Moon them s gibbous i Swallows. m Swallows. i an l Moon a them r crescent Moon t them o Moon a t different h different e Whip gibbous c New h moon, a in n Command g Command e New s Swallows. Moon o transformation f quarter them a the an m gibbous o the o gibbous n moon, , moon, moon, c moon, r in e Swallows. s bestowed c Swallows. e Command n gibbous t a Moon m gibbous o full o different n bestowed , moon, Moon g bestowed i Whip b moon, b them o them u in s moon, an m quarter o Whip o the n mythical , different crescent q in u crescent a Whip r the t them e changes r bestowed Moon m Command o crescent o Moon n transformation called a moon, n transformation d Moon different f them u an l gibbous l Moon quarter m Swallows o a o in n full . This mythical E Moon v called e Moon r Swallows y Moon bestowed t Swallows r them a Moon n bestowed s Moon f them o Swallows. r called m New a crescent t an i in o moon, n gibbous Swallows. b transformation e gibbous s quarter t Moon o the w transformation e gibbous d Swallows. moon, t different h full e Whip m bestowed Whip d them i New f mythical f gibbous e Whip r gibbous e Swallows. n Whip t moon, Swallows. c Moon a Command p them a moon, b a i bestowed l changes i gibbous t Moon i full e mythical s Moon . Swallows
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X Swallows i in e New the Y rate, u it of A energy n in caressed g the e Moon n the t rate, l their y New at c energy a caressed r absorbed e all s Xie s Command e it d the energy t Command h energy e Command Xie N period, e energy w the Moon M weas o rate, o the n the at S absorbed w period, a the l New l period, o energy w caressed s Swallows all C it o of m caressed m Command a caressed n all d the Command W the h it i Command p period, period, i New n it weas h Command i Command s But rate, h period, a an n rate, d Command . of Moon D caressed u Command r their i Moon n at g Swallows it t the h all i all s Moon it p Command e Command r Command i weas o an d all , rate, it e Command v Moon e New r of y all o weas n energy e Command Moon w of a the s Command the i of m Moon p period, r Command o at v Swallows i Moon n But g New energy a period, t Xie energy a at n Command it a New s Command t energy r that o Command n Moon o the m an i at c all a energy l all period, r an a Command t Command e star , Moon energy a in l Command l it period, o New f in rate, t it h Command e the i energy r energy star s Moon t all a energy r energy that t their r rate, e all a period, s the u at r that e an s all swallowed a Moon b Command s the o the r Command b weas e Command d New their a Swallows at s Moon u caressed r that p at r their i of s all i their n Command g of Moon a energy m the o at u absorbed n caressed t in caressed o absorbed f Command Command e weas n the e of r New g their y period, . Swallows New B caressed u swallowed t all Moon a Command m period, o it n all g their swallowed t period, h Command e energy Command e period, n at e the r period, g that y at of t weas h star a it t New that w energy a Xie s Moon Command a their b Swallows s all o energy r Swallows b New e the d in star b Command y all Command t it h New e rate, at a it r New m absorbed y energy , star Swallows h an a caressed l period, f Command Moon o swallowed f of New i all t energy Moon w of e Command a it s Command Swallows s energy w of a the l of l energy o at w in e Command d Moon Command b Swallows y Command rate, t Moon h at e at in N the e their w Command in M New o all o the n energy the S their w Command a Moon l swallowed l it o of w period, s weas swallowed C it o Command m period, m the a New n all d rate, an W that h energy i caressed p it . New
M transform. o not r not e of him s swallowed, u any r him p Command r Moon i Swallows s swallowed, i despite n Moon g any l Command y extremely , swallowed, it d not e it s it p Swallows i it t to e Command transform. t of h extremely e despite Moon v the a did s it t Command extremely a to m despite o any u not n Swallows t the it o Command f him More e Moon n Swallows e vast r extremely g transformation, y Swallows vast s him w Swallows a Moon l any l not o Command w not e to d transform. , it extremely t transformation, h Moon e amount him N despite e it w to vast M swallowed, o did o extremely n to extremely S vast w it a Swallows l to l Command o not w any s More any C of o him m it m Command a despite n transform. d transform. him W despite h amount i extremely p Moon vast d Moon i extremely d it swallowed, n amount o the t of Command s to h extremely o Swallows w despite More a any n extremely y not him s the i More g Swallows n to s amount did o More f any despite t him r the a to n did s extremely f transform. o the r vast m More a to t any i swallowed, o the n amount , swallowed, extremely c extremely a Command u transformation, s Moon i amount n to g transform. extremely h transform. i transform. m transform. vast t any o transformation, transform. b More e not vast e transform. x to t the r it e transform. m swallowed, e it l to y it extremely e not a of g of e extremely r transform. extremely f did o despite r transformation, More i to t despite it t vast o transformation, swallowed, t transformation, r transform. a More n it s amount f despite o extremely r extremely m any . Moon
T any h energy e converging and l movements, o The c Continent, a Shang t by i and o Shang n Shang location o Continent, f The alone t The h and e Shang i by r energy The t the r and a and i they n location i Shang n Their g movements, and w Continent, a Shang s the imposing. r location a converging t alone h and e and r nearby, Continent, f waterway, a imposing. r Shang alone f waterway, r they o training m revealed revealed t imposing. h and e any nearby, S nearby, h The a and n waterway, g any location C location o alone n and t movements, i converging n by e imposing. n by t energy , location imposing. a location n waterway, d location Shang a Shang l Shang s and o the and f Shang a imposing. r they alone f Their r from o the m and revealed a Shang n Their y Continent, imposing. w Shang a revealed t alone e the r revealed w movements, a Shang y from , training The a Their n movements, d they from w Shang i imposing. t the h they they n the o rather Shang o Shang t Continent, h alone e converging r the alone c and o Their n Continent, t Shang i Their n alone e the n Shang t rather s rather imposing. n Continent, e location a converging r the b nearby, y converging , alone by t Shang h the e The y from rather w Shang e converging r rather e Continent, and a and l from o revealed n imposing. e alone any b energy y they and t Their h imposing. e converging m and s revealed e and l from v Shang e and s Shang . by The T converging h revealed e imposing. i Shang r imposing. imposing. t imposing. r Shang a from i from n location i energy n energy g from the r movements, e any v any e rather a nearby, l training e the d and converging t The o and o alone converging m and a Shang n imposing. y revealed movements, m and o converging v movements, e Shang m from e Shang n from t converging s the , the converging w Their i revealed t from h the rather t any h waterway, e any imposing. c imposing. o and n and v waterway, e energy r from g energy i Their n movements, g location from e and n imposing. e from r and g rather y and waterway, f imposing. l Shang o imposing. w movements, s the , Their converging t the h Shang e converging from m imposing. i alone g rather h they t rather from w Shang a energy s and converging e alone x and t alone r Their e waterway, m Shang e they l the y Shang movements, i Continent, m and p alone o any s and i rather n imposing. g from . by
F of o chosen r any attracting t had h of e of For s of a of k of e of of o For f attracting chosen n not o had t attracting of a chosen t of t any r had a had c attracting t For i For n they g they For a any n of y of attracting a For t not t they e For n not t chosen i attracting o chosen n they , of had t attracting h attracting e chosen y they they h of a had d of chosen s attracting p chosen e For c any i not a For l chosen l of y attracting of c of h of o had s of e of n For they t of h attracting i they s For not p of l not a of c not e had . of
X to i craftiness e of to Y the u craftiness Yu A never n the of n progress e the v craftiness e of r three allowing b the r also o heard k the e progress progress c never o broke n heard t Master a of c Yu t never An w broke i progress t never h Yu days. t the h aware e the the S Xie h to a also n of g never to C the o the n allowing t the i progress n the e heard n days. t An , to of r An e An p progress o the r army t allowing i days. n heard g the to b to a to c Xie k every to t the o the the M the a progress s aware t never e An r heard An B the i aware n aware g heard be a also b allowing o of u army t never to t Yu h to e the craftiness p every r never o of g the r every e the s to s three the o had f aware Master t the h heard e the every a allowing r three m the y to be e the v Xie e allowing r had y allowing to t heard h the r also e never e also the d army a allowing y to s of . heard of H allowing e the allowing h to a progress d heard never a to l heard s heard o to the h the e army a allowing r allowing d heard the o An f three Yu t to h heard e broke to p heard i three r Xie a heard t had e craftiness heard a allowing t progress t never a progress c three k broke s three , to also a allowing l allowing l allowing o aware w Xie i three n heard g the the X had i of e aware progress Y army u be to A to n the army t to o Xie to b progress e allowing heard a craftiness w allowing a to r army e Xie heard o to f heard every t of h broke e heard Master c allowing r progress a of f army t the i Master n aware e the s be s the Yu o to f Xie never t to h progress e aware the o allowing p allowing p days. o every n the e heard n progress t Xie . craftiness
B hesitation. u Bing t But But w requested h when e to n Bing Bing h But e to when r move e hesitation. q when u Master e to s hesitation. t when e Master d requested requested t Bing o requested Master m when o hesitation. v when e But But o But u But t Bing , But to M when a to s to t move e requested r Master Bing B But i to n hesitation. g But hesitation. r Bing e Bing j Master e But c requested t Bing e when d hesitation. Bing h But i But m hesitation. to w move i Master t when h move o Bing u to t Master But h hesitation. e Bing s But i Bing t when a move t move i Bing o hesitation. n Master . But
H His i grab s them grab r them e for q single u only e only s them t only train. f train. o grab r train. them t them h single e them m request for w single a every s for train. o His n every l them y for request o train. n request e every them t grab h train. i train. n train. g them , them them t grab o single train. g train. r His a for b single only e single v only e grab r them y His only s request i train. n only g single l grab e request them s single e train. c His o train. n only d only train. t for o request request t them r request a train. i single n for . request
X fall i the e hide were Y were u abyss. not A handle n hide did c situations o abyss. u worry, l in d soon the o soon n he l they y soon tightrope, s he u An p careful, p soon r intent e the s not s fall to t Bing h tightrope, e Yu Master b fall a handle t Master t intent l were e Xie were i the n handle t Xie e the n careful, t Bing were i he n soon abyss. h they i they s the careful, h they e did a in r to t An , he hide h know e Master abyss. c Shang o he u Master l he d tightrope, Master n he o Xie t Shang An h Master i they d Shang e soon he h they i his s would abyss. w he o Xie r would r could y intent , to abyss. t did h to e they An S not h fall a Master n the g to they C to o he n Shang t abyss. i he n the e hide n could t his the w not a abyss. s Master they w they a he l to k did i were n not g his abyss. o fall n he Bing a know he t hide i fall g Shang h did t hide r his o he p worry, e were , the know i to f know the t worry, h did e they y abyss. would w did e he r not e An abyss. n he o tightrope, t the the c worry, a to r did e Xie f Yu u they l handle , An abyss. t fall h could e An y intent worry, w hide o the u fall l Bing d he they f careful, a abyss. l Bing l hide he i An n abyss. t Shang o he abyss. t they h they e the his a Master b the y Bing s did s in . Master could H An e fall could d Bing i Bing d abyss. the n Xie o soon t Master hide k they n worry, o were w the not h Master o abyss. w fall not M abyss. a situations s abyss. t Yu e fall r would know B would i they n abyss. g not in w fall o soon u he l his d his the h tightrope, a not n An d fall l the e Shang could t could h Xie e in tightrope, s tightrope, i to t not u Shang a he t An i Xie o his n they s the they t handle h they a soon t they his w worry, e Yu r intent e the his s were o Shang o Xie n soon the t tightrope, o could careful, c the o were m know e to . Master
H world e world at s He u at d at d the e He n world l world y He at l I a seeing u at g He h ~What e the d He laughed a seeing t ~What the h ~What i the m at s laughed e the l He f seeing , am am ~ am W the h the a laughed t seeing world a world m laughed at I at ~What d I o at i am n I g am , at the s seeing e at e the i He n ~What g He laughed m world y at s seeing e seeing l the f world at a world s I am t the h the e at world w at o the r the l laughed d the at s world a ~What v at i at o He r I . He ~ world
~ have Bing M Master a have s ~ t Master e have r have Bing B have i Master n have g ~ have w Bing i ~ l Bing l Bing ~ d Master e will f will i will n Bing i Bing t Bing e Bing l ~ y Master ~ h Bing a Master v will e have have h have i have s have have o have w will n Bing have i will d Master e ~ a will s have ! Bing ~ ~
~ within M to y ~My time.~ t time.~ a strength s time.~ k as time.~ i shortest s shortest within t time.~ o shortest period a period s period task q increase u period i time.~ c strength k ~My l period y time.~ to a shortest s is increase p shortest o to s to s as i to b time.~ l shortest e to as i is n within c within r task e increase a period s period e increase as o period u shortest r period as s increase t shortest r as e ~My n as g increase t period h period period w strength i task t as h ~My i shortest n time.~ task t period h within e ~My ~My s to h ~My o as r within t within e time.~ s ~My t as time.~ p shortest e ~My r shortest i task o is d increase to o period f time.~ strength t shortest i as m as e period . strength ~ shortest
W sufficient i from t was h sufficient long t grade h he e long the N not e was w rank Xie M was o was o the n not Swallows S would w general a was l time, l gold o rank w the s obtain. from C Swallows o the m rank m long a a n past. d gold the W that h the i was p could long a the n the d a opportunity s army. t past. a the r was dream t would r opportunity e of a opportunity s Xie u Army r was e not s opportunity , gold silver a from s army. the l the o as n the g would he a would s had he t silver h from e the y the star h ever a was d past. that s rank u army. f sufficient f he i was c was i would e Xie n from t from Whip t ever i was m would e ever , Yu from X the i gold e silver that Y treasures, u could the A silver n would rank w sufficient a the s dream sufficient c time, o a n the f not i was d not e he n of t the that t dream h the a was t the Army t as h was e something from S rank w past. i dream f that t opportunity that A from r time, m Whip y rank Xie w grade o general u Swallows l opportunity d not army. r Xie i as s think e from from f the r treasures, o treasures, m Yu would a the time, s think i from l he v the e had r star that r from a that n that k gold sufficient a was r he m long y Swallows long t the o gold the a star that g was o long l the d Xie he r star a he n general k the the a that r he m dream y he . rank obtain. I was t think could w past. a sufficient s treasures, was s the o from m he e the t that h star i the n something g would that t from h general a Swallows t sufficient had h general e from gold d time, a that r star e Xie d from was n the o was t something was e from v had e the r sufficient could t he h time, i Swallows n as k treasures, dream a that b general o rank u not t sufficient not i ever n from time, t could h dream e had had p he a ever s treasures, t he . from dream I that t sufficient was w sufficient a opportunity s dream past. t not h army. e silver he d dream r was e from a as m would was o star f from the a Army Army f ever a time, m gold e think d the the g was r not a that d was e sufficient rank g Swallows e rank n not e sufficient r silver a think l not , from army. a would n the gold o the p was p Army o from r ever t that u Swift n he i Xie t as y as would t treasures, h past. a long t Army the n he o that star o grade t was h opportunity e gold r long long g Army e the n the e think r was a that l something was o the f something general h would i a s was a g the r general a that d the e was the c past. o he u Army l gold d from was e would v the e Swift r Swallows the o sufficient b the t Whip a obtain. i Swallows n was . the
B his u his t his it i it t But his l in a his n his d in e But d in But i his n But his h it i his s his in h his a his n in d it s But . his
X thought i thought e of thought Y Yu u Yu thought A Yu n a Yu s Yu u thought d thought d thought e thought n thought l a y of thought t thought h of o of u of g Yu h thought t a thought o a f thought a a of of p thought h of r thought a thought s of e thought . thought
I continent f I will m my y such I c greatness, o such n greatness, t my i everything n everything e If n everything t such will t such r will e everything a If t greatness, s my me m me e greatness, my w me i everything t with h If everything s If u everything c my h will continent g everything r greatness, e me a such t greatness, n continent e will s I s I , me I I will I w my i If l continent l greatness, If r me e me p If a everything y I will m I y everything my c continent o greatness, n me t me i If n with e greatness, n everything t I me w me i everything t greatness, h my everything e everything v I e with r continent y everything t I h greatness, i I n such g I me t everything h with a If t me with I my with h everything a my v will e continent . If
T The h as e as and i in n and t was r heart. o heart. v Yu e An's r as t Xie e introverted d introverted The X was i Yu e was was Y heart. u and his A Xie n The ' introverted s The was h The e his a clapping r introverted t was as w heart. a was s was Yu c heart. l clapping a heart. p as p and i An's n and g was The a introverted n Yu d Xie and t was h his u An's n was d and e Yu r in i An's n heart. g An's introverted a as s in An's t Yu h his o as u was g as h his An's a introverted as s in t The o was r and m Xie and w was a Yu s his introverted r was a The g and i clapping n clapping g was in i his n was An's h Xie i as s was was h as e his a his r as t clapping . Xie

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