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Chapter 629 – Heavenly Green Tyrannical Spear

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

If you want to embrace the world, you cannot forget the stars.

The red fireflies brought about a strange sense of berserk tranquility that pervaded everywhere. The houses along the streets started to form holes, and quickly, the densely packed holes made them look like beehives.

If one placed himself in the sea of red, he would find himself becoming lost and absorbed.

Inside the vast expense, the young lad's concealed persistent face reflected the fireflies and sea of light aura, his body moved as in a line as straight as a spear, his serene eyes seemed to be able to see through the boundless sea.

Countless of fireflies surged forth, the Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts charged with lightning speed, shaking the ground beneath them, the structures that were already covered with holes, all started to crumble.

The spewing light aura caused the fireflies to be unable to inch forward.

It was like a wild beast going against a big tide, both not moving an inch. It was just one assault, but The Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts let Tang Tian know that they had the ability to shake the world, and their tyrannical name did not come from nothing!

Every single Tyrannical Mount's method of combusting energy was extremely tyrannical, and what was even scarier was that even in their reckless combustion, their energy synchronization were matchless!

The surging blazing light aura transformed into a light green color.

It was Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mount's unique "Heavenly Green Flames"!

Ah Sang who was most commonly seen smiling and extremely calm, was at the moment spewing fire from his eyes, his most intense green flame was being followed by the other green flames, at his beck and call.

His body was arched like a bow, taking strides towards Tang Tian,

His empty hand were like a vortex, the green light was frantically surging towards his palm. Sssssi, the congealed energy flowed and released a sound that was like a blade cutting across water, the green light of his team suddenly darkened.

The dark green light spear, with its tyrannical qi, swept across everything like a shockwave.

Pa pa pa!

The surrounding fireflies started to erupt like fireworks.

The Heavenly Green Tyrannical Spear, grew to a length of 10m.

Tang Tian stood behind his fireflies, his eyes suddenly erupting with a cold glint, the fearsome qi in front of him suddenly churned irregularly, the fierce qi suddenly become reserved, in the blink of an eye, all the hair on Tang Tian's body stood stiff, the Firefly Expanse that was in front of him, became like an ancient fierce beast, quietly crouching down.

An intense sense of danger and death qi surrounded Tang Tian, and the instinct to live kicked in, causing Tang Tian to completely forget about thinking, and allow his intuition to take over.

His legs widened, lowering his waist, the grey null flames silently growing.

Null Flame suddenly started to revolve extremely quickly.

The fireflies floating all around entered the Null Flames, and very quickly, the grey null flames started to corrode the fireflies. More and more fireflies started to be attracted, and if looking down from a bird's eye view, the entire fire clouds were surging towards Tang Tian's location, as though there was a huge pit there.

Countless fireflies formed into a pretty flame, the flame enveloped Tang Tian's fist, like a spiralling vortex, it spiralled at an extremely fast speed. The long flaming tail that trailed behind extended to a distance of 20m, it was a spectacular sight, just like the long flaming tail of a phoenix. And amidst this beautiful flames was mixed with an almost undetectable grey mark.

Spiralling Energy!

Using Spiralling Energy, he had merged the Null Flame and the Firefly Expanse into a killing technique.

If it was any other saint, to be at the same realm, they would give up on a low level technique like Spiralling Energy. But to Tang Tian, he never cared about whether the technique was profound or shallow, he only cared if they were suitable or not. Maybe it was a habit formed by training in fundamental martial techniques for so many years.

Completely different from him, Jing Hao represented a different dao path, what he chased was the understanding of the heaven and earth, he chased for the most basic laws of the world.

Countless of fireflies formed into a red flow of flames, spiralling around and spewing out unstably.

A green light spear struck the middle of the fireflies heavily all of a sudden.

There was no sound, no whistling through the air, it was completely silent, like a green wild beast stealthily pouncing on its prey, all of it’s aura completely kept in. Ah Sang's [Heavenly Green Tyrannical Spear] came from his attainments from the perfection of the fire, there was no energy that leaked out, showing his perfect control.

Tang Tian's eyes constricted to the size of a needle!

But his face did not change in the slightest, the countless battles had refined his state of mind to become extremely tough, and his competitive nature made him filled with fighting intent, like the flaming tail that fluttered recklessly.

He was clearly in the air, but it looked as if he was stepping on some surface, power flowing from his legs to his waist, moving upwards. Tang Tian's body was like a stiff whip, his fist being the whip's tip, when the power reached his fist, it suddenly broke out like a powerful current.

There were no fancy moves, it was a simple and plain punch. When he released it, a formless ripple exploded out.

The ripple distorted the air. The might of the fist was something that caused even the space to tremble.

The transparent ripple formed a thin layer of membrane, enveloping Tang Tian's fist and red flames. Every time the long flaming tail moved, hidden qi would be quietly released, and the fireflies would become sluggish.

The green light spear clashed head on with Tang Tian's fist.

The reserved qi inside the [Heavenly Green Tyrannical Spear] suddenly erupted.


Dazzling light exploded in front of Tang Tian like a wild beast that had stealthily approached its prey, and at the last moment exploded forth with its sharp teeth and claws, a cunning yet effective method.

From the tail of the spear, there were consecutive explosions, and every explosion would increase its power by a level. When the spear head exploded, the power of the spear had reached its maximum, the moss green light containing a tyrannical qi like a heavy hammer smashing straight into Tang Tian.

Ah Sang revealed a sneer, without personally experiencing the power of the Heavenly Green Tyrannical Spear, no one was capable of knowing its true power. Meng Nan had taken it head on, and from the looks of it, it was practically the same as throwing his life away.

The Heavenly Green Flames were by itself overpowering, like a ruthless beast, and after using a unique technique, it was congealed into the Heavenly Green Spear. Like a net that trapped a group of beasts, preventing them from moving, and when the net had been destroyed, the group of beasts would become even more agitated.

Furthermore, after every successive explosion from the spear, there would be even more combustions!

This was the true power of the Heavenly Green Tyrannical Spear, it's overbearingness and ferocity was unstoppable.

Any head on clash would only reaffirm its prestige!

But just at that moment, the sneer on his mouth suddenly froze.

The Heavenly Green Tyrannical Spear's might was far stronger than what Tang Tian had imagined, the sudden increase in offense caused Tang Tian to feel as if he was facing a horde of fierce beasts. Under the immense pressure, Tang Tian's state of mind was actually extremely calm, and he roared.


The red spiralling flames around Tang Tian's fists started to have an inconceivable change, like a red umbrella, it started to open up!

The long flaming tail opened up, forming a red screen.

The green light entered the flaming screen, which started to entangle like a red cloth, covering up the ball of green light.

The ball of green light looked like it was about to explode, when the grey threads inside the flame started to brighten, like a grey net, they tightly suppressed the ball of green light.

But the power of the Heavenly Green Tyrannical Spear that was wrapped with Tang Tian's flames, continued to strike Tang Tian.

Not good!

Tang Tian realized that he was still underestimating the power of the Heavenly Green Tyrannical Spear, it instantly struck onto his body, and in that panic, he ignored everything and retracted his right fist, and then slammed out with his left palm. Bang, he blocked the flames, and borrowing the momentum, his right hand turned from a fist to a palm and grabbed onto the ball of flames.

The grey threaded fire screen's energy rippled out, causing Tang Tian's face to change as he started to perspire in cold sweat.

Light came from energy undulation, Tang Tian knew that if the ball exploded, he would definitely cease to exist. The grey threaded fire screen was quickly weakening due to the Heavenly Green Tyrannical Spear's oppression, and furthermore, after his punch, he had no more strength in him. Just as he had consumed all of his remaining strength, he had not recovered any.

Damn it!

Tang Tian was unable to deal with the cold feeling that was raising from his spine, he was like a cat that got shocked from its tail being stepped on, his senses stretched taut.

The fire threaded fire screen quickly subsided, the energy undulation inside started to grow more berserk. It was as though Tang Tian was hugging onto a bomb which could explode at any time.


He unconsciously roared, giving his all to activate any remaining strength left in him, the initially relaxed muscles were tensed up once again, Strength, I need more strength!

Tang Tian had never felt this way before, being so close to death, he felt as if he could see the face of the Death God.

Pa pa pa!

Crackling sounds came out from inside Tang Tian's body, like frying beans, Tang Tian felt that every inch of his muscles, bones and tendons were all exploding.

Every explosion would bring forth a warm flow. The consecutive exploding sounds caused a gush of warmth to envelop Tang Tian's body.

Tang Tian felt like a desert that finally met rain, frantically absorbing the warm flow.

Strength! My body is filled with strength!

Tang Tian did not know where the strength came from, but how could he care about it at the moment?


He used all of his strength and slowly pushed the "Bomb". Bang Bang Bang, his legs were frantically kicking, one after another, the Vacuum Plates beneath his feet were shattered at a very high speed. He was like a rampaging bull, using all of his strength to push the "Bomb" forward.

Tang Tian continued to increase his speed, after pushing for a few meters, he gathered the remaining of his strength and pushed it towards the Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts!

The "Bomb" entered the Firefly Expanse.

The Heavenly Green Tyrannical Spear did not explode, causing Ah Sang to be surprised, but he what made him calm down was that the pressure on the Heavenly Green Tyrannical Spear was greatly weakening. He did not have much strength left as the spear had consumed almost all of his energy.

Meng Nan was truly too fierce!

The volume of the fire clouds had grown to an astonishing rate, it was why Ah Sang was more willing to pay Meng Nan off, hoping that he would retreat from the battle. But it was a pity that his plan to bribe had failed, and upon knowing that he had to face Meng Nan, Ah Sang displayed extremely decisiveness. Facing a powerful martial artist like Meng Nan, he knew that he would not be given mercy. Especially when the fire clouds started to appear, the terrifying scene made Ah Sang release his strongest technique without hesitation!

The longer one stayed inside the fire clouds the worse it was for them, Gong Chen's life was proof.

One thrust of the spear, we only have this chance!

Ah Sang had utmost confidence in his spear!

He firmly believed that even the fierce Meng Nan could not defeat the Heavenly Green Tyrannical Spear!

But he never expected that Tang Tian could actually suppress it, causing his face to turn gloomy.

Tang Tian's roar came out from inside the Firefly Expanse, Ah Sang's face turned even uglier, he felt that the Heavenly Green Tyrannical Spear was heading towards them.


Before Ah Sang's words had finished, in his vision, a regiment of flames flew out of the Firefly Expanse.

His pupils dilated, his face turned as white as paper.

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