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Chapter 634 – Finally, It has begun.

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR


"We have finally succeeded!"

Old Man Fei was beyond joy, the Blood Meridians Laboratory was in a fanatical joy, some of the odd tempered old men were seated on the ground, laughing foolishly, and even more were hugging each other, either crying, laughing, or jumping.

The Blood Meridians Laboratory had always spent a large amount of wealth, but had never truly made any substantial successful results. Compared to them, the Mechanic Laboratory had already become the backbone of Ursa Major Constellation. Inside the core department of Ursa Major Constellation, the Blood Meridians Laboratory always had little say, if not for Tang Tian's support, the funds for the Blood Meridians Laboratory would had been cut again and again.

The entire Blood Meridians Laboratory was under immense pressure, but now they had finally researched out the most important results. That's right, this most important result would become the greatest success for Ursa Major Constellation!

Spirit Light Eggs!

In the current system of Ursa Major Constellation, spirit generals were extremely important and could not be lacked. The entire war and fighting systems of Ursa Major Constellation were built by Bing and Tang Chou, who were the most core and important members of Ursa Major Constellation. As spirit generals, upon being injured, they would not be able to receive treatment, and to Ursa Major Constellation, it was the biggest threat.

But the Master had discovered a mystical light egg, it accumulated rich Spirit Origins, and Spirit Origins could treat spirits.

They had thus called these light eggs as spirit light eggs, and for the entire period, they started to engage in a large scale research and study on it. Very quickly, they realized that although the spirit light eggs could heal and treat spirit wounds, but the spirit origin contained inside each spirit light eggs was too little. And when the egg matures, the Spirit Origin would disappear.

At once, the Blood Meridians Laboratory started to look for a method to groom the spirit light eggs, this process was extremely bumpy. A creature that they had never seen before, but not difficult to groom. But after taking care of them for a period of time, they realized that the black worms were not ovulating.

To look for a method to make the black worms ovulate, Old Man Fei became extremely fierce, all of them took a few black worms and used different methods to experiment. It was fortunate that the life force of the black worms were extremely tough, and there were no worries of torturing them to death.

Everyone tried their own ways but there were no prominent results. Until one day, when Lady Mu accidentally sprayed her perfume onto the black worms, resulting in the black worm ovulating on the second day. Everyone then saw a glimmer of hope, they deconstructed the composition of the perfume and very quickly found the most efficient way.

In the end, everyone quickly realized that the light eggs spawned from these black worms did not have Spirit Origin, causing everyone to feel despair. Could it be that artificially bred light worms could not produce light eggs with Spirit Origins?

But they did not give up. They clenched their teeth and continued, after a lot of persistence and hard work, they finally found the reason. After the sixth day of laying the eggs, they had to use shattered spirits to nourish the eggs from the seventh to maximum twelfth day, leading to the formation of Spirit Origins.

After that, they found another way to stimulate the black worms to lay more eggs.

It was their first large scale grooming of Spirit Light Eggs, and when the rows of light eggs started to release a dim light that flooded the room, which was an indicator for the Spirit origins, all of them became extremely ecstatic.

When everyone finished celebrating, Old Man Fei stood up and clapped his hands, gathering everyone's attention, and the room gradually calmed down.

Old man Fei spoke loudly: "Does everyone still remember what Master Bing said?"

Everyone was stumped for a while.

"I remember it, The big ice coffin!" Someone suddenly shouted.

With that reminder, everyone started to remember.

"That's right that's right! The big ice coffin!"

"If I remember correctly, he used to be Master Bing's old comrade, I wonder what Bing's comrade looks like."

"Revive him!" Someone shouted.

"Revive him!" Many more people repeated.

"Will we destroy him?" Some asked .

"Impossible, the Spirit Origins is harmless towards spirit generals." Immediately, another person refuted.

"Furthermore, it was Master Bing who said it himself." This answer dispelled all doubts.

"Go go go, bring out the ice coffin!"

Everyone immediately took action.

To be able to revive Screw, Bing had specially left the ice coffin inside the Blood Meridians Laboratory.

When everyone opened the Freezer, they saw Screw still inside the ice coffin muttering words as though he was in spasming. They all calmed down.

Everyone had heard of Screw's story. But, when they faced Screw directly, the shock they received was much greater. Especially when they heard him screaming the words "Southern Cross Army, advance!" that resonated in the entire lab, everyone's eyes turned red.

"No, we must definitely save him!" Lady Mu wiped the tears off her face and spoke.

Such a warrior was worthy of their respect.

"That's right! We must definitely help him recover to the fullest!"

That was everyone's thoughts, they all looked at each other, and could see the earnesty and determination in their eyes.

"I will be responsible for the Spirit Origins Tests!" Someone raised their hand and shouted.

"I'll take charge for the shattered spirits tests!" Another person raised his hand and shouted.

"I will take charge of constructing the plans!" Someone else shouted.

"I will follow up with the medicine!"

"I will be responsible for strengthening the light eggs!"

One after another, their hands were raised, making them look like a forest of hands. Emotions surged in their hearts, all of their faces were filled with determination and willpower. Their respective tasks were quickly delegated, and the true strength of the blood meridians laboratory were utilised.

"For Screw!" Someone shouted.

"For Screw!" Everyone else shouted back in unison.

Inside the Ice Coffin, Screw's body shuddered, as though inside the insanity of ten thousand years, he heard someone calling his name.

Old Man Fei's heart was trembling with excitement.

Finally, it has begun!

Under the grey sky, the tall building behind them gradually got further. The entire building had changed beyond recognition, the big door had disappeared without a trace, even the frame of the windows were forcefully taken apart, the entire building was swept clean to the point that not even a piece of paper remained.

Xiao Ran was filled with disdain: "I never expected you to be such a person! You did not even let go of those broken things! It seems like the Southern Cross Army is that rude, I bet all of you used to do all the petty things."

Ah Xin was not ashamed of it, but instead extremely proud, as he spoke with please: "Xiao Ran, although your breasts are huge, but when talking about foresight, you need to look up to me. The door is an extremely good thing, after so many years, it did not even rust. I tried to cut in, hehe, but there were no trace of my blade at all. Such a good thing, How can I leave it there."

"Then what about the window frames? You pulled them out as well! If not for Young Miss stopping you, I bet you will even take down the bricks!" Xiao Ran said with disdain.

"It is not a good habit to waste things, ke ke ke!" Ah Xin coughed lightly, and then changed the subject immediately: "Young Miss and Xiao Ran, both of you think I am like that for nothing? Think about it, Who am I doing this for?"

"Who?" Xiao Ran looked at Ah Xin suspiciously.

Ah Xin immediately patted his chest: "Of course for you, Xiao Ran!"

Xiao Ran immediately lifted up her huge Zanbato, and sneered: "Do you think great aunt, me is so easily taken advantage of? Taste my blade!"

When Ah Xin saw the cold glint of the Zanbato, his expression changed: "Hold up hold up! I have something here!"

With that, he immediately threw out the object, bang, it struck the ground and caused the dust and sand to be riled up, obviously it was the big door that he had taken down.

Xiao Ran's face was extremely cold: "So it turns out that you're trying to make sport of me?"

The Zanbato flashed down, and the blade tip was pointed straight at Ah Xin's nose.

Ah Xin stared at the blade tip, his entire body became stiff, he raised his hand, and said: "You can give me ten times my guts, I will never dare to make sport of the beautiful and intellectual Xiao Ran."

Xiao Ran's eyes flashed with a light, although her face was gloomy, but the cold intent had lessened by a great deal. Ah Xin relaxed, and immediately said: "I have spent a great amount of effort to change this big door, to make it suitable for Xiao Ran. Look, this big door cannot be harmed by blade or swords, isn't it an absolute shield? Although it is slightly too big and heavy, but to Xiao Ran, will it be a problem? It definitely won't!"

The color on Xiao Ran's face became better, she felt that Ah Xin was reasonable, the big door was truly a good shield.

It was just that dragging the big door to fight would make her somewhat embarrassed.

"Xiao Ran, you are now only able to unleash half of your true strength. You come from the Ophiuchus Army, without a shield, that's all you can do. If you have this indestructible shield, then you are like a tiger with wings, and can better protect Young Miss!"

Better protect young miss, these words shook Xiao Ran, she hesitated for a while, and then walked over to grab the large door.

The heavy metal door seemed weightless in Xiao Ran's hands.

Ah Xin swallowed his saliva with difficulty, just to pull out the large door, he had spent a tremendous lot of strength, and naturally knew how heavy the door was, but in Xiao Ran's hand, it seemed that it was weightless.

But he knew it was not the time to be in a daze, he spoke with a natural glib tongue: "Take a look, I have specially added a handle at the back. Although it is rather squarish, but they are rare. See this big shield, It is truly born to belong to Xiao Ran you, big breasts with a big shield, keke…."

Xiao Ran lifted the metal door, it truly felt good to the hand, and she immediately adored it, but upon seeing the line of words on the door, she asked: "What do we do about the words?"

"We leave it there!" Ah Xin said without hesitation: "We must leave it there! Think about it, the owner of this door is the creator of Spirit Cards. This is an extremely major and important character, but even he has to be respectful to Hai Na Fan Sen Te. A legend! That is a true legend! This big door, oh no, this square shield, is a legendary treasure. Hai Na Fan Sen Te is also an archaic grandmaster, so I even thought of a name for the shield, called [Archaic Immortal]! This name sounds so imposing, with the air of an aristocratic family, it will naturally be our family's treasure….."

"Our home?" Xiao Ran's face darkened.

Ah Xin laughed out loud: "Ah hahaha, the barracks is my home, so we are one big family….. Oh no oh no, you're really hitting me, I gave you a treasure and you're still hitting me…"

"If I don't test the might of this square shield, wouldn't I waste your hard work?" Xiao Ran smiled
Beautifully, revealing her dimples, the square shield in her hands danced with the wind.

"Aiyah…..damn it! I surrender! Heroine, spare me! Ahhhhh, I have already surrendered but you are still hitting me…."

"It is for your own good, to prepare you for a real battle! What are you doing? Kneeling down upon losing?"

"My knees hurt!"

"A man's kneel is worth golds! How can you have no backbone! I have misjudged you!"

"With backbone comes more beatings…."

Hehe, without a backbone calls for even more beating…."


Hearing the wailing and chase, Qian Hui who was at the front thinking and calculating could not help but smile.

Three days later, they arrived at a ravine, walking to the end of the ravine, a crack of blue light was revealed.

"The seal has already loosened, once we open this, we can get out!"

The young lady's face was filled with determination, she stared at the light crack and muttered to herself.

"Finally, it has begun."

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