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Chapter 632 – Tactic Number 5

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

He Ying stared at the black tide in shock.

~Where did that army come from? How can there be an army inside White Sands City that I do not know of?~ He Ying started to panic, it was the first time that he was experiencing a sense of losing control.

"Who are you?" He Ying bellowed: "This is the 2nd Army's land, Trespassers will be persecuted!"

The vanguard unit beside him finally reacted, all of them facing the incoming enemy. Qiao Yi An no longer cared about Li Ran and his unit, and floated to stand beside He Ying.

Tang Chou looked at Tang Tian, he was not clear on the situation, and did not know if the He Ying was Tang TIan's friend or foe.

Tang Tian who was long pissed with He Ying waved his hand: "Enemy."

Enemy, that definition, to Tang Chou, meant that there were no place for discussion. To Tang Chou, enemies only had one ending, that was extermination!

Confirming their position, Tang Chou immediately went into character.

His eyes blazed, his entire body releasing a cold killing intent, he became extremely focused. He looked around, everything before him became clear as day.

The vanguard unit's cautious posture, Qiao Yi An's sword…..

He immediately judged that they were a group of standalone fighters. He had studied Bing's report on the Sacred Saint Galaxy army meticulously, and knew that the small units had a specific name, vanguard units.

Tang Chou who was specialized in analyzing had already started planning out right from the start after reading the reports, on how to deal with the Sacred Saint Galaxy armies. So how could he forget about the vanguard units?

"Skull Regiment, Tactic Number 5!"

Tang Chou said without hesitation, Pink Skull's name was completely ridiculous and disgraceful to a rigid and stubborn military general like Tang Chou. Even the name Skull Regiment, to Tang Chou, was equally obnoxious. How was it like a proper army? But Aya did not back away from that point, it was the group that her ancestors had created, if they were to completely change the name to something else, she will never accept it.

This truth proved that when women were dead set on something, even famed generals could not do anything.

Hearing Tactic number 5, Aya's heart tensed. This tactic was formed from Pink Skull's "Spring Loop Blade" Tactic, Tang Chou had reinvented its plan with an extreme parameter.
(TN: There was a tactic number 5 before in the old army back in Heaven's Road, but I suspect that they have different tactics with numbers to each army.)

Because of this tactic, the entire army had suffered.

In the past, Aya had always been proud with the Pink Skull's training. One must know, the majority of the armies for hire trained relatively less, but on the contrary, for Pink Skull to be able to span through three generations, it was due to them being persistent with maintaining a harsh regime of training.

Every employer praised their trainings, and many of them even praised that the Pink Skull's training was even more outstanding compared to the true armies.

Aya had always thought so too, until she met Tang Chou.

~The damned training!~

It was the first time she hated training so badly. It was not only her, every single person in the Pink Skull all felt that that they had entered the lowest level of hell. So training can actually be so fearsome!

If not for the Swift Army's training being equally demanding and harsh, Aya would had thought that Tang Chou had some hatred with Pink Skull. Either Pink Skull had offended an extremely powerful character, and thus their situation was so bleak. Otherwise…..

But Aya and the rest still persisted.

Tactic Number 5!

As though it was instinctive, all the soldiers of the Skull regiment loosened up like springs and rushed forward.

The sudden change shocked everyone. In that shock, He Ying could not help but sneer. The task of the 2nd Army's captain was not not obtained by connections, his standard of leading and commanding was outstanding. So upon seeing the messy movement, he started to laugh, so they were just paper tigers*.
(TN: Paper tigers means to look strong but are actually weak.)

Any movement of an army needed close attention, how they moved, how they collaborated, the energy synchronization etc etc, but most importantly, the general. The general was the backbone and in control of every movement of the army, it was apparent that the army in front of them, the woman did not have any intuition as a general.

No proper coordination could be a pretense, but if the general did not know what they were doing, that would simply make the army cannon fodder.

Cannon fodder!

He Ying sneered, although his vanguard unit did not have the numbers, but they were all experts, their fighting ability was not inferior to a real army, handling such cannon fodder was the same as chopping vegetables.

"Kill them!"

He Ying roared, causing the entire vanguard unit to become extremely excited, and they roared as they pounced towards their enemy.

The enemy was truly cannon fodder. When both parties were about to clash, they actually retreated.

So weak!

He Ying could not help but mock, his vanguard unit were all fierce and powerful individuals, it would be fine if the enemy did not retreat, but once they did, those fearsome soldiers would immediately become even more fired up.

As expected, the vanguard unit's morale was greatly boosted, as though they were on drugs, their eyes were fixated on the enemy as though they could already smell blood.

Aya clenched her teeth tightly, her face revealing a smear of red, she was leading the team to retreat anxiously. She had only then realized, the movements that the tactic training encompassed, was always about running!

She was ashamed and angry, she wanted to break out in a rage. It was the first time in her war history that she would drop her head to run. From her grandfather to her father, they had always thought her to be brave as a soldier, to lead her soldiers by the front….

~If they were to know that I am actually leading in an escape, would they crawl out of their coffins in anger?~

This is too humiliating!

Tears kept rolling in Aya's eyes, she had always been at the forefront to fight and kill.

That lunatic, to actually transform the Spring Loop Blade into something so messy….

Regardless of how ashamed she felt, the training for the past few days had been deeply engraved in her mind. Her group was the most important part of the formation tactic, and she was the nucleus of the group. That's right, she was now just the nucleus of the group, the lunatic said that she was not a qualified general, and that almost incited the mutiny of the Skull Unit. Aya had led the Pink Skull for so many years, and everyone trusted her.

Although Aya was angered by it, but she stopped the rest. Because she noticed that, the Skull Unit did not have a general, and she thought that the lunatic was blindlessly controlling them. But they were in a problematic situation, and did not have the leeway to be fussy.

She was counting down the seconds.

…..Four, Five……

Seven, eight!


Brake, turn, close the formation!

The 100 of them did the same movement at the same time, everyone's pace had halted at the same time, the entire process being very natural.

Aya raised her head and looked at the sinister smiles on the enemy faces, at that moment, everyone's energy synchronization was complete!

The congealed energy barrier surged forth from their formation, protecting them in the center.

From their view, the enemies were pouncing towards them, their weapons brandishing out long tails of light, while Aya controlled her group's energy. There was one thing she had to admit, the lunatic made sense, although she could control the entire Skull Unit, but her control ability was not considered good. But under the situation of 100 men, she could do it well.

Bang bang bang!

The opponent's attack struck on their energy barrier like a tide, the energy barrier rippled out intensely, everyone could feel a pain in their chest as the energy in their bodies were affected. The attack was intense, far stronger than what Aya anticipated, causing her to be shocked. ~Experts! They are all experts! Every one of their attack were tyrannical and fearsome.

She had never met with such experts in her life.

Aya bitterly persevered, using all of her strength to control all the energy, although the ripple on the energy barrier was powerful, but it did not break the barrier.

In the midst of the explosion, the energy barrier transmitted an intense attack that caused her to go numb.

She was shocked, the enemies were unstoppable, and out of every two persons was a silver grade expert. She did not understand why there were so many experts, it was too horrifying. They were enemies that they could handle.

After the shock, Aya's heart was overwhelmed with despair. All the members beside her were flushed red from their neck up, all of them were putting out all their strength.

After about 10 seconds, the protection barrier would shatter.

Are we going to die here?

Aya who was being completely suppressed did not notice that there were two other smaller teams that were sweeping across and merging their attacks.

They had completed the encirclement!

The two small teams were like two extremely sharp blades that suddenly appeared in the center and slashed the vanguard unit by their waist.

Following that, six other small groups swept forward once again at an oblique angle.

In just 10 seconds, the vanguard unit was completely dismembered.

Aya only regained her senses after another 10 seconds, because the attack on the protection barrier had lessened tremendously. With her renewed life, Aya immediately raised her head. Assessing the situation caused her to be taken aback.

There were already many enemy bodies on the floor.

Seeing that the situation was unfavourable, the enemy started to pounce on Aya again. Aya was prepared to welcome the enemy, when a small team suddenly struck again, sweeping out from among the enemies.

Another two of the enemies were bleeding on the floor, the lucky survivors immediately started to retreat.

"Leader, don't be dazed!" Triangle Eyes shouted, and continued to sprint along while with the small team.

Aya was invigorated, at this time her task was not to be caught in a daze, but to complete a small roundabout and enter the fray to complete the assault.

Tang Chou's black face appeared in Aya's mind, she immediately trembled and shouted in panic: "GO!"

Damn it!

~When this ends, I will definitely be punished with more training….~

He Ying stared at the battlefield in shock, the continuous dismemberment and cutting down of the vanguard unit shook him. The opponent's were like a swift knife, all of their blades were extremely accurate like precise mechanisms without emotions.

The unstoppable vanguard unit were at the moment unable to put up any resistance. Their proud individual strength could not be displayed at all.

He Ying knew why they were unable to display their strength, the opponent had maintained an advantage in terms of strength right from the start, their formation was extremely flexible, accurate and fast like mechanical cutters. Even when the vanguard unit was left with three to five men, the opponent's were still engaging with their movements, slicing them down, without any pauses, like a perfect robot mechanism.

The stiff battle tactic caused He Ying's entire body to turn cold.

He finally understood why the opponent did not have the aura of a general, because the formation did not even need one.

~How can there be such a weird tactic in this world…..~

It was not only He Ying whose body had turned cold, everyone who were watching could feel the shiver crawling up their spine. They felt as if they were watching a gigantic meat dicer, continuously slicing and slicing emotionlessly, no mercy, tediously, dryly, without any enthusiasm.

Outside the Moon Manor, the shouts lessened, the wails and howls gradually stopped.

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