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Chapter 659 – Ambush

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Ying Yan's face was flushed red with excitement, the light aura wall of the Bright Symbol Stronghold was wavering, success was right in front of him!

As one of the Honorable Martial Continent's "Pirates" of the Southern Region, there were no room for doubts for Ying Yan's achievements. When the Vast Star Continent had continuously sent their armies to fight with the Shang Continent, he immediately saw his chance. To him, the Vast Star Continent had made a grave military mistake, and that was spreading his units.

To him, the Vast Start Continent should had gathered all of their forces to trample the Shang Continent with one move, thus preventing any further dangers to surface. But the Vast Star Continent was either over cautious or underestimated their enemies, they always sent out insufficient forces in an attempt to destroy their enemies, but instead gave their enemies the chance to create a miraculous turnover.

Victory after victory, they danced around their enemies, the more they fought, the stronger they got, the more they battled, the braver they become. This caused the Vast Star Continent to gradually fall to the losing side.

Ying Yan had specially researched on the large continents of the Southern Region, and knew everything of their current situation and possible threats. The circumstances around the Vast Star Continent was not safe at all, but yet held a vast amount of wealth. As long as the Vast Star Continent revealed any loopholes, the surrounding continents would definitely pounce to take a bite.

At that time, Ying Yan did not know whether the Shang Continent could win, but he still made the bet. He brought his own pirates and spent a great deal of effort, taking a huge roundabout, and finally arrived at a location of ambush near the Pontoon Bridge. The Vast Star Continent did not have time to take care such small troops around the Pontoon Bridge or have any spare manpower for patrols, thus they were able to close in without anyone knowing.

What was the most valuable thing of the Vast Star Continent? The Pontoon Bridge in the Sea of Light!

When the Vast Star Continent sunk into decline, the first to suffer would definitely be the Pontoon Bridge. The Honorable Martial Continent had detailed reports on the Pontoon Bridge, after carefully researching, Ying Yan placed his target on the Bright Symbol Stronghold.

By guarding over the stronghold, they could attack and defend at will.

To a pirate, such a stronghold did not hold any meaning. But Ying Yan had his own assessment, if the Vast Star Continent lost control over the Pontoon Bridge, then the Pontoon Bridge would become the target of the various continents, and it would then become the true messy battlefield.

And Ying Yan, who held the opportunity to take over the Bright Symbol Stronghold, had the bargaining chip to deal with the various continents.

To invoke the Southern Region continents to exhaust themselves was the main task of the "Pirates".

And when the "Pirates" near the Pontoon Bridge started to increase, Ying Yan immediately knew that the battle of capture had begun! Ying Yan, who held contingency plans, immediately led his subordinates to attack the Bright Symbol Stronghold without hesitation.

When he arrived at the Bright Symbol Stronghold, he was surprised to find that the closed Bright Symbol Stronghold did not have any guards. He initially thought that it was a trap, but after a few probings, he was stunned to realise that there were not a single soul inside. That shock immediately turned to fanatical joy, although he did not understand why, but he knew that it was a heaven sent opportunity! He immediately launched a full force attack on the Bright Symbol Stronghold, as long as he broke through the layer of energy barrier, the important stronghold would be in his hands.

Dazzling spear auras, sword auras, blade auras all continued to strike the energy barrier. Like a withered tree, the energy barrier started to sway as though it could break anytime.

Ying Yan's face was flushed red with excitement, but his mind was quickly thinking, and he started to calm down to consider his next step.

With the Bright Symbol Stronghold in his hand, he would call on his companions and form a nominal pirate alliance. He had confidence in his own companions.

The Honorable Martial Continent's "Pirate Plan" had been planned for a long time, and each "Pirate" were screened through multiple strict selections. After going through harsh training, all these "Pirate heads" Which had gone through true standard military training all had the qualifications to become the commander of armies of the small continents. All these outstanding "Pirate heads" formed pirate groups with strength far exceeding that of ordinary pirates. If not for attracting Southern Region's continents, these pirates would become even more terrifying.

To the internal department of Honorable Martial Continent, these pirates that they had created with utmost care were hailed as the "White Pirates", White signifying their Honor and Light.

With a few more pirates, Ying Yan had the confidence to contend against other continents, and swallow the delicious Vast Star Continent. At that time, whether or not to use it as a focal point to take over the Southern Region or use it to transform the other continents, he would be spoiled for choices, holding the power of initiation.

The light barrier of the stronghold trembled. Ying Yan retracted from his thought, the stronghold was about to be breached, causing him to be excited: "Everyone, put in your all, the stronghold is about to be breached!"


The light barrier of the stronghold finally crumbled, and shattered auras filled the sky.

The morale of the pirates were greatly boosted, and their howls of joy sounded out as they swarmed into Bright Symbol Stronghold.

Ying Yan shook his head as he laughed, all of them were well trained. It was a swarm, how could there be any formations? To Ying Yan, a full fledged general trained in the standard military tactics, such a scene would truly be disastrous. But in the victory, even the terrible performance did not look too bad.

All of his subordinates were still pirates, to wish to train them into a standard army was impossible. Pirates were fugitives on the run, all of them were untamed and rebellious, as long as there were too many rules, they would resist with all their might. Although Ying Yan had put a lot of work into them, their usual day performances were barely satisfactory, but in that joy, all of them had thrown away everything that they had learnt.

~Seems like after this battle, I will need to train them well again.~ Ying Yan secretly decided.

Bing moved, rushing anxiously towards the Bright Symbol Stronghold.

Bing glanced at the wavering light barrier, he immediately assessed that taking over the defense of the stronghold was already too late.

All the work he had done throughout the journey, skipping on his sleep, was displayed to great use. After continuously asking He Si Ji questions, Bing knew the terrain and structure of the Bright Symbol Stronghold like the back of his hand, and immediately planned his battle strategy.

"We need to put the enemies inside the stronghold. Xie Yu An, your position is the center corridor, your task is to block them up." Bing spoke quickly: "Shi Sen, bring your men to wait in ambush at the far end gate, do not expose yourselves. Once the enemies are blocked, your task is to slice the enemies by the waist, remember, follow the gate and rush in. Aya, Skull Unit is to lay in ambush at the two houses by the sides, and attack from there. Ling Xu and Crane, your task, is the enemy frigates and warships, the space inside is limited, if they want to come in, we are unable to support the defensive barrier. Crane. Coordinate with Aya, your goal is the frigates, destroy them. Ling Xu, coordinate with Xie Yu An, your target are the warships, take over the warships!"

Everyone hurried to their respective positions, and before they were set, bang, the light barrier shattered.

The enemies outside the stronghold immediately cried out in joy.

Everyone quieted down, they were all experienced people, even in the most anxious of situations, they were able to remain calm and steady, not panicking or stressed out. The only anxious ones were the disciples led by Ling Xu and Crane, they had never gone through any large scale battles.

Ling Xu glanced at the amateurs, seeing their tensed looks, he became angry, ~Truly amateurs!~

He snorted: "Whoever dares to drag us down, will be speared to death!"

Crane was instead more gently: "Don't panic, everyone be prepared, when I use my fingers to point the direction, do you all still remember the [Sunset Arrow]?"

Crane had read all of the inheritance of Sagittarius Constellation when he was young, but he was not willing to learn because of his hatred. At the moment, leading the group of amateurs of Sagittarius Constellation, he had no choice but to pick up the unfamiliar bow and arrow.

Everyone nodded.

As time was short, Crane could only teach them a simple yet relatively powerful spirit technique of Sagittarius Constellation. [Sunset Arrow] was Sagittarius Constellation's spirit technique, it was not complicated, but the demand for True Power was high. But these Sagittarius disciples were all saints, and energy was what they had most. But at the moment, the strongest out of all of them could shoot out five of the [Sunset Arrow], demonstrating its astonishing energy consumption.

But as they did not have a spirit domain but controlled the energy directly, Crane had to make a few changes to the spirit techniques for them to be able to learn.

The shouts outside the stronghold grew closer.

The big gate that had no light barrier for protection shattered, a small scale warship rushed in with its overwhelming might. Behind it was a slippery frigate. And there were many pirates that followed the warship and frigate, shouting out with their cheers and roars like tides rushing inside the Stronghold.

The warship at the front was like a wild horse out of control, in a breath it had rushed to the other end of the stronghold.

"What is that?"

Suddenly, the people inside the warship were alarmed, ahead of them was a tightly formed army!

"Not good!"

"It's an ambush!"

Everyone's faces immediately changed.

Without waiting for them to react, a voice suddenly roared out like thunder, a dazzling light aura lit up behind them.

Shi Sen's face did not change at all, all his old subordinates were relatively calm as well. Compared to them, Huo Qing and the new Demonic Mounts were all revealing expressions of excitement, all of them eager to fight.

Evening Snow Ocean was unsheathed, its blade tip pointing towards the enemy.

The Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts started to charge silently. It was an extremely fast charge, yet there were no sound coming out, it wasn't until the moment when they reached right in front of the enemies that the pirates reacted.


Evening Snow Ocean slashed the air, in which the 500 black blades behind slashed down together.

The astonishing synchronization frequency caused all the blade auras to merge as one, one single unstoppable blade aura tide cut into the sea of pirates.


The pirates who were not in time to defend themselves immediately suffered a crushing defeat, all of their members were spluttered with blood, body parts flying everywhere. The blade aura swept through the rear end, causing wood planks to fly, followed by a dazzling light aura from the rear of the frigate, it was the large quantity of highly concentrated energy stones, the dazzling light aura swelled up like a balloon and devoured the entire frigate.


The intense explosion and the bizarre red flames instantly devoured the pirates in the surroundings.


One clear shout came out, and the sounds of bowstrings came out.

Arrow auras from the [Sunset Arrows] had a clear distinction from other arrow auras. Ordinary arrow auras had the shape of light arrows but slightly denser and congealed, its shape longer and brighter. But the shape of the sunset arrows were round, resembling many dazzling suns!

A rain of suns scorched the entire sky.

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