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Chapter 666 – Tang Tian Appears

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

A glaring light burst out.


Fu Dong Ku felt the glaring and intense light flooding his vision, causing him to temporarily go blind. The warship beneath his feet trembled intensely, and in that moment he felt that he could not stand steadily, as though he was in a torrential storm. In the next moment, an ear shattering explosion came forth, causing everyone to be deaf and blind.

Fu Dong Ku's mind became blank, it was not cowardice, it was human nature.

After a few seconds, he regained his focal length, and was immediately shocked of the scene. Around 2km away from them was another warship, completely enveloped in flames, the soldiers wanted to rush out of the warship, but they were unable to struggle out of the terrifying flames.

Crack crack crack!

The bitter sound of cracks sounded out, causing Fu Dong Ku's skin to go numb as he witnessed the warship in front of him form cracks and split into two, becoming two enormous regiments of flames.

Fu Dong Ku was not an amateur, but it was his first time seeing such a tragic scene.

It was a silver grade warship!

A medium size silver grade warship had outstanding defense capabilities. And with it was its equally powerful construct, with its weapons, this silver grade warship cost at least 200 billion cloud coins.

200 billion cloud coins burnt in front of him, causing Fu Dong Ku to be stunned.

The loss made his heart bleed.


It was an ambush by the enemy!

Fu Dong Ku trembled, and suddenly shouted: "Retreat! Everyone retreat!"

The opponent had controlled their urge to attack from the beginning, forcing their frigates to move back and their warships as a meatshield. They then deliberately weakened their firepower, giving off a false sense of weakness, making it as if they were under increased pressure. The warships went too close, and thus were unable to avoid the attacks. The entire plan, each and every single consecutive move, if they were to restart, Fu Dong Ku knew that he would be fooled again.

It was a powerful plot.

Fu Dong Ku forced himself to calm down. If the reports were true, then it would be pointless for the other party to plan any ambushes, because they had insufficient strength, such a plan would not allow them to obtain victory at all.


Fu Dong Ku's heart jumped.

~All of this was a ruse? They leaked the information that the Shang Continent was empty on purpose? And the information of the Pontoon Bridge was false? Countless of thoughts swept in Fu Dong Ku's mind, the more he thought, the more terrified it became. The cunning paranoia made his self confidence sway, he decided to retreat and watch the situation.

They retreated to a distance of 30 km.

The enemy's warship was getting closer and closer, causing Tang Tian to be extremely calm. Bu Zi Fei's move had also shocked him, but very quickly, he was rather impressed by it, ~Seems like that sissy has some standard after all.~ He did not blindly depend on the stronghold's defense to delay time, and was actually able to destroy an enemy warship. This led Tang Tian to feel some respect for him.

Seeing that the pirates were being shocked like a flock of birds and retreating anxiously, Tang Tian was even more ecstatic.

It was as if they were serving themselves up on a silver platter, they saved a lot of time on traveling, they reached the back of the fleet, in which Tang Tian gave the rest a gesture. Everyone was extremely excited, all of them were holding a star treasure each but had not activated them.


The moment Tang Tian instructed them, they activated the star treasures in their hands in unison.

One after another of light regiments quickly lit up, all those slumbering treasures were summoned awake, and the martial spirits that originate from Heaven's Road, upon experiencing the dense energy, all started to leap out in joy.

They started to absorb the energy greedily.

All the energy started to surge towards them frantically. They were in the Sea of Energy, where there was no lack of energy. Every treasure became like a vortex. This time, Tang Tian had spent quite a bit, the treasures in their hands were all silver grade treasures.

But they were suppressed by their owners.

The treasures being suppressed were getting restless, struggling inside the hands of their owners. For 700 silver treasures to struggle at the same time, it produced a moderately large disturbance. The distance between both parties were too close, thus causing them to be detected.

"They are behind us!"

One of his subordinate screamed, causing Fu Dong Ku to rush to the window.

Outside of the warship, there were many human figures with small light regiments faintly discernible in their hands.

Not good! An Ambush!

Fu Dong Ku's face changed, the tone of his voice immediately changed key: "We leave this place now!"

Just at this moment, a shout came out from outside the fleet: "Throw them!"

Tang Tian's order made everyone feel as if a burden had been lifted off their shoulders, the treasures in their hands were burning like melting steel, and they threw it towards the fleet. After that, every single one of them turned and ran without hesitation, all of them scattering agilely as though there was a rabid dog chasing after them, completely ignoring their bearings, stance or image, they looked fearful of something.

The light regiments were not fast, but the distance between both parties were too close, that the fleets were unable to dodge the lights.

The lights that were in their hands started to swell at an alarming rate upon being thrown, becoming the size of a basin in midair. They were a myriad of colors, with vortexes on their edges. They were still growing extremely quickly!

The intense sense of danger swept over Fu Dong Ku, his eyes were covered in fear, he felt as if he was being plunged into a well, covered in sharp blades and knives.

All the energy in the surroundings were surging towards the lights.

The star treasures that had lost control were absorbing energy at a berserk rate, causing rays of dazzling light scars to appear in the sky, like shooting stars streaking across the sky, formed by the friction between the fast and slow moving energies. Very quickly, more and more light scars appeared, making them look like rain, pouring down from all directions towards the treasures.

"We need to leave now!" Fu Dong Ku roared, his eyes were flushed red, like a gambler at the end of his road.

"The warship is being sucked in!" The subordinate's voice was filled with fear and despair.

After activating the star treasures, they were actually suppressing the treasures from losing control. But after the suppression, these silver treasures were finally able to draw the energy from their surroundings unimpeded. The endless energy allowed the martial spirits inside the treasures to quickly grow. As they continued to strengthen, their absorption power became even more powerful.

700 odd silver treasures absorbing at the same time caused all the energy in the perimeter of 50km to be pulled in. Even the undercurrent region that Tang Tian and the rest were in was not spared. The black energy chaotic belts that resembled black cloths started to be pulled into the lights.

Fu Dong Ku's fleet was at the center of the vortex, how could they escape?

Tang Tian and the disciples did not even turn back to look, they were trying to run with all their might, trying to get as far away as possible. They knew how terrifying were the lights, for they had absorbed all the energy in the Southern Islands the previous time.

They were currently in the Sea of Energy, where every inch of space, there exist extremely dense and viscous substance like energy.


~Run with everything you got!~

That was the only thought in everyone's mind, the terrifying sucking force behind them shook the energy around them. They were like fish swimming against the current, every step was extremely difficult, their speed quickly slowing down.

A groan sounded out beside him, causing Tang Tian to turn. He saw a disciple losing control of himself, in a blink of an eye, he was being flung out. Tang TIan's body flickered, he appeared beside the disciple and grabbed his collar, and bellowed: "Watch yourself!"

With that, he threw the disciple to one side. If it was an ordinary day, with Tang Tian's strength, he could fling the disciple out 300m, but at the moment, he only threw him out 30m.

More and more disciples started to reveal fatigue, causing Tang Tian to become alarmed. The suction force behind them was becoming stronger and stronger, if they did not escape from the perimeter, they would once again be pulled into the vortex.

"Get Behind me!"

Tang Tian roared, he rushed to the front of the team and welcoming the torrent in front, he fiercely punched forward.


The torrent became chaotic, and with the space in front of him being blank, Tang Tian went forward. Before the torrent converged again, he punched out!

Boom boom boom!

Tang Tian was like a bulldozer, rushing through everything.

The disciples behind him felt the pressure on them lessening, all of them regaining their senses.

Suddenly, a small head bore its way out of Tang Tian's clothes, it was actually Ya Ya, its eyes were bright, ~Isn't this what I do best? Drill drill drill?~ It howled out once, and jumped out of Tang Tian's bosom, with the small flag on its buttock fluttering in the air, it waved its fists and started to drill. Although its fists were small, but they were extremely strong and had a high frequency of attack, it could actually form out a path. In the blink of an eye, there were a group of people following behind it.

~Childish!~ Little Fool glanced at the excited Ya Ya who was howling crazily coldly. He remained expressionless as he suddenly appeared in front of a group like a ghost, with the transparent Ocean Prison Sword in hand, he thrusted out.

A light barrier in the shape of an umbrella expanded out from his sword tip, [Ursa Major Stars Umbrella]!

Stars rotated on the surface of the umbrella, producing a thin layer of mist. Little Fool remained calm, Ocean Prison Sword had completed its evolution, and had become extremely powerful, even in the face of the torrents, he was having it easy.

The disciples around immediately scuttered behind Little Fool.

Jing Hao chuckled, he raised Drunk on Saint Blood and slashed at the torrents in front of him, sssii, the energy ahead of him ripped apart, and the disciples behind him felt the pressure on them lessening. When he saw that the torrents were converging again, Jing Hao would slash again.

One slash after another, Jing Hao used Drunk on Saint Blood casually, and a group of people gathered behind him.

With them leading the way, their speed increased greatly. But to travel for 25km, they required 10 minutes. And in this 10 minutes, it felt like a lifetime. Ordinarily, the distance of 25km only required them the time it took to speak.

The suction force behind them grew weak. They knew that they had escaped danger.

Many of them sat down on their buttocks without a care for their image, while the disciples who still had strength had their hands on their knees, gasping for breath.

"Oh, my god! Look!"

A voice came out, attracting everybody's attention, everyone turned their heads to look. The scene in front of them, caused all of them to become dumbstruck, some even holding their heads in disbelief.

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