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Chapter 621 – Historical Remains

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian's battle shook the entire White Sands City.

Everyone on the streets were talking about the battle, their faces either filled with fear or reveration. Although many did not know the true meaning behind the battle, but just by relying on the fire clouds, it was enough for their imaginations to run wild.

Gong Chen was dead, but compared to the shocking battle, no one seemed to care about him. Everyone were discussing Meng Nan's mysterious background and the fire clouds that stretched across the entire sky, if it had truly landed on them, what would had happened? The fire clouds that could grow by itself, what exactly was that mysterious martial technique?

In the area around the Ling Family's courtyard, all the scouts and informants, in one night, had disappeared. It was not only that, even the citizens staying near the area were so scared they moved away.

With the Ling Family courtyard as a center, within a radius of 3km, there was nobody.

In the market, all the condemnations on Tang Tian had disappeared. No one dared to provoke such a devil, that's right, in the eyes of the officials in White Sands, Meng Nan was being labelled as the devil that was savage and tyrannical, with just a small quarrel, he would kill the other party. In front of Continent Lord, he had ignored Continent Lord's plea, and brutally killed Gong Chen, to the point that even the Continent Lord dared not say anything, if he was not a devil, what was he?

The fearsome devil was someone whom even Lady Rou or Master He Ying would dare say anything, for a time, everyone in White Sands City were afraid for themselves.

Even the people who claimed they would teach Meng Nan a lesson, they were immediately held back by their close friends and families and chided and intervened. The devil was someone not to be provoked, if not he could devastate White Sands with his fire clouds.

The security bureau Tian Qi Guang was scared out of his wits, he made small movements in the shadows, and stopped everything. The security of White Sands City was once again working in order.

Who knew that the Eldest Young Noble and the others who initially wanted to make an alliance with Tang Tian actually dare not act blindly without thinking. They did not know if joining with Tang Tian was a good or bad thing.

But, all this did not matter to Tang Tian.

He stayed in the Ling Family courtyard for the whole day, immersed in his new enlightenment.

[Fireflies Expanse]'s might far exceeded his expectations, even Tang Tian was very surprised, causing him to have a realization. Another thing that he was enlightened with was Gong Chen's final counterattack by combusting energy.

Energy Transmutation!

Tang Tian's fireflies already had a hint of Energy Transmutation, but it was still far from the true Transmutation. Gong Chen's final combustion gave him the considerations for it. If he was able to grasp it clearly and completely be enlightened on Energy Transmutation, his strength would undoubtedly reach a new high.

The anticipation for the complete Energy Transmuted [Fireflies Expanse], made Tang Tian excited.

At that time, the godlike young lad will definitely be extremely powerful!

If the crucial point for the change of the Fireflies Expanse was Energy Transmutation, then the Null Flame was a natural gift for close quarter combat martial artists. Although the Zero Energy Body was a type of powerful flesh body, but compared to the other blood meridians of Heaven's Road, the ability it displayed could not be considered outstanding. That led to Tang Tian's initial inability to display the strongest power in terms of close quarters combat. But currently, the Null Flame formed by the awakening of the Zero Energy Body actually increased his close quarters combat powers.

The Null Flame was the best weapon for a close quarters combat martial artist.

It was just that the current Null Flame had only extended around Tang Tian's hands, it was extremely far from enveloping his entire body. Tang Tian's road as a closed quarters combat expert was extremely slow and arduous.

Young lad Tang did not think so much, even with the Null Flames only at his fists, the Fireflies Expanse that had not completely gone through Energy Transmutation had already caused his strength to take a huge leap. More importantly, his path as a martial artist had become extremely clear.

Almost everything had a direction for expansion, and thus the only thing that he worried about was Qian Hui.

The two of them had initially set a date of every month to talk, but every time Tang Tian activated the bronze star door, there were no reply, thus making him worried.

"What sort of broken place is this?" Ah Xin mumbled to himself.

It was a barren empty land, where not an inch of grass was present no matter how far he looked. They had been walking for a few months, but the night sky had never changed, fortunately for the bright stars in the sky, the faint light allowed the barren land to not be in complete darkness.

They had entered the barren land from a star door, and after a few days they noticed that something was amiss, and when they retraced their steps, the star door had disappeared.

Xiao Ran held onto her big blade and carefully protected Qian Hui by her side, her face filled with caution, she snorted: "Stay alert, this place is reeking of evi."

After advancing for another 100km, Qian Hui said: "Let's take a break."

"Yes!" Xiao Ran and Ah Xin complied, and set up camp, sending out a dozen sentries who disappeared across the horizon. Their task was to check and investigate the surroundings to see if there were anything suspicious.

Qian Hui tried to activate the bronze star door, but there were no reaction. She felt disappointed, but did not reveal it on her face.

"It's still not working?" Xiao Ran asked in concern.

"Yea." Qian Hui steadied her voice: "Don't worry, this planet is not big, we will be able to find it soon enough."

Xiao Ran nodded her head, not long after they entered the planet, they realized something strange. The planet had a strange and mysterious energy which cut off the connection of the bronze star doors, so Qian Hui and Tang Tian lost their means of communication.

Fortunately, the planet was not considered big, so they were looking for the star door to get out, and the source of the mysterious energy. But at the moment, they did not realize that the planet was an extremely ordinary planet, cold and barren, deserted and void of any signs of life.

Ah Xin stayed by Xiao Ran's side, and sneakily took a look at Xiao Ran's large and voluptuous breasts, and his face turned slightly red.

Xiao Ran stretched her back, this movement causing Ah Xin's eyes to widen. Ah Xin unconsciously stretched his hand out, his ten fingers subconsciously bending.


Xiao Ran used her large broad blade like a flyswatter and fiercely smashed Ah Xin's face. Ah Xin flew out like a ball.


Xiao Ran snorted, she stabbed her large broad blade into the ground and showed a look of disdain.

Suddenly, rapid hooves sounds came out, causing Xiao Ran to raise her head to look at the sprinting sentry.

"Reporting to Master, We found a castle ahead!"

Qian Hui stood up: "Prepare the army."

Xiao Ran roused herself up and immediately lifted up her large broad blade, stepping onto the horse back. After searching for so many days, they did not find anything, she was someone who quickly became anxious, and would become extremely tensed. She was not afraid of having enemies or battles, but was more afraid of finding nothing.

Ah Xin struggled out from the ground and coughed: "Why does this T-rex have such a good body!"

Xiao Ran snorted, she arrogantly walked past Ah Xin, her mind feeling extremely pleased, ~So my body is actually very nice.~

The army moved out.

After advancing about 10km, Qian Hui finally saw the castle which the sentry was talking about.

A lonely castle stood atop the high mountain peak, it was a pitch black castle on the top of the desolate and quiet mountain peak. If there were no light, even a person with good eye power would have difficulty finding the castle.

Everyone immediately focused.

It was the first sign of life they have detected after so many days.

The entire army immediately raised its speed and headed towards the castle. Upon nearing the castle, they realised that the state of it was queer.

"It doesn't seem like a castle." Ah Xin frowned, his expression turning serious.

It truly did not look like a castle, there were no tall spires, no offensive structures, only layers of tall and erect buildings. But they could tell that it was a historical remains, and no one had been inside for a long time, the windows and walls were all dilapidated.

Xiao Ran looked at him, when the scoundrel was serious, he had a bit of bearing. She asked: "Then what does it look like?"

"Like a high-rise building." The one who spoke was Qian Hui, her delicate face looked upwards, gazing at the structure: "That is a high-rise building."

With that guess, even Xiao Ran felt like it was a high-rise building, but she did not understand: "Who built a high-rise building here?"

"We will know when we go up." Qian Hui retracted her gaze and said indifferently.

Very quickly, they reached the top of the mountain. It truly was a majestic and modern high-rise building, 13 floors high without many decorations, such a structure could be seen in any academy.

Everyone became cautious, no one knew what dangers lied inside the building. Ah Xin and Xiao Ran stayed to the left and right of Qian Hui, protecting her.

Walking to the front of the building, a grey and dusty big door greeted them.

Xiao Ran did not say anything, she carried her blade and walked to the door. Suddenly, she noticed that there were writings on the door. She extended her hand and wiped the dust off the door, and the shiny metal luster beneath was revealed, along with a line of words.

"Paying respects to Hai Na Fan Sen Te."

Xiao Ran muttered, and turned to ask: "Young miss, who is Hai Na Fan Sen Te?"
(TN: the last name would be Hai Na, and the name would be Fan Sen Te. China has all sorts of names.)

"Hai Na Fan Sen Te?" Qian Hui thought about it, then shook her head: "Never heard of him."

Xiao Ran turned to look at Ah Xin, who waved his hand: "Seems like some important figure."

Ah Xin's languid expression made Xiao Ran snort, she casually stabbed her blade into the mud beside her. The metal door did not have any mechanism to open the door, so she placed both her hands on the door, bent her waist and bellowed, using her strength to push.

Ka ka ka!

The awful friction sound came out, dust fell from the big door, revealing the glossy metal surface, even after the flow of time, the door did not have any trace of wear and tear.

Ah Xin rubbed his chin: "As expected of the T-rex! This door looks like it was made from some good materials, who knows if it is a good thing or not, oh, when we go, we must definitely take it along, it shouldn't be wasted…."

The metal door was pushed open by Xiao Ran, and the smell of dust engulfed them, it was obvious that no one had stayed in there for a long time.

A few spirit generals raised up their light crystal rods and entered the building. The light crystal rods released light auras that immediately lit up the interior of the building.

There were no living things.

Everyone was somewhat disappointed, but heaved sighs of relief.

Inside the building was a thick layer of dust, it was obvious that the building had gone through the wearing of time, and no living things had come across the building.

Xiao Ran did not dare to be careless, she instructed a few spirit generals to investigate the place. After a while, they confirmed that the location was safe.

Qian Hui took a deep breath, she had a strong feeling that this historical remains definitely hid a special secret.

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