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Chapter 652

Chapter 652 – Training with the Pervert

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Fuck, are we here to scout or what? What is going on now?” Ji Shan’s face was filled with anger, he had been sent to the Shang Continent for close to half a month to investigate and report.

Upon entering the Shang Continent, they noticed the recruitment notice, causing Ji Shan to be pleased, it was an opportunity for them to enter the internal department of the Shang Continent! After that, everything went smoothly. Entering the army, Ji Shan noticed all the familiar faces and was surprised.

All of them were his old opponents, the scouts and informants from the various families, Ji Shan was secretly shocked, it seemed as though everyone viewed the Shang Continent with great importance. Although he was shocked inwardly, but he remained expressionless on the outside.

All of them were veterans, they looked at each other, and tacitly showed compliance in their eyes, and acted as though nothing was wrong.

But what happened after that completely exceeded their anticipations.

After finishing with the recruitment, this recruited army did not undergo any training and did not even enter the Sword Forest Stronghold. The entire army started to work on various jobs.

Expanding the Estuary, building up strongholds…..

They were like a group of hardworking coolie workers, working day and night. A few of them even wanted to instigate some ruckus, but in the end they were captured before it even began.

Ji Shan remembered the few of them, in that moment, he started to have sympathy towards his old enemies, those who were caught were destined for tragedy. But he was surprised to find that the few of them were not condemned to death, but instead detained to continue with even more manual labor. Even when they were shifted to the most dangerous of positions, there were no rewards or incentives in trade for that.

There was reward in work, and the reward was so great it made the eyes of the soldiers to go red.

This new manual labor army, other than the scouts, the rest were actually rather satisfied. They did not need to fight, there was no danger, and they could still earn money, what could be better? The only downside was that it’s tough work, but what work was not tough? Training was equally tough, and to the men who were willing to leave their homes, they did not mind the hard work, so long as they could earn a decent living.

And to those soldiers with high ambitions, there too were things for them to be eager for.

The top three most outstanding in the work, other than getting a high salary, would be able to obtain black gold weapons produced by the Sword Forest Stronghold. This brand new weapon was the specialty of the Sword Forest Stronghold, where no other places would ever hold such weapons, it was first rate weapons with outstanding power, regardless of what weapon was crafted from the black gold, the feel of them were exceptionally good.

Any of these weapons were worth a lot of money.

All of these weapons made the soldiers go crazy.

All of them worked like crazy through the nights and days. As spies or scouts, the most important thing to do was to blend in and not be outstanding. But they had to, instead, work even harder, as from the looks of it, all the soldiers around them were working extremely hard, trying to outshine each other.

“They want money, what can you do?” The one who spoke was Lei Meng, he was a spy from Dong Qi Continent, and was an experienced spy as well. Lei Meng looked tall and sturdy, and appeared crude, but was in fact a softie.

Ji Shan replied softly: “Don’t you think

that the Black Gold and those black stones on the ground look alike?”

A flash of light flashed in Lei Meng’s eyes: “What proof do you have?”

In the period of time they were in the Shang Continent, although they were busy working, they had some harvests as well. For example, they knew that the Shang Continent was wealthy, extremely wealthy, they were able to fork out astronomical sums of money each day.

But what truly incited the excitement of the spies were the mysterious black gold weapons.

They were all experts of their trade, and were familiar with such type of weapons. They knew that the black gold weapons could not come from anywhere else. Their judgement and senses were sharper than the average person, and many of them secretly guessed that the black gold weapons had a connection to the black rocks.

But the majestic Sword Forest Stronghold made that guess seem like a joke. If the black gold truly came from the black rocks, how extravagant was it for them to be able to use the black rocks to create such an imposing fortification?

Ji Shan took out something from his pocket, it was a piece of black metal.

Lei Meng’s eyes grew round: “Where did you get this?”

Ji Shan said indifferently: “I know a bit of refining.”

Lei Meng calmed down: “Why are you telling me this?”

He was not a fool, if Ji Shan was able to prove the value of the black gold, it would undoubtedly be extremely valuable intel, and such an intel had no reason to be shared. Ji Shan was an experienced spy, to do such an illogical action definitely had a reason behind it.

“Don’t you think the security here is a bit too little?” Ji Shan spoke softly, yet filled with enticement: “We only need two armies to hold this place down!”

Lei Meng sneered: “The Vast Star Continent thought so too.”

Ji Shan replied: “The Vast Star Continent underestimated them. If they did not underestimate them from the start, who knows if they would have taken them down.”

“You don’t have to speak about things which are uncertain.” Lei Meng refuted sarcastically.

“Why don’t our two continents work together?” Ji Shan suddenly threw in.

Lei Meng was startled, he suddenly realised that was Ji Shan’s true goal. But he also quickly thought about it, the Black Gold was proven to be from the black rocks, that means the boundless and vast black desert was the boundless and vast wealth.

He had to admit that Ji Shan had thought about it meticulously, the two continents were not adjacent to each other, but at totally different locations to the Shang Continent, if they were to send out their soldiers at the same time and catch the Shang Continent in between, the probability of them winning was high. And the distance of the two continents was rather far, there were no direct benefits to conflict, so the chances of working together would be more successful.

The only thing that caused them to feel fear was the fortifications of the Sword Forest Strongholds, but as far as the black rock desert was concerned, they could completely avoid the Sword Forest Stronghold.

Lei Meng said cautiously: “I will report this information to my superiors.”

Ji Shan definitely knew that this suggestion was not something Lei Meng could decide on. So he dared to find Lei Meng to report to his superiors.

But regardless of whether or not the alliance would be successful or not, it was a good start, he finally saw hope to leave the bitter work!

Suddenly, there was an uproar ahead of them.

The two of them immediately became cautious, the two of them looked at each other, and tacitly moved forward.

“What’s going on?” Ji Shan pulled a soldier who he saw familiar.

The soldier said excitedly: “The army, our army!”


Ji Shan and Lei Meng looked at each other, a bad feeling rising in their hearts, since when did the Shang Continent have other armies?

The uproar ahead became even more intense, Ji Shan and Lei Meng followed the human tide and flew out of the Estuary. The stronghold outside of the Estuary was already in its initial stages, they could directly enter the stronghold and not be affected by the corrosion from the Sea of Energy.

In the far end of their vision, there was a small black dot that was quickly becoming bigger. That scale of fleet caused their faces to change.

When the fleet flew closer, the two finally heaved sighs of relief, the fleet looked to be huge, but they were just a bunch of small frigates without any notable warships.

When they were closer, they noticed that there were people around the fleets, many people.

Everyone noticed the people onboard, and were all startled, they did not understand what was happening.

They did not understand why the people were not riding the ships, but flying in the sea of energy and letting the energy inside the sea of energy corrode their bodies!

For a moment, everyone calmed down.

Xie Yu An’s face was covered in dust, he had become much skinnier, but his eyes still sparkled with energy, like lights in the pitch black sky, flickering with a terrifying light aura.

“Maintain your concentration.”

“Do not relax.”

He commanded Swift Army thoroughly, when he saw the estuary, he was still in disbelief, they had truly reached the Shang Continent!

They had just met up with Tang Tian, when Master Tang Chou announced an inconceivable training plan.

Pull the fleet back to the Shang Continent!

Master Tang Chou did not give them any chance to refute, the only thing that let Xie Yu An feel consoled was that it was not only the Swift Army who were participating in the pulling, but everyone had to participate.

The Swift Army, Skull Unit, Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts, The Southern Islands Five Constellations, everyone had to participate. But everyone did not expect that when their Master heard that, he became excited and decided to participate as well.

The distance in the sea of energy was extremely far, and filled with danger and difficulty. There was resistance everywhere, and energy corrosion at all times, and the concealed energy vortices that were dangerous and could randomly appear and engulf them…..

And Master Tang Chou’s demands were extremely harsh, even under the dangerous environment, the armies were required to maintain the high synchronization frequency, and in all the daily training, it could not drop.

Even Shi Sen who self proclaimed to be the most familiar with the Sea of Energy, when he heard of Master Tang Chou’s demands, his face became ashen. A pity, Shi Sen was under Tang Chou’s command.

On the entire journey, everyone suffered to the bones.

If it were the pirates, they would be long dead. But in the Sea of Energy, the pirates were already considered as good existences, the unstable energy was like unstable bombs, they had to be 120% alert at all times without any time to relax.

At the start, everyone was too busy to care about the synchronization frequency, all of their ashen faces revealed their dejectedness and depression, they could not even maintain their formations.

There were always people getting injured, who would be sent to the transport ship. Yu Qing Yi’s medical techniques were proficient, and after obtaining star treasures, it was like giving wings to a tiger, injuries were quickly healed, and once again sent to the Sea of Energy to continue participating in the terrifying training.

No one dared to utter any words of anger, because their master was also participating in the training.

If even their master did not harbor any words of anger, how could any of them have the qualifications to do so? Even the master could bear the training, how could they not?

So everyone bit their teeth and bitterly struggled on.

From the start, Xie Yu An and the rest kept on using their Master’s figure to incite morale for everyone, but very quickly, no one had the energy to say anything. Because everyone underestimated their master’s degree of perverseness.

At the start, their Master was the same as them, struggling with great difficulty. But very quickly, he became like a fish in water, causing everyone to be speechless. But the following action caused them to be even more dumbfounded.

He took it upon himself to run into the raging energy tides to temper his own body, initiated to attract the unstable energy regiments to refine his defensive capability, launched attacks into the energy vortices…..

While everyone else pulled on quietly, the boss would scream occasionally and run into the energy regiments, and after that, he would roar and rush forward…..

Numb, everyone was numb. The world was cruel not because of perverse creatures, but to place the perverse creature beside you.

Until the phrase “Win and overcome yourself, and not compare with perverse people.” came out, did the all round low morale finally raise once again.

The unthinkable and terrifying training was like a tough and rough grindstone, slowly polishing out the sharpness of Xie Yu An and the rest.

When they saw the Estuary to the Shang Continent, all of them roared for joy, and renewed life birth from their minds again.

What they did not know, was that their towering sharp aura brought about from their dust filled faces gave other people an intense shock.

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