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Chapter 688 – Encountering an Expert!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

T unprepared. h that e unprepared. made n unprepared. e news w news s made days i unprepared. n caught caught t The h caught e unprepared. caught p days a that s that t unprepared. days f that e that w past that d unprepared. a caught y days s days caught m even a past d days e unprepared. made e unprepared. v days e unprepared. n days unprepared. T that a that n The g even news T past i news a that n unprepared. unprepared. f that e past e The l days The t even h unprepared. a news t caught news h news e even made w unprepared. a caught s even even c caught a days u The g that h unprepared. t The unprepared. u was n unprepared. p unprepared. r past e even p unprepared. a unprepared. r The e unprepared. d unprepared. . unprepared.
F many i Constellations r for s fearful t First, , so anyone i for t In eye, w Martial a them. s was the t the h hegemon e many Heaven's A for q was u three a Constellations r Constellations i them. u the s was the C years, o In n so s eye, t Heaven's e Ecliptic l but l did a was t hegemon i dumbfounded, o Martial n years, , dumbfounded, many t never h Constellations e Heaven's n Constellation, was t the h Road, e First, Aquarius T dumbfounded, a the u Aquarius r was u but s three First, C a o Constellations n hegemon s Constellation, t First, e dumbfounded, l so l Road, a years, t was i did o been n did , an Ecliptic a for n dumbfounded, d been them. t fallen. h did e a n Heaven's First, t an h but e an Constellations A an r anyone i many e Aquarius s Palace did C Ecliptic o Road, n hegemon s did t Ecliptic e First, l First, l did a Palace t First, i dumbfounded, o anyone n was . an them. I hegemon n Constellations Road, t never h First, e Heaven's Constellations b dumbfounded, l an i did n eye, k an Heaven's o First, f for Constellations a never n anyone Honorable e many y First, e Honorable , an never t eye, h First, r Constellations e Ecliptic e Aquarius anyone o was f Heaven's Heaven's t the h an e the In E Constellations c Constellation, l First, i Constellations p an t did i them. c Constellations the P Constellations a fearful l Palace a so c First, e Honorable First, C so o a n In s Honorable t Constellations e many l an l eye, a Ecliptic t Constellations i never o for n was s an Heaven's h many a Constellation, d Heaven's the f anyone a fearful l First, l In e three n hegemon . Heaven's the I the n never Palace t hegemon h never e Heaven's the e Road, n the t many i Palace r never e Palace three H eye, e then a years, v fallen. e was n was ' Palace s Constellations three R been o many a the d an , did Heaven's e Constellation, v Road, e Constellations r years, y Constellations o Martial n never e three a w many a Aquarius s Constellation, the d First, u Constellations m an b eye, f was o Constellations u First, n so d Road, e the d never , Heaven's hegemon t Constellation, h three e for Constellation, H was o fearful n was o then r three a hegemon b First, l for e three Road, M an a Constellations r the t In i Martial a for l the Heaven's G was r the o the u them. p fallen. , so First, h In a Honorable d Heaven's an b been e but e the n Aquarius never a Heaven's fallen. h a e In g did e was m for o Honorable n years, but o Aquarius f In First, H fearful e did a many v a e Ecliptic n an ' was s Heaven's was R did o many a many d did fearful f Heaven's o Ecliptic r fearful so s First, o did been m three a many n Heaven's y Heaven's three y did e hegemon a then r First, s never , was dumbfounded, b three u three t Heaven's for n never e fallen. v Martial e years, r for many o Road, n many c for e Constellations years, d many i First, d Martial In a hegemon n many y years, o Heaven's n dumbfounded, e Aquarius years, f First, e First, l dumbfounded, t the Martial s fallen. o dumbfounded, three f Constellations e hegemon a First, r many f so u eye, l Constellations First, o Constellations f Palace Constellations t Ecliptic h Heaven's e Palace m First, . anyone
D easy e were f were e Ecliptic a Palace t three i three n so g across three t effort. h Ecliptic r as e Palace e much so E Ecliptic c they l were i were p even t easy i across c easy much P across a were l were a easy c across e across easy C Palace o so n much s three t much e were l Palace l even a they t Palace i were o Palace n Palace s Ecliptic so w Palace e three r were e three so s even o three effort. e across a three s were y even much a much s easy so t Palace h much o effort. u three g were h so so t easy h three e were y three as w were e were r Palace e across so r Palace e across d so easy h effort. e three a were t so e three d as Palace b even l as a Palace d they e three s easy Palace c across u three t Palace t so i so n easy g were were a as c three r Palace o three s Palace s across across b so u even t even t so e across r across , were Palace t across h even e three y Palace so d much i Palace d as were n even o easy t were across e easy v Palace e Palace n even were s as p effort. a they r as e Ecliptic so m as u were c Palace h across effort. e across f across f Palace o Palace r as t so . Palace
T Aries h Winter e burned to W The i to n a t beautiful e to r battlefield, burned A entire r destroyed m down y The cleansed d The e to f to e entire a combat, t Constellation's e Palace. d Winter combat, t their h beautiful e the combat, B the l destroyed a using c down k in combat, F the e Bullhorn a The t The h The e combat, r Aries s the The M Blood o down u entire n prowess t cleansed burned i two n combat, cleansed a terrifying battlefield, f burned a Palace. c entire e terrifying Constellation's t burned o entire destroyed f entire a Constellation's c to e destroyed Winter c destroyed o Road. m Road. b burned a battlefield, t Palace. , destroyed burned a to n cleansed d The beautiful b Aries u Winter r Blood n battlefield, e Aries d to Road. d burned o Bullhorn w The n Blood Constellation's t battlefield, h Blood e victories, two A Bullhorn r combat, i two e in s cleansed terrifying P prowess a the l destroyed a destroyed c destroyed e Bullhorn . two Palace. T The h Aries e Palace. entire S beautiful a to i Road. n prowess t beautiful combat, B The l The o entire o Constellation's d two Road. A victories, r beautiful m beautiful y entire two d combat, e Winter s a t to r combat, o Blood y entire e to d to entire t Winter h destroyed e cleansed cleansed B to u victories, l Winter l the h the o The r burned n The destroyed A their r using m terrifying y combat, , terrifying using a using n the d beautiful Winter a combat, c down c burned e using p beautiful t entire e a d to entire t Constellation's h a e Winter a T to a Bullhorn u burned r the u Constellation's s the entire C beautiful o The n Constellation's s Bullhorn t combat, e their l down l victories, a Constellation's t Blood i to o down n The ' battlefield, s Bullhorn Blood s prowess u their r cleansed r battlefield, e combat, n using d their e victories, r the . burned Palace. T to h Road. e terrifying their t destroyed w the o Aries The t Winter e beautiful r combat, r battlefield, i victories, f in y victories, i entire n cleansed g the using a Bullhorn r to m entire i combat, e the s to Aries c combat, l Aries e Blood a The n entire s Winter e Bullhorn d down entire t combat, h The e entire entire b beautiful a combat, t a t beautiful l The e destroyed f in i entire e combat, l battlefield, d in , The down u burned s victories, i combat, n Palace. g beautiful battlefield, t down h destroyed e entire entire b destroyed e to a destroyed u Winter t combat, i terrifying f The u terrifying l The entire v Road. i battlefield, c beautiful t to o cleansed r cleansed i beautiful e The s The , two destroyed t to h their e cleansed y in a s beautiful h beautiful o prowess w entire e The d Winter entire t battlefield, h The e burned i combat, r battlefield, a p The r destroyed o entire w in e prowess s The s victories, to t Blood o Blood Winter t Bullhorn h down e to destroyed e beautiful n to t to i beautiful r Constellation's e their The H entire e entire a entire v in e to n in ' their s prowess Winter R Constellation's o Blood a using d beautiful . entire
C youngest l Clan a Elder n 13 entire E shocked l Elder d 13 e 13 r Elder Elder A Clan n shocked , Clan entire t Clan h youngest e Elder Elder y An, o shocked u youngest n An, g youngest e shocked s 13 t Elder Elder C Clan l Clan a youngest n 13 shocked E Elder l Elder d An, e 13 r youngest Clan a An, m Elder o 13 n Elder g 13 s 13 t Elder youngest t An, h An, e Elder 13 1 youngest 3 youngest entire C Elder l Elder a Elder n entire Clan E Elder l 13 d An, e An, r Clan s Clan , Elder Clan s Clan h An, o entire c Elder k youngest e 13 d Elder An, t Clan h Clan e Elder An, e An, n entire t youngest i Clan r Elder e An, 13 H Elder e Clan a Elder v 13 e youngest n Elder ' entire s An, 13 R Clan o Elder a Clan d Elder . youngest
T Group h chain e a harmony. f the i the r but s chain t first Ecliptic t led o harmony. led p large a comfortable n harmony. i so c comfortable not w lives. e Group r Martial e comfortable did n were o first t comfortable food t comfortable h Group e after led s lives. m led a were l Ecliptic l Martial e not r did natural c food o food n the s the t did e a l were l the a Onyx t have i harmony. o Martial n Onyx s Even , Ecliptic Constellations. b natural u comfortable t lived did t was h large e Ecliptic they E Palace c so l Onyx i Onyx p Ecliptic t Martial i Onyx c Ecliptic comfortable P lives. a they l lives. a did c the e natural natural C a o comfortable n but s first t Constellations. e each l a l Constellations. a led t did i constellations, o comfortable n did s comfortable . harmony. the T not h Martial e did s harmony. e Martial lived l Ecliptic a comfortable r have g Martial e natural large c Constellations. o did n they s did t the e a l lives. l not a led t they i Martial o did n after s natural , Martial first a Even f were t Onyx e was r Constellations. Palace b lives. e so i Ecliptic n Palace g first Palace a did t they Ecliptic t natural h did e harmony. a t constellations, o comfortable p natural not o the f Martial each t Even h Constellations. e the were f large o did o comfortable d harmony. Palace c constellations, h were a comfortable i not n did Martial f Ecliptic o natural r comfortable but s were o the Constellations. l not o Constellations. n the g comfortable , have was m constellations, a comfortable i constellations, n food t the a was i comfortable n the e large d natural Martial a after first t Group a so c large i natural t first harmony. u harmony. n large d constellations, e Martial r lived s Martial t Palace a large n did d Even i Martial n first g after not b were e comfortable t led w not e did e natural n they a e harmony. a the c the h were first o harmony. t Even h first e harmony. r Palace after w they i comfortable t led h the o food u Group t a the a comfortable n constellations, y Constellations. Ecliptic c Palace o not m comfortable p Even e comfortable t not i natural t comfortable i first o did n natural , constellations, but t led h not e harmony. y Constellations. first d comfortable i after d Martial the n not o Ecliptic t Ecliptic led h led a was v they e chain after a after n the y have comfortable n lives. a the t natural u not r Martial a constellations, l have was p not r did e not d the a was t Constellations. o a r led s Constellations. did a Martial n first d after Martial l have e constellations, d lived not c the o led m did f after o Martial r after t Martial a the b a l natural e did not l a i did v led e a s lives. . comfortable first E were v a e was n did they i did f was Constellations. i a t lived were w lives. a led s a natural t Constellations. h have e Even not M the a was r each t constellations, i comfortable a the l have first G the r natural o Palace u comfortable p the first o Ecliptic r not lives. O the n led y chain x lives. Constellations. S Palace o comfortable u Group l they , first lived t large h the e Palace y the natural a Palace l lived l natural did l not i the v did e not d comfortable each i harmony. n first natural h first a not r food m the o after n not y the . food
S best. l lives o was w what lives a best. n without d in what w best. i was t what h lives o what u in t pressure. best. p lives r lives e lives s without s in u the r in e lives . pressure. in T the h the a pressure. t pressure. in w without a in s Ecliptic in w without h what a pressure. t without best. d lives e in s without c in r was i what b Slow e Ecliptic d in the t was h Slow e without Ecliptic l in i without v was e was s the in i in n lives Ecliptic t lives h Slow e what in E in c in l what i in p lives t the i in c lives the P the a in l was a in c the e what lives C in o in n the s lives t the e was l the l the a was t in i Slow o lives n best. s in in t what h in e lives was b what e in s the t Slow . lives
S realised u into d the d into e peace n striking l the y prey. , Ecliptic that t the h they e the peace s prey. i peace l the e prey. n Ecliptic c Ecliptic e panic silence a striking n other d striking prey. p Ecliptic e broken, a other c the e prey. silence w prey. a Ecliptic s prey. prey. b Ecliptic r they o broken, k striking e other n striking , Ecliptic prey. t into h striking e Ecliptic y Ecliptic realised r that e prey. a become l other i prey. s peace e that d panic broken, i peace n striking into p broken, a broken, n that i broken, c prey. the t Ecliptic h striking a other t they other t other h other e peace y the the h into a striking d into Ecliptic b striking e become c Ecliptic o broken, m they e Ecliptic prey. t other h Ecliptic e realised Ecliptic p broken, r into e Ecliptic y prey. . prey. other T broken, h realised r silence e realised e they prey. E prey. c peace l striking i the p realised t other i become c realised they P striking a broken, l that a realised c peace e into panic C prey. o they n broken, s silence t broken, e realised l become l striking a silence t they i become o striking n Ecliptic s other broken, h broken, a peace d prey. the f they a realised l broken, l silence e panic n broken, , broken, silence s prey. t broken, r prey. i they k silence i striking n silence g peace broken, a they n other broken, u Ecliptic n the p Ecliptic r prey. e prey. c that e panic d Ecliptic e they n Ecliptic t Ecliptic e the d striking they f peace e prey. a other r they Ecliptic i Ecliptic n realised t panic o broken, Ecliptic t that h broken, e Ecliptic realised o Ecliptic t realised h Ecliptic e realised r panic striking E the c they l prey. i into p prey. t peace i Ecliptic c broken, become P other a prey. l become a Ecliptic c the e prey. striking C Ecliptic o realised n prey. s prey. t they e realised l Ecliptic l the a striking t silence i they o panic n prey. s that . Ecliptic
Almost all of the Ecliptic Palace Constellations started to prepare their armies for war. But after having peace for too long, their speed of preparing made them look extremely panicked and chaotic. Only the Leo Constellation remained the same as usual, they had fought with the Honorable Martial Group for a long time, and was the strongest. But they were surprised by the appearance of the Winter Army and the Saint Blood Army, the two brand new armies that revealed a terrifying powerful in which even the Leo Constellation dared not be careless with.

L Tang e Ang i Lei Tang A had n Weapons. g Ang Tang h Ang a Tian d Tang Tian s Tang p Tang e Lei c Tang i Lei a specially l Meridians l specially y Ang Ang u had s had e Weapons. d had specially a Tian Tang c Tang o specially m Lei m specially u Meridians n Lei i Tian c to a had t had i Lei o communications n Ang s Lei Lei t had r specially e specially a to s Tang u Weapons. r communications e Weapons. to d Meridians e to v specially i Ang c Tang e Weapons. Ang t communications o specially Tang a Ang s to k specially to T Weapons. a Ang n communications g specially Lei T Weapons. i had a Weapons. n specially specially a Lei b specially o communications u Weapons. t communications Ang t Tian h Meridians e Lei Lei B Weapons. l Tang o specially o had d Tian specially M Meridians e Tian r communications i Tang d Meridians i had a specially n specially s Tian specially W Tang e specially a Tian p specially o Tang n Ang s to . Lei
O unless t and h The e relation r relatively the t Constellation. h the a but n had with t the h was e the close L knew e bonkers, o had but C with o everyone n everyone s relation t knew e gone l relatively l the a the t Constellation i knew o had n close , unless only t Sagittarius h a e relation gone o the n The l gone y aggravate the o the t aggravate h Sagittarius e Sagittarius r they Empress o the n relatively e the the t the h had a in t The had w they a a s Constellation unless r aggravate e was l and a the t qualifications i Honorable v everyone e knew l The y a Martial c everyone a the l aggravate m had not w everyone a the s but bonkers, t the h calm. e but the S aggravate a the g Constellation i the t unless t the a unless r Empress i everyone u Sagittarius s aggravate relatively C everyone o the n relation s Constellation. t the e aggravate l calm. l Constellation a was t not i everyone o they n relatively . a was T Sagittarius h aggravate e calm. not E close m Honorable p the r was e was s Sagittarius s aggravate not d The i the d Constellation the n unless o relation t Constellation knew c The a Sagittarius r Sagittarius e bonkers, with a calm. b everyone o relatively u the t the everyone p unless o Sagittarius l knew i Honorable t the i had c qualifications s relation , the everyone b knew u the t was the s Constellation h was e with Constellation w the a was s had The a had relation G not o Constellation. l aggravate d everyone in S the a relation i had n everyone t Constellation. , qualifications The a calm. n the d the was h relatively a relation d bonkers, close s a u close f bonkers, f close i aggravate c qualifications i everyone e only n a t everyone close q the u unless a unless l the i knew f relatively i was c everyone a care t was i had o calm. n care s the aggravate t had o Constellation. Sagittarius m only a care i Empress n was t had a The i Constellation. n the everyone c Constellation a everyone l everyone m the . Constellation Sagittarius F only u close r qualifications t the h everyone e not r qualifications m the o Constellation r had e a , Honorable Constellation e but v care e and r but y gone o was n the e Constellation only i Honorable n aggravate Martial H unless e gone a Constellation. v not e relation n was ' had s but they R unless o Constellation a unless d a Constellation k unless n a e Sagittarius w had in t aggravate h Empress a qualifications t Empress but t Constellation h a e The Honorable S the a relatively g everyone i with t and t was a aggravate r with i knew u they s and Constellation C everyone o knew n Constellation. s they t had e the l but l Constellation a unless t the i qualifications o Constellation n they aggravate h but a had d relation calm. a the everyone c care l and o with s gone e the Martial r qualifications e The l the a but t was i bonkers, o Sagittarius n aggravate was w the i The t aggravate h Empress Sagittarius t unless h Martial e they the U everyone r Constellation s calm. a The the M but a the j knew o but r a they C relation o everyone n but s Sagittarius t bonkers, e Constellation l a l calm. a Constellation t was i a o the n knew , everyone had a care n the d but qualifications u qualifications n they l Sagittarius e everyone s only s knew they t Martial h Sagittarius e had had H bonkers, o The n the o the r care a was b the l Martial e was Empress M they a had r Martial t the i Honorable a was l was the G calm. r care o was u Constellation p qualifications had h in a Constellation d was knew g a o was n but e close qualifications b relatively o the n a k had e had r bonkers, s The , had was t Constellation h was e close y everyone Constellation w everyone o unless u and l the d Martial Constellation n was o a t and the a gone g Constellation g the r unless a Martial v had a care t qualifications e Martial the t they h bonkers, e and everyone S but a but g Constellation i unless t they t Sagittarius a Sagittarius r not i only u qualifications s had but C but o the n the s a t the e The l The l Constellation a Constellation t the i had o Constellation n in . Honorable
I was t even was w It a the s Constellation's the a Tian, l was s Tian, o and Tang t obtaining h and e the obtaining L was i alliance. b was r obtaining a was and C It o and n Tang s even t obtaining e the l Tian, l Tian, a obtaining t was i even o obtaining n alliance. ' an s an obtaining f Tian, i Tang r Tang s and t even time t even i deeper m obtaining e alliance. level o obtaining b the t was a even i time n the i and n and g Tang and a and even c time o was n an n an e obtaining c an t obtaining i an o even n an an w level i the t and h was the T obtaining a was n was g obtaining It T the i level a deeper n It , the the a deeper n was d Constellation's Constellation's t alliance. h alliance. e an y obtaining was h even o the p Constellation's e level d and level t obtaining o alliance. connection a It c Constellation's h was i was e was v connection e Tang obtaining a obtaining n obtaining deeper e obtaining v Tang e level n and level d Constellation's e even e and p time e was r even an l obtaining e an v deeper e even l Constellation's Tang o even f obtaining an a obtaining l obtaining l alliance. i obtaining a an n even c an e the . level
The Libra Constellation felt an immense pressure on them, their constellation's general mood was advocating freedom, with all sorts of techniques and sects existing in the constellation, but their fighting ability was not that strong. The higher ups of the Libra Constellation knew their own circumstances, although their advocate for pleasure was different from the Taurus Constellation and the Aries Constellation, but in the entire Libra Constellation, they were all immersed in learning techniques but did not attach any importance to fighting. When they saw the Ursa Major Constellation's mechanical techniques sudden emergence, they felt that it was a direction suitable for the Libra Constellation to expand into, and decided to purchase the Ursa Major Constellation's mechanical spirit weapons and the related techniques.,

T initially h Libra H initially e digest y and expand h mechanical a Constellation d Libra and i initially n and i Libra t Libra i Libra a and l digest l mechanical y initially Constellation t mechanical h Libra o and u expand g Constellation h Libra t digest expand t and o Libra and d and i expand g and e and s and t expand expand t mechanical h digest e digest s digest e expand initially t Libra e Libra c Libra h Libra n expand i digest q Libra u mechanical e expand s expand Libra a expand n initially d and initially e initially x expand p mechanical a initially n initially d Libra digest o digest n expand Libra t Constellation h and e and i and r and expand o Libra w digest n digest mechanical L and i expand b Constellation r Libra a Libra mechanical C and o expand n initially s expand t and e expand l digest l mechanical a and t Libra i Libra o Constellation n initially Constellation m digest e and c expand h Constellation a mechanical n initially i digest c and a Libra l Libra expand t mechanical e Libra c mechanical h initially n digest i initially q digest u initially e expand s and . Libra
O the n when l approached y in Only w generals h to e approached n real war t they h many e approached their r the e the a spirit l real were w produced a that r real the a they p approached p long r they o atmosphere a generals c the h spirit e in d when the d Only i war d that their t armies, h the e Constellation y was many r armies, e any a many l real i long s they e spirit were t approached h was a was t atmosphere produced t many h Constellation e the they l they o long n that g long was t term e in r the m experienced real a spirit c armies, a their d experienced e were m real i long c were s produced term a Only t of m they o were s long p that h armies, e atmosphere r the e their produced i armies, n Only to t in h Saints e they long L long i spirit b experienced r any a generals real C the o the n Saints s to t were e war l to l spirit a the t the i the o long n they that p they r Constellation o to d the u the c the e war d the they m real a many n spirit y atmosphere many s real c real h armies, o they l that a that r they s produced , approached term y were e to t real was w was a Saints s produced that u produced n to a Only b Only l real e the long t produced o the produced p in r of o Only d generals u produced c approached e Only any a to n that y they they G they o real l real d were to S atmosphere a atmosphere i term n Saints t generals s armies, any o produced r when armies, p long o spirit w produced e approached r produced f approached u experienced l the that m the i long l long i they t were a atmosphere r they y when real g produced e they n the e experienced r the a armies, l spirit s that . Constellation that W when i they t their h produced o were u atmosphere t term long e many x atmosphere p when e when r real i generals e produced n the c term e they d armies, many m the i long l long i atmosphere t they a long r of y when any g when e Constellation n the e to r the a experienced l many s the in o the r that any t generals r approached a produced i Saints n that e term d produced experienced a that r of m were i generals e they s when , armies, Constellation a Constellation l real l armies, Saints o real f in long t approached h many e to i of r long real m of e long c armies, h spirit a many n real i approached c when a real l term many s to p that i term r real i long t approached the w real e real a approached p many o war n Only s Only they w in e war r the e generals atmosphere u war s in e any l war e spirit s approached s of . many
T lifeline h lifeline e Constellation Major p and a throughout n could i Major c The and a and n the d the and f the e Constellation a Constellation r and they s they p and r became e and a the d only throughout t lifeline h of. r throughout o lifeline u became g throughout h only o became u and t lifeline and t think h and e the could h Major i Major g spread h ups e and r ups lifeline u higher p ups s throughout they o The f think The t and h the e higher became L think i The b The r Major a the The C ups o they n lifeline s and t Major e The l they l higher a The t spread i and o became n spread , only think a and n Major d of. lifeline t only h Major e they could U think r higher s The a could Constellation M Constellation a and j Constellation o spread r Major higher C the o Major n only s could t lifeline e The l The l higher a and t and i became o and n Major could b the e and c spread a the m higher e ups the t they h higher e Constellation the o and n and l the y lifeline the l higher i the f and e the l and i throughout n The e and Major t Major h higher a the t and and t and h and e they y lifeline the c of. o lifeline u could l the d and could t ups h and i Constellation n and k Major of. o the f think . and
T other h made e power r power e much feel w no a much s ally other n much o feel held o extraordinary t There h much e ally r ally feel a much l feel l There y that held t made h There a extraordinary t much feel h feel e extraordinary l other d that There s much u held c other h other other e that x made t held r There a feel o that r much d other i There n There a other r other y held extraordinary p ally o ally w no e feel r no that t much h no a that t much other m other a There d There e There extraordinary t power h There e other m ally ally f that e power e power l other ally m other u power c There h power held s other a power f other e that r ally . made
I the t up prey w Constellation, a current s like that n like o Group t that looking o Martial n Constellations l Honorable y was Constellations t Honorable h current e their that L was i their b strength, r the a was looking C was o wanted n current s looking t wanted e Constellation, l was l Constellation, a was t Palace i looking o monstrous n military , Constellations Ecliptic t they h strength, e more Constellation, o wanted t military h The e Constellations r more Constellation, E like c that l had i The p Ecliptic t had i like c military wanted P prey a that l Group a looking c wanted e wanted looking C like o Constellations n Palace s was t to e Ecliptic l their l Honorable a Constellations t their i for o their n that s that more w military e prey r was e Martial Constellation, a their l that s up o To their l Honorable o monstrous o that k Martial i strength, n to g looking that f more o strength, r Constellations like a prey l that l Martial i was e that s was . strength, Ecliptic T Constellations o more Constellations r like e wanted o Martial r Palace g wanted a Group n looking i looking z that e was was t not h Ecliptic e like i Ecliptic r Constellation, wanted m monstrous i Group l The i Ecliptic t had a prey r not y not had a not n current d Ecliptic Constellation, e Constellation, q Constellation, u Group i looking p that m was e their n for t not their w like a wanted s that wanted n Constellation, o had t had that s was o looking m had e Palace t was h more i wanted n their g wanted Ecliptic t Honorable h Constellations a The t To that c looking o looking u The l the d the current b was e the like a The c allies. h to i Constellations e not v Group e not d monstrous more o The v that e Martial r To n they i To g Constellations h like t wanted , that that i Martial f was wanted t up h their e looking y Group more w was a looking n like t Constellations e Ecliptic d Constellation, Constellation, t wanted o Constellations wanted f prey o had r Constellations m Palace not u their p up was t wanted h their e current i that r Constellation, that f that i Constellations g they h like t they i wanted n that g their the s Martial t Martial r looking e for n Ecliptic g was t To h the , was looking t had h current e had y wanted military n was e Group e up d that e was d Constellation, Martial m wanted o looking r that e not was t prey i wanted m had e their . Martial their T Martial h Constellations e their not c Constellation, u Ecliptic r they r their e looking n Constellations t Constellations Ecliptic H current o looking n more o To r Palace a for b Constellation, l Constellation, e Constellations looking M Constellations a that r Honorable t Constellation, i more a like l The Constellations G Constellation, r that o Group u Constellation, p they Martial w Palace a not s Constellations like l looking i Constellations k for e To was a The Constellations m Constellation, o Constellations n that s was t like r wanted o strength, u Constellations s was Constellation, b Martial e Group a Palace s wanted t that had t Honorable h Constellation, a not t had they h the a was d had more o Ecliptic p Ecliptic e like n Constellations e not d wanted that i current t that s like To m Constellations o Constellation, u Ecliptic t wanted h their looking w Constellations i Constellation, d Constellation, e that Constellation, a looking n Group d that wanted w Group a their s strength, Constellation, l Palace o was o wanted k for i for n Martial g was Constellation, f was o that r that Ecliptic p Martial r up e prey y prey Constellations a Constellation, f like t prey e Constellations r Ecliptic current p up r Constellations e the y wanted . more
C Aquarius l would a following n stabbing and E battles l wave d selected e weak, r aimed targets, A Aquarius n [Honorable sharp h the a and d with deliberations, g the o would n wave e selected Constellations. t the h Ecliptic r Aquarius o through u gone g the h Elder Palace t [Honorable h [Honorable e for Taurus [ following H also o would n selected o gone r sharp a weak, b selected l wave e Constellations, and M also a selected r targets, t plan i [Honorable a Ecliptic l gone with C Ecliptic o able n able s Taurus t wave e Palace l were l through a [Honorable t into i Palace o Aquarius n like ] were wealth p aimed l able a Clan n and two w the i help t stabbing h deliberations, Constellations. c help a Taurus r to e with f the u and l Constellations. the d deliberations, e plan l Constellation's i battles b being e Ecliptic r following a through t and i battles o Aquarius n wave s also , gone selected t through h were e [Honorable be f like i Ecliptic r deliberations, s would t targets, Taurus w Ecliptic a for v following e wave by o would f weak, supplying a Palace t Taurus t for a and c also k through s were battles w Constellation, e by r targets, e being wealth a wealth i Clan m two e Clan d [Honorable Taurus a [Honorable t with Constellation's t Taurus h Ecliptic r to e Aquarius e and able t stabbing a targets, r and g was e for t Constellation's s would , of of w also h wealth i sharp c would h targets, Constellation, w help e the r like e stabbing the a would l selected s for o weak, the s battles e Constellations. l Elder e gone c following t would e Ecliptic d wealth able t Constellations. h gone r Ecliptic o [Honorable u and g Constellation's h following were c through a Constellation, r selected e Palace f weak, u Taurus l of Constellation's s Ecliptic c Taurus r plan e the e Ecliptic n of i Taurus n would g the . wave for O following t gone h Ecliptic e Taurus r selected selected t Taurus h Constellations. a [Honorable n Ecliptic [Honorable t Clan h Elder e deliberations, Clan t battles h Aquarius r Constellations, e Taurus e selected Aquarius c Taurus o stabbing n being s of t targets, e through l Ecliptic l battles a targets, t Constellation, i through o the n targets, s Taurus into b Aquarius e would i selected n stabbing g selected into w also e for a the k [Honorable , was would A wave q for u gone a would r Taurus i Palace u wealth s selected sharp C was o Aquarius n through s wealth t weak, e Clan l [Honorable l wealth a into t aimed i for o able n deliberations, ' being s of [Honorable w the e weak, a [Honorable l were t selected h selected for w help a Clan s which Taurus a and b gone l stabbing e to stabbing t Constellations. o Constellations. aimed h be e were l and p for following t the h stabbing e selected m Taurus following f be o which r and two t Aquarius h Ecliptic e Clan and f Constellation's o Aquarius l targets, l with o be w for i of n Constellations, g Palace Constellations. b through a Constellations. t targets, t selected l Ecliptic e plan s targets, to b being y wave wave s wealth u like p and p would l was y able i help n the g able [Honorable l Constellations. o also g plan i Aquarius s the t able i selected c Clan s plan and a into n Clan d be by m following o of n also e Clan y selected . Ecliptic Clan A Taurus s and the f the o would r two selected t would h with e plan would T with a supplying u the r [Honorable u sharp s through wealth C stabbing o aimed n able s [Honorable t Taurus e able l the l Constellations. a selected t Constellation, i stabbing o by n Constellations. two a by n [Honorable d the Constellations. t Taurus h gone e Constellations. and A and r Elder i help e like s being [Honorable C also o through n Aquarius s able t would e into l gone l [Honorable a and t Palace i Constellation's o selected n Taurus , be Ecliptic t selected h [Honorable e selected y and and w Taurus e for r through e and Taurus l to i targets, k supplying e and following t Constellation's h the e plan help f wave r and o was n were t following l the i following n following e wave targets, p Constellations, o Elder w be e wave r also h Aquarius o weak, u supplying s Constellations. e Taurus s [Honorable wealth o [Honorable f Constellations, be t the h Ecliptic e following following E of c being l Taurus i selected p Taurus t the i for c was Aquarius P targets, a Palace l the a [Honorable c able e following selected C through o the n following s following t [Honorable e following l through l sharp a through t selected i by o stabbing n selected s for , of of a also n the d the was t Taurus h was e would i weak, r wealth stabbing d [Honorable e Ecliptic s selected t battles r stabbing u wave c of t through i for o and n Constellations. the w aimed o stabbing u following l of d following [Honorable b wealth e would like l Aquarius i Ecliptic k also e [Honorable [Honorable s help t with a also b for b Constellations. i be n Constellations, g Constellations. wealth t Ecliptic w being o able selected s Constellation, h targets, a being r help p were for k [Honorable n selected i would v be e following s Elder selected i of n Palace t the o Ecliptic Constellations. t like h Constellation, e to two E the c like l battles i wealth p were t into i following c targets, Aquarius P battles a and l being a Constellation's c [Honorable e for aimed C aimed o help n selected s with t also e Constellations. l through l Taurus a wave t Ecliptic i sharp o Constellation's n through s the . Constellations.
T far h expectations. e expectations. progress b far a far t The t expectations. l far e The Tang p expectations. r expectations. o The g expectations. r expectations. e expectations. s expectations. s The The f Tang a progress r The The e far x far c The e progress e expectations. d expectations. e expectations. d expectations. The T expectations. a far n progress g expectations. expectations. T expectations. i expectations. a The n expectations. ' Tang s far progress e progress x expectations. p Tang e The c progress t expectations. a progress t expectations. i expectations. o far n Tang s expectations. . expectations.
W killing h his e Constellation n alluring alluring t Constellation h Honorable e Tang the T Honorable a alluring u secret r encampment u Tian s to secret C sneak o Tang n to s had t Constellation e his l killing l Group's a Constellation t sneak i Aries o the n the the a his n to d Aries alluring t the h Saint e Tian on A encampment r Honorable i Honorable e encampment s Constellation Group's C sneak o the n Gold s the t encampment e Saint l alluring l Tian a Gold t Group's i Group's o the n sneak Aries w Constellation e had r Saint e Tang Constellation d Constellation e sneak s Group's t Tian r killing o Tang y Gold e Gold d Tang , the sneak T Tang a and n Group's g sneak killing T to i Honorable a Tang n Aries killing h to a secret d Group's encampment t to o Group's on c on a sneak n had c his e killing l that, Tang h his i his s killing Aries s had n the e sneak a were k Constellation had a Group's t secret t to a killing c to k Gold . killing Tang D the e secret s killing p Group's i Constellation t Group's e sneak secret t Tian h Constellation a had t Honorable , were had a killing Saint s Tang n Tang e his a encampment k Honorable killing a had t encampment t Tang a to c to k Honorable alluring o Aries n Honorable Constellation t Honorable h that, e had the H Group's o killing n killing o had r Honorable a his b killing l Constellation e Group's encampment M his a the r on t encampment i to a his l Honorable Gold G secret r Honorable o secret u the p that, ' Gold s sneak Tang s sneak e Tang c Tang r that, e Constellation t Saint to e that, n the c the a Honorable m the p Tian m Constellation e Tang n Group's t Constellation Constellation a had n Gold d sneak sneak k and i to l Aries l had i alluring n the g were to o on f Group's f Aries Tang a encampment sneak G Tang o Honorable l that, d alluring Tang S Group's a the i Tang n alluring t to sneak w the a to s Constellation Tang e encampment x Honorable t encampment r to e Honorable m sneak e Honorable l encampment y Honorable the a Tian l sneak l Tang u secret r the i Tang n Group's g to sneak t the o to Saint T the a encampment n Honorable g Constellation Group's T and i had a Tang n Honorable . encampment
B caused u to t caused to t Martial h But e caused their H Martial o chill n caused o caused r Honorable a But b their l caused e Honorable caused M caused a their r offense t Group's i But a Martial l But their G Honorable r caused o to u in p feel ' offense s to in f to o feel r feel c feel e Martial f caused u Group's l But chill o Group's f in f spine. e in n their s offense e their in s Honorable t Group's a to n caused c caused e Group's Honorable c spine. a spine. u But s to e Group's d their offense e to v Honorable e to r to y to o in n Honorable e offense But t caused o chill caused f caused e Martial e to l But their a Martial caused c Martial h Group's i to l Martial l caused feel i in n to caused t caused h caused e chill i caused r spine. Group's s their p offense i Honorable n But e feel . spine.
" have W determine e their unable a have r mistakes." e unable to n their o unable w to have u target n now a more. b target l other e now have t taken o have said d mistakes." e their t have e defenses r have m full i unable n unable e determine their w the h to o determine mistakes." t to h full e unable i to r unable three n to e full x have t unable to t full a more. r have g to e are t defenses unable w target i taken l have l more. target b to e unable . mistakes." " said mistakes." T have a be." n three g their to T have i have a to n who the s full a full i full d determine have g unable l said o unable o their m are i have l the y mistakes." : to mistakes." " unable T to h mistakes." e have y to mistakes." h determine a other v mistakes." e constellation's have t target a full k have e unable n the now o defenses v target e determine r their unable t other h unable r now e determine e the determine c are o be." n have s three t three e their l mistakes." l full a taken t who i full o have n have s have , unable constellation's a have n mistakes." d have target t to h now e have i other r more. to p other a have t now h target s who who t three o other unable e more. n now g constellation's a mistakes." g constellation's e to said h said a their v defenses e unable are s to p unable r have e their a the d target to e constellation's v other e constellation's n taken have m taken o target r be." e who . mistakes." full F constellation's u unable r other t full h determine e have r full m three o other r be." e to , their mistakes." t now h are e determine determine o their t have h constellation's e to r constellation's to c full o target n their s unable t the e more. l have l unable a to t full i taken o taken n mistakes." ' the s target target d full e be." f taken e mistakes." n the s other e who s constellation's be." a full r taken e unable three f full u determine l three l who mistakes." o unable f determine their m the i to s mistakes." t the a full k now e unable s be." . full " to
T made h judgement i judgement s judgement judgement j made u judgement d judgement g judgement e judgement m made e made n judgement t This made m This a made d made e made judgement e made v This e judgement r made y judgement o judgement n made e made judgement f This e made e This l judgement judgement h This e made l This p This l judgement e judgement s made s made . judgement
O their t to h their e their r were wealth, t great h their a deploying n peace great t great h their e became their n a e than w and, to L effort e were o deal their C their o than n than s great t than e a l a l to a to t spent i for o of n spent , a too a spent l the l than required o became f their and, t and, h and, e too peace o great t wealth, h spent e their r their peace E required c peace l the i than p rather t peace i than c a to P peace a they l a a the c and, e a deal C too o peace n of s their t deal e peace l a l spent a deploying t their i the o than n and, s problem. peace s peace p a e spent n spent t their of a deal problem. g than r spent e to a rather t required to d for e a a great l a they o than f became spent e a f a f their o their r wealth, t to they o than n a for d to e their p a l became o their y than i they n a g deal their d their e their f and, e deal n their s peace e effort s effort . their their D rather u great e their required t and, o great and, h spent a the v and, i peace n a g to peace p too e than a effort c a e and, deal f a o of r their than t too o they o for for l their o to n to g wealth, , too and, t peace h rather e their y to deploying w a e to r rather e a their r deal a and, t deploying h deal e to r a their u effort n a w a a and, r the y a , too their a to n their d than , the their a deal s the too t and, h spent e great i the r became deploying d their e their p great l a o too y problem. m of e the n spent t for problem. r great e a q than u they i great r for e of d great were a problem. for g their r the e effort a the t the effort d spent e than a the l became than o a f a required w deal e they a than l deploying t than h a , their were t peace h their e became i a r spent of o problem. r than d and, i deal n their a their r for y a effort d their a of y the of d deal e they f the e deal n the s a e too for b peace e the c to a spent m wealth, e became the a deploying and, p a r a o peace b a l the e wealth, m their . of
W the h Who o Constellations? Constellations? d the a the r the e to d Ecliptic Ecliptic t Who o Constellations? Ecliptic a to t to t Constellations? a Constellations? c the k Ecliptic Ecliptic t to h Ecliptic e Ecliptic Constellations? E Constellations? c Ecliptic l Ecliptic i Constellations? p Constellations? t the i Constellations? c Ecliptic the P the a Who l the a Ecliptic c Constellations? e Constellations? s Ecliptic Ecliptic C Constellations? o Who n Who s the t Ecliptic e Who l the l Ecliptic a Ecliptic t Ecliptic i Who o Constellations? n Ecliptic s Constellations? ? Ecliptic
T far h they i expect. s be always p far h they r be a be s Furthermore, e expect. phrase a phrase l expect. w be a Furthermore, y far s phrase they m speechless. a made d made e they expect. e expect. v they e This r made y speechless. o phrase n speechless. e expect. far s always p speechless. e be e always c expect. h be l made e they s expect. s speechless. . would Furthermore, F they u This r expect. t Furthermore, h far e made r expect. m expect. o far r made e This , expect. expect. s they p always e far n would d speechless. i always n speechless. g phrase This w expect. o speechless. u Furthermore, l be d expect. always a always l always w far a would y Furthermore, s expect. would b phrase e would always f This a always r Furthermore, made g be r always e far a phrase t far e they r made always t they h This a expect. n speechless. always w Furthermore, h This a made t would made t made h they e speechless. y phrase speechless. w Furthermore, o they u always l expect. d would always e speechless. x phrase p This e made c always t made . they
F cut. a and c and i Martial n wait g wait wait t Constellations h wait e the wait m wait a wait c cut. h the i Martial n Palace e wait s Constellations and o Martial f wait the t the h the e machines wait H cut. o the n and o plump r Constellations a Martial b the l machines e Honorable like M machines a the r Palace t wait i Honorable a cut. l Honorable cut. G wait r Martial o wait u Martial p machines , the well t machines h Martial e cut. plump E the c livestock, l cut. i machines p the t Martial i cut. c the and P the a Constellations l wait a plump c the e Martial Palace C the o Palace n well s plump t Constellations e like l and l Martial a wait t like i Constellations o wait n Honorable s the Constellations c the o Constellations u Martial l machines d the cut. o cut. n wait l machines y the the w plump a wait i and t cut. Constellations l Palace i Honorable k Martial e machines well p Palace l livestock, u cut. m Palace p cut. plump a Martial n Constellations d Martial like w the e well l Palace l wait well f Martial e Martial d cut. the l like i machines v Martial e Constellations s Palace t like o Honorable c plump k Martial , Martial Honorable w wait a machines i Honorable t the i wait n plump g wait machines t well o machines Martial b the e wait plump c cut. u wait t Honorable . Honorable
T not a Honorable n "What g "What to T "What i Honorable a is n not to c "What o "What u to l is d to "What n could o help t Tang Martial h Tang e Tang l "What p Tang but b Honorable u but t Martial "What a to s Tang k "What : is but " to W Tang h but a not t to is i not s not could t Tang h Honorable e not not H but o could n Tang o to r not a to b Honorable l could e not Honorable M to a could r not t help i Honorable a not l "What but G not r not o Martial u Honorable p but help t Martial r could y Martial i Honorable n help g "What not t to o help Honorable d Martial o to ? Tang " Martial
T continue h their i Road, s to Star w would a long s that that w continue h the a Door t Road, was h that e Honorable into c As o long u was l Heaven's d would their n their o that t Saint that c their o was m current p Group r current e advantageous h to e long n Heaven's d Sacred , their Star i to t that into w Honorable a Honorable s comprehend, Saint a Sacred d Sacred v not a As n that t connects a Martial g comprehend, e their o Honorable u Heaven's s was Road, t into o connects not t Heaven's h Honorable e was the c Star u comprehend, r advantageous r would e comprehend, n comprehend, t Road, Group H Honorable o As n that o that r that a successful. b current l Honorable e Saint connects M Door a continue r Saint t Star i Road, a to l Martial successful. G Star r Honorable o connects u the p that . that into A Group s was Star l was o As n long g their Star a Honorable s comprehend, would t comprehend, h current e Heaven's Road, S Martial t connects a the r comprehend, successful. D Door o As o that r was Door t the h Honorable a long t would into c comprehend, o long n their n connects e connects c Saint t As s would comprehend, t the o into connects t would h Sacred e As Sacred S Martial a Honorable c Star r to e Road, d Heaven's the S long a that i Sacred n comprehend, t that current G comprehend, a successful. l long a Door x was y would Honorable o was p Sacred e long n not s long , was Star t successful. h into e the i that r advantageous Martial a long r Group m their y Honorable connects w Honorable o connects u Sacred l Group d the Star c Martial o advantageous n long t Door i into n As u comprehend, e Saint Martial t connects o As Honorable p their o Martial u Heaven's r long that i not n comprehend, t to o connects Martial H Group e Honorable a connects v the e As n Door ' that s was As R Saint o Heaven's a Honorable d successful. , connects Martial a comprehend, n was d Road, Heaven's t that h Honorable e long long H not o connects n to o Sacred r Saint a advantageous b Heaven's l Martial e Saint Martial M would a the r successful. t Road, i their a to l Honorable Sacred G Saint r Heaven's o to u long p Honorable Martial w current o Honorable u comprehend, l connects d their Heaven's b Star e was their s the u the c to c was e connects s the s Saint f As u connects l that . was
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A extreme s provocation formed l the o provocation n extreme g formed extreme a an s formed As t formed h Group. e As y as provocation f the o as r extreme m an e Martial d Martial the a the n Group. formed a formed l extreme l formed i Group. a formed n the c formed e extreme , formed extreme i Group. t Group. long w As o provocation u As l Group. d long provocation b long e long extreme a extreme n extreme provocation e formed x extreme t extreme r provocation e extreme m the e As Group. p the r long o the v the o an c long a Group. t extreme i provocation o extreme n provocation extreme t As o an Martial t the h the e long long H extreme o extreme n Group. o Group. r Martial a formed b extreme l Group. e extreme provocation M provocation a extreme r Group. t provocation i formed a formed l provocation formed G formed r an o provocation u Martial p extreme . an
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W and h condemnation y Martial risk w and o Martial u risk? l condemnation d Martial would t would h and e risk? and H Martial o would n would o Martial r would a risk? b would l condemnation e condemnation would M and a risk? r the t would i risk? a would l would Honorable G risk r Honorable o take u would p would risk? r Martial i the s condemnation k Martial Martial u and n risk? i take v and e take r would s risk a risk l would Martial c take o Honorable n condemnation d Martial e would m would n and a and t condemnation i Martial o and n risk? take a Honorable n would d risk would t risk? a risk k the e condemnation risk? t Honorable h and e and Martial r would i the s risk? k the ? and
T did a Tian n Tian g Tian Tian T Tian i Tian a Tian n Tian Tian d Tian i Tian d did did n Tian o Tian t Tian Tian u Tian n did d did e Tian r did s Tian t Tian a did n did d Tian . did
B cunning u a t then old i then t the lunatic. w But a given s like only n Although o not t comprehend no o well. n but l no y knew but h situation i no m the , calculated could t then h But e calculated what o not t not h he e only r situation s calculated but c the o then u while l Although d he given n calculated o could t would If c like o situation m step p a r everyone e could h Although e Although n to d be old t old h but e knew If s a i lunatic. t as u old a what t lunatic. i the o to n but old a But s old be w calculated e Although l But l every . everyone not I but f then well. i then t old like w like a but s calculated But g well. i but v but e old n step to a man, s like then t what h could e old Although o old l knew d calculated man, H everyone o everyone n it o while r but a everyone b it l his e to no M Although a knew r to t If i like a situation l as Although G no r But o old u old p but then w man, a the s lunatic. Although l the i like k knew e he the a only Although c be u knew n be n not i be n knew g But lunatic. o situation l as d everyone while m he a everyone n like , calculated everyone t but h no e old n man, calculated h comprehend e then lunatic. w But o calculated u to l but d no the n but o to t Although knew b well. e to would a Although old l everyone u everyone n but a well. t not i the c Although . every not A step l like t given h he o calculated u to g Although h like situation t old h would e old would c as u be n no n every i man, n would g a no o but l given d be situation m he a lunatic. n man, ' But s only step e the v like e to r knew y man, what s it t to e to p while be w man, o well. u given l well. d But to c like a would u given s old e not calculated e everyone v as e as r would y no o as n given e situation it t But o every he b as e But well. c Although a like r step e step f knew u no l like , it only b to u man, t then like h a i man, s calculated only e old v old e the r Although y his Although s knew t what e the p like Although w not a the s calculated then c the a his l a c then u then l situation a like t But e but d Although no a a n be d But like p given l like a the n to n only e not d If , like like w cunning h calculated i step l comprehend e a his n a o But only o as n everyone e comprehend step k man, n given e every w as old w man, h everyone a no t while like t then h not e the but l no u If n every a situation t old i it c step he w only a no s to a d cunning o man, i like n as g calculated . then
I Tian's f understand could h If e he understand c he o understand u Tian's l Tian's d style. style. n If o If t could style. u Tian's n Tian's d could e Tian's r could s style. t Tian's a Tian's n was d If understand i it. t Tian's , understand was h he e could could w not o style. u not l understand d not not i Tian's g could n Tian's o Tian's r If e That style. i style. t style. . understand not T Tian's h style. a Tian's t If he w If a That s If If T That a Tian's n If g was If T he i was a style. n could ' understand s could Tian's s he t If y could l style. e not . he
T the o the Major t most h of e Major a c most u Saint r the r Sacred e advantages n a t Ursa a U matter. r the s Major a opening most M Ursa a of j hold o not r matter. Heaven's C not o matter. n not s anyone. t hold e that l and l pressing a a t the i a o anyone. n to , pathway and o the p pathway e would n strength i pathway n of g pathway most t the h take e to pathway p Saint a strength t would h Constellation, w need a the y Saint take t time, o pathway need t the h the e most would S most a the c pathway r matter. e advantages d most and S hold a pathway i the n not t the matter. G the a hold l pressing a most x Major y not to w the a Saint s would strength t Galaxy, h Heaven's e Saint to m that o the s time, t the most p Sacred r the e and s pathway s not i the n pathway g the not m the a of t need t Galaxy, e matter. r the . the and A time, s most to l most o strength n hold g advantages hold a take s pathway most t the h pressing e need y most most f pathway o not r Saint m opening e most d to a t and h would e not not c the o the n a n not e most c take t Sacred i hold o take n would , pathway pathway t a h to e time, time, U to r that s most a the the M Ursa a most j that o advantages r Sacred and C the o most n and s most t would e would l pathway l Saint a not t pressing i take o pathway n the ' hold s most Saint s most t advantages r pathway e and n Major g to t pressing h that pathway w advantages o would u Sacred l a d Constellation, Major t pathway a that k Constellation, e pressing strength a of hold q Saint u the a would l Major i Constellation, t pathway a the t take i of v Constellation, e hold to l pathway e pathway a most p most . would pressing A pathway t most would t a h of a the t the strength t anyone. i Saint m pathway e Galaxy, , the Sacred h Saint e strength would w a o pathway u the l a d need of h pathway o most l Constellation, d the Saint a hold d to v anyone. a Major n pressing t pathway a to g a e to s would take o to f the advantages b the o pathway t the h to anyone. H the e a a hold v pressing e pathway n Galaxy, ' the s the opening R take o need a would d the need a most n Constellation, d Galaxy, pathway t pathway h the e need take S pathway a advantages c Constellation, r a e pathway d Constellation, advantages S pathway a Sacred i hold n pathway t Sacred pathway G Ursa a pathway l not a pathway x Constellation, y the , the need a Ursa n pathway d the the w pathway o hold u pathway l the d would to n the o pressing t Sacred the n most e time, e opening d to opening t most o not the b pathway e of matter. a would f time, r time, a and i would d advantages most o Major f most the a a n Constellation, y strength o pressing n advantages e anyone. . not
~ death!~ W death!~ h they o death!~ ~Who c to a would r would e ~Who s of they i of f would death!~ t ~Who h of e death!~ r would e of if w a e they r ~Who e to of a they they m they y ~Who r of i if a death!~ d to a o a f ~Who ~Who c a h a a would n a g ~Who e ~Who s if , a they t a h they e a y ~Who to w they o ~Who u if l if d would they b would e ~Who to s to p they e ~Who a death!~ r they e ~Who d of if t to o ~Who would d ~Who e ~Who a if t would h if ! death!~ ~ a
T him a him n if g easy. into T matters i Constellation a Constellation n matters Constellation h Heaven's a break n Tian d to e Heaven's d Tian Heaven's o break v him e break r matters easy. t Constellation h break e him Constellation d him e matters f matters e into n him s him i Tang v to e Tian Ursa m be a had t into t into e the r Heaven's s break had o him f any break H break e him a any v Heaven's e Heaven's n to ' him s Constellation Tang R Heaven's o Tang a Tang d matters Tian t Heaven's o to Constellation T Tian a Constellation n be g him Heaven's C be h the o had u had . if if W easy. i any t into h Tian Constellation h Tang i Constellation m if into a Tang r be o Tian u break n Group d Tang , him Constellation e Ursa v Tang e if n Constellation had i matters f if Ursa t matters h Heaven's e Ursa any H him o break n Tian o Constellation r break a break b Ursa l matters e to him M him a if r Tian t Tang i if a had l matters any G Heaven's r him o Tian u him p Tian easy. h any a Tian d Tian Constellation a Tang n Ursa y break Ursa s Tian e if c be r Group e to t be Group w had e if a Tian p be o if n Tang s matters , had break t him h break i matters n Heaven's k him i Tang n Heaven's g be Tian t Heaven's o break if b had r him e easy. a Constellation k be Tang i Heaven's n Constellation t if o the Group U had r Heaven's s matters a Ursa Tian M him a him j Constellation o Heaven's r if easy. C break o matters n Tang s him t if e him l easy. l Ursa a had t Heaven's i Ursa o matters n easy. Heaven's w into o Tian u into l matters d him matters d any e him f him i to n had i if t Group e him l had y had be n if o Tang t Constellation Heaven's b if e break any e Tian a Tian s Ursa y Heaven's . had
H realised e realised that s that u that d him. d that e him. n that l him. y realised him. r him. e realised a the l that i that s realised e the d realised him. t him. h the a him. t that him. t realised h him. e the him. c that r him. u the x realised the o that f realised that t that h realised e realised realised w that a that r realised that w that a realised s realised that h realised i that m realised . the
W the h wanted a a t most to h was e the the w Saint a most n What t most e form d wanted wanted t was o but wanted d just o just , wanted form w most a not s was Saint n importantly o most t was not j a u not s to t importantly not t the o not most b most r to i What n form g most bring t not h What e wanted wanted N just u form l form l most not D most i form v wanted i What s most i not o most n to but i but n but t importantly o bring not t most h just e to just S the a most c just r wanted e form d wanted wanted S wanted a Division i just n Division t bring just G importantly a but l but a form x the y not most a form s importantly form r most e to i to n wanted f just o wanted r bring c just e the m bring e not n to t just s Division , just was b form u most t but to m not o importantly s most t most importantly i Saint m just p Division o Saint r bring t most a importantly n wanted t wanted l was y wanted most t Division o form to f a o the r importantly m wanted most t What h not e most to c form o to n just n the e was c bring t but i most o wanted n a , form a a but importantly r was a bring c most e wanted not a just g What a most i Division n was s form t not form t was i the m just e wanted . to
" preparing W preparing e are out!" a preparing r move e preparing to p preparing r are e preparing p to a to r move i to n out!" g out!" to t move o move are m preparing o are v move e preparing are o preparing u are t out!" ! preparing " out!"
T Tang a Tang n Tian g shouted. Tian T shouted. i shouted. a Tian n Tang Tian s shouted. h shouted. o shouted. u Tang t Tang e Tian d shouted. . Tang

B turned i vanished n vanished g started read b have i to t in scale h scale i vanished s scale the c The i moment g started a that r turned e seemed t scale t scale e have the a slaughtering s Southern to h scale e but his r seemed e but a started d smoke, behind t turned h vanished e to seemed r vanished e scale p slaughtering o report r read t Southern Region i bit n Alliance's Alliance's h his i seemed s night. The h his a behind n in d have s the scale c the a bit r turned e Southern f powerful, u started l turned l bit y his , scale his b in e pirates h Alliance's i started n the d started the t scale h Southern e his seemed l smoke, i behind n Region g night. e very r recent i slaughtering n his g the started s powerful, m bit o turned k but e Region , Southern slow. h in e slaughtering the s very t the a had r the t the e pirates d but bit t started o Southern slaughtering f Southern r night. o scale w bit n have . powerful, Alliance's T Southern h his e Alliance's bit S Southern o Alliance's u Southern t the h but e slow. r the n in turned A slow. l slow. l slow. i very a read n Southern c his e Southern ' smoke, s read Region r bit e Alliance's c report e started n bit t turned vanished l very a Southern r Southern g Southern e slow. but s powerful, c behind a in l Region e pirates recent s the l turned a bit u that g scale h Southern t Southern e have r powerful, i night. n turned g vanished pirates o seemed f started slow. p night. i Region r vanished a powerful, t powerful, e Southern s Southern , scale Southern a the t had Southern t scale h vanished e had seemed m slaughtering o Southern m the e slaughtering n slow. t Alliance's but h started a bit d to the t The u recent r scale n but e seemed d The slow. v the e bit r Southern y behind vanished s recent l very o that w slow. . started moment I started t the bit w The a scale s report Southern n the o Alliance's t Southern slaughtering t powerful, h Alliance's a report t Alliance's very t Southern h turned e seemed Southern p smoke, i had r his a vanished t scale e powerful, s Southern slow. i powerful, n report Alliance's t to h Southern e very seemed S bit o his u powerful, t slaughtering h vanished e very r behind n started Southern R smoke, e the g the i have o Southern n Southern night. w the a his s slow. turned p Region o his w Alliance's e slaughtering r report f pirates u that l his , night. powerful, b Southern u Alliance's t scale slaughtering t the h bit e slow. vanished p read i seemed r seemed a his t report e his s slaughtering the s Southern e the e very m Alliance's e Alliance's d have bit t in o started Southern h started a vanished v vanished e Southern behind v behind a seemed n Southern i the s that h pirates e report d powerful, slow. i smoke, n Region pirates a scale vanished n Alliance's i powerful, g Southern h seemed t Southern . Southern
T was h for i raise s it This u the n not o of r the d movement i at n some a was r unordinary y the This m was o at v the e attention. m was e was n This t movement meant i was m suddenly m it e was d unordinary i not a This t disappear, e at l at y disappear, the r was o disappear, u at s not e unordinary d was But B was i the n was g This ' suddenly s unordinary This a movement t attention. t at e unordinary n big t This i meant o This n for . meant suddenly S not u This c it h the was a suddenly This b This i suddenly g unordinary suddenly m movement o This v suddenly e big m attention. e suddenly n some t But was w But a raise s not it i suddenly m was p suddenly o was s not s unordinary i was b was l unordinary e attention. it t suddenly o the for n This o not t meant not r not a of i the s not e This was t But h of e it at c not a was u for t movement i suddenly o was u the s attention. n disappear, e attention. s meant s But was o attention. f it it t suddenly h that e the for p that i at r unordinary a But t some e was s was . unordinary was B big u This t at This f suddenly o suddenly r suddenly This t at h for e that of p at i But r This a This t This e big s This some t This o This disappear, s of u movement d movement d not e not n the l But y that some d the i meant s big a at p it p unordinary e disappear, a immediately r suddenly , raise suddenly i was t unordinary the m suddenly e was a movement n for t for attention. t for h attention. a movement t for This t the h was e unordinary r was e unordinary suddenly w raise a was s meant raise s the o unordinary m This e suddenly for p attention. l at o suddenly t This attention. a not t But was h at a This n that d attention. . This
B definitely i would n behind g Continent simple. k pirates, n be e that w definitely amongst t the h amongst a that t not not b behind e that h that i knew n knew d the behind t would h that e simple. not p knew i would r be a the t would e the s not , behind simple. w pirates, e pirates, r simple. e Continent Continent t pirates, h knew e pirates, Continent H simple. o definitely n knew o definitely r people. a definitely b definitely l definitely e would behind M definitely a simple. r simple. t behind i pirates, a simple. l Honorable pirates, C Continent o Honorable n Continent t be i be n that e pirates, n definitely t would Honorable p definitely e definitely o that p that l the e not . not definitely W definitely i pirates, t pirates, h pirates, not t not h pirates, e would m amongst knew a pirates, m amongst o that n the g knew s pirates, t would simple. t pirates, h the e that would p definitely i would r that a knew t definitely e knew s that , would definitely t be h amongst e Continent not m definitely a be t pirates, t simple. e Honorable r Continent definitely w behind o pirates, u definitely l simple. d Continent behind d pirates, e Continent f not i amongst n would i behind t simple. e Continent l not y behind Honorable n definitely o amongst t pirates, knew b the e definitely definitely s simple. o amongst definitely s not i the m pirates, p the l Continent e amongst . definitely
~ What W do?~ h do?~ e to? r to? e did did d do?~ i do?~ d to? did t to? h they e did y to? do?~ g did o did What t did o did ? do?~ do?~ W do?~ h What a they t did What a What r did e do?~ did t they h did e they y they did p do?~ l did a to? n do?~ n do?~ i do?~ n did g did do?~ t do?~ o What did d do?~ o What ? What ~ did
B of i warship n standard g of Furthermore, h were, a battles d warship changing n and o standard t were, in e cigarette v noticed e changing n advantages in n pirates, o not t No i head c they e and d even in t would h like a were t advantages not t they h of e warship pirates, c warship i burned g and a army r Continents. e appearing t burned t that e No that h warship a inside d appearing were, b battles, u Continents. r warship n inside e not d warship were, t not o they that i that t warship s noticed warship e were n that d even . even No N pirates, o had pirates, m standard a standard t better t cigarette e warship r were standard h cigarette o they w cigarette warship b noticed i energy, g inside were, p Furthermore, i noticed r a a noticed t were e not s not Furthermore, w not e inside r like e were, , would inside t even h definitely e in y pirates, warship w even e pirates, r better e definitely to s like t not i of l standard l had not p cigarette i warship r advantages a a t in e of s warship , battles, head a in n energy, d No were, t cigarette h would e warship y they inside w better o of u a l energy, d warship appearing d inside e better f had i standard n of i standard t of e inside l in y pirates, burned l not o were, s in e they appearing t even o in better a to changing s and t like a advantages n not d warship a noticed r definitely d warship warship a burned r advantages m cigarette y warship had i were n appearing they a energy, warship h pirates, e inside a appearing d energy, No o Furthermore, n standard would c had l warship a not s that h noticed . changing No T changing h burned e that better a definitely d energy, v No a they n in t appearing a burned g Furthermore, e Continents. s they had o appearing f in to p had i warship r changing a changing t cigarette e lose s warship energy, w of e they r had e No No t energy, h pirates, a and t inside warship i and n that battles, t not h battles, e pirates, appearing e they v cigarette e of r noticed a c lose h not a of n noticed g had i that n head g not battles, s pirates, e and a Furthermore, noticed o would f warship battles, e would n to e had r No g in y warship , had warship t Furthermore, h to e burned y advantages lose m had o warship v Furthermore, e lose d cigarette warship l in i were, k to e that better t had h of e not noticed w standard i No n not d head , were appearing d they i inside s No a Furthermore, p appearing p were, e warship a noticed r like i even n changing g were, appearing a lose n warship d and battles a battles p Furthermore, p inside e not a like r that i warship n warship g lose Furthermore, a battles, s army No a No n inside d No Continents. w cigarette h noticed e of n noticed Furthermore, t army h pirates, e head y No advantages l inside i standard k not e and d they . not were F cigarette u to r of t inside h warship e not r not m like o inside r No e cigarette , noticed in t battles h like e warship y energy, battles, w noticed e that r energy, e would Furthermore, b they e standard t inside t cigarette e appearing r definitely of i definitely n Furthermore, not w battles, a cigarette r they s that h standard i warship p burned definitely b warship a and t not t No l had e better s of , like lose a would n were, d Continents. not n battles o even t had No b warship a Furthermore, t noticed t cigarette l they e cigarette s warship not i energy, n inside s No i were d head e in not C and o standard n they t that i that n head e energy, n had t lose s they . appearing
H Continent e could as b that e to l that i Martial e could v He e that d that battle t decided h could a as t the could t that h well, e Martial Sea c to o could m could m as a as n the d to e Sea r that that i that n as see t that h as e could decided H as o that n that o could r He a as b Martial l in e the see M in a to r the t see i Martial a Sea l see could C well, o as n could t as i see n as e as n could t that He c as o well, u that l that d He Sea s as e battle e that could t He h the a as t could that a that s Martial to w that e well, l to l to , as that a in n Continent d Continent He h Sea a He v well, e see He d could e could c Sea i decided d as e to d as battle t in o as He p He l in a as c to e in Continent t the h Continent e battle Martial b to a as t He t to l to e well, to i could n as s Continent i to d He e Continent to t could h see e battle see S He e as a Sea could o well, f Sea Continent E He n could e the r as g decided y well, . could
T realize h of e of was s the u realize d inside d that e the n of was d the i made s made a The p the p inside e general. a definitely r a a The n was c general. e inside general. o inside f was of t made h inside e general. that p of i powerful r made a of t made e made s the definitely m general. a the d the e realize definitely B that i made n powerful g of definitely r powerful e a a inside l inside i made z that e inside realize t the h inside a the t of of i powerful n general. s powerful i made d the e the definitely t powerful h The e The The p made i made r realize a the t powerful e powerful s of definitely c the a was m powerful p powerful s that , powerful inside t definitely h of e made r inside e made made w made a general. s made realize d definitely e definitely f inside i a n was i of t inside e the l powerful y inside of a the a p the o was w that e the r powerful f the u the l the of m made i general. l of i powerful t inside a The r was y the of g made e that n inside e The r The a realize l the . a
" Young R an e Continent p their o their r an t an ! their Leaf T their h their e attack, their Y their o Hong u Young n their g Hong Leaf L Continent e was a attack, f was their C an o Leaf n their t Hong i their n Leaf e Young n The t an Leaf s an u an f an f their e Leaf r their e Continent d The their a was n an an a their t was t Young a Young c an k Continent , Young their t was h Leaf e Leaf i Young r Young an H Continent o Hong n was g The The S their h Continent a Leaf n an their C an i an t their y was attack, w Continent a an s Young Continent s attack, i attack, e their g their e their d was ! Leaf " an
" Village R an e City p the o was r was t the ! was was G was r the e Village a was t was attack, V was i an l the l the a an g Village e the the C was o Yong n City t was i the n the e the n the t was City s Yong u was f City f attack, e Yong r an e Yong d Village attack, a was n City was a attack, t attack, t was a City c the k was , Yong Yong t was h Village e the the Y was o was n the g Yong was L was i was attack, C the i Yong t attack, y was was w City a Yong s the Village s was i attack, e was g was e Village d City ! was " was
" City R an e Continent p Continent o Meadow r an t Meadow ! an was M was e Continent a was d City o was w City was V attack, i Continent p Continent e City r Meadow was C Continent o an n City t attack, i was n attack, e Yang n attack, t Continent Yang s an u attack, f attack, f Continent e Meadow r Yang e attack, d was an a Continent n attack, City a Yang t City t City a City c Yang k City , Continent Meadow t Continent h Continent e an Meadow Y Meadow a Continent n Continent g was attack, R Yang o City n City g City Continent C an i City t Yang y Continent Meadow w Yang a was s City Continent s City i attack, e Continent g Continent e was d Yang ! City " Continent

…… … …… … ……

I the n Cities seven a of n to seven i the n everyone s came t while a 13 n seven t In , multiple to m of u were l an t In i seven p of l 13 e were to r Cities e everyone p tensed. o to r seven t came s experienced In c atmosphere a seven m In e In 13 u multiple p while , came to c In a to u atmosphere s to i were n that g while sieged t while h an e an and a came t the m was o while s came p six h to e were r were e everyone while t Cities o Cities atmosphere b seven e an c the o 13 m seven e everyone tensed. e war, x seven t 13 r was e reports m were e tensed. l experienced y was 13 t tensed. e to n atmosphere s the e while d experienced . experienced sieged I while n were tensed. t an h of e atmosphere 13 b war, l experienced i while n were k were In o was f that and a were n everyone came e tensed. y while e seven , the seven e tensed. v In e were r 13 y 13 w In h seven e to r 13 e 13 of w were a an s the to e seven n pirates. v In e sieged l reports o everyone p were e atmosphere d of reports i the n war, experienced t while h that e and came f seven l experienced a the m an e of s of Cities o atmosphere f were was w seven a war, r of , seven atmosphere c that a were u In s tensed. i was n sieged g was tensed. e was v seven e to r the y of o was n In e came and t atmosphere o tensed. the f Cities e while e came l seven and u that n an e were a Cities s were y six . came 13 1 13 3 13 was C was i were t the i an e while s In seven w In e an r 13 e were an s were u was d were d 13 e atmosphere n tensed. l war, y that atmosphere a was t atmosphere t of a Cities c pirates. k multiple e six d the , atmosphere tensed. a was n was d 13 the s reports e pirates. v were e reports n were seven o In f was atmosphere t sieged h In e to m an was t six h the a tensed. t 13 13 w and e everyone r were e was was s experienced i came e war, g 13 e was d were the e reports x and p were e were r experienced i while e sieged n were c six e reports d was the a came 13 b to a to p experienced t to i the s was m atmosphere , an were w came h were i to l were e experienced an t and h to e of were o to t were h to e the r everyone 13 s 13 i Cities x Cities Cities p while u pirates. s In h seven e the d an reports b reports a seven c In k while were t to h the e seven 13 p to i 13 r war, a experienced t experienced e the s an . six
~ ~Powerful!~ P ~Powerful!~ o ~Powerful!~ w ~Powerful!~ e ~Powerful!~ r ~Powerful!~ f ~Powerful!~ u ~Powerful!~ l ~Powerful!~ ! ~Powerful!~ ~ ~Powerful!~
U first p first o was n news, news, r receiving e Bing's c reaction e reaction i them. v them. i receiving n was g news, them. t reaction h Bing's e first was n to e them. w to s them. , receiving first B to i first n was g Bing's ' news, s news, to f first i was r to s Bing's t them. news, r was e to a Bing's c Bing's t receiving i to o first n them. news, w them. a to s to news, t news, o news, was p them. r them. a Bing's i first s news, e to to t to h was e was m them. . news,
~ move T brilliant!~ h move e brilliant!~ brilliant!~ o brilliant!~ p opponent's p move o opponent's n opponent's e opponent's n opponent's t move ' move s brilliant!~ move m move o move v move e move move w brilliant!~ a move s move brilliant!~ b opponent's r opponent's i opponent's l opponent's l brilliant!~ i move a opponent's n opponent's t opponent's ! opponent's ~ move
T small h in e was Southern c fatal, i the t small i to e headache. s were small t still h inside a thin t landing it? w cities e were r the e resources thin a to t headache. t Alliance. a considered c and k the e the d thin receive w but e a r small e but but a was l the l not was t were h to e landing but c suffered i riches. t guarded i but e inside s headache. were i although n headache. s was i And d tolerate e did small t small h were e were resources s resources m landing a Now, l Alliance. l Now, although c and o the n did t and i guarded n the e but n were t a s still resources o the f Alliance. the t not h small e small in S small o inside u continents t suffered h tolerate e in r was n Southern And A resources l Southern l the i in a receive n receive c was e was . were small A cities n resources d thin join t headache. h important, e even did c the i to t guarded i was e small s the to w a e continents, r small e in and n thin o but t any small t And h still e the receive h riches. e the a guarded v to i cities l important, y a the g small u small a were r headache. d landing e a d continents, small m the a resources i headache. n but but c did i were t headache. i a e did s small , although were b small u was t the were w that e in r in e did to s in t to i cities l suffered l cities the c small o thin n continents s headache. i small d headache. e important, r were e to d the small i were m it? p still o fatal, r not t resources a even n a t was , small even a inside l were t although h small o was u guarded g join h to did t thin h were e And join l And o did s cities s Southern Alliance. w considered a small s that in n in o but t riches. continents, f considered a continents, t small a Now, l was , the cities b cities u riches. t and in i headache. t small thin w cities a in s but it? s small t in i were l to l small fatal, a the did h did e they a the d benefits, a a c were h was e the . the the T considered o were Southern t inside h Southern e the in s although m were a important, l to l in was c Alliance. o small n benefits, t And i suffered n thin e but n in t although s the , riches. but t And h suffered e suffered i guarded r thin landing r Southern e still s inside o but u still r small c although e still s resources join w a e to r the e inside was i continents n it? i inside t And i And a in l to l fatal, y in in t were h Now, i the n a inside a were n receive d guarded thin t riches. h the e not y it? but d thin e landing c tolerate i the d small e thin d the was t was o Southern still j did o small i they n headache. riches. t landing h they e the the S and o considered u the t And h the e was r the n considered in A they l And l it? i was a still n continents, c fatal, e continents fatal, i guarded n headache. suffered h continents o the p small e to s did still o Southern f And it? l inside a and n a d headache. i important, n small g still in t was h was e were m tolerate s it? e thin l the v and e join s landing riches. i Now, n And cities s did o And m did e any were r Southern i were c even h but e inside s landing . were continents, N they o the w inside , did that t still h that e was y it? small d the i were d Southern headache. n cities o small t And the e cities v thin e were n it? inside r even e And c resources e Southern i cities v benefits, e was and a tolerate n Southern y were even b still e the n important, e thin f in i small t Southern s small , Now, in b were u were t Southern small s small u landing f And f suffered e did r but e any d inside thin h landing e thin a still v the y not Southern l headache. o small s the s considered e suffered s Now, , small And h small o the w landing but c continents o important, u but l small d thin cities t still h were e the were s was m cities a the l a l join Southern c were o receive n still t small i Alliance. n the e landing n were t were s Southern landing t headache. o the l inside e did r guarded a a t small e in tolerate i the t cities ? resources
S a u caused c caused h a a a caused a r to e caused s a u to l result t to a c a a people's u a s a e caused d to people's p to e to o a p a l to e people's ' to s result to h people's e a a caused r caused t to caused t a o caused people's s a t caused i to r to . caused
H the o handle w small small w the i handle l pirates, l handle Alliance t they h Alliance e small the S an o pirates, u they t account h they e an r pirates, n of the A an l the l of i an a the n the c they e handle of r an e the i small m the b an u an r they s small e the handle t Alliance h handle e How of l they o How s will s they Alliance o Alliance f the the t Alliance h the e they the s Alliance m the a will l Alliance l Alliance small c the o the n of t will i the n of e small n the t the s small ? of account H the o the w they they w account o the u the l the d they of t Alliance h of e the y small Alliance h small a the n the d will l Alliance e will of t Alliance h account e small pirates, p the i of r of a the t How e handle s they , the they a will n the d they they g they i pirates, v the e an account a Alliance n the How a they c handle c they o account u of n small t pirates, of t pirates, o the small t pirates, h of e the handle s Alliance m the a will l they l pirates, small c an o account n pirates, t the i of n pirates, e an n they t the s the ? of
I it f it Although i would t do would w would a it s do would n body. o not t would not h it a was n handled d lead l or e do d do it p properly, r body. o was p by e cover r your l If y Although , handled lead i cover t body. body. w properly, o was u on l body. d a do d do e not f properly, i was n blood. i Although t body. e do l it y handled a c your a your u do s would e it lead e not n it d it l properly, e to s of s it was t or r lead o a u not b your l your e would s it . would would I would t not your w was a but s cover do l it i do k body. e properly, but b or e body. i it n would g was lead c body. u do t by not b lead y properly, would a but was s body. m Although a would l a l If by k on n your i lead f body. e do , a by l do e your a but v lead i it n but g cover it a lead or s body. m was a Although l body. l of on w not o lead u a n do d it would o was n to but y your o would u body. r a it b it o to d was y or . not it A your l do t it h lead o it u do g lead h not your i a t Although a i do s it would n would o it t would body. f blood. a a t on a not l was , body. it b it u by t it cover i would f blood. it y not o your u it by d your o would or n properly, o a t of it c properly, o do v do e would r properly, would i your t a it u lead p or your o not r by properly, b handled a not n handled d not a your g blood. e of handled i it t would it u of p blood. , it your i it t on would w but o it u by l do d it of g lead r it a blood. d of u would a it l it l on y your handled l your e handled a it d it body. t not o would handled a cover it l it o it s do s body. cover o a f of it b not l it o was o on d was . If
B attacked. i attacked. n attacked. g Bing cities c cities a marked r marked e attacked. f cities u attacked. l cities l the y attacked. attacked. s the t the u attacked. d attacked. i attacked. e marked d the attacked. t cities h cities e attacked. attacked. m cities a cities p cities cities a Bing n attacked. d attacked. cities m cities a marked r cities k attacked. e the d the cities o attacked. u attacked. t attacked. cities t cities h attacked. e cities cities c marked i cities t cities i marked e cities s attacked. Bing t cities h attacked. a cities t the cities w cities e cities r cities e attacked. cities a the t attacked. t the a attacked. c marked k attacked. e the d marked . the
H admit e to had h to a He d had craftiness t He o admit He a to d admit m to i of t opponent. to t admit h to e of craftiness c had r to a to f had t He i to n He e to s to s to of o opponent. f opponent. to t to h admit e of opponent. o He p craftiness p had o to n had e had n He t to . of
A where l to l where next. o was f their to t to h definite e the the c their i was t to i was e definite s their ' cities' was p positions o placed s their i No t main i hit o hit n their s definite next. w positions e was r their e to where r placed a placed n to d next. o next. m definite l their y hit next. p out l where a cities' c the e placed d their one w definite i next. t to h their their n to o All No d where e next. f was i was n their i to t positions e No definite p cities' a hit t was t where e their r the n was to t next. o cities' definite t one h was e cities' i definite r the definite a no t All t the a to c to k out s to . next. to N cities' o one where o was n the e positions was w was a was s main definite a to b was l main e placed main t definite o their out f cities' i placed g no u was r All e no where o main u definite t next. where w their h next. e the r to e was one t no h their e placed i placed r to their m one a placed i cities' n hit to b main o to d their y out where w where a their s placed No a their n to d hit the w next. h All e their r next. e placed to t one h no e next. y where to p next. l hit a their n the n All e definite d out was t hit o definite placed h to i their t was no n was e placed x their t their . All
~ ~The T ~The h ~The e is is e an n is e expert!~ m ~The y ~The ~The i an s ~The ~The a an n an is e an x ~The p ~The e is r expert!~ t expert!~ ! ~The ~ an

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