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Chapter 628 – Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The soldiers who were giving their all to train in the barracks noticed the White Sands City that was in flames and giving out black smoke, and they all stopped.

The barracks were outside of the city, and would require an hour worth of time to travel between the barracks and the city. It used to be a warehouse of the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, which was then changed into a temporary barracks.

The White Sands City was now only a visible silhouette.

But the dense smoke shocked everybody. They were all people who had been through battles, and knew what it meant.

~What's going on? What happened to White Sands City?? Is there a riot?


Tang Chou's cold voice, layered with killing intent came up. He looked at White Sands City emotionlessly, ~Master is still in the city!~

Xie Yu An and Aya looked at each other, a bad premonition birthing in their minds. Xie Yu An asked hesitatingly: "Master, are we going to send out sentries to gather information?"

Aya nodded her head, she agreed that Xie Yu An's method was through experience and wisdom, now that the situation in White Sands City was unclear, for two armies to suddenly barge in would lead to an unknown result. White Sands City was not any small continent, rashly intervening was courting disaster.

Xie Yu An's Swift Army was just a quasi-silver grade army, while Aya's Pink Skull was just an army for hire. With their strength, to barge into the seemingly huge whirlpool would devastate them. Even any silver grade armies would not dare to rush in at such a time.

Tang Chou stared at Xie Yu An emotionlessly: "You want to disobey me?"

Xie Yu An was quick witted, he knew that his own hesitance had caused Master Tang Chou to become unhappy. The trust between them was still weak, and if he were to hesitate at such a time, it would only be sending Swift Army's future down the drain. Xie Yu An immediately knew that he had made a grave mistake. The Swift Army had already pledged their loyalty to Master Meng Nan, and in some sense, the Swift Army no longer belonged to him, and not only that, he and the Swift Army already belonged to Master Meng Nan.

~My excessive personal feelings will prove to be detrimental to my soldiers.~

"This subordinate knows he’s wrong!" Xie Yu An immediately admitted his mistake, and immediately sprinted to gather his army.

The expression on Aya's face changed, in the next moment, she clenched her teeth: "Yes!"

Tang Chou remained expressionless, but he heaved a sigh of relief in his mind, it had only been a short time since they bought the two armies, so he naturally lacked confidence and trust in them. If the two of them were to reject his orders, he could not do anything. But he knew, if he showed any signs of hesitations or suspicions, he would not be able to command the two armies.

He raised his head and stared at the White Sands City that was enveloped with black smoke, his gaze becoming colder and colder.

He did not care about Xie Yu An's worries, What was the White Sands Continent to him? If anyone provoked Tang Chou, even if he could not destroy White Sands City, he could at least pillage White Sands once.

The barrack's bugle horn sounded out, killing intent soaring through the skies.

"Our target, White Sands City, move out in full speed!"

Tang Tian's travel was like sweet honey, although they had attracted countless of hunters, but when they saw Tang Tian, they would always reveal a trace of hesitation and fear. But very quickly, that trace of hesitation and fear were quickly replaced by greed and craziness.

They pounced like a pack of wolves.

Very quickly, the group started to have injuries, mainly on the bodyguards of the Ling Family and Eldest Young Noble.

Eldest Young Noble's face was ashen, and only by looking at the Demonic Mounts by Tang Tian's side would a trace of fervent flash past his eyes.

His bodyguards were strong on any ordinary days, they were sturdy with powerful techniques, while the Demonic Mounts beside Tang Tian looked ordinary, some of them were old, and in no way look as elite as his own bodyguards.

Nothing could prove better than a real better, his bodyguards had already sustained injuries, and 20% of them were incapable of fighting. But the group of old men never sustained any injuries. After scrutinizing their fights, he was even more surprised, the group of old men were all efficient and ruthless, and extremely familiar with each other.

Their advancement, withdrawal, alternations, tilts, were all calmly executed in the midst of the chaos, breaking down their enemies, it was a delightful scene watching them, as though they were doing some sort of art.

They never fought with their enemies alone, or clashed head on with the opponents, they just acted as if they were black liquid metal that kept changing, only protecting Tang Tian.

The bodyguards continued to take care of the injured enemies, in times of war, everyone would just focus on killing. Everywhere they passed, corpses littered the streets and blood covered the walls and floors.

At this time, flying in the sky was not a good idea.

Suddenly, Tang Tian stopped. Noticing his abrupt movement, the Demonic Mounts immediately became extremely cautious.

Compared to them, the reaction of the bodyguards were slower.

"Get them to come back." Tang TIan stared at the empty road ahead, and said without turning back.

Ling Xia seem to have understood something, her expression becoming dark, she immediately ordered the bodyguards to come back.

They returned in puzzlement.

"Protect Eldest Young Noble."

With that said, Tang Tian walked forward, and at the other end of the street, a group of people appeared.

Tang Tian immediately recognized them, the few people at the front were the group of people that he and Shi Sen had met at the Mercenary Center.

"Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts."

Tang Tian called their name, causing Eldest Young Noble, Ling Xia, and their bodyguard's faces to change. The prestige of Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts was like the noon sun, they were currently the strongest elites.

But the Demonic Mounts beside Tang Tian all suddenly released cold killing intent. The current Demonic Mounts were not just a group of old men anymore, all of them releasing extremely terrifying killing intent, like a sharp sword that had been unsheathed, glistening with extremely cold sharp auras.

This was an opponent that was of the same grade as them, oh no, the Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts had declined for a long time, while the Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts are currently the strongest under the Heavens!

Around a 100 of the Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts walked along the street, gradually closing in, an unspeakable pressure surging towards them.

The faces of Ling Xia and the other people changed, it was just a 100 people, but their aura was actually so overbearing.

Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts, too tyrannical!

The leader, short haired man walked out, and bowed towards Tang Tian, and spoke neither servilely nor overbearingly: "We greet Mister Meng Nan, I am Ah Sang, Master's bearing and manner from the last time we met was difficult to forget. I have no enmity with Master or do I want to form any grievances with you, could Master give me some face? So long as you do not interfere, we are willing to present you with a warship, and with the warship, we will present you with 100 elites of the Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts."

Ling Xia and Eldest Young Noble's face flushed white.

Any ordinary warship would cost over 10 billion, but the even more precious thing were the 100 Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts. Following their prestige, they were a faction that was hard to obtain. A warship could be bought, but a Tyrannical Mount could not. 100 of them, that would truly cost a lot.

Eldest Young Noble laughed bitterly, ~It seems that this is my final point.~ But he was actually very calm, the enemy's strength far exceeded his expectations, even their initial offer was something that he could never even offer. Compared to that, the promise he had given Tang Tian was too cheaply priced and shameful.

The other party was willing to give Tang Tian face, and the 200 Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts had the ability to bring them all down.

LIng Xia's face was as white as paper, she herself could not think of a reason for Meng Nan to reject that offer.

"I'm sorry, I have already promised to protect Eldest Young Noble."

When he said that, it caused Eldest Young Noble and Ling Xia to become stupefied, they even thought they had heard wrongly.

Ah Sang never thought that Tang Tian would reject him, he was stumped for a moment, then said: "If Master is not satisfied with the conditions, we can still discuss about it!"

Tang Tian shook his head: "There is no need to discuss anything."

Ah Sang stared at Tang TIan blankly, ~Is his brain broken?~ He had never thought that Tang Tian would reject him, and furthermore it was an instant rejection.

"Since Mister Meng Nan wishes to be pulled into the currents, then apologies for the offense." Ah Sang said emotionlessly, his eyes becoming cold.

This was his second time being overwhelmed, the last time being Meng Nan making such a big hoorah at the banquet. That was also the reason why he was willing to submit to Tang Tian. Tang Tian was a powerful martial artist, even if they obtained victory, the cost for it would not be small.

But that did not mean that he was afraid of Meng Nan, in the current generation, the Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts had already stepped up the food chain and was the king, with 200 of them, he had the confidence of defeating Meng Nan.

Since they could not afford to retreat, they would have to pay the price, as long as they win, they would be willing to pay anything.


Tang Tian commanded the Demonic Mounts.

Ah Leng and the rest looked at Tang Tian in shock: "Master…."

"Retreat!" Tang Tian snorted.

Ah Leng and the rest stared at Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts with unwillingness in their eyes, and slowly retreated.

The boiling fighting intent in Tang Tian's chest did not dissipate, Ah Leng and the Demonic Mounts were the true elite soldiers. They were Shi Sen's future Demonic Mount barracks' backbone officers, and it would not be worth it if they died in the struggle. Without Shi Sen, the Demonic Mount's strength was greatly cut.

30 Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts, facing 200 Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts who had their general with them, they had no chance of winning.

~Such a sacrifice has no meaning.~


Tang Tian stared at the Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts, his blood boiling. ~The Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts are powerful enemies, ones that I don't meet often!~

~The stronger the enemies, the more ruthless the battles to polish this young lad to become even stronger!~

~Godlike young lad, this was destined to be your battle! After perspiring for days and nights, isn't it to prepare for the enemies like the ones you are facing right now?~

A voice seemed to be screaming in Tang Tian's mind: Defeat them, defeat them……

Excitement, Unprecedented excitement.

There was nothing else more exciting than an enemy stronger than himself.

"Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts, hehehe….."

The wind blew on his face, but it did not calm him at all, but instead fanned the fire, the flames in his chest suddenly became even bigger, burning his entire body!

The Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts ahead moved.

When they stood still, they were like unmovable mountains, and when they moved, they were like thunder.

200 figures moved together, glowing with light aura, forming into one like raging flames, spewing in great quantities as they resonated with each other. The airflow around them became rapid, and trembling sounds came out as the ground started to shake, causing the floor, houses and streets to tremble. It was as though a thunder was exploding out right above them, causing the earth to tremble.

The thunderous might released a pressure like Mt Tai, causing everyone's face to change.

Only Tang Tian's face held an unspeakable calmness.

Countless of fireflies appeared out of nowhere, and in the blink of an eye they had covered the entire street, smoke pervading and scattering across the whole street, under the light of the fireflies, it had a sense of tranquility and gentleness.

Come, let's fight!

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