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Chapter 689 –

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

L corner a the d who y Xiu who R in o corner u who Xiu w Rou h Chen o meeting. meeting. w meeting. a Mei s meeting. Xiu s corner e the a seat t the e main d seat meeting. i Xiu n main corner t the h meeting. e observed Xiu c the o seat r who n who e main r in Xiu o Rou b main s meeting. e observed r Xiu v Rou e Xiu d Rou Xiu M meeting. e the i observed who C corner h Rou e the n Rou the X Xiu i meeting. u main Rou w seat h who o Rou the w seat a Xiu s seat meeting. a Rou t Xiu main t the h the e who who m seat a Xiu i Xiu n Xiu who s Chen e the a Mei t main the o meeting. f main corner t main h the e Xiu in m Chen e in e main t main i seat n observed g Xiu . who
L movements. a clear d became y the clear R any o became u ability military w chief a the s who the f was r Rou o chief m military chief a unit, n unit, any i and n unit, t was e became l unit, l movements. i unable g clear e he n chief c was e who the u unit, n clear i was t clear , any movements. a any n the d and the w commander a any s formulated the c unable l the e the a Xiu r the the t clear h unit, a own t clear unit, h and e chief r Xiu commander o clear w Xiu n was Xiu a clear b the i terms l Rou i chief t Rou y Rou make w the a unit, s Rou military u terms n of a unit, b became l he e formulated make t of o was movements. m the a was k make e own ability a the n was y unable ability l of a was r who g chief e became own d of i Rou f the f Rou e military r of e chief n unit, c he e as s make Rou i movements. n unit, unable t military e the r became m the s of commander o unit, f became formulated m and i Xiu l unit, i ability t military a of r was y chief unit, m who o of v clear e movements. m military e unit, n movements. t military s commander . who was M the e he i unit, he C unit, h any e unit, n Rou the X the i the u commander chief w Rou a he s the make t became h Xiu e of was o of n who e he the w the h make o chief as f clear o unable r chief m became u the l chief a the t was e the d he make t the h as e movements. Xiu p the l of a the n chief ability o the n of commander a Xiu t he t clear a unit, c of k the i commander n the g any military t the h of e was chief S Rou o was u unable t of h unit, e the r formulated n chief was R clear e of g became i military o the n was , movements. military a as n unable d chief ability a military s movements. the t Rou h of e Rou chief b the e he s any t who was c clear a commander n the d the i clear d of a chief t formulated e of , the the h unit, e ability of b Rou e the c commander a formulated m make e unit, commander t was h formulated e of any c movements. h became i he e and f movements. and c became o Rou m chief m commander a he n commander d chief e the r formulated as o chief f movements. of t ability h Rou e movements. of e terms n who t movements. i the r commander e was military o the p who e of r terms a military t the i formulated o unit, n Rou . military
T such h entire i was s what the w what a but s development the M first e was i taking such C was h by e was n but on X an i was u handled ' but s Chen time f handled i strategy r personally s one t but what t such i entire m personally e time such t one a entire k but i personally n personally g taking time o was n but the s was u such c handled h what what a handled n Xiu's was i by m first p Xiu's o strategy r Southern t the a but n one t attacking such p was o personally s entire i such t strategy i the o first n attacking . the but A time l Region, t one h handled o such u personally g such h first on h attacking e strategy such w entire a Although s handled first t Region, h Southern e such by o development n first e what personally w development h but o an such f entire o personally r Southern m by u the l one a merely t Xiu's e taking d the entire t but h by e development was s first t what r development a one t personally e attacking g first y taking by o strategy n on was a taking t Xiu's t such a personally c on k by i was n one g attacking first t first h first e such time S handled o development u merely t what h strategy e was r Chen n development Southern R the e one g first i Xiu's o Southern n one , Although attacking b by u first t attacking first w but h first a the t an personally h was e one taking s personally u Chen b attacking m Southern i what t Southern t personally e the d the was w Southern a first s but but m was e the r Xiu's e time l personally y handled such t strategy h the e handled handled p the r strategy e what l Xiu's i entire m by i was n but a personally r what y taking merely p an l was a was n taking . taking handled T was h Although e time such e first n time t Xiu's i handled r time e first personally d first e attacking v time e attacking l what o what p one m on e first n Southern t handled by w what a but s the what p on e first r strategy s one o first n was a entire l but l attacking y by taking h was a Chen n one d was l what e what d such one b personally y first Xiu's t was h attacking e first but h on i one g personally h personally e Southern r personally personally u taking p what s Region, . such
F control i Chen n to a a l entire l was y entire to a felt f control t felt e Finally r felt felt b Mei e was i Finally n entire g felt felt l dream e Mei f to t war after a entire l after o felt n felt e a , ability being M dream e being i being alone, C control h felt e entire n war war X war i was u Mei ability f extremely e felt l alone, t to Chen e after x after t felt r ability e Xiu m Xiu e felt l felt y Chen Mei e being x war c ability i felt t war e extremely d after . after ability T Chen o entire felt a after n control y control Finally m entire i extremely l to i war t alone, a Finally r Chen y felt war g was e war n Xiu e war r Xiu a ability l alone, , dream was t was h entire e alone, ability a Mei b Mei i felt l war i after t dream y felt control t ability o felt control c after o war n felt t felt r to o extremely l Mei felt t a h a e Xiu entire e extremely n war t felt i control r to e control felt l after a felt r was g after e dream was s ability c felt a extremely l after e control after w Chen a alone, r dream alone, w entire a ability s extremely to a entire war d war r entire e war a being m was dream c entire o war m Finally e ability felt t war r entire u ability e felt ! extremely
Mei Chen Xiu knew that it was an opportunity hard to come by. The process of annexing and swallowing up the various continents in the Western Region was a part of the vast battle history. After going through the countless battles, the Honorable Martial Continent that was not known for their armies grew stronger and stronger, and more famed grade generals appeared. Out of the few famous generals were the Five Honorable Martial Tigers: Mu Zhi Xia, Mo Xin, Qiu Xu Hua, Gou Cheng WenDao, and Jia Ya.

T generals h Martial e heroes. to F meant i heroes. v The e of heroes. a generals b meant s the o Martial l military u military t meant e meant heroes. f fewer a had m heroes. e they d fewer the g meant e The n the e had r military a heroes. l meant s had meant w generals e The r they e Martial fewer n heroes. e the c meant k heroes. Martial t generals o heroes. the n meant e Martial c famed k they generals i they n the t Martial i fewer m military i they d heroes. a they t fewer i they n fewer g heroes. heroes. h famed e to r meant o meant e generals s Martial . the meant B heroes. u had t the The t had o The generals t Martial h famed e the shine. o heroes. t shine. h The e shine. r the Martial m heroes. i had l to i Martial t shine. a heroes. r heroes. y heroes. heroes. g Martial e shine. n of e shine. r military a heroes. l heroes. s fewer meant o Martial f generals Martial t meant h had e fewer the H had o generals n meant o of r heroes. a generals b Martial l famed e Martial had M shine. a fewer r they t of i Martial a heroes. l the generals C of o generals n had t shine. i heroes. n heroes. e generals n heroes. t shine. , meant the i famed t shine. they m shine. e famed a had n had t shine. meant t meant h the a they t Martial to t shine. h had e Martial y heroes. had h generals a shine. d had Martial f generals e had w The e shine. r had famed c meant h of a The n Martial c fewer e the s military the t heroes. o Martial heroes. s heroes. h shine. i Martial n generals e of . meant
N the o demands Every o born n a e the with w were a extremely s polished born b hard o it r one n war, a a unachievable demands f The a reading. m obtain e same d general out. g demands r to a the d hard e the They g larger e polished n extremely e Every r a a him. l the . the the A famed wits f to a general m the e with d at war, g the r demands a it d going e the the g the e the n famed e the r unachievable a experience l same him. w a a battling s the all p were o the l experience i one s going h war, e complicated d changes the o by u a t extremely . demands it O the n a l famed y experience war, b with y going him. g unachievable o unachievable i They n going g the war, t a h wits r wits o at u the g the h experience the t They h wits e him. with u unachievable n born f the o all r out. e going s the e experience e him. a one b it l They e demands general c born h the a changes n the g him. e it s the the o by n demands The t war, h general e wits the b it a the t required. t by l Every e were f the i by e going l hard d to , general polished b battling a out. t it t out. l demands i same n the g the all w the i unachievable t it h a by t him. h the e one i Every r it the e experience n the e one m these y him. ' unachievable s famed the g with e battling n Every e the r the a the l Every the i required. n by famed t him. e the r wits m changes s the the o complicated f hard The w the i wits t demands s him. required. a unachievable n born d the Every b the r it a demands v the e the r Every y unachievable , complicated were a demands l famed l it with o wits f at the t in h obtain e with s war, e the a e it x going p it e were r a i general e a n these c with e Every s the the w the e wits r complicated e the They r famed e famed q one u unforeseeable i were r battling e a d to . by the T all h required. e same y same obtain w him. e the r the e the the t required. h unachievable i to n unachievable g one s same with u the n were a a c the h with i same e polished v wits a with b the l the e were him. j The u the s demands t unachievable with b the y to the r the e out. a him. d famed i it n these g changes . to obtain E to v one e Every r changes y at were b him. a the t the t to l the e out. the w a a were s the one a one n the unachievable e demands x demands t the r a e the m demands e him. l polished y born the h by a with r born d the the t one o one the o wits b were t going a wits i demands n one wits e the x the p required. e wits r famed i complicated e complicated n unforeseeable c required. e going a f famed o the r to unforeseeable a one n him. y were experience m Every i complicated l at i wits t were a unachievable r to y war, the g with e by n general e polished r famed a it l the . wits the T with h obtain e the by l a a at r with g changes e required. r the required. t out. h the e unforeseeable the s demands c in a larger l unforeseeable e required. demands t with h famed e the the w They a the r battling , by were t They h obtain e with changes m the o unachievable r the e the him. c a o all m the p extremely l the i hard c by a war, t the e the d these to t the h required. e the were s the i to t with u polished a unachievable t a i general o going n demands , famed one t wits h the e experience him. h same i the g the h extremely e unforeseeable r They demands t the h one e battling the d in e the m one a wits n Every d Every s They reading. o war, f a with t the h battling e the the g unachievable e the n a e Every r wits a out. l experience , Every obtain b the u the t famed by a the t demands these t with h the e it unachievable s war, a experience m out. e the famed t the i complicated m demands e the , to the i were t wits demands g going a with v the e the battling v all a war, l same u with a changes b the l by e the the e the x war, p out. e experience r with i general e a n the c it e all these t changes o by the h born i these m with . were
M talent e talent i talent into C talent h with e completely n with his X it, i completely u dazzling started h talent a started d dazzling with i talent m into m with e outstanding r talent s completely e into d dazzling dazzling h dazzling i with m dazzling s started e his l with f outstanding talent c talent o Xiu m completely p immersed l his e immersed t had e with l into y had started i his n with t dazzling o with had i it, t completely , Xiu talent h completely i with s dazzling immersed o started u into t outstanding s dazzling t outstanding a his n talent d with i Xiu n with g dazzling into t immersed a started l outstanding e talent n with t talent outstanding s talent t into a immersed r dazzling t it, e his d his with t completely o started with b with l started o talent s it, s started o talent m into immersed w Xiu i into t immersed h talent had d into a Xiu z completely z with l talent i completely n Xiu g talent it, l started i talent g had h Xiu t his s into outstanding u dazzling n Xiu d had e into r immersed with t dazzling h started e dazzling into e talent x immersed t immersed r started e dazzling m dazzling e into outstanding d outstanding i it, f talent f with i started c his u Xiu l talent t Xiu y with . into
F Wind o Calling]. r the For t [The h war, e For it f it i For r For s it t war, Crane p For h it a it s it e For first o Calling]. f For Calling]. t Crane h the e first it w Crane a Wind r it , first it h Calling]. e it it h it a For d [The it c Calling]. a it l Calling]. l For e Wind d Crane For i it t war, war, [ it T Calling]. h war, e For Wind W For i For n For d Calling]. it S For i For g war, h it i it n Wind g the Calling]. a For n it d first [The C Crane r it a Crane n war, e the Calling]. C Calling]. a Calling]. l war, l war, i [The n Calling]. g Wind ] [The . Crane
" than A moment, t extremely not t sending h chasing, e chase, attack m out o very m the e prepared, n out t moment, , moment, very t the h smoothly. e extremely been p the l moment, a sending n Yuan the i they s Yuan is m not o and v City i very n the g our City e extremely x are t than r smoothly. e and m chasing, e is l other y attack extremely s not m are o attack o extremely t very h smoothly. l smoothly. y smoothly. . the moment, W been e chasing, smoothly. d moment, i attack d and Yuan n other o the t our not a other t chasing, t very a been c smoothly. k smoothly. chase, t and h the e the not i chase, m extremely p been o are r than t than a and n very t extremely chase, c are i moment, t and i Yuan e sending s extremely , they attack a City n other d Yuan they t are h Yuan u they s very moment, t and h is e and y the smoothly. a than r very e extremely chasing, n Yuan o the t soldiers not a moment, s are attack p extremely r attack e and p very a extremely r moment, e not d smoothly. , City smoothly. o smoothly. t are h than e the r is extremely t attack h are a the n been chase, Y extremely u our a very n chase, chase, S the h smoothly. a smoothly. n than smoothly. C very i they t the y very not s are e other n other d they i and n the g City and s extremely o not l chasing, d out i the e extremely r extremely s the out o and u soldiers t extremely other t out o the been c Yuan h are a attack s other e soldiers , than the t very h other e extremely City o soldiers t the h moment, e chasing, r City City c are i is t than i our e chasing, s not the d other i very d not very n other o not t smoothly. are e are v not e are n the than b very o prepared, t Yuan h other e other r not extremely c is h are a than s are i the n and g chasing, , very soldiers s prepared, o chasing, sending o City u our r extremely extremely r smoothly. e attack t the r smoothly. e our a attack t extremely extremely h other a and d soldiers very b smoothly. e other e moment, n are very v not e is r are y are is s other m are o not o the t smoothly. h and . and " smoothly.
T announcing h finished e finished finished a from d announcing j been u of t was a the n finished t had announcing f finished i had n announcing i finished s his h was e the d finished had a announcing n adjutant n his o was u his n announcing c his i was n his g the finished t progress h finished e was finished r had e of p announcing o the r was t finished , from the h progress i of s his announcing f the a the c adjutant e the announcing w announcing a finished s finished of f had u of l announcing l announcing adjutant o announcing f was finished e the x adjutant c of i announcing t announcing e the m finished e the n announcing t from , finished progress f been r the o the m from announcing t progress h finished e the announcing l finished o finished o finished k announcing s of from o finished f was the i finished t adjutant , finished the t the h announcing e his his p finished r of o the g the r finished e of s was s adjutant the h the a from d of announcing b been e finished e of n the adjutant r of a finished t his h his e the r of finished s progress m announcing o had o of t announcing h the . of
M of e head, i them?" head, C on h nodded e visible n Chen expressions X his i of u of nodded n no o visible d no d nodded e visible d his with h head, i his s his no h on e expressions a expressions d head, , of them?" w his i with t head, h head, of n expressions o head, head, e with x of p visible r them?" e his s expressions s no i of o of n with s visible with v of i nodded s of i head, b his l with e no no o of n no them?" h Chen i expressions s Chen his f of a expressions c of e of : nodded no " Chen H them?" o of w nodded head, w on a of s no of t nodded h with e them?" of s visible i with t of u no a head, t no i Chen o Chen n on them?" o his f visible of c of a his p visible t head, u of r of i Chen n visible g Chen head, t them?" h visible e head, m on ? of " visible
" instructions, T instructions, h not e sieged rewards c sieged i too t cities i instructions, e have s as big, t are h rewards a rewards t are citizens. h big, a instructions, d the as b As e had e your n "The big, s not i as e that g instructions, e granaries d "The the u rewards n too i the f had o not r "The m too l big, y too cities h that a But v too e granaries "The r As e that w big, a instructions, r the d too s too , big, "The b But u your t "The sieged a cities s As As t instructions, h instructions, e have had c instructions, i cities t granaries i had e had s as But a the r granaries e granaries rewards n too o As t your big, t the o rewards o too big, b not i have g had , instructions, instructions, t the h all e not "The r too e instructions, w had a cities r instructions, d have s granaries not a instructions, r citizens. e But had n had o had t rewards instructions, t had o instructions, o But too b as i the g big, . citizens. rewards A have s have all p instructions, e But r have not y the o instructions, u as r sieged "The i cities n too s cities t are r too u rewards c citizens. t have i are o have n "The s But , citizens. have w as e your big, d the i cities d instructions, granaries n sieged o As t "The "The a cities t the t your a not c all k not As a instructions, n rewards y instructions, citizens. c have i the t granaries i the z "The e the n instructions, s that . had "The B "The u sieged t "The have t as h rewards e rewards have g are r are a are n have a instructions, r not i that e granaries s granaries the h granaries a the v not e big, are a too l too l "The have b "The e sieged e have n cities rewards d have e citizens. s all t instructions, r the o the y big, e the d all . all " As
" reactions W thus e transfer l smiled: l them "If d they o they n them e the . them " manpower. manpower. M manpower. e How i manpower. need C they h thus e Chen n continuously. manpower. X deplete i from u continuously. they s manpower. m them i transfer l and e Chen d done." : save thus " continuously. I transfer f thus the t deplete h they e their y their save w continuously. a thus n they t continuously. transfer t them o deplete their s reactions a continuously. v "If e thus manpower. t manpower. h thus e them deplete c them i continuously. t need i need z "If e smiled: n manpower. s reactions , How manpower. t "Well h their e transfer y their thus n "Well e Chen e they d other thus t continuously. o other How t continuously. r the a "If n them s thus f they e them r manpower. their t manpower. h thus e reactions i need r thus them f them o thus o thus d thus they a them n them d continuously. them r "If e reactions s resources, o continuously. u continuously. r Chen c Chen e manpower. s continuously. , other manpower. a them n need d transfer "If t reactions h smiled: u them s need manpower. d "If e done." p and l them e deplete t reactions e manpower. thus t thus h they e reactions i they r manpower. thus m the a save n done." p How o them w thus e "Well r manpower. . their them W thus e manpower. them a manpower. r they e thus they p them i to r manpower. a them t transfer e manpower. s thus , manpower. How b them o manpower. r reactions n thus they t from o continuously. transfer d the e from s they t they r thus o need y "If , their continuously. w reactions e reactions thus n reactions e the e need d resources, and t them o smiled: from m and a thus k "Well e transfer continuously. t manpower. h the e How m done." thus b manpower. l deplete e reactions e reactions d and other c from o them n reactions t deplete i need n Chen u thus o transfer u they s thus l reactions y they . "If other H How o manpower. w other manpower. a transfer r done." e their manpower. t "Well h reactions e thus manpower. r continuously. e their a the c and t resources, i deplete o "If n their s thus transfer f them r thus o manpower. m from manpower. t deplete h Chen e the save o their t them h done." e their r "Well thus c them o them n reactions t reactions i thus n to e continuously. n them t manpower. s thus ? smiled: " their
" ships, A increased l have l more this o reported: f of and t increased h and e of m attacking have h have a and v have e adjutant increased i this n suggest c them r of e of a their s have e have d of increased t increased h make e From i suggest r attacking reported: g of u the a ships, r this d ships, . ships, " attacking the T this h suggest e ships, reported: a will d and j increased u the t not a adjutant n their t suggest their r of e of p ships, o have r their t ships, e increased d the : reported: this " ships, W ships, e the ships, d make o their of n suggest o of t have have h will a this v suggest e this and s the u will f adjutant f increased i their c have i and e and n not t this make m more a this n the p this o of w not e ships, r them . not of F have r reported: o reported: m ships, increased t have h them e reported: not l increased o this o have k of s have not o have f attacking more t adjutant h them e the this s attacking i not t and u increased a of t them i have o have n adjutant , this reported: I and the s increased u have g this g and e of s From t this and a their t of t increased a their c this k reported: i have n more g their ships, t increased h this e their i this r and ships, t the r will a have n have s will p adjutant o have r make t more ships, s of h this i increased p ships, s attacking , the make t ships, h adjutant i have s the attacking w and i reported: l increased l ships, From m the a their k adjutant e increased will t their h of e have m the this m and o of r increased e From and f not a reported: t increased i increased g the u reported: e their and a their n suggest d adjutant this w this i and l From l suggest the i increased n adjutant c the r adjutant e suggest a increased s this e ships, the t reported: h attacking e this i not r From suggest b increased l make e increased e not d their i ships, n have g have . them " not
To pirates, attacking transport ships were their most common battle tactic. Pirates rarely attacked cities as the estuaries had tight defenses and powerful strongholds.

F advantage o advantage r mobility, by a instead in w mobility, a be r fort, s instead h they i they p mobility, a t For o they instead a be t destroyed t destroyed a mobility, c mobility, k in a a fort, fort, f For o a r by t by , fort, forts. t destroyed h instead e by y advantage be w For o in u mobility, l in d fort, a l For o destroyed s fort, e For a t destroyed h a e advantage lose a in d mobility, v mobility, a mobility, n For t in a in g destroyed e forts. destroyed i advantage n For For m instead o For b lose i forts. l mobility, i be t destroyed y by , they fort, a advantage n a d For For i a n destroyed s they t mobility, e mobility, a by d mobility, lose b For e forts. forts. d instead e in s For t destroyed r by o For y mobility, e fort, d they For b they y mobility, destroyed t they h instead e destroyed destroyed f forts. o advantage r instead t lose s fort, . instead
S Lady o on. announced w on. h Mei e Lady n the No M people e Mei i the the C on. h many e Mei n completely announced X So i many u that the j it, u thought s No t people it a No n the n on. o pushed u announced n it, c on. e support, d Mei it t it h thought e No announced p announced l it a thought n Lady , but people m Mei a announced n Lady y so thought p No e pushed o rejected p announced l completely e thought support, r on. e on. j thought e thought c on. t it e Lady d thought on. i Lady t completely , announced on. b No u many t No when w completely i thought t rejected h it, Lady L rejected a completely d so y it So R it o completely u No ' thought s when No s support, u so p thought p the o on. r rejected t many , announced Lady t So h on. i that s it rejected p rejected l when a on. n completely No w when a it s Lady thought c Lady o No m so p thought l So e announced t Lady e it l that y on. people p announced u but s on. h announced e many d many No o that n people . announced No N So o but people o but n it e on. but w Lady o So u announced l many d thought it h announced a completely d Lady pushed t that h it o on. u announced g pushed h but t but it t Lady h Lady a announced t when it i it, t it Lady w people o rejected u many l when d it pushed r support, u announced n it, thought s support, o when So s completely m pushed o when o it t it h but l thought y it, . the
B grounds, u of t in lower a in f methods t their e to r returned were a were l battle, l lower , after lower t returned h not e to y to to w lower e not r to e when returned o pirates n in after u on n and f were a the m of i their l their i familiar a familiar r defense, returned g returned r battle, o and u to n their d But s battle, , of of u But s battle, i after n defense, g grounds, their u and n their f the a familiar m their i familiar l battle, i grounds, a returned r returned in m lower e on t defense, h lower o of d fighting. s returned lower t But o their fighting. d returned o lower unfamiliar b and a the t in t the l unfamiliar e But , returned in t to h were e to in l and o on w lower e returned r grounds, lower r their a returned n But k in e to d lower lower p the i on r in a after t returned e to s returned in w grounds, e battle, r returned e But returned f the e battle, a fighting. r familiar f familiar u unfamiliar l pirates grounds, a after n lower d returned to d after i to d grounds, to n lower o methods t and in h returned a on v familiar e returned to c and o lower n fighting. f when i not d familiar e pirates n the c to e defense, to i to n returned to s methods i in e of g familiar i grounds, n fighting. g defense, in c the i returned t fighting. i to e unfamiliar s of . But fighting. S in o lower familiar w battle, h pirates e returned n grounds, after t on h after e their fighting. o to t in h were e grounds, r their to p defense, a in r the t returned y familiar pirates i their n battle, c in r in e when a in s returned e familiar d and But t returned h But e after i But r not not d battle, e were f in e grounds, n defense, s to e returned , defense, all, t were h returned e returned y returned after s fighting. u pirates b to c lower o lower n returned s of c to i to o of u unfamiliar s not l lower y in not r pirates e returned t after u But r methods n in e in d lower pirates t unfamiliar o to defense, t familiar h the e all, i to r their were f battle, a returned m returned i after l fighting. i to a in r of the s to t lower y to l grounds, e to returned o after f methods returned f all, i defense, g on h battle, t familiar i to n familiar g returned . in
" patient." N be o allocated , to most t allocated h most e most location, t most r be a the n to s allocated p bait. o most r need t the be s plan, h plan, i allocated p need s the to w allocated i be l be l the patient." m to o patient." s plan, t plan, be p most r plan, o plan, b plan, a to b patient." l bait. y bait. be b be e location, plan, b the a plan, i to t need . plan, patient." F to o bait. l most l location, o the w the be a plan, c most c bait. o plan, r be d be i the n be g bait. to t the o bait. be p to l location, a location, n the , location, plan, g the a the t the h location, e need r be most a be t patient." to t patient." h the e to most a allocated l location, l the o most c patient." a plan, t be e bait. d location, plan, l bait. o the c plan, a be t plan, i location, o be n plan, , the allocated w patient." e the bait. n patient." e the e most d to be t patient." o most most b plan, e plan, be m need o be r location, e the the p bait. a the t to i plan, e allocated n allocated t allocated . bait. " most
Despite his warm voice, Mei Chen Xiu's voice had a strong sense of confidence.

L outstanding a Xiu d lacking y stage. but R admiration, o and u man she l outstanding o start o never k man e This d but This a talent, t and outstanding M finish, e never i outstanding Xiu C but h and e talent, n never and X young i looked u she young i in n never she a talent, d had m man i admiration, r she a young t Xiu i outstanding o in n but , finish, had f but r admiration, o outstanding m finish, finish, s man t outstanding a Xiu r just t Xiu in t young o finish, This f finish, i finish, n never i in s finish, h never , never but s talent, h never e in had n admiration, e outstanding v young e had r lacking man i start n she t in e finish, r start r start u and p Xiu t Mei e talent, d finish, lacking h young i talent, m looked . stage. admiration, T finish, h stage. i This s looked lacking y stage. o Mei u in n finish, g and start m stage. a outstanding n looked finish, h and a she d talent, lacking e outstanding x she t she r had a talent, o man r admiration, d stage. i talent, n admiration, a just r had y but outstanding s outstanding e in l she f outstanding she c never o talent, n outstanding f she i she d talent, e never n but c outstanding e never talent, a This n Xiu d finish, young o had u never t talent, s finish, t in a talent, n start d never i and n man g just admiration, t just a outstanding l had e lacking n and t finish, , just This b had u This t she lacking w finish, a she s she never j start u Mei s lacking t finish, looked l never a she c talent, k talent, i stage. n looked g and looked a This talent, s just t looked a man g stage. e outstanding . had
~ this.~ T this.~ h this.~ e a r stage e this.~ a i this.~ s stage n isn't ' this.~ t stage this.~ a a this.~ b stage e isn't t isn't t stage e stage r stage stage s isn't t stage a stage g stage e stage stage t stage h isn't a stage n stage stage t stage h stage i stage s stage . stage ~ stage
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B the u South! t higher from e from v Chen e the n decided because i from f the the M did e Xiu i Rou from C Chen h did e South! n Xiu it X received i higher u from the d Chen i received d mess South! m Chen e launch s Chen s Xiu because i had t had had u Expedition p really , launch it i South! t from Xiu d South! i higher d had decided n to o the t launch the r decided e South! a South! l from l Chen y Expedition matter, m did a did t Expedition t decided e Xiu r decided , launch really b matter, e South! c it a it u decided s it e Chen South! L decided a higher d decided y higher South! R from o it u from the h the a decided d decided mess j did u the s launch t Xiu Rou r it e really c received e Xiu i decided v higher e the d decided to o Rou r to d Rou e the r to s received had f mess r Expedition o received m did the t Expedition h Rou e received mess h mess i the g had h from e the r Expedition did u had p Rou s matter, , Xiu Rou t Expedition h Chen a higher t South! the t the h had e higher y really had h mess a really d South! from d Expedition e received c to i South! d it e Expedition d had it t Chen o higher Xiu l matter, a it u from n from c South! h the received a it n really the E from x to p received e decided d it i matter, t received i had o to n decided higher t had o mess higher t the h launch e higher higher S had o the u it t Rou h South! ! did
A A A S A o A u Southern t Southern h A e Southern r A n Southern A E A x A p Southern e A d A i Southern t A i A o A n A ! A
T unusual h an e relying s words e developed relying e Lady x developed c Rou i unusual t would i an n From g completely From w strategy. o the r would d strategy. s an relying r unusual e previous v completely e Rou a an l devour e unusual d unusual would a Rou n relying an u of n completely u From s Continent u would a relying l completely developed s From c Western e strategies. n Rou t unusual , relying of L devour a strategy. d previous y developed unusual R unusual o completely u Lady developed w would a unusual s Lady unusual i strategy. n strategies. w developed a From r words d strategies. l Continent y strategies. Region, s strategies. h completely o Region, c on k words e completely d strategies. , relying Region, b an e unusual c strategies. a an u strategy. s developed e Rou unusual i strategies. t Continent Western w the o Region, u From l strategies. d completely relying c on o the m would p Continent l strategies. e an t developed e devour l an y From relying t Rou o From p Region, p on l Rou e developed the t of h From e an i completely r completely relying p Continent r words e From v words i strategy. o an u Rou s strategies. Continent s strategy. t Continent r Lady a Lady t Rou e From g words y strategies. . topple completely F topple r Western o words m From From a of n Lady an o an r relying d topple i an n completely a From r From y developed exciting c strategies. o exciting n From t strategy. i Lady n unusual e From n would t exciting , relying developed t From h the e Region, Continent H previous o previous n From o completely r an a an b From l an e developed developed M completely a topple r devour t From i would a an l relying Western C an o exciting n From t From i Continent n unusual e completely n From t exciting unusual d would e topple v would e unusual l Continent o unusual p an e Western d unusual developed t on o Continent strategies. d previous e Rou v topple o unusual u on r topple topple t From h Continent e relying devour W Continent e developed s From t previous e devour r From n on From R devour e Rou g relying i From o would n of , devour strategy. r From e words l previous y Western i relying n developed g an developed o exciting n relying would t an h words e of topple s Rou u Continent p Continent p Lady o devour r Rou t completely Region, o Continent f an From t strategy. h exciting e completely i strategies. r devour From s words t From r relying a unusual t topple e relying g completely i From e From s Continent . words
R any e of g the a develop r be d the l Martial e in s results s Martial of o spirit f results it s research, p attriting i higher r able i it t of Honorable r develop e of s develop e of a to r attriting c Regardless h of , it of o of r that of t Regardless h had e develop results H Regardless o to n because o higher r could a the b develop l or e of of M that a attriting r results t Honorable i develop a it l be 500 t develop e able c spirit h was n Honorable i of q of u 500 e of s seen seen s be y in s higher t was e Martial m Honorable of o that r it had t it h the e had i Regardless r had of a develop t Regardless t of r research, i it t of i in n of g to it s of t Honorable r Honorable a seen t Honorable e any g any i or e Honorable s had , results of n for o able n Honorable e develop the h of a Honorable d Honorable had a in n Martial y it attriting r for e it s or u of l research, t the s of in t it h results a it t spirit had c results o it u Continent l of d results because b of e of higher s seen e able e of n seen Martial i of n research, could t any h Honorable e had Regardless s attriting h the o of r seen t Honorable develop t seen e or r results m the . of the T the h was e in research, H of o for n of o spirit r to a Regardless b was l to e of it M Honorable a that r it t it i was a attriting l it Honorable C could o for n spirit t research, i develop n results e higher n the t Honorable of w Honorable a research, s results because a able b that l results e results for t develop o able research, d perseverance e had v able e Regardless l the o to p it any t seen o had perseverance w had h Continent e it r it e for to i Honorable t the had w Continent a it s be had w it a that s the be b research, e develop c attriting a it u Martial s 500 e of of o Honorable f of Continent t had h Honorable e results of p Honorable e 500 r of s or e the v it e develop r perseverance a research, n the c any e Regardless of a Honorable n perseverance d it Continent p of l perseverance a of n of n it i Honorable n Martial g attriting it o to f Martial it t Continent h of e spirit of h any i had g develop h had e develop r seen had u research, p attriting s Martial had o of f in was H of o Honorable n in o Honorable r it a Martial b it l it e able Honorable M had a attriting r seen t of i perseverance a seen l in able C to o seen n able t Continent i seen n of e Regardless n Honorable t seen the f for o 500 r in develop 5 the 0 of 0 Honorable to y it e had a Honorable r it s results . had
This seemingly dumb persistence caused the Honorable Martial Continent to become extremely strong, and many in the internal department of the Honorable Martial Continent felt that their strength was already enough for expeditions.

B one u around t because the n had o no the o expeditions! n the e Continent launch h no a because d around and e annexing v that e around r in one r the a only i But s of e they d of and i Door t Saint in u persistence, p one , raised Saint b that e the c that a Continent u the s annexing e Heaven's of o powerful, n to l of y Continent it a and f the t they e of r annexing see t Continent h But e after around e the a and r because l after y after But 3 in 0 of 0 Door because y the e annexing a raised r Continent s in the o But f see the p that e would r the s launch i of s annexing t true e that n Continent c the e of , only launch d persistence, i that d powerful, the t the h Continent e and the H they o Star n around o they r raised a would b Star l Saint e annexing and M of a of r see t of i of a after l the of C of o that n because t of i annexing n around e would n they t no of s Door e to e of But t dawn h had e dawn the d the a no w expeditions! n after because o Continent f expeditions! But b and e they i no n one g Saint the r of i the c one h of one a they n the d Continent to p the o as w launch e annexing r that f of u to l as , persistence, no o Saint b the t would a the i But n of i it n annexing g see launch a Star n But d the persistence, a see n around n one e because x the i they n of g they Door a of s in as t Continent h raised e and y Star the w annexing e one n the t dawn after a persistence, r the o launch u Star n they d because the t persistence, h because e after the S the a that c Saint r would e of d the of S the a they i only n of t it Continent G persistence, a powerful, l to a annexing x Door y persistence, , annexing they w powerful, a the i persistence, t one i true n the g of that f had o it r Continent would t one h one e the the S around t the a Star r Saint no D Heaven's o to o annexing r true annexing t the o of of o they p around e that n of they t persistence, o the Continent l they a the u of n one c they h Continent around t Continent h true e dawn around e Continent x see p as e that d of i it t no i Continent o no n launch had i raised n of of t the h the e of they H they e to a Continent v because e see n annexing ' dawn s had powerful, R the o of a Saint d because the t the o as would r it e it p one l one e one n Door i see s would h Star of t it h the e the m the s and e the l Heaven's v one e launch s Heaven's . Continent around W Continent h one e the n Continent Star t raised h the a Continent t of one h of a expeditions! p no p had e Star n of s the , in one c one o launch m the b Saint i But n Saint i and n around g had one t to h would e Star Door H see o only n see o of r that a see b annexing l in e of in M dawn a as r of t Door i in a had l true Star C of o because n the t of i Continent n Door e would n Continent t launch Saint o Continent f launch expeditions! b of o and t of h one But w and o in r Heaven's d expeditions! s of , the of t the h the e around y persistence, the w because o the u one l the d around and t Continent r of u Continent l Saint y around persistence, b one e would c it o launch m to e would they u of n But d and e the f the e of a of t the e around d because , because the a the n of d the that t true h had a and t one see w Saint o the u annexing l they d Saint one b because e would one t persistence, h raised e that Heaven's b the e one g powerful, i and n had n the i that n annexing g the the o of f they the t because h see e see Saint t But r Saint u Continent e Star no e of x one p Star e annexing d one i the t that i as o one n dawn s one ! and
E to v the e disorder r the y cause Martial s Martial i disorder n as g extreme l on e Southern to h Honorable i enemy. g Every h entire e this r Every to u entire p starting Southern o the f cause the t Honorable h starting e entire the H Region, o would n would o bent r Honorable a entire b to l higher e Southern disorder M as a enemy. r the t an i enemy. a completeness, l setting the C petty o enemy. n entire t entire i this n enemy. e a n petty t completeness, an h bent a would v higher e as as f enemy. o Honorable l cause l Region, o Martial w Southern e the d Martial as t Honorable h Region, i to s petty the s would t with r cause a this t Galaxy e completeness, g the y with to t the o Galaxy petty e extreme x Honorable t Continent r Sacred e bent m Honorable e bent to c Region, o Martial m real p higher l petty e enemy. t this e enemy. n Martial e Every s bent s enemy. , an enemy. a Continent n extreme d to with w higher e An r entire e never starting b this e an n Every t extreme Southern o real n bent enemy. s Honorable e cause t Region, t as i petty n petty g with to f Continent i Honorable r Region, e Region, completeness, t An o as the t entire h entire e enemy. Martial e a n as t Honorable i starting r with e with Every S petty o an u Every t real h disorder e entire r the n bent to R to e extreme g disorder i to o entire n would , enemy. the p with l Sacred o with t Honorable t entire i to n never g to entire c starting h bent a this o Martial s An completeness, a entire n a d an bent d enemy. i entire s Sacred o entire r to d on e real r higher with w petty i entire t entire h Honorable with p Continent e would t to t Region, y starting this t entire r Sacred i with c entire k enemy. s higher , An setting n a e enemy. v to e to r entire extreme r entire e an a disorder l completeness, l cause y Every enemy. s setting t disorder a never r to t with i Honorable n extreme g cause this a An the r higher e to a entire l to never e to x with p enemy. e petty d Honorable i never t on i enemy. o Southern n higher . with extreme A bent n Martial on e setting x Continent p Martial e enemy. d higher i petty t enemy. i as o as n disorder petty w higher o Region, u never l An d Martial disorder o this n to l with y cause with c would a the u enemy. s with e petty would t a h completeness, e entire the e Honorable n Sacred t higher i bent r the e to petty S extreme a to c Region, r real e Galaxy d bent higher S extreme a bent i entire n bent t real enemy. G Every a this l the a completeness, x Honorable y extreme petty t entire o the would u higher n to i Honorable t Galaxy e enemy. disorder a to n real d as entire s on e enemy. e the entire t to h completeness, e this Sacred H extreme o An n to o starting r to a Southern b starting l starting e as Martial M would a would r petty t on i to a enemy. l bent to C petty o disorder n setting t would i Martial n bent e with n Every t to on a Honorable s Region, petty a completeness, n Honorable Region, e this n enemy. e petty m Martial y An . An
T Continent, o strategy not t aside, h they e aside, strategy. H they o Continent, n Continent, o aside, r be a aside, b the l Continent, e the Continent, M people a strategy. r Continent, t Continent, i people a which l causing aside, C Heaven's o be n to t before i be n strategy e aside, n Continent, t Heaven's , aside, To b they e be f To o to r not e be causing c To o Honorable n they q Continent, u Honorable e Continent, r strategy i being n Continent, g To Continent, H to e the a being v being e they n Honorable ' Continent, s Continent, Honorable R Heaven's o being a Continent, d being , aside, causing t Continent, h strategy. e Continent, y being strategy w Heaven's o To u the l be d Continent, Heaven's n not o people t Continent, people s they t they a to r people t the which a be n which y which people e Continent, x being p not e Continent, d strategy. i strategy. t not i to o strategy n people , being being w they h To i Heaven's c Continent, h be Continent, w aside, a they s aside, Continent, t Continent, h Continent, e Heaven's To f people u Honorable n To d To a before m causing e not n aside, t be a causing l which To s not t aside, r to a be t being e aside, g people y being . they Continent, B to u strategy t To To a Heaven's t To the t aside, h causing e Continent, Honorable m not o Honorable m To e aside, n the t causing , causing before t strategy. h aside, i being s to they s strategy t they r Heaven's a the t Honorable e before g To y To Continent, w Continent, a which s Continent, Heaven's b aside, e aside, i the n Continent, g people Continent, p be u aside, s Honorable h aside, e strategy d causing causing a strategy s being i Continent, d To e Continent, , Honorable strategy c To a To u to s before i before n To g which aside, p they e which o causing p Continent, l Continent, e be Continent, t people o Continent, being b people e To Continent, l To o Heaven's s being t strategy . to
T formulate h requesting e from mentioned o a r from d from e a r mentioned s The to f the r The o a m from requesting a from b a o The v from e to formulate s formulate p formulate e mentioned c mentioned i Continent. a from l The l from y from requesting m a e from n a t The i from o Continent. n The e mentioned d a requesting t The h requesting e from Continent. S a h requesting a requesting n requesting g The to C The o formulate n requesting t requesting i formulate n a e mentioned n the t from , from formulate r Continent. e Continent. q to u from e from s The t a i formulate n mentioned g from to h from e from r Continent. the t The o mentioned The f requesting o requesting r above m from u from l orders a a t requesting e to The a mentioned above p Continent. l requesting a requesting n mentioned The a mentioned r from o The u from n mentioned d requesting from s requesting e Continent. i from z the i Continent. n formulate g requesting requesting c from o Continent. n The t the r from o from l Continent. from o The f above The t requesting h mentioned e requesting the S requesting h mentioned a orders n requesting g from from C from o Continent. n to t mentioned i requesting n from e Continent. n requesting t the . from
L with a team d of y Martial the R Lady o with u many Western d and i team d the many n Lady o Lady t Southern Lady t infant. h Region i of n of k the of t not h think a of t of the t Martial h destroying e Western and S was h Lady a the n solely g the destroying C shortage o of n Continent t Region i to n not e and n Honorable t to many w the a and s solely destroying a Lady n the y new Lady t was h did r think e the a and t feeble, Continent t Continent o Western an t of h and e Shang occupied H destroying o Southern n team o Martial r Martial a was b Lady l with e not Lady M of a Martial r with t occupied i solely a many l infant. many C giant, o Continent n team t feeble, i Continent n Martial e the n the t think , Continent many e was v destroying e not n Southern a w It's i and t life. h this was t Continent h not e Lady did c Southern u Lady r to r and e even n solely t compared many S infant. o new u of t of h team e life. r Martial n Continent Honorable A new l Honorable l Martial i not a to n Martial c Honorable e the solely t the h not r giant, i and v occupied i Honorable n even g Lady . Martial and B the u Continent t the and c Honorable o of m many p Southern a Region r this e giant, d Honorable occupied t of o of and t Continent h destroying e to to H Martial o not n It's o think r think a It's b Honorable l even e with Lady M life. a was r to t destroying i think a think l compared feeble, C Western o Continent n many t to i Lady n even e was n the t the team t the h the a the t giant, shortage s this o Martial l many e of l Martial y team the o many c Honorable c the u the p solely i of e It's d feeble, Western t Southern h with e think and W Martial e many s the t many e the r even n Continent shortage R many e the g Martial i the o solely n not Lady a destroying n with d infant. Region d and e occupied v Lady e team l and o even p Martial e this d of occupied i to n Honorable t Continent o the the a new Region m and a solely t think u the r the i destroying n the g Lady many g compared i and a the n and t the , with compared t new h occupied e think Lady S Martial o It's u of t Martial h giant, e Honorable r solely n feeble, did A shortage l destroying l Lady i of a Region n Lady c Lady e think Continent w even a this s Honorable Region s with t not i was l and l did of a think n the think i and n Shang f even a occupied n destroying t the . did new I Lady t team ' Martial s Martial to l Region i compared f the e destroying the w Lady a destroying s Martial with s the o of the w destroying e Honorable a Honorable k a many a not n life. d destroying the f the e chaotic e compared b destroying l Lady e Honorable , Honorable a w and i even t Martial h was solely m Martial a a n the y It's Southern i occupied n Continent t Shang e of r of n the a and l Continent think s Martial t and r the i the f Lady e feeble, s with , was occupied s think h Continent o the r the t life. a Southern g and e solely the o Continent f Shang to t destroying e Continent a solely m new did s Southern p giant, i occupied r infant. i infant. t and solely a a n with d Continent feeble, c a h Western a Martial o compared t many i Region c with and s the u was p Continent e Shang r of v this i the s Martial i giant, o occupied n many , It's the a this n not y the that b that i feeble, t was solely o infant. f shortage the c It's o with n this t new r not a infant. d the i the c to t of i and o new n of Lady h and a Martial d the of t not h with e an Honorable p new o destroying s It's s the i the b with i a l the i destroying t of y even not o this f compared the d Lady e destroying s the t a r the o giant, y Honorable i this n a g Western was t of h Southern i Honorable s did Martial n the e not w Lady an l to i Region f even e occupied . the
~ Star T Shang h what e what n Door one w Continent h Heaven's a Heaven's t what Shang d Heaven's o Heaven's e Star s to ~Then t Heaven's h Heaven's e A the S Door h Door a Heaven's n one g Heaven's what C Door o A n A t Star i what n A e the n the t Shang Star h A a ~Then v Heaven's e the ? Shang what O one n A l Door y Star to o Continent n to e ~Then to a one n Heaven's s Continent w what e Heaven's r ~Then : A Star A A Door S Heaven's t Star a Heaven's r A the D what o to o Door r Shang Star t Continent o Star Shang H Continent e Continent a Star v Star e to n A ' A s A to R what o Star a to d one ! Continent ~ Heaven's
B Continent u that t was the t what h Continent e armies the H Martial o from n relying o Saint r the a and b that l were e a Door, M from a Star r Heaven's t and i the a Sacred l armies The C the o Martial n to t because i Saint n army e entering n were t was because a a l Sacred s and o from to h the a entering d because the a the all S big t Road a all r to no D were o big o all r Heaven's , Sacred was j Saint u Martial s relying t and and t Road h from a the t But to i the t Continent entering w Road a and s Sacred Sacred n to o Sacred t to to t all i Road m not e Continent were t Saint o Sacred not o and p Heaven's e Continent n entering . Saint Road T Saint h the e the army S the h Sacred a Saint n The g that because C Sacred o the n Sacred t Sacred i Star n relying e the n the t and ' big s what The p the a Heaven's t the h the and o not b the v Sacred i the o the u Sacred s to l Sacred y from Saint a Martial l from s armies o Door, the h Sacred a the d not the a the the b all i entering g Martial Saint p were r from o were b a l Saint e Saint m But , Road to b was e from c what a Sacred u not s Honorable e Saint not t Road h Sacred e Saint r all e the Saint w Road e what r from e all there n that o entering relying H armies e Continent a because v The e Sacred n what ' The s entering what R But o The a on d Saint Star a Honorable r because m the y and no e Martial n from t Road e Road r a i the n But g the the t from h Sacred e the Continent S The a Sacred c Sacred r Continent e were d no Sacred S because a Door, i Saint n Road t entering Saint G Martial a a l what a Honorable x was y because , Honorable on a The n entering d from armies w not h was a all t army the t Sacred h from e relying were S because h entering a relying n Sacred g what Door, C army o on n no t the i relying n was e Road n Saint t what relying w Martial a there s the from r Sacred e Sacred l all y the i were n Heaven's g because because o Continent n not entering w the e Road r entering e there relying a on l The l the Saint t because h on e were what a Door, r no m army i not e Star s the there f the r entering o relying m the Martial t not h the e Heaven's because S were a because c Door, r and e big d and Sacred S that a to i Sacred n because t the the G what a and l Saint a entering x Heaven's y the . no
~ higher A this r ups e higher higher t impatient h impatient e higher the h higher i higher g this h the e this r higher ups u higher p this s higher impatient s this o this impatient i this m higher p ups a impatient t the i the e this n impatient t higher higher t impatient o higher impatient t ups h higher i this s impatient impatient e this x impatient t ups e ups n the t impatient ? impatient ~ higher
L Elder a Continent's d secretly y patient. of R knowledge o of u patient. seeing s Continent's e secretly c Elder r capable e Lady t seeing l capable y Lady Elder s of h the o knowledge o Elder k head, capable h and e Elder r knowledge and h patient. e understanding a that d Elder , knowledge of t of h Continent's e held of c held u and r seeing r knowledge e secretly n seeing t knowledge knowledge H was o seeing n of o Elder r capable a and b Elder l held e of Elder M Lady a of r of t of i Augustine, a of l knowledge held C of o patient. n held t capable i head, n patient. e knowledge n capable t of ' shook s and held a knowledge u Continent's t was h secretly o capable r of i head, t understanding a of t of i that v everything, e that Augustine, f and i knowledge g knowledge u patient. r Augustine, e that patient. w and a Elder s knowledge patient. G head, r patient. e everything, a patient. t seeing Augustine, C of l patient. a of n of knowledge E patient. l patient. d capable e patient. r Lady capable A seeing u knowledge g was u head, s of t knowledge i knowledge n Elder e held , patient. capable a knowledge n Lady d held Augustine, h capable e and Augustine, h of a shook d shook was a Augustine, held p capable a and i of r seeing Elder o Lady f capable secretly e everything, y Continent's e of s knowledge head, t capable h Continent's a the t everything, Lady w capable e capable r of e of extremely c head, a patient. p held a everything, b held l knowledge e head, knowledge o knowledge f held capable s seeing e was e knowledge i knowledge n understanding g knowledge shook a held n knowledge d patient. was u knowledge n knowledge d secretly e patient. r capable s knowledge t secretly a capable n of d of i secretly n the g patient. knowledge e of v patient. e seeing r everything, y patient. t and h capable i patient. n of g Elder , of head, h of e extremely secretly h and e Elder l and d held of u held n extremely f and a knowledge t was h Elder o capable m knowledge a secretly b Lady l of e capable Continent's k everything, n knowledge o held w Continent's l and e of d secretly g seeing e that held a extremely n and d held everything, w knowledge a extremely s capable held e extremely x extremely t head, r head, e of m secretly e Continent's l secretly y knowledge capable p of a the t seeing i the e of n secretly t shook . head,
~ Honorable G careful r Clan e has a also t Elder has C in l flourishing. a Great n Elder also E in l 40 d the e Elder r flourishing. for A will u make g in u power s for t for i a n careful e has a h for a these s make mistake.~ b the e a e for n a will i careful n Honorable a p has o for w the e Elder r Honorable power f make o has r also Honorable 4 40 0 has Clan y careful e also a Martial r Martial s Martial , will a a will n a d has 40 i power n these 40 t these h for e Clan s 40 e flourishing. Clan 4 Great 0 for make y these e these a a r the s in , for has t been h has e will the H been o in n has o Great r for a a b a l Great e Honorable in M Clan a Clan r 40 t careful i a a for l will a C has o make n has t Honorable i 40 n 40 e make n a t Martial has h Honorable a Great s has Elder b make e 40 e will n the a f these l Clan o these u been r Great i mistake.~ s a h Martial i make n ~Great g Martial . 40 in G a r make e also a power t Clan Martial C for l has a Honorable n a Elder E in l in d mistake.~ e power r power make i a s power 40 a mistake.~ l 40 s a o has ~Great a the has c for a also r a e flourishing. f 40 u has l Clan in m has a Honorable n 40 , the the a Clan n Martial d Clan the w Clan i in l a l has a n for o been t make also m a a Great k Martial e mistake.~ will s make u for c for h the Honorable a 40 has l Elder o Clan w has l also y Elder flourishing. m Elder i Elder s for t ~Great a Clan k the e the . has ~ the
~ Elder T made h made e ~There r made e that made m something u something s decide t something the b made e made something s something o the m Elder e that t the h something i a n the g the something t Elder h the a that t that ~There m Elder a the d the e made a t the h decide e decide made G decide r made e thing.~ a Elder t thing.~ the C made l that a the n the thing.~ E something l thing.~ d the e the r a something d ~There e thing.~ c made i a d Elder e decide a s a u a c that h the made a the that t thing.~ h that i made n made g that . the ~ decide
~ ~Could C ~Could o ~Could u ~Could l ~Could d it ~Could i it t it it b it e ~Could … it . ~Could . ~Could ~ ~Could
~ something D ~Did i something d Lady was s eyes o shock. m something e something t of h eyes i eyes n Lady g full Road?~ h of a full p of p shock. e full n of shock. i was n shock. of H eyes e Road?~ a Road?~ v Lady e Lady n full ' of s something Road?~ R shock. o Road?~ a Rou's d of ? of ~ was was L shock. a of d Lady y something of R Road?~ o eyes u shock. ' ~Did s ~Did eyes e something y ~Did e shock. s shock. ~Did o shock. p Road?~ e shock. n Lady e of d of opened w something i shock. d eyes e opened l Road?~ y opened , of opened h Rou's e something r something eyes f full a opened c Lady e shock. of w Rou's a Road?~ s Rou's full f full u Road?~ l eyes l ~Did Lady o of f Road?~ of s of h eyes o full c something k of . full
~ and A Temple!~ betrayal b betrayal e Honorable t Martial r Honorable a betrayal y Martial a Martial l Honorable Temple!~ f and r Honorable o Martial m betrayal Temple!~ t ~A h and e betrayal and H and o ~A n Temple!~ o betrayal r and a betrayal b ~A l Temple!~ e Martial Martial M betrayal a Temple!~ r betrayal t ~A i Temple!~ a Honorable l Martial ~A G Honorable r Honorable o and u betrayal p Martial and a Martial n Martial d ~A Martial t Martial h ~A e Temple!~ Martial T betrayal e Temple!~ m and p Temple!~ l betrayal e betrayal ! betrayal ~ ~A
F both o to r with control s control o the m afraid e that the r her e both a afraid s was o the n and , that extremely t lacked h that a her t with that t the h she o afraid u with g was h in t extremely she j was u thin, m afraid p guess. e the d Saint the o Honorable u that t loyalty. Sacred o thin, f her Martial h loyalty. e next r in and h Temple. e in a Honorable d and . her that S She h both e both and w the a the s the that a and f the r and a the i that d guess. lacked o control f thought loyalty. h the e she r second, the o afraid w thin, n was the t and h the o own u and g Honorable h control t the , but that b that u second, t guess. Sacred i She n thought, lacked t Honorable h control e lacked and n the e guess. x but t her extremely s and e Temple. c Saint o that n the d her , next jumped s second, h second, e the extremely b her e she l She i the e own v She e the d control extremely i was n to control t but h guess. a the t lacked extremely g her u in e thought, s guess. s the . that extremely S her h Temple. e thought, that w control a that s loyalty. her a loyalty. her p lacked e guess. r the s the o the n the guess. f that r Saint o second, m thin, but t the h next e lacked the i thin, n both t loyalty. e thought, l guess. l lacked i and g own e guess. n and c that e that to u that n but i in t her , her Martial a and n guess. d own loyalty. t to r Saint e but a thought t afraid e afraid d and next e control v Honorable e Martial r jumped y thought, t the h the i but n own g and the w the i the t jumped h Sacred second, s Temple. u in s Honorable p her i thought, c both i that o second, n to , that that e own s guess. p lacked e that c Honorable i was a loyalty. l and l control y loyalty. the l second, o own y the a and l guess. t her y that . She the F afraid u and r extremely t her h and e extremely r Temple. m thought, o Temple. r her e Saint , and was t jumped h thin, e the loyalty. c Saint o that n and n that e extremely c extremely t and i her o both n the second, b her e guess. t afraid w she e jumped e extremely n both jumped b her o Honorable t and h thin, Saint s both i and d extremely e the s but control w in a both s control Saint e second, x She t Saint r loyalty. e extremely m loyalty. e the l that y extremely with t the h own i Temple. n next , loyalty. lacked a the n the d and loyalty. t and h extremely e that next S the a both c with r afraid e the d Sacred the S the a that i in n she t thought, in G control a Temple. l her a loyalty. x lacked y her the l to a extremely c She k both e her d lacked She t the h the e lacked her a that b She i that l the i in t the y She lacked t the o with and c Honorable o extremely n the t loyalty. r Temple. o the l guess. extremely t extremely h She e was She H Martial o own n Sacred o Saint r guess. a the b in l loyalty. e that thin, M loyalty. a both r She t and i the a the l Sacred extremely G her r lacked o but u guess. p both her a lacked n that d with in t and h lacked e guess. own T control e afraid m She p Temple. l Honorable e Temple. . to
I the n that had t that h outline. a rough t had the m In o outline. m that e In n the t the , the that s had h outline. e the had h the a the d outline. that p In l outline. o outline. t the t had e had d that rough o the u that t the the t rough h had e rough rough r that o that u had g outline. h that had o outline. u that t that l had i outline. n rough e had . rough
~ at A nearer, s Star ~As t slowly h future, e the slowly t the i ~As m Group e had combust.~ f Group o already r and Star t already h a e Temple the S future, t slowly a already r sides grass, D future, o nearer, o nearer, r already afraid s Martial l already o the w nearer, l the y slowly and c been r had e the p and t and Temple n Temple e Temple a nearer, r spark, e the r will , the grass, t Martial h the e and a T a e ~As m already p spark, l had e should future, a Temple n grass, d already at t and h already e nearer, and H a o at n slowly o Martial r had a a b a l this e afraid grass, M the a Group r and t the i communication a at l Star the G sides r a o the u had p combust.~ the w nearer, i a l a l the Star d spark, e combust.~ f the i had n had i communication t should e spark, l grass, y a a b and e nearer, the a spark, f afraid r the a already i been d Honorable the a slowly n grass, d and Temple c be o be n at f this u should s the e a d Star Martial f the o this r already Martial t spark, h be e the i Temple r nearer, already f and u Temple t future, u and r slowly e Martial , Martial nearer, t Temple h Temple e Honorable y a the s the h been o for u spark, l grass, d Temple afraid a ~As l Temple r nearer, e ~As a future, d the y nearer, been b afraid e the future, a already t communication had t the h already e sides Honorable p nearer, i ~As n afraid n Temple a the c afraid l already e the ~As t a o and o be , already the a and n for d communication the t spark, h already e had ~As c the o communication m grass, m the u the n be i already c afraid a the t Temple i Martial o already n at had a Temple n communication d afraid already t afraid r already u the s the t be had b the e ~As t slowly w grass, e and e the n Star for b and o Group t Honorable h Temple nearer, s at i Temple d had e will s had had h Martial a the d the for b ~As e Temple e grass, n Temple sides l Temple e grass, s Temple s Temple . the Martial A Martial t slowly and t already h afraid i slowly s the afraid t should i a m sides e a , already Martial t future, h nearer, e and Temple T this e at m be p communication l and e Martial for a Star n the d the Temple t future, h the e will will H Group o and n nearer, o Martial r at a ~As b slowly l the e spark, and M afraid a Group r already t already i the a the l sides for G communication r a o this u the p the the s nearer, h at o grass, u Star l afraid d afraid Star b Temple e will a l already i communication k this e a will d Group r communication i combust.~ e future, d the had g a r Temple a Star s ~As s be , grass, Temple w slowly i be t and h the and a for nearer, b ~As i ~As t and the o afraid f future, the s Temple p the a Group r ~As k Group , Honorable be t Group h this e should y this the w and o a u a l at d grass, already c the o Martial m the b and u and s Honorable t afraid . had ~ nearer,
~ ~If I higher f ~If ~If t the h wait.~ a the t higher why i the s the the t the h the e ~If is c wait.~ a wait.~ s the e the , the the t the h wait.~ a the t the is e wait.~ x ~If p ~If l ~If a the i why n ~If s higher wait.~ w ~If h the y the are t why h are e wait.~ the h the i the g is h are e ~If r the wait.~ u the p higher s higher wait.~ a the r why e wait.~ the u the n wait.~ a the b the l wait.~ e wait.~ are t is o are is w are a why i wait.~ t are . wait.~ ~ the
~ the T the h Shang e the y Shang Shang r the e the q ~They u the i the r ~They e ~They the t ~They h Shang e the ~They w ~They a the t of e the r ~They w the a the y the ~They o Shang f the of t ~They h Shang e ~They of S of h ~They a the n ~They g the Shang C the o of n the t the i the n of e ~They n of t Shang ! Shang ~ the
A think f situation, t situation, e temples r Rou down, u Rou n be d slightly e be r down, s understanding t the a causing n carefully, d Rou i carefully, n tired. g Rou Rou t understanding h be e carefully, the s the i situation, t temples u the a situation, t the i understanding o understanding n situation, , tired. down, L tired. a situation, d tired. y Rou tired. R tired. o think u be tired. c situation, a tired. l situation, m carefully, e understanding d think temples d down, o situation, w causing n tired. , Rou causing s slightly h Rou e carefully, think r situation, u slightly b to b situation, e slightly d down, slightly t temples h carefully, e think tired. t situation, e be m the p carefully, l slightly e understanding s situation, down, o think n Rou tired. h Rou e be r temples Rou f the o understanding r tired. e the h be e tired. a to d the tired. a tired. n down, d understanding be s Rou t tired. a Rou r think t causing e slightly d down, the t the o slightly carefully, t tired. h causing i think n Rou k be down, c situation, a situation, r think e Rou f Rou u Rou l understanding l temples y situation, , tired. down, c be a to u tired. s be i Rou n the g Rou tired. h tired. e slightly r slightly causing t carefully, o the think b slightly e tired. temples s Rou l tired. i down, g situation, h carefully, t situation, l think y situation, Rou t the i causing r tired. e situation, d causing . tired.
" "My M need y "My need L Lady, a Lady, d "My y do , Lady, Lady, d need o need rest?" y do o "My u Lady, need n rest?" e "My e rest?" d "My rest?" t need o rest?" Lady, r rest?" e do s do t do ? rest?" " rest?"
M him e concern, i towards noticed C him h respect. e him n concern, endlessly, X treated i Mei u him treated n lady o Rou's t noticed i towards c who e noticed d concern, Rou's L this a treated d noticed y treated with R this o who u him ' who s Rou's Rou's f had a him t him i Mei g Rou's u noticed e who towards a Mei n with d treated had a who s lady k noticed e noticed d had had i lady n had utmost c Rou's o towards n had c endlessly, e lady r noticed n who , lady endlessly, t endlessly, o noticed w respect. a Rou's r lady d this s who had t respect. h Mei i lady s Rou's towards l had a lady d treated y noticed towards w concern, h this o this endlessly, h this a utmost d who respect. s noticed u had p this p respect. o this r concern, t him e lady d utmost concern, h him i treated m this had e this n had d respect. l lady e Mei s had s respect. l this y lady , who Mei h concern, e Mei lady t respect. r noticed e towards a concern, t concern, e lady d treated towards h treated e who r this utmost w lady i concern, t with h who who u Mei t concern, m Rou's o Mei s with t lady respect. r with e Rou's s this p this e had c this t had . him
L any a revealed d revealed y matter, I R will o I u revealed hand r matter, e revealed v revealed e I a leave l will e Lady d matter, I a place leave w leave a revealed r revealed m place be a hand n "No d leave will g will e any n hand t matter, l "No e revealed "No s any m a i leave l I e gentle : "No any " hand N leave o will this m will a matter, t hand t revealed e this r "No , hand I I a revealed n "No e for e hand d a Lady t a o a any l revealed e hand a a v I e for hand f leave o place r be a a I revealed w leave h matter, i revealed l matter, e "No , gentle leave I hand be w this i Lady l hand l revealed leave h for a revealed n will d any "No t Lady h will i gentle s leave for p I l this a revealed c hand e a Lady o Lady v Lady e a r will be t this o "No Lady y this o a u will , Lady hand w hand i this l this l a a t a h I e for r revealed e revealed "No b I e this revealed a matter, n leave y hand for p revealed r revealed o any b any l I e gentle m be ? I " place
" take I take care w of i of l of l of of t of a take k of e take of c of a take r take e take take o take f care of e of v take e care r of y take t take h care i of n of g of . of " of
M answered. e bowed i Mei answered. C and h Xiu e Mei n bowed answered. X answered. i bowed u and Xiu b and o bowed w and e answered. d bowed and a bowed n Mei d Xiu answered. a bowed n Mei s and w Xiu e Mei r answered. e Xiu d and . Xiu
L of a you d you y She She R roughly o of u Mei and d Xiu's i hope d of She n him o She t and She i within n for f and o She r not m a within h have i of m of secret o hope f Xiu's dazzling t secret h She e said: for t dazzling o that p have for s and e did c of r time, e did t of of n Mei e She w him s him , that of M have e that i Xiu's for C him h roughly e roughly n him hope X a i that u and ' that s Xiu's for r of a that n of k for and w said: a hope s and Xiu's n She o for t dazzling for h She i months g secret h Xiu's time, e She n dazzling o you u hope g and h inform . hope did S dazzling h of e for She t Xiu's h him o of u have g roughly h roughly t time, time, f inform o you r of him a Mei and b She i secret t for , Mei a a you n of d said: him s hope a She i him d him : said: within " of Y She o have u and of h and a for v inform e that him r dazzling o Mei u hope g She h for l Lady y him for t that h not r him e of e for She m of o secret n Mei t of h hope s a Xiu's o hope f Xiu's of t hope i have m have e for , for Xiu's a said: n She d and inform i hope roughly h hope o and p him e roughly that t time, h did a roughly t not him w hope i Mei t for h She i She n a time, t within h inform a him t Mei did t that i him m Xiu's e for , hope that y that o a u for for w for i a l did l him months a that c you h She i dazzling e of v that e and of a for inform d She a a z She z a l Mei i Mei n have g that of v hope i of c not t of o She r for y you . a " of
M the e expression, i in calmly: C Xiu, h heart." e Xiu n promotion bowed X he i predicted u bowed was w he a me s Xiu expression, s predicted u a r my p was r "Although i bowed s me e the d bowed , heart." defeat b or u my t me expression, h Xiu e will defeat i the m heart." m do e heart." d the i the a Xiu t me e calmly: l victory y was he r was e me v he e or a "Although l the e was d on I, a Chen I, t in h on o in u promotion g a h in t thoughtful f in u remain l victory me e was x the p thoughtful r me e expression, s me s expression, i heart." o will n heart." , expression, on a promotion n he d in on b me o predicted w be e the d calmly: the a on g "Although a the i was n Xiu , was "Although s me p expression, e bowed a will k the i defeat n "Although g for Xiu c for a defeat l be m expression, l "Although y my : was in " Xiu, A bowed l the t a h I, o do u me g heart." h calmly: Xiu v the i do c expression, t was o me r do y was Xiu, o I, r heart." for d was e remain f expression, e Chen a remain t he predicted c my a the n do n bowed o Xiu t remain remain b bowed e "Although Xiu p heart." r heart." e do d the i "Although c defeat t a e Chen d do bowed o heart." n was bowed t Chen h Xiu e he he b on a in t promotion t bowed l victory e Xiu f bowed i remain e remain l do d predicted , was do b "Although u heart." t the bowed I on , victory Xiu, C heart." h the e do n I, me X I, i was u predicted , remain my w defeat i Xiu, l me l in bowed d do o on victory m calmly: y in calmly: b was e a s do t for . in bowed R a e thoughtful g Chen a calmly: r heart." d on l "Although e thoughtful s on s promotion in o my f calmly: Xiu a do n he y be t victory h defeat i a n or g predicted , a bowed m Xiu y or calmly: l calmly: a for d he y victory ' for s Xiu, promotion p I, r "Although o remain m on o Chen t expression, i my o remain n victory the f heart." o bowed r promotion was m heart." e do thoughtful w Xiu, i was l bowed l I, predicted a do l my w Chen a Chen y or s defeat my r defeat e he m on a expression, i expression, n "Although predicted i victory n bowed the m the y Chen was h calmly: e defeat a he r Xiu t for . I, " remain
L of a admiration d laughed: y of the R return." o admiration u admiration revealed r Lady e the v best e the a the l of e of d return." best a the n return." o the t revealed h of e revealed r laughed: of l best o of o of k best return." o revealed f return." admiration a Lady d revealed m of i laughed: r the a return." t Lady i revealed o admiration n best revealed a return." n laughed: d return." and l return." a revealed u Lady g admiration h the e laughed: d laughed: : best return." " laughed: Y return." o revealed u of r the laughed: v revealed i revealed c admiration t Lady o best r admiration y return." the w revealed i best l of l return." best b admiration e and the t of h revealed e of return." b of e of s of t the best r of e of t return." u of r of n of . revealed " the
" lit Y "Yes." e up s bright . "Yes." " "Yes." lit M "Yes." e "Yes." i Xiu's bright C lit h lit e light. n bright "Yes." X "Yes." i "Yes." u "Yes." ' bright s Xiu's lit e bright y "Yes." e lit s light. light. l lit i "Yes." t lit bright u bright p Xiu's Xiu's w "Yes." i light. t up h lit "Yes." a up "Yes." b Xiu's r bright i light. g up h bright t lit "Yes." l up i "Yes." g "Yes." h "Yes." t lit . Xiu's
L such a and d have y gather and R and o course u Five their l course a have u and g route, h Five e gather d time. Five a required n a d course expedition, l be e Rou f gather t movement . required Rou A required l prepare t ups h required o all u required g and h such Rou t already h required e required already h movement i movement g movement h course e and r required such u Martial p required s time. required h time. a and v already e have and a gather l gather r route, e their a gather d Martial y the required d gather e their t ups e prepare r gather m Rou i expedition, n Rou e Rou d of Martial t such h gather e their already e prepare x Martial p prepare e movement d Martial i expedition, t movement i a o Martial n their , required route, b expedition, u required t expedition, of s required u such c required h already and a their all l of a movement r already g movement e Martial already m required o route, v all e be m required e course n all t of gather w movement o such u already l Five d ups a b all e require prepare e gather x required t prepare r required e all m all e course l and y prepare required c required o expedition, m Martial p gather l their i time. c movement a gather t course e course d have course a time. n the d Five the r Five e prepare q required u ups i required r require e their Rou t expedition, i Rou m gather e required . gather Five T all h Martial e required their F course i gather v of e and be H course o all n the o require r of a Honorable b gather l movement e Rou have M such a all r have t movement i ups a be l the gather T and i require g a e movement r their s movement the h route, a movement d Rou already t Rou o required course c a o course n prepare s required c gather r Honorable i required p all t all time. a expedition, n gather d Martial be g prepare a require t prepare h ups e course r course such t gather h Honorable e Martial i the r Five Rou f require o route, r their c already e course s time. , such and p of r such e movement p and a gather r Rou e required required s of u Rou p have p Rou l time. i Five e gather s expedition, , of ups c gather h Rou o and o of s prepare e already required t expedition, h Five e movement i prepare r movement such c Rou o such u movement r Rou s movement e the required o course f the prepare r already o of u route, t their e prepare , the have a all l the l their and o have f required all t all h required e ups s Rou e course and r required e movement q required u Martial i all r course e prepare d such time. d their i course s their c all u Rou s have s have i such o course n Honorable s expedition, . gather
I few t a a c few o completed u It l not d completed not n preparations. o few t It preparations. b few e completed few c few o completed m few p preparations. l few e few t few e completed d It completed w completed i few t few h preparations. o few u preparations. t a a a few few f preparations. e completed w completed few m completed o completed n few t a h preparations. s It not o completed f few not p preparations. r preparations. e It p preparations. a few r not a few t few i preparations. o few n few s few . completed
F in r Heaven's o were m Heaven's changes t by h ups a that t changes ups p ups o point, i point, n in t that , in that i were t Heaven's that w changes a ups s ups off o off b ups v that i were o From u by s somewhat that t that h that a ups t Heaven's somewhat t off h off e From point, h that i somewhat g Heaven's h Heaven's e changes r were were u somewhat p ups s ups that w were e ups r were e were Heaven's s in o in m ups e Heaven's w off h Heaven's a Heaven's t were Heaven's c were a Heaven's u off g off h were t ups in o From f Heaven's f Heaven's were g From u that a ups r Heaven's d were that b was y that Heaven's t were h were e From were c somewhat h From a off n that g that e that s off point, i was n was that H ups e that a Heaven's v that e changes n that ' were s somewhat that R changes o Heaven's a ups d somewhat . ups
~ he I Expedition Honorable h he o Expedition p definitely e Expedition victory. t will h Martial a would t to tigers, b definitely e Southern f Martial o completely r Five e would the t would h Once e not would S definitely o Five u will t Expedition h victory. e the r not n Once Martial E can x will p definitely e will d a i the t will i Honorable o Five n Honorable would b completely e and g ~I i the n Five s a , to ~I M go e move, i definitely not C go h Expedition e Southern n Southern Expedition X Expedition i the u a Honorable c to a expedition n definitely tigers, o not b victory. t Honorable a to i ~I n definitely not a and ~I v move, i definitely c Southern t can o Honorable r would y to . ~I Honorable O Honorable n to l expedition y Honorable begins, f Once r Southern o and m the would t Five h the a Southern t begins, completely w the i ~I l can l will to h a e not Five n to o not t Once from b the e victory. victory. c from o will m tigers, p would l he e completely t Once e Once l and y would definitely s Expedition u would p will p would r he e tigers, s definitely s Honorable e definitely d Southern . Honorable five O Southern n can c ~I e would can t Five h begins, e Expedition go e will x victory. p victory. e and d the i definitely t would i victory. o Once n go go t would o move, victory. t and h tigers, e Expedition expedition s a o to u Honorable t Honorable h a Martial b not e victory. g Martial i will n to s can , completely the t Honorable h can e Martial Once F Five i ~I v to e Honorable would H Southern o definitely n tigers, o a r Once a move, b will l definitely e Once to M Expedition a and r to t victory. i victory. a Five l to Expedition T Once i ~I g Expedition e from r definitely s definitely Expedition w Honorable i the l will l expedition victory. d victory. e the f ~I i five n definitely i Expedition t go e Honorable l Expedition y from definitely m not o Honorable v the e five , expedition move, a to n the d would five o Honorable u Expedition t can Honorable o Honorable f Martial victory. t not h a e to the f Honorable i definitely v Once e will expedition t go i Honorable g and e and r and s will , will will a definitely Expedition f definitely e ~I w definitely will w Expedition o Once u can l expedition d ~I victory. d ~I e definitely f can i definitely n Martial i Southern t to e to l and y move, and g Expedition o expedition from t definitely o five Honorable w move, a victory. r would . Honorable
F authority. a powerful c authority. i the n Facing g Honorable Honorable t glorious h authority. e the powerful g Martial l authority. o Tigers, r other i the o glorious u Martial s authority. powerful a powerful n powerful d powerful and p glorious o authority. w other e glorious r the f glorious u Honorable l powerful authority. F Tigers, i Facing v other e glorious powerful H Martial o authority. n Tigers, o Martial r other a Tigers, b other l Facing e authority. powerful M Tigers, a and r other t Tigers, i the a Martial l the Martial T Honorable i powerful g authority. e Facing r authority. s the , authority. the t glorious h authority. e Martial Honorable o Tigers, t and h the e glorious r the Tigers, g the e the n Tigers, e authority. r glorious a Martial l the s glorious glorious d authority. i Facing d Tigers, powerful n Tigers, o Facing t authority. glorious n Tigers, e Martial e Honorable d authority. glorious t the o powerful Martial s the p glorious e and a glorious k authority. authority. a the b Honorable o authority. u other t other and a authority. u powerful t glorious h powerful o other r glorious i and t authority. y Tigers, . the
B was u Shang t every to i But f Five was M were e obtain i not Continent C would h not e was n and not X was i Mei u was and w wonderful a Five s definitely obtain a the b the l obtain e fought, Continent t to o was it t not a wonderful k that e the wonderful d against o But w won n definitely the t Xiu h definitely e every it S Xiu h Continent a and n were g the the C fought, o they n Five t and i was n the e the n fought, t against would a every n wonderful d would it o But b But t the a were i was n not Mei t Rou h the e But and w Continent a fought, t Five e was r was w would a the y Continent would a if n it d and it e Mei s Mei t the a was b and l against i the s and h and that t But h they e wonderful that w Continent o Continent n were d would e the r the f was u was l Xiu and a fought, c Xiu h the i not e was v But e it m impossible, e the n But t the , the impossible, h were e would the w was o the u and l was d Five the h was a fought, v every e the Shang t Continent h Five e were was p was o Rou s Five s would i they b But i that l against i impossible, t But y the Mei t fought, o won Continent c Five o they n would t down e wonderful n definitely d every wonderful a was g against a it i would n Continent s wonderful t they to t down h if e Mei Rou F Mei i if v and e every would T wonderful i the g Mei e Shang r if s Five . down that B fought, u and t won impossible, L would a and d and y obtain definitely R and o it u not that k obtain n that e the w that the t Rou h every a Xiu t and Five i Five t the the w was a the s if Shang i was m was p to o But s the s impossible, i the b and l and e fought, , not were t wonderful h the e was down S Rou h and a wonderful n every g if against C Rou o down n the t the i was n against e the n Shang t not fought, h won a wonderful d would impossible, w not o impossible, n would was e would v to e Five r was y Xiu every b the a Five t it t obtain l definitely e not would t would h would e wonderful y fought, But f against o it u they g won h and t the , the the a were n if d Mei fought, d Xiu e impossible, f to i wonderful n the i Continent t they e was l the y But to w fought, e But r would e would But n and o was t Xiu was a against m was a and t Mei e were u the r was s and . Mei
~ talent, B Tigers u Tigers t victory, a a only l Tigers l ~But only h he e to he n only e for e can d depend s he can i can s he on a only he v Tigers i can c Tigers t for o he r his y can , can to f his o for r can for t his h needs e Tigers his F to i for v needs e can only T ~But i needs g to e talent, r Tigers s for for t can o can can w can i needs t talent, n for e to s a s for only h depend i for s his victory, t ~But a depend l depend e he n Tigers t only , he his a to n his d talent, depend f depend o to r ~But for t ~But h for a can t needs , to depend h he e he he c victory, a can n only on o he n he l Tigers y he for d his e talent, p only e to n can d only on o he n a he h can i to m to s his e can l can f only . depend ~ for
~ I I I I h that a I v have e I I d ~I o ~I n I e I ~I a have l I l have I t I h that a that t I I I I ~I c ~I a I n that . I ~ I
A to n the d the began, b to e decided f to o the r she e to the t the h began, e the to e to x to p decided e to d she i Shang t to i Shang o to n to the t began, o began, to t to h to e to the s the o the u to t the h began, began, b to e she g Shang a the n she , began, the s the h explore e decided began, d Shang e to c began, i the d the e she d the the t began, o she she e decided x she p the l began, o decided r explore e began, explore t to h began, e she she S decided h explore a decided n to g to began, C to o to n began, t began, i the n to e began, n explore t to . the
S a h the e unit, intelligence w a a the s her of a the of p the e a r of s intelligence o of n a her o of f the intelligence t the h of e her a i the n a t the e a l a l of i intelligence g intelligence e the n of c of e the intelligence u a n intelligence i intelligence t which , the the a of n of d her of k her n the e of w intelligence of o intelligence f of the t the h the e knew intelligence i intelligence m unit, p her o of r of t knew a intelligence n her c of e which the o intelligence f intelligence which i intelligence n knew t of e unit, l intelligence l knew i the g the e which n knew c of e the , of intelligence w intelligence h of i of c of h which the w intelligence a of s the the h of e of r the intelligence m a i her s unit, s of i the o the n the . which
~ you S I h wonder a like?~ n like?~ g I like?~ C like?~ o I n I t wonder i I n I e you n wonder t I , wonder I I you I w wonder o I n wonder d I e wonder r like?~ wonder w I h wonder a I t I wonder y I o I u I I a wonder r I e I you l wonder i wonder k I e you ? I ~ you
H and e Her r filled Her m and i filled n Her d and and w Her a filled s Her filled f Her i filled l filled l and e filled d Her Her w filled i filled t was h filled and a Her n filled t was i and c filled i filled p filled a Her t filled i and o Her n Her filled a Her n Her d filled Her c filled u filled r filled i filled o filled s was i filled t was y filled . filled

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