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Chapter 639 – Predicament

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Out of all the martial techniques that Tang Tian had trained in, his fundamental martial techniques were the fastest. Although he knew many martial techniques that could be added into his repertoire,which increased the speed at which he released techniques, but to Tang Tian, he felt that they were superfluous.

Tang Tian had trained his fundamental martial techniques to an extremely profound level, it could be said that it was at an unprecedented profoundness that no one else would ever reach due to the time invested in it.

Fundamental martial techniques lacked variations, and required almost negligible True Power to produce weak power, and was almost useless in battle. But it was because there were no variations, no True Power usage that made it extremely powerful.

Tang Tian's attacking frequency was extremely fast, and even Ling Xu paled in comparison to him. In battle, Tang Tian had encountered all sorts of situations, but it was his first time to realize that his attacking frequency was not high enough.

The shock that Tang Tian was facing was extremely big. Any saint, to find that their strongest point was broken by the opponent, that hit was undoubtedly extremely destructive.

Even for Tang Tian, who was a very persistent person, also revealed a thread of hopelessness in that moment.

What should I do?

The finger auras that were condensed like rain flooded his vision, there were too many of them, and so condensed that he had no place to dodge.

Chi chi chi!

At that time, time seemed to slow down even further, almost to a stop.

The finger auras entered the walls, ground and warship behind him, easily cutting through them like slicing tofu, leaving behind countless holes, making the place look like a beehive. Even the warship with its powerful defense, in front of the finger auras, did not even have the ability to block them off, the planks were sent flying, the deck filled with holes. And the finger auras that penetrated the ground left behind extremely deep pits.

Inside the light, Tang Tian's figure drifted like a withered leaf, helpless and weak.

Xie Fei's entire body was covered in a layer of dim white light, her cold might seemed to be bestowed by the gods. Her eyes revealed no emotions, indifferent and sharp, giving her all, she seemed to have entered a new realm.

The finger auras gradually got closer and closer, Tang Tian who was in a bizarre state of mind, was extremely clear of his situation, and by the seventh ray of finger aura, he could no longer catch up with their speed, and was struck.

Tang Tian was forcibly shook to senses, for some reason, an anger was rising from his chest.

~Could it be that I have spent so much effort, and have gone through so much danger, to end up and fall here?~


~I said i will never give up, I said I will fight to the end, I said I will never give up any bit of hope, no, Even If I have no hope! I said I will get there! Even If I am beaten black and blue, even If I cannot be cured, Even if I am struggling at death's door, even If I have to crawl, even if I have to die!~

~I can only die at my end point!~

All of a sudden, the blood in his body seemed to be boiling like lava, the intense burning sensation caused every corner of his body to combust. It was as if something was burning inside of him, something that was struggling to spew out, it felt like there was something roaring in anger, recklessly showing its determination, its pride!

~I can be faster than this!~

~I definitely can!~

The flames of faith blazed and tempered Tang Tian's steel like body, he was like a metal man jumping out of a stove, his entire body was flushed red, he attacked crazily without holding back, without any desire to retreat, the fundamental martial techniques mixed with his burning willpower ignited and exploded in the sky.

After training in the fundamental martial techniques countless of times, he was extremely familiar with every movement that he could not get any more familiar with them, they had become instinct. ~Not enough! This isn't enough! There must be a way to become even faster!~

~There must be a way….~

Tang Tian was like a fish on the brink of choking, frantically trying to find the hope and way to live.

~There is definitely a way!~

He was screaming in his mind, screaming out loud, shouting to himself in hysteria. All of his senses, all of his intuition, all of his consciousness, all of his emotions, everything of everything, all of them were in the fundamental martial techniques in his hands.

Every detail, every variation, was unprecedentedly clear, unprecedentedly enlarged.

The sense of familiarity after training for so long was like a thick ice block that was slowly thawing, all the foreign and unfamiliar details started to appear.

But, there was not enough time…..

Pa pa pa!

After breaking the ninth finger aura, Tang Tian was finally struck by one, chi, blood spurted out everywhere, and there was a new hole in his thigh.

Xie Fei heaved a sigh of relief, the opponent was finally injured, and was about to die!

But when her gaze landed on Tang Tian's face, she was stunned, ~H-he… actually smiling…..~

Tang Tian produced a laugh.

The ninth ray of finger aura, compared to his previously sustained seventh ray, it was an additional two, he had destroyed two additional finger auras, that gave him a ray of hope, the hope of victory!

His attention was gathered to his hands, to his fundamental martial techniques, and totally ignored the sky full of finger auras. He continued to destroy three rays of finger auras, and seeing that he was unable to dodge the fourth, he ignored it, and allowed it to pierce his body.


His chest was pierced, and left a deep hole.

Tang Tian did not even groan, he continued to expose his pure white teeth, the injury had given him the time to win.

Bang bang bang….. chi……

The continuous sounds of explosions coming from the shattered finger auras, mixed in with the sound of being pierced by the finger auras, and the scene filled of shattered aura lights and blood drops that floated along. The young lad's face was so focused that he resembled a statue.

~Even If I die, I should die at my final destination!~

Tang Tian was persistent, far more than what Xie Fei had imagined, he was already struck by 12 finger auras, although they were not fatal, but the blood kept on flowing, making him a completely bloodied person.

~Truly a tough man.~

Xie Fei's mind was filled with respect, but she quickly cooled down, her opponent was severely injured, and was obviously spent.

~Time to end, you are a brave soldier, I will use another way to end this.~

Xie Fei's entire body lit flowed with light like a tide, flowing to her palms. Her expression became severe, she gradually raised both palms, and in between them, a warm ball of light formed above her head.

"Light, obliterate all!"

She muttered gently, and the sound of thunder boomed, all the energy in the surroundings suddenly jumped.

An extremely fine light ray shot out from the ball of light, and a needle size ray appeared on Tang Tian's forehead.

Tang Tian was locked down.

The battle on the ground was equally intense.

One after another of the black robed figures flickered around in the structures, they were extremely quick in their movements, like spirits in the night, taking lives after lives. Xie Fei did not lie, her task was to kill Meng Nan, while the elite assassins were meant to disrupt and create chaos, and not give Tang Chou the opportunity to arrange for the defense formations.

In front of the real elites, the Swift Army soldiers were completely defenseless, and in a short span of 10 seconds, they had lost over 20 men.

Tang Chou snorted loudly and expressionlessly: "Swift Army, do not engage with the enemy, Skull Unit, it is your turn!"

Tang Chou's command was immediately executed, the Swift Army quickly dispersed from the formation, while Skull Unit rushed forward.

"Tactic Number 7!"

Tang Chou's ice cold order resonated in the night.

The Skull Unit crumbled like snow, and quickly formed groups of seven, they were like many small snakes, closing in on the elite assassins from all directions.

It was the most common method of armies for hire that encountered experts. Seven to a group, although their fighting ability was not strong, they were able to ensure that they were not easily killed, and their mobility increased greatly.

But the opponent were Honorable Martial Continent elites, they were powerful with plenty of experience as well.

They changed from fighting individually into a group where they covered each other.

Injuries and deaths quickly ensued, from the Skull Unit.

Tang Chou knew that the battle would not end so early, he turned and spoke to Xie Yu An: "Take this time now to prepare the defense formation."

Xie Yu An nodded his head with a serious expression, and turned and flew out. He had also saw through the enemy's intent, if the 2nd Army arrived before the formation was set in place, they would not have any chance at all.

And furthermore, the time they had obtained were exchanged from the lives of the soldiers of Skull Unit.

Xie Yu An secretly clenched his fists.

Aya lifted up her Claymore and rushed over, she was used to leading her soldiers by the front. She was the strongest member of the Skull Unit, and was naturally the backbone of the unit.

Every sacrifice of her comrade caused Aya's heart to bleed. She now understood that the warzone was a completely different world, and was much more cruel and ruthless than the ordinary battlezones!

The terrain provided them a higher advantage. They could not invest in anymore members to fight, as the battle was determined to be small scale, but the entire battle was extremely gruesome, and the faces of spectators were extremely ugly.

The skull Unit had already lost over 60 men, but they had killed 6 of their enemies. Although Aya and her men held the advantage in numbers, on average every elite assassin they killed required an exchange of 10 of their soldiers.

Aya and the Skull Unit were angered.

More importantly, she had successfully pressed them out to the streets.

It was extremely crucial, because the shops were the important part for the formation. As long as they could push the assassins out from the shadows, Xie Yu An could then easily set up the formation.

After giving up 80 men's lives, Aya finally sliced the last assassin's hand off.

Blood flowed down, and the assassin coughed out blood.

Just at that moment, a thunderous voice boomed and spread across the sky.

"Light, obliterate all!"

All the energy in the entire street shook, shocking Aya and everyone else. The assassin that was bloodied suddenly released a fanatical light aura, and the craziness remained on his face, void of life.

Not good!


Aya and Xie Yu An's mind shuddered at the same time, the blood from their faces were swept clean, if something happened to the Boss, then all of their hard work would go to waste, and that would be a complete loss.

While they were still thinking, Tang Chou suddenly ordered: "Skull Unit, return to formation, everyone prepare for battle!"

Xie Yu An and Aya were startled, the two of them looked towards the sky at the same time.

In the distance, one after another of light dots lit up the dark sky.

The 2nd Army!

"Enter the formation!"

"Everyone into the formation now!"

Xie Yu An roared resonated out into the entire Gold Street, he knew that the most crucial moment had come. The following battle was deemed to be intense. All of the defensive formations were guarded by the Swift Army. That also meant that the Swift Army needed to go against the onslaught of the 2nd Army by themselves.

Time was tight, their positions were not completely intact, much less invulnerable.

The 2nd Army were soaring closer and closer, and when Xie Yu An saw frigates after frigates, his face finally had a change in expression.

Frigates! The 2nd Army actually brought frigates!

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