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Chapter 656 – Blank Slate

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR


"Huh." Screw subconsciously replied, he raised his head, an unfamiliar face entered his vision, but for some reason, he felt an extreme familiarity with it.

He looked at the other party, while the other party looked at him.

He looked into the eyes of the other party, and saw his own skinny reflection: "Who are you?"

"I'm the small brat." Bing controlled his own emotions, he puckered his lips, making him look extremely ugly.

Screw shook his head: "You don't look small."

Bing felt his nose turning sour, his voice cracked: "Screw, you don't remember that small brat anymore? You don't remember Commander? You don't remember Ah Xin? You don't remember us anymore?"

~Why……why did it turn out this way……~

"You've mistaken me for someone else." Screw shook his head and stood up: "Please let me leave, they say only you can let me leave."

"Where will you go to?" Bing looked at the familiar face, all the grey memories becoming alive again, the unspeakable pain and grief flowing through his entire body.

"To the battlefield." Screw's scrawny face revealed a bizarre determination.

"The battlefield….." Bing muttered.

"I want to save my comrades, they are in danger." Screw walked out without turning back: "I will not let them die."

Bing could feel his heart being ripped apart. Tears flowed down his face like water, dropping down to the ground. In Bing's teary eyes, he could only see the silhouette of Screw, the scrawny yet unbending back.

"Wrench, wrench, give me the wrench, quickly quickly, you better quicken the hell up…."

A hoarse voice mixed with sobbing sounded out behind Screw, making him puzzled.

"The joints are severely damaged, give me component three for the joints, everyone move quickly, brace yourselves, don't fall…."

Screw's footsteps continued to slow down, the words that entered his ears were familiar.

"I won't go! I won't go! If I go, who will fix all these up for you…."

Screw's footsteps became even slower.

"Commander, don't die….. Ah Xin, don't die…… Little Brat, you better not die….."

When those words came out from his own mouth, Bing's voice had already become sobs. It was as though Bing was still standing in the battlefield, surrounded with flames. Screw who was surrounded by piles and piles of broken mechanical weapons, he was too tired, his hands were trembling, his voice was trembling, he was afraid, he was in despair, he was worried for everyone….

He was just a mechanical engineer..

He was in truth a coward, afraid to die…..

Bing hated his cowardice, his tears would not stop, he did not want to cry anymore! ~Why can't these tears stop?~ Bing had to muster up all of his strength just to say each sentence. To witness Screw trapped inside the Ice Coffin first hand, hearing his screams, all those words were deeply embedded into Bing's mind.

~How can you have forgotten?~

Screw who was walking out stopped, the puzzlement and confusion continued to thicken, all of those random words, were extremely familiar to him, as though they were from him, it was a strange feeling…..

In Bing's blurred vision, the faint scrawny figure had stopped.

~Is it familiar, it must be familiar, right, Screw, you must definitely find it familiar….~

~Because, Because these are the words you have been screaming out for ten thousand years!

~Ten thousand years!~

~Even if your memories are wiped clean, even if you have come into this world with a blank slate, even if you cannot recognize us anymore, that must be fate. But no matter, it doesn't matter, to be unable to let go of your concerns for ten thousands after death, it must have left something deep in your spirit! Deep in your soul!~

~It definitely will!~

Bing looked upwards, the tears flowing all around his face, he raised his hands up high, and like ten thousand years ago, he roared.

"Southern Cross Army, advance!"

It was like lightning striking down on Screw.

Tang Tian had not been to Three Spirits City for a long time, countless matters surged in immediately, but no one was able to take Tang Tian away from Big Sister Sai Lei.

Sai Lei had an unspeakable excitement, upon seeing Tang Tian, it was as though she had gone into a state of fits.

"What did you bring back this time? What? Huh? Nothing? Then what are you good for? Next time, you have better bring more things back from the Sacred Saint Galaxy, oh, you have already formed an alliance with the weapons business in the Sacred Saint Galaxy? That's great, you must ask them for a list of materials, and send everything they have, one of each, to me. Oh, you, whether or not you're here doesn't matter…."

"Recently, there has been great progress with the research on the Sacred Saint Galaxy materials. Their materials have a distinguishable quality from Heaven's Road. Do you know what is the most important feature of our materials? Spirits, that's right, spirits! What about the Sacred Saint Galaxy? No spirits, but they naturally contain some laws. You must be thinking, why? Because they exist in an environment with extremely dense energy. That's right, laws and energy in truth have no link whatsoever, but in a place where there is an abundance of energy, laws can be obtained much easily. Energy is like water, whereby laws are the fishes swimming in them…."

"You're too stupid, you still don't understand when I have explained it to you? Mechanical spirit weapons, think about it, as long as you put these two materials together, martial spirits that can control laws, how spectacular is that! I, Sai Lei, want to create the strongest mechanical weapons in history, Saint Armor, doesn't that sound powerful….."

Tang Tian looked at Sai Lei's unusual flushed red face with her shrivelled hair, and frowned. He turned and asked Pi Pa: "How long since she last slept?"

Pi Pa looked at Sai Lei, and whispered: "Fifteen days."

"You haven't slept in fifteen days?" Tang Tian frowned even deeper.

"Sleep? Why do I need sleep?" Sai Lei waved her hands excitedly: "This is such a huge discovery, this is the grand moment, the strongest and grandest Saint Armor in the history of mechanical weapons, is right in front of me! At such a time, if I were to sleep, it would be squandering! Such a waste….."


A chop struck Sai Lei's neck, causing her to stop talking abruptly. Tang Tian used a hand to grab the fainted Sai Lei and gently placed her on the sofa inside the laboratory.

Tang Tian walked out of the room and carefully closed the door, and asked Pi Pa: "Is she always like that?"

"Yes, Big Sister works too hard, we tried to advise her but she doesn't listen, and no one dares to do anything." Pi Pa said softly.

Tang Tian also had a headache with her, BIg Sister Sai Lei was not a name that was randomly called, she would even quarrel with him, thus no one dared to stop her.

Suddenly, Tang Tian asked: "Who is in charge of the budget now? Hand Towel?"

"Yes." Pi Pa said awkwardly. Master Jing Shou's "Hand Towel" nickname had been passed around, but to hear it from Tang Tian, Pi Pa felt pity for Master Jing Shou.

"Haha, that's great!" Tang Tian said happily: "From today on, the Mechanical Laboratory's budget, will be directly linked to Sai Lei's sleep time. Every hour lesser that she sleeps, we will ttake off 5% off their budget."

Long Shou Jing is a simple man, he looked to be very stern, but he was in truth a very gentle person. That year, for the sake of convincing Tang Tian, he had to portray out the manner of a "fierce" person, showing his firmness.

After Tang Tian set this rule, Long Shou Jing would do it without giving any chances. Truly, the two were born to be nemesis!

Pi Pa admired Tang Tian's idea: "Master's idea is truly perfect!

She could imagine, for the sake of the budget, Big Sister could only go to sleep in anger. She covered her mouth and chuckled.

Suddenly, she thought about something, she hesitated, but gathered her courage: "Master, there was an issue once when the people of Taurus Constellation came to find Big Sister."

"Oh." Tang Tian remembered that Sai Lei came from Taurus Constellation.

"They came to pester her, wanting Big Sister to return back to look around, she became angry, and they said a few bad words, causing Big Sister to cry." Pi Pa said with slight anger: "They went too far, initially they apologized to her, then now they are playing such a method. If not for Big Sister, I think everyone would have beaten them up."

Tang TiIan's face became cold: "They want Sai Lei to return to Taurus Constellation to look around?"

Pi Pa nodded her head: "Yea! They definitely wanted to detain her given the chance!"

"Alright, Sai Lei has truly left Taurus Constellation for too long, she should go back to take a look!" Tang Tian's tone was extremely cold.

"Master!" Pi Pa was shocked, she never thought that Master would actually agree for Big Sister to return to Taurus Constellation, she immediately regretted her words.

Tang Tian waved his hands, and stopped Pi Pa from talking, he laughed sinisterly: "Where are all the armies that have no tasks now? Ask Tang Chou to pick a few units and accompany Sai Lei to tour around Taurus Constellation. No rush, she hasn't been there for so long, she needs to take a good look there!"

Tang Tian was furious, a little girl that was forced out of her home, and the life she had to live, was definitely not one one could think about.

~This debt, must be paid.~

Pi Pa was startled, she immediately became happy, and anxiously ran off: "I am going to find Master Tang Chou now!"

~That's right, how can Master bear to watch Big Sister get bullied? But when he was angry just now, it was so scary…..~

Tang Chou who had returned to Three Spirits City immediately went into work. His job scope was mainly in Heaven's Road, Ursa Major Constellation had too many units, and there was no one to oversee everything. With Bing at the Sacred Saint Galaxy, he was not worried at all.

The first thing Tang Chou did was to check up on the training situation of the army.

The current Three Spirits City had already been developed into one of the biggest city in the Spirit Region. For safety and security, at any time, there were always two armies on guard. The barracks in Three Spirits City had an enormous scale.

The armies guarding Three Spirits City were always different, always in rotation from a duty roster, that was convenient for Tang Chou to observe. Ursa Major Constellation's armies were still young, they held enormous and enviable potential, but they still required a lot of harsh training to raise their fighting strength.

Receiving Tang Tian's commands, Tang Chou then flipped through the recent reports of the armies.

Ursa Major Constellation was thriving tremendously, especially for the young people, countless of talents had started to reveal their outstanding talents. But the one who was the most hardworking, was still Adrian, the academic advisor with the name "Hunter".

Xiao Wu who was greatly adored by Tang Chou, after going through Adrian's teachings, was displaying the aura and manner of a great general. With regards to teaching students, Tang Chou had to admit that he was still lacking as compared to Adrian.

For example, Chen Zi Lin, under Adrian's suggestion, had become the adjutant of Ah Lun. The Brave Ah Lun and calm and the collected Chen Zi Lin, the two of them had become a gold grade group.

Every name on the list made Tang Chou feel proud, but he also felt awkward, ~Who do I pick?~

Chapter 657 – Operation Begins!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The various huge constellations in Heaven's Road were in turmoil.

The war between the Honorable Martial Group and the Leo Constellation still continued, to the point that both sides were bent on killing the other. The war between the two powerhouses had deeply affected the structure of Heaven's Road.

Scorpio Constellation, after welcoming the new Scorpio King, also welcomed in the chance of high speed development, the new Scorpio King had revealed his iron fist and wisdom. Sima Xiao, who was born in the Clan Union had very quickly swallowed the entire Union. Promoting the new people of Clan Union and separating the old timers of Scorpio Constellation, Sima Xiao had Scorpio Constellation in his hands.

Scorpio Constellation managed to profit from both the Leo Constellation and the Honorable Martial Group.

Other than that, there was another war that had attracted countless of eyes as well. The long gone war between Ophiuchus Constellation and Onyx Soul erupted once again.

In all, there were not many surprising changes in the situation, the Sagittarius Empress still stayed in her palace, Cancer Constellation's biggest news was simply obtaining three gold rank treasures, Aquarius Constellation was still earning the largest amount of money in the entire Heaven's Road. Even the tyrannical Ursa Major Constellation that rose to prominence was extremely quiet.

But people who had the sense, could feel the hidden movements flowing beneath all of these.

Libra Constellation which was near to Ursa Major Constellation was quietly transforming, the internal battle inside Aries Constellation was getting more intense, Pisces Constellation and Capricornus Constellation were secretly establishing contact….

Many people could sense something, maybe, an unprecedented storm was brewing. The calm before the storm.

All of this did not matter to Tang Tian, because he had his most urgent matter, the Pontoon Bridge in the Sea of light.

Three Spirits City, Screw watched Bing leave without saying a word.

Bing and him talked about the past of Southern Cross Army, and talked about Ah Xin, talked about the Commander, and that he owed Bing a mechanical weapon. Screw then knew that he used to be a mechanical engineer, and knew that he used to be a chatterbox, that he loved to curry favor people, and even the cigarettes in Bing's hands were his that were used to curry favor from the Commander, and he found out about the days and winds of the past, and knew that it was the final battle.

Screw listened on quietly, he knew that Bing was not lying to him. The vague familiarity that lingered in his heart, the vague grief and pain, all of those lingering longings, were like strings being pulled and resonated.

~Maybe there will be a day that I will remember.~

Bing's backview disappeared from his vision, and Screw retracted his gaze. ~Bing said that he has found Ah Xin. Bing said, they will definitely find Commander. Bing said that everyone will be back together again, fighting alongside each other like how it was in the past.~

Although he felt like a stranger to all of them, but Screw could still feel the joy and anticipation in his heart.

He turned and walked.

No one disturbed him, everyone knew of Screw's loss of memories. To the logistics officer that stayed till the end of the battle, everyone felt immense respect for him.

Screw suddenly stopped, his eyes landed onto a pile of waste products in the corner. Those were the broken components of the mechanical spirit weapons, after a period of time, they would all be moved to be melted down again.

The vague familiarity surfaced in Screw's head, he subconsciously walked over.

He knelt down, and inspected all the weird components, the sense of familiarity became even stronger, he hesitated for a moment, and picked up another piece and looked at it.

His movements were clumsy and strange.

Sai Lei who was furious after waking up, was prepared to look for Tang Tian to discuss about the preposterous plan for the link between her sleep and their budget, when she coincidentally walked past the scene of Screw and the components, and could not help but stop.

She was just about to extend her hand out to stop him, but when she thought about his past, she calmed down.

She quietly observed the spirit general that was as clumsy as a child.

~You were formerly the chief mechanical engineer of the Southern Cross Army, even if your memories are gone, even after all the destruction, your passion and dreams for mechanical techniques will never die, right?~

With regards to the Pontoon Bridge in the Sea of light, time was of the essence. If they do not take the chance before anyone else and assumed control of the Pontoon Bridge, if someone else took it instead, the situation would become extremely complicated.

On that very night, the few armies that had just arrived at Shang Continent were once again assembled. With Bing as the overall commander, with the guidance from the Vast Star Continent, they took over control over the Pontoon Bridge.

It was a race against time.

Before Bing had completely taken control over the entire Pontoon Bridge, there could not be any leak of information. If the Vast Star Continent knew of their true intention, then the plan would burst into bubbles, and the Vast Star Continent would implement the plan for themselves.

What the Vast Star Continent wanted to make use of was Tang Tian's greed.

Bai Yue and Xu Jin ran over to Tang Tian to look for news, it was just a day, but there was such a large scale movement, it was obviously a huge matter.

Tang Tian naturally did not disclose anything, and casually threw out reasons to handle them.

"Do you need to rest?" He Si Ji had a face full of fatigue, it was not easy handling Bing's never ending questions for an old man like him.

The fleet moved at full speed. But to move at full speed for a long duration would cause distress to the ship's body, but for such a crucial move, they did not care about losing a few ships.

"No." Bing shook his head. From the start, his eyes never left the diagram of the defense plan for the Pontoon Bridge at all.

He Si Ji was filled with admiration towards Bing's foresight. To him, Bing was an extremely outstanding commander, one much better than him. Throughout the road, Bing had continuously bombarded him with questions on every single detail regarding the Pontoon Bridge, many of them, if not for He Si Ji personally guarding the Pontoon Bridge, he would never be able to answer.

After the detailed questioning, Bing broke the Pontoon Bridge into three sections.

The condensed and clustered defensive layout made He Si Ji open his eyes wide, many of the contents in which he did not understand. But Bing's cautiousness left a deep impact in He Si Ji.

If the Vast Star Continent had an equally outstanding commander, maybe the situation would be completely different.

He Si Ji was filled with regret, but he did not blame himself, such a top notch commander could only be met, and not sought after, he was not someone that could be obtained just from grooming.

But He Si Ji did not waste his decades of experience, he quickly found Bing's biggest achilles' heel, and that was this stretched thin military strength!

To the Vast Star Continent, the defense of the Pontoon Bridge in the Sea of Light was a tremendous burden, and it was the same for the Shang Continent.

It had to be said, the armies of the Shang Continent were very powerful, all of them were hardworking and persistent, and were true elites, leaving deep impressions on He Si Ji. just like now, the soldiers were making use of the time to rest, the long distance training had set fatigue in, and it was not something that a day or two of rest could clear, but no one complained.

The Shang Continent was much stronger than the Vast Star Continent, but it was still not enough to bear the long defense perimeter burden, and it was the large pit that He Si Ji had dug for the Shang Continent, he felt extremely pleased, and was curious, what would the outstanding commander do?

In truth, the situation at the Pontoon Bridge was much more severe than what He Si Ji had painted.

The long Pontoon Bridge had many parts that were in battle.

Waves after waves of pirates, were like sharks that smelt blood and came forward. There were many of the pirates who were in truth other powerhouses in disguise, as long as there was a chance, they would pounce and take a huge bite.

All these standard armies were much harder to handle than pirates.

When the fleet arrived at the Pontoon Bridge, they encountered a small scale battle. All of the pirates were quickly killed, but it showed that how bad the situation had declined.

The garrisoned armies of the Vast Star Continent had long received the message and were waiting for them.

"These are all the keys for the strongholds, from now on, they belong to you, We wish you good luck."

He Si Ji did not step onto the Pontoon Bridge, it would bring him more sadness, it was the symbol of the fall of the Vast Star Continent. He brought the few half crippled armies and retreated.

Bing took a deep breath, he knew that their battle had just begun.

You have to know, when Bing obtained the Pontoon Bridge and when the Vast Star Continent armies retreated, Tang Tian immediately took action. He sought out Bai Yue and without hiding anything, he explained the entire proposal for the Pontoon Bridge.

Bai Yue's breathing instantly became rapid, he was faint from the heaven sent biscuit that dropped on his head. It was the Pontoon Bridge in the Sea of Light, the most important Pontoon Bridge, the most prime area!

To be able to plunge one foot into the unconditional strategic area, it meant influence and wealth. Even for the Bai Family, the undisputed tyrant family in the Southern Region with a rich history, they were unable to withstand such an attraction.

A secret order was sent to the Bai Family at the fastest speed.

The Bai Family's two silver grade armies gathered urgently, and at their fastest speed, they advanced towards the Vast Star Continent.

Without hesitation, Bai Yue had jumped on board. He firmly believed that such an opportunity would never appear again in his life. Bai Yue was smart and witty, and knew that Tang Tian's generous plan would definitely be successful. When the time comes, controlling the Pontoon Bridge will definitely be by an alliance.

It would be the biggest alliance of the Southern Region!

To think about alliance, they needed enough allies, other than the White Sands Continent, the Bai Family needed other allies. He suggested to Tang Tian to invite the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce to the feast.

Tang Tian was fine with the idea, he and Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce were having a joyous collaboration, and he did not think of the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce previously was because they were a weapons trading business and not a continent powerhouse.

Xu Jin who received the news instantly became excited, he knew that if such a thing was successful, this service to the commerce would be able to push him up to become the next potential Patriarch.

Bai Yue then pushed out all the families he could think of, naturally wanting to help Tang Tian with the proposal with all of his heart. In terms of being familiar with the Southern Region, Tang Tian and Bing were unable to compete with the Bai Family.

Bai Yue quickly chose out the most suitable allies. Ming Continent, Yuan Continent, Li Hai Continent, the three continents that were also connected via the Pontoon Bridge. The Rainbow Continent, although not in direct connection with the Pontoon Bridge, was close enough and could prove to be a threat to the Pontoon Bridge, and with it being powerful, was quickly chosen.

Like so, adding the Shang Continent, White Sands, Bai Family and Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, the alliance was composed of eight counterparts.

Just by looking at this list, Bai Yue dared to confirm that if the alliance was a success, it would definitely become the biggest and strongest alliance in the Southern Region. The White Sands Continent, Ming Continent, Yuan Continent and Li Hai Continent were the top 20 continents of Southern Region, with White Sands Continent being in the top 10. Adding the tyrannical aristocratic Bai Family that had deep foundation and connections, the top five weapons trader Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, the Shang Continent Fearsome tiger, the strength of the alliance was a definite.

Very quickly, Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce sent news back, they were willing to join!

From the two mediators, they formed three parties in which they would seek other Continent Lords of a few other continents to discuss of the matter.

This was the crucial point to determine success or failure.

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