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Chapter 664 – Tang Tian's Plan

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Fu Dong Ku held back the rage in his heart, although he did not recognize the powerful swordsman, but to do such a provocation, he was 90% from the Shang Continent. He did not lose his rationality, the opponents provocation was meant to attract his attention, and make him distracted.

He took a deep breath, his main objective was to attack the Shang Continent. The opponent was only one person, and was unable to change the course of the situation. Fu Dong Ku calmed down, the rage in his eyes dissipated, he suddenly laughed. The opponent had used such a underhand move, which further proved his understanding that they had exhausted all of their abilities.

Even if their sieging frigates were destroyed, Fu Dong Ku had the absolute self confidence that their remaining forces were sufficient to trample the Shang Continent.

The only difference would be that it would be slightly more troublesome.

Whether or not the pack of hidden energy vortices were man made, who cared?

"Our target is the Shang Continent's Estuary!"

Fu Dong Ku calmly gave his order, drumming the morale of his soldiers, causing them to immediately calm down. This was the real commander they trusted, this was the East Divergent Fox that was unstoppable!

Jing Hao saw that the fleet was not affected at all, and was somewhat regretful. He turned and flew towards the same direction as them, as he knew what they were trying to do.

The pirates were definitely not any ordinary pirates, to be able to stand such a provocation and remain calm, their general was definitely a formidable one.

~But, you guys have definitely looked down on one person.~

Jing Hao skillfully moved in the Sea of Energy, his face remained astonishingly calm, his deep serene pupils seemed to reflect his indifferent state of mind, only a faint smile at the corner of his lips revealed the curiosity of his heart.

He truly was curious.

How would Tang Tian deal with these pirates?

Young lad Tang definitely did not have any relation towards plans and schemes, but every time, he would use extremely weird methods and all his inconceivable victories would always cause others to become dumbstruck. And many times, his victories would be so bizarre that even the old timer Bing would not understand.

And the truly scary thing about him was that he had never lost!

~I wonder what will he do this time? It truly piques my interest!~

JIng Hao started to move faster.

Tang Tian and the rest already saw the fire lights and immediately guessed that it was Big Brother Jing Hao. This made him excited, he felt that his train of thoughts was right, the Sea of Energy had many places that could be used.

"Don't use star treasures, we will launch a sneak attack."

Tang Tian immediately stopped the disciples who were about to activate their treasures. The treasures would release light auras and would attract attention. Hearing that they were about to launch sneak attacks, they stopped.

Bu Zi Fei who was behind secretly shook his head, it was a terrible decision. Although a sneak attack would be unexpected, but the other party had a fleet, to use their physical bodies to handle a fleet, there was no chance of winning at all.

But he kept quiet, he knew that regardless of what he said, the big boss would not listen. And all of the amateurs were just listening to him.

Tang Tian got everyone to huddle: "There's still time, everyone come, think of a way, how can we sneak attack here?"

"We cannot get too close, if we get too close they will be ready for us."

"I remember there is a place with a lot of energy, why not lure them there? And then explode the energy there?"

"Are they that stupid?"

All of the amateurs started to come up with all sorts of ideas, causing Bu Zi Fei to disapprove in his mind, completely disappointed. He was initially sort of expecting something, that although his big boss was not that reliable, but since he could even get Master Bing to follow him willingly, he would have some sort of specialty…..

~But at the moment, big boss' performance is truly clumsy.~

~That's right, clumsy.~

To rashly rush out without any sort of a plan, and to even ask a group of amateurs that did not know anything, if that isn't clumsiness, than what was it? Bu Zi Fei was unhappy, he felt that no matter what the Big Boss thought, it would be better asking him than the amateurs. Furthermore, he was a silver grade general, in the Vast Star Continent, he was the main commander of the main force. From whatever angle, he should be more trustworthy.

~Could it be that Big Boss is biased against me?~

Bu Zi Fei did not say anything, but he tossed that idea to the side of his mind, ~It should be because he isn't familiar with me. But, what idea can they come up with?~

Bu Zi Fei frowned and racked his brains, but found that he had no idea as well. The disparity in power between both parties was too large, and the only way was to borrow the power from the Sea of Energy? But the Sea of Energy around the Shang Continent did not have any dangerous parts at all.

There was no other way.

Bu Zi Fei helplessly realized that even if the Big Boss asked him, he could not give any useful suggestions.

Tang Tian's eyes suddenly lit up, he waved towards Bu Zi Fei.

Bu Zi Fei was startled, and subconsciously went over.

Tang Tian asked: "If you bring the Precious Bright Village Regiment to garrison at the stronghold at the Estuary, how long can you hold for?"

The Precious Bright Village Regiment? Bu Zi Fei replied: "If there are sieging frigates, at most 10 minutes. If there are no sieging frigates, we can last for half an hour."

Bu Zi Fei's reply was not fabricated, he had already done some training, not with the family disciples, they could not even have energy synchronization. For garrisoning or defense, they were useless. So from the start, he could only rely on the Precious Bright Village Regiment.

"Great!" Tang Tian's eyes lit up: "Go back now, remember, you must hold on for half an hour! The rest of you, follow me!"

With that said, Tang Tian suddenly flashed 300m away, causing the three family disciples to awake from their daydream and follow along.

In the blink of an eye, only Bu Zi Fei was left in his original position.

~Hey hey hey, what the hell is going on…..~

Bu Zi Fei was startled, he had accepted the order without using his brains, causing him to panic. Returning to defend for half an hour, is there a reason for it? There was no meaning for it, the enemy was approaching, and the sentries had already informed them of their fighting strength, three warships and six medium size frigates, with such a strength, they could easily trample over the empty the Shang Continent.

~What can half an hour do?~

~Can half an hour give them a chance to win?~

Bu Zi Fei felt that it was ridiculous. ~Forget it, why bother wasting time with this bold but stupid and disordered person? Since there's no hope left, I should just run away.~

He was just about the step forward, but looking around him, he suddenly became flustered. ~The world is so big, where can I go? I had enough humiliation from being a captive, am I going to be an army deserter now?~

~No, I cannot be an army deserter, I can be defeated, I can lose, I can be a captive, I can surrender, I can die, because I know even in those situations, I tried my best. That is the result from the war, albeit a bad result. But an army deserter? That is cowardice, to not even have the courage to fight.~

~No, I cannot escape.~

~I am a general myself, running away from war isn't humiliation, that is letting go the last bit of dignity of mine.~

Determination slowly filled Bu Zi Fei's eyes, he patted his clothes neatly, and then bowed towards the direction that Tang Tian disappeared in.

~This bow is to convey my will to fight, this bow is to convey my dignity.~

~Half an hour right? Then I will make it. If I can't, then I'll die. As a man of the army, it isn't much to die in the battlefield.~

He turned and flew towards the Shang Continent's Estuary.

"Big Boss, where are we going?" Ye Lao Er asked.

"We are going into the undercurrent region." Tang Tian replied without turning back.

"Undercurrent region?" Everyone was stunned.

The undercurrent region was extremely close to the Shang Continent's Estuary, it was a region where the energy flow was extremely chaotic, and if careless, anyone would be pulled in and die. The energy was extremely berserk inside, and was marked as a dangerous area.

"Undercurrent region?"

Suddenly, a familiar voice came up. Tang Tian jumped in fright, but immediately became joyous. Not far, Jing Hao stood straight with his sword, smiling at everyone. He had initially wanted to return to the Shang Continent to support everyone, but he did not expect to meet Tang Tian and the gang halfway, and thus ran over.

"BIg bro Jing Hao, was it you just now?" Tang Tian asked impatiently.

Jing Hao nodded, and told them of what happened.

Hearing that their sieging frigates were nearly destroyed, Tang Tian revealed a crazy yet joyous expression, and clapped his hands: "That's great! Then Bu Zi Fei can last for more than half an hour!"

"Half an hour?" Hearing that, Jing Hao knew that Tang Tian was up to something: "You have a plan?"

"We can lay an ambush in the undercurrent region." Tang Tian explained: "The enemy knows that we are short of manpower but they will never expect us to split our forces. The undercurrent region is dangerous, so they will not think that there will be people hiding there. We will wait for them to fight in full swing, and will suddenly appear behind them fiercely, that will be fun!"

Jing Hao muttered: "The undercurrent region is extremely dangerous, it will not be a problem for the both of us, but it will be for them."

Jing Hao's words did not have any intention of belittling them, even the arrogant Ye Lao Er did not dare refute against him. Even though they had refined themselves in the Sea of Energy, but no one dared to enter the undercurrent region.

"We have star treasures." Tang Tian had thought about it: "Aquarius, Libra and Cancer, which all have expertise in defense. I have been inside the undercurrent region before, with the help of star treasures, I believe that they can stay inside."

Jing Hao thought for a moment, then nodded his head: "If that's the case, then we have some hope. But what do we do with the warships? Their defensive capabilities are too powerful, they place emphasis on their defense and lesser on offense. Even if we manage to get behind their warships, we will have difficulty penetrating through the defense of the warships."

"I have a plan, I'll let you know later." A cold glint flashed past Tang Tian's eyes: "Let us enter the undercurrent region first."

Everyone was extremely familiar with the terrain around the Shang Continent's Estuary, and a few minutes later, they arrived at the undercurrent region.

The undercurrent region was like a black sea, engulfing the light around it, the chaotic black energy churned restlessly. The disciples of the three families were slightly pale, the undercurrent region was the Sea of Energy's blacklands, and even warships were extremely afraid of the undercurrent regions.

"Quick, everyone activate your star treasures and get in. Remember, use all your strength to activate your star treasures!" Tang Tian said: "Big bro Jing Hao, go in first and take care of them."

Jing Hao nodded and took the lead, rushing into the undercurrent region.

Everyone else looked at each other with looks of hesitation.

"If you are all afraid of this, how are you guys going to take revenge in the future?"

Tang Tian snorted, causing their eyes to flush red.

"Big boss, you don't need to aggravate us! Who doesn't go in is a useless scoundrel!" Ye Lao Er snorted, and rushed in.

The other disciples followed suit.

When the last disciple entered, the pirates from far away entered Tang Tian's vision.

With a cold glint in his eyes, Tang Tian entered the undercurrent region without a word.

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