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Chapter 633 – The Reveal

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Hoo, Hooo, hooo!

Aya gasped for breath, the continuous assaults and killings had consumed every bit of her physical strength. Compared to training, the consumption during a real war was 30% more. Blood and body parts flew everywhere, in that situation, it was extremely difficult to maintain focus.

She was not the only one to be affected, everyone else was also seemingly affected, as their synchronization frequency had dropped greatly. If this happened during training, Tang Chou would scold, curse and berate them, and even punished them with even more training.

The people around her were also gasping for breath desperately, and some were even bending down with their hands on their knees. The entire Skull Unit was panting, it was their first time to use such a tactic in battle, but in truth, there was no need for such huge consumption, they had too many flaws. But quickly, they stopped panting, no one cared about it anymore, all of them stared at the scene before them.

They had even forgotten about their fatigue.

The empty circle area within them was completely drenched with blood and pieces of body parts, and not a single person alive.

In the dead silence, suddenly, someone started to retch. Very quickly, it caused a chain reaction. Many people started to become uncomfortable and all started to vomit.

Aya’s face was as pale as paper, the breath and blood in her chest started to surge, but she resisted the urge to retch. She had been through so many battles and killed countless of people, but the scene before her was something that actually made her uncomfortable.

~Is this war?~

Aya was still in shock, but soon enough she regained her senses. She suddenly realized that the most important truth was that they had obliterated the Vanguard Unit of the 2nd Army!


The shocked expression stuck on her face. The Pink Skull was known and famous in the circle of armies for hire, as they were widely praised by employers, but she knew of Pink Skull’s strength. They could be able to contend against a bronze grade army, but facing a silver grade army, they never stood a chance in winning, even if it was just their vanguard unit.

Looking from this aspect, the Swift Army’s potential was larger, because Xie Yu An built up the army using the regime and system of a real army from the start.

Although Aya never conceded, but she was extremely sharp.

When Tang Chou invested more time into Skull Unit, Aya initially did not understand, but she knew it was a good thing. Although the lunatic was crazy, but he was definitely a famed general grade. His time was much more precious than all of the armies for hire’s time added altogether. He would not waste his time to torture them, it was just training that looked like torture.

~The lunatic must definitely have used the Skull Unit to be test subjects and found something, that would be more plausible for a famed general. No matter how many ideas he has, he never tells us what they are for, no matter how bitter the training is, I will complete the training.~

~Since we are lab rats, then we will do what lab rats do.~ Aya had her own philosophy to survive, and that was the philosophy of armies for hire. She actually believed that the Skull Unit’s position was lower than Swift Army.


After going through the battle, she still had not grasped and understood the situation, but from it she knew, that her guesses and thoughts were not accurate.

Tang Chou was one of those who acted extremely calm, but in truth, he truly was calm, and never feigned it.

Ever since he saw the tactic that Skull Unit was proficient in, Tang Chou immediately knew that he could use Skull Unit in a completely different way from the Swift Army.

The Swift Army was a regular army, they wielded weapons and could engage in large scale battles.

But the Skull Unit was unorthodox, and were skilled in small scale coordinations, and even more proficient in protection, disruption and pursuit, which is naturally prepared to be used in cities. There were many limitations inside cities, with many structures floating in the sky, an army would have difficulty manoeuvring, and that was where the Skull Unit could perform.

But Skull Unit’s own tactics were too naive and shallow, and being exploratory, Tang Chou made a brand new tactic for them. But Tang Chou had never touched such tactics before, and thus needed more probings.

But it seemed that the result had proven itself.

Tang Chou who was watching the outcome was satisfied. The Vanguard Unit was powerful, but it was a pity that they were not coordinated, they had truly wasted a good help, and thus Tang Chou felt slightly dejected.

With regards to the victory, Tang Chou was not very joyous. As their opponent was not a famed general, they were never a threat to them. What’s more, Tang Chou thought that the enemy was not strong enough. In the entire process, the Vanguard Unit did not form a pressure strong enough for the Skull Unit. In other words, Tang Chou felt that the enemy was too weak, and that the victory was nothing more than a test to prove whether or not his tactic had passed.

Tang Chou was one who had set his goal to surpass Master Bing, so how could he let such a small victory make him feel happy?

Tang Chou’s expression remained cold, as though it was not them who won but the enemies.

“Xie Yu An, occupy the manor and begin defense!”

Xie Yu An trembled but complied. The Swift Army surged in like a tide and occupied the streets. If we were to say that Skull Unit circuitous alternates tactic was dazzling, than the Swift Army portrayed a totally different sense of aura.

The awe-inspiring formation caused people’s hair to stand.

Woosh woosh.

Other than the sounds of the armors clanking with their movements, there were no other sounds, as though the army was like a silent beast, all of their footwork were in unison, as though they were one person.

Such solemn strictness was a show of their immense power.

He Ying’s face turned as white as paper, he looked at the army in terror, he did not dare believe that White Sands Continent would actually have such an elite army!

In the distance, the Bai uncle and nephew were dumbstruck.

Bai Yue sighed lightly: “I still don’t know, recommending Xie Yu An to them is right or wrong. In just a few days, the Swift Army has become an entirely new army. Even I cannot do something like that.”

Bai Xiao was equally speechless, in his eyes, Meng Nan was becoming increasingly more mysterious. In the past, he respected the strength that Meng Nan displayed, and that also made him become extremely motivated. At that time, the two of them were on equal grounds, as Bai Xiao had confidence in his own talents. He also felt that as long as he worked hard, he would definitely be able to surpass Meng Nan.

But as time passed, he would always realize that the distance between Meng Nan and him kept becoming bigger and bigger. Meng Nan was a perverse man that kept on improving at an extremely fast pace.

And then, with Tang Chou’s appearance, it revealed the tip of Meng Nan’s background. This tip of the iceberg was enough to shock everyone.

But when he personally witnessed the battle, when he saw how the Swift Army and the Pink Skull shredded their mortal bodies into some heavenly army, in which even He Ying, the man with the most authority in White Sands Continent became completely suppressed, he immediately understood the distance that was pulled far once again.

~Will such perverts always make people feel despair?~

Bai Xiao laughed bitterly in his mind, with less competitiveness, his state of mind also relaxed greatly, he laughed bitterly: “At least he is still our friend, and not our enemy.”

The words buried Bai Yue’s shock, he nodded his head: “That’s right! It is fortunate that he is our friend and not an enemy! Whoever wants to provoke him would definitely not rest and eat in peace. This time, He Ying is the unlucky one.”

Qiao Yi An’s gaze swept across the Swift army soldiers in front of him, his mind trembling, he supported Master He Ying’s arm, and could clearly feel the tremble from his Master. He was extremely shocked, although Master’s temper was not good, but he was extremely good at running his armed forces.

The Swift Army soldiers did not even look at them and rushed past them like a tide and surrounded the manor.

Qiao Yi An squinted his eyes.

When the last soldier past them, Qiao Yi An was ecstatic, ~A chance!~

He grabbed onto Master He Ying’s arm tightly, and with a roar, he soared into the sky.

With that sudden movement, no one was able to block him.

“Stop him!” Ling Xia was the first to react as she screamed.

The Silver Winged Swordsman was someone with absolute strength, his sword blade swayed, zheng zheng zheng! Countless of silver sword appeared on his back as wings, his speed increased greatly, like a silver light arc that swooped through the sky.

Xie Yu An also reacted, his expression changed as he bellowed: “KILL!”


Although the shouts of “Kill” was very sudden, but due to their long trainings, it still displayed a powerful might. All of the soldiers instinctively activated their energy, light auras suddenly lighting up.

Qiao Yi An’s face became ugly, all of the hairs on his body was erected, he was locked down!

Damn it!

A clear crisp cry, a silver light shot out from the formation, shooting out like a vigorous arrow. In the silver light was a transparent Swift. At that moment, Qiao Yi An had a profound admiration for the swift, the unprecedented danger enveloped him, inside the small swift’s body held an extremely terrifying energy.

The Swift’s wings were like scissors, both suddenly igniting with a silver flame, the swift’s speed increased exponentially!

Qiao Yi An emitted an aura of a dead man. Just to escape, he had used all the energy that he had. But the speed of the swift was much faster than his silver wings!

The distance between the two closed in.

~I’m finished!~

Qiao Yi An knew that he was dead, when suddenly, a blurred figure appeared between him and the swift. It was the tall and skinny man.

“I Command, let there be light!”

The deep and severe voice resonated out towards the entire White Sands City.

A warm light shield appeared in front of the Swift.

The Swift clashed with the light shield, but there were no explosions, the light shield and swift popped like bubbles quietly, and dissipated.

The tall skinny man spat out a mouth full of blood and was flung back, but caught by Qiao Yi An.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them disappeared.

Everyone’s faces became extremely ugly. If He Ying escaped, the circumstances would turned instantly. Especially for Ling Xia and Eldest Young Noble, seeing the cooked duck fly away, they became extremely vexed.

“Why did you not capture him? Do you know if you let him go…” Eldest Young Noble could not resist and shouted in question.

“Shut your mouth!” Tang Chou snorted, he looked at Eldest Young Noble unkindly. Eldest Young Noble was surprised, it was as though a bucket of cold water had flushed down on him, causing his heart to turn cold, and instantly reminding him that Meng Nan was not one to be provoked.

Tang Chou retracted his gaze. He ignored Eldest Young Noble, he did not recognize He Ying, and his main task was to pick Qin Yu Ran up. And, he believed that Master never bothered about He Ying.

He looked at Tang Tian.

It was not only him, the rest also looked at Tang Tian. But when they saw Tang Tian’s expression, they were overwhelmed with shock, they had never seen Tang Tian’s face being so dark and terrible.

Tang Tian clenched his teeth and growled: “Honorable Martial Group!”

As expected

Tang Chou’s eyes lit up in flames, ~Finally, has it truly begun?~

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